The MASSIVE Pad Thai Noodle Challenge!

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  • michael phelps
    michael phelps 1 day ago

    I could veat it cause ima noodle freak of a human eating monsta but also im kinda fat hahaha big appetite

  • A1 Spike
    A1 Spike 1 day ago

    im so hungry now ;((, but awesome vid ;;)))

  • Flame DJedda
    Flame DJedda 4 days ago

    im always hungry man
    I can eat😒

  • knight sabers
    knight sabers 4 days ago

    The brave are the first to fall against the Pad Thai

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 4 days ago

    if you could have stfu and just ate, maybe you would have done it

  • May Y.
    May Y. 4 days ago

    that look AMAZING in so hungry now

  • Jonathan Yang
    Jonathan Yang 4 days ago

    the one who finished it 👏👏 you did a great job man. those who failed "You have disgrace the Asians"

  • Police Potato
    Police Potato 6 days ago

    30 minute sounds like too little time.. should be 45 minutes.that's the shortest time I've seen for a good challenge

  • Ballsdeep 69
    Ballsdeep 69 6 days ago

    I can only eat half of it

  • Ballsdeep 69
    Ballsdeep 69 6 days ago

    It not tomato ketchup it's chilli sauce

  • zaurawr
    zaurawr 7 days ago

    that was bs... shoulda revenge thrown-up on the floor :3

  • Kristina R
    Kristina R 7 days ago

    Are you in states of Washington cuz Vancouver Washington my place im here

  • Deus Vult!!
    Deus Vult!! 8 days ago

    no matter how much you want to dont drink water while doing this because the noodle wil expand when water or a liquid hits it making you feel fuller

  • TheChickenGod
    TheChickenGod 8 days ago

    Long time ago my dad used to bring that stuff home randomly. But he switched jobs because he was not getting enough money so I never ate it ever again ;-;

  • IrishChocaholic
    IrishChocaholic 9 days ago

    A bit OT but the lady handling raw chicken at the beginning and then not washing her hands grossed me out! 😷

  • shivam pandey
    shivam pandey 9 days ago

    u r ossam

  • Champloo libre
    Champloo libre 10 days ago

    I'm watching all your content today dude just found you n love you dude

  • King Frenzy
    King Frenzy 10 days ago

    Does anyone else feel like if he spent less time talking and more time eating he would get this done!?

  • FuzzleLand
    FuzzleLand 13 days ago

    No cheating. That's a good rule.

  • Ian Mitchell
    Ian Mitchell 13 days ago

    i love that shirt

  • g man
    g man 14 days ago

    mike stop this madness

  • Pepe S
    Pepe S 14 days ago

    Padthai will taste good with small noodle not medium size or large and yes peanut is a must and fresh lime for spice only and only eat it with dried chili

  • Jayden The Asian
    Jayden The Asian 14 days ago

    Matt stonie would crush this

  • Dr.Hannibal Lecter
    Dr.Hannibal Lecter 14 days ago

    God... that sounds you make while you eat are disgusting, it really does remind me of when i used to live back in Asia

  • minea minion
    minea minion 15 days ago

    Half an hour is way too little for that... an hour maybe

  • Erwin Wijaya
    Erwin Wijaya 16 days ago

    Watt the heckk..Jackie Chan expanding to become food lovers!! :DD

  • Giovanny Godinez
    Giovanny Godinez 18 days ago

    man I love your both your channel's big fan

  • jasondoh1
    jasondoh1 18 days ago

    You remind me of Jackie chan

  • Min Dam
    Min Dam 19 days ago

    This is not real pad Thai probably just some leftover ingredients use to cook. It doesn't have any peanut, or real orange color, and pad Thai never have carrot just bean sprouts plus it also supposed to have beef with it bruh

  • Philip.Hans. Alexander

    You only hurt your stomach doing so much food.

  • Philip.Hans. Alexander

    You can not talk and eat... EAT! lol

  • Tran Bao
    Tran Bao 22 days ago

    No shrimp??

  • Fitra Ariesta
    Fitra Ariesta 23 days ago

    matt stonie will devour that

  • Teja La'Rae
    Teja La'Rae 25 days ago

    Feed the Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ahahahahahahahagagagagahaahaahahahahah so fuuuuuunnnnbyyyyyy

    It's CEE CEE GANGGG 26 days ago +1

    The reason why u don't finish half the time it's bc u TALK TO MUCH

  • david mckesey
    david mckesey 27 days ago

    Vancouver Canada yeah?

  • walaoRIKI - Teoh Tze Chian

    it look really delicous

  • LexAndJudyGamerGirlz
    LexAndJudyGamerGirlz 28 days ago

    I love Pad Thai. I wouldn't eat for days so I could eat all this yummy

  • Patricia Wilson
    Patricia Wilson 1 month ago

    This is like man vs food

  • Silvestras Armonaitis
    Silvestras Armonaitis 1 month ago

    Awesome t-shirt! Where do you buy them? :)

  • Plant Visionz
    Plant Visionz 1 month ago

    I would love to take this one ...I love pad thai....even if it such a massive bowl

  • Lesly Pehpe
    Lesly Pehpe 1 month ago

    I can beat this dude ;-;

    Cus my dad raised me to be an eater! HE IS ONE OF THE 1/10TH OF THE PEOPLE WHO FINISHED DIS CHALLANGE! ..after that, he didn't eat much for a day and a half...

  • Marah Al - Naser
    Marah Al - Naser 1 month ago

    Come to the middle east - Jordan, the traditional meal "Mansaf" will do you good 😂😂😂

  • joyjoyoo
    joyjoyoo 1 month ago

    Chinese cooking pad Thai...I don't trust it.
    30$?! For that??? How I hate them

  • Benjamin Roughton
    Benjamin Roughton 1 month ago

    "There's still at least 2/4 of pad Thai left in here." Lets see, what's wrong with that statement...

  • Brenda Says
    Brenda Says 1 month ago

    pronounced Pahd Thai not pad Thai.

  • Mai Maitho
    Mai Maitho 1 month ago

    Real Pad Thai should not add any black soya sauce and from the colour of the sauce, there was the hell load of it. Pad Thai sauce is a very easy to make: 400ml tamarind sauce, 500g palm sugar and 1 cup of fish sauce ( don't use salt), boiled until sauce reduced to 3/4 of the original amount. Off you go, trust me coz my mom was a great cook.

  • England is still my city

    He would of finished it if he had hot oil

  • Miriam Neal
    Miriam Neal 1 month ago

    I have been told eating grapes before a food challenge helps make room in the stomach

  • RiverFerret 9803
    RiverFerret 9803 1 month ago

    Everyone knows professional eaters have a few heads of lettuce the night before because it is almost all water so you don't get full and your stomach expands but you also feel at least a little full. Plus it prevents the stomach from shrinking hope you find this information useful :)

  • MrPepe G.N.
    MrPepe G.N. 1 month ago


  • Melissa M
    Melissa M 1 month ago

    He needs to have food challenge against Adam Richman! 🍜

  • YoLo Vlogs
    YoLo Vlogs 1 month ago

    dude thats a great try. but dude need some records broken?? wont we see that soon

  • Althea Nicholls
    Althea Nicholls 1 month ago +1

    good job at trying Mikey your the best. God bless . 🍴🍝

  • Ogugua Okeke
    Ogugua Okeke 1 month ago

    his toilet must wreek


    This guy never wins these challenges 😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Villarreal
    Alyssa Villarreal 1 month ago

    All that food could feed children who are starving...

  • Shandalee Chiesa
    Shandalee Chiesa 1 month ago

    You're so cute omg lol I love how you make a joke of it all 😻😹

  • Donald Ho
    Donald Ho 1 month ago

    Wait, your kinda fat

  • Donald Ho
    Donald Ho 1 month ago

    Do you do this for living

  • Donald Ho
    Donald Ho 1 month ago

    How are you not fat

  • avinash kumar
    avinash kumar 1 month ago

    behn ka loda.....! Bhai....2 kilo noodles kha Gaya??! !!😱 Insaan h ya dinosaur??!!?!

  • จักรพรรดิ เดชธนสิงห์

    I know that's delicious. But that have only carb.

  • lucas jose
    lucas jose 1 month ago

    Two eggs and a tiny amount of chicken doesn't seem enough for this amount of noodles... seems quite disappointing.

  • Alex Wu
    Alex Wu 1 month ago

    this was made on my birthday

  • แสงสว่างกลางใจ

    This is not Pad Thai...😯

  • Mama Mimi
    Mama Mimi 1 month ago

    Don't pile up on the challenges, spread them out :)

  • ChefMK
    ChefMK 1 month ago

    I was working somewhere once for a live action wok station. we were serving pad thai once and I asked this other guy. why do we have ketchup here. He only told me. the boss put that there for the pad thai. The boss didn't tell me to use it. So I didn't bother to put any in it cause I've never made pad thai from scratch with ketchup. now i know its a cheat lol

  • gamekonsoller
    gamekonsoller 1 month ago

    30 usd thats like free. If this was in norway it would cost u 100usd

  • Ahaan thakker -
    Ahaan thakker - 1 month ago

    Thats tough but not impossible, many guys can do it

  • Be like Bruh
    Be like Bruh 1 month ago

    Kids in Africa could've eaten that chopsticks

  • B3ll3ttz
    B3ll3ttz 1 month ago

    How much noodles is that? A WHOLE WOK OF NOODLES!

    FRUIT NOODLES 1 month ago

    I LOVE pad thai

  • Carl Postuma
    Carl Postuma 1 month ago

    Just a little help mike. In these videos, less talking more eating. Just tryin to help. lol Good luck on the next one.

  • Starrletta Johnson
    Starrletta Johnson 1 month ago

    does anyone know if he has ever finish a "challenge" I've watched a bunch of these videos and he never wins....Its making me feel like what's the point of watching

  • J.r
    J.r 1 month ago

    with all you eat you stay the same size ???

  • violeta2526
    violeta2526 1 month ago

    I tell you,Thai peple not eat PadThai with carrots.
    excuse me ,My eng is a little

  • Fred Fonacier
    Fred Fonacier 1 month ago

    I love that you take on these challenges. Even if you can eat a lot of food in one sitting challenges are still a whole different animal on its own. One day Mike, one day you will tackle a food challenge and win it with flying colors. Until then eat on my friend.

  • natalio ramirez
    natalio ramirez 1 month ago

    challenge furiouspete

  • Brenda Singer
    Brenda Singer 1 month ago

    the carb crash tho

  • Thomas Shawn Oldford
    Thomas Shawn Oldford 1 month ago

    i LOVE pad thai! and I love Mike ... you are awesome dude!

    • Donna Huang
      Donna Huang 3 days ago

      Thomas Shawn Oldford cfgfjghchfhgghhgghhhfkggjyciicihvcdvdfgvgouvyihvgiv

    JESUS IS LORD 2 months ago

    Gochisousama deshita <3

    ROBERT 2 months ago

    where is the rest of the chicken?

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 2 months ago

    I don't know why people do these challenges, its got to be bad for their body. The meal itself didn't even look very nice, next to no chicken for a start, for that amount of rice noodles it should have had that whole bowl of chicken.

  • Stéphanie OkHee
    Stéphanie OkHee 2 months ago

    30mins?! Sounds like a good way to eat yourself into a coma lol

  • XxDarkPrimxX !
    XxDarkPrimxX ! 2 months ago

    I think they should up the time limit

  • Kei Hamzah
    Kei Hamzah 2 months ago

    jackie chan is that you??

  • nathan0717
    nathan0717 2 months ago

    Dope shirt tho

  • Sundas abdulhamed Abdulhamed


  • Luz Flaviano
    Luz Flaviano 2 months ago

    ur wasting ur time by talking. lol! jst eat and eat and eat!

  • A Aruntiwa
    A Aruntiwa 2 months ago

    I am Thai people from Bangkok Thailand and all i can say is this food is way too far from PADTHAI.

  • Nara Van
    Nara Van 2 months ago

    I subscribed!!

  • annesadac
    annesadac 2 months ago

    only 30 mins? kinda unfair

  • M N
    M N 2 months ago

    You are like me........❤️🍜🍜🥗🍗

  • Awesome Alem
    Awesome Alem 2 months ago

    I want to meet this guy

  • Autistic Alex
    Autistic Alex 2 months ago

    No shrimp?

  • chunkydonkey
    chunkydonkey 2 months ago

    pad thai and thai tea so good man , pad thai with some lime i can eat a bucket of it

  • Ross Hamilton
    Ross Hamilton 2 months ago

    It's Jackie Chan!

  • zhulixun
    zhulixun 2 months ago

    Jackie Chan? Orz

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