Gordon Ramsay Roasting People On Twitter!

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  • Rao Rayan
    Rao Rayan 6 hours ago

    England is Gordan Ramsay's dinner

  • Drago Flame
    Drago Flame Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay: its so raw its still running around the field
    me: good one Gordon

  • Anonymous Person

    Actually, 2:51 was a school lunch pizza. Gordon Ramsay just roasted the school,
    not the guy.

  • Hugo Amara
    Hugo Amara Day ago +1

    Gordon is Scottish!!

  • Unicorn Cookies
    Unicorn Cookies Day ago

    I can't be the only person that died a little when he thought he was Australian

  • Roasty PlayZ
    Roasty PlayZ 2 days ago

    What a chef

  • DeadForDays
    DeadForDays 3 days ago

    The first pic was a guinea pig😭😢

  • Xplended  .
    Xplended . 4 days ago

    2:11. Simpsons car?

  • Aryboss
    Aryboss 4 days ago

    He's Scottish

  • BigBlitZ
    BigBlitZ 4 days ago

    You don't watch Gordon Ramsay videos, do you?

  • TouchOfArt
    TouchOfArt 4 days ago


  • Hanna the gamer
    Hanna the gamer 4 days ago +1

    That's not his actual twitter page...

  • Lenix Araujo
    Lenix Araujo 5 days ago

    you need to see all his compilations to actually understand them

  • bbybyrd
    bbybyrd 6 days ago

    Ramsay is Scottish. You say that a Scot is British, youre going to get hurt.

  • Canete Audrey
    Canete Audrey 7 days ago

    imagine gordon and wendys having a roast battle......

  • Caleb Kwok
    Caleb Kwok 7 days ago

    Idiot sandwich was something he called a person in one of his videos

  • Jimboyy
    Jimboyy 7 days ago

    Idiot sandwich is from the show kitchen nightmares

  • Db 1011
    Db 1011 7 days ago

    3 seconds of glory for us brits

  • Mobile legends Video's


  • Tyler's stolen car radio. IF YA DON'T

    Idiot sandwich is a masterchef reference.

  • Arva Joemmanbaks
    Arva Joemmanbaks 8 days ago

    I always sayed Golden Ramsay Cuz i know that he is Gold

  • Onagh Parker
    Onagh Parker 8 days ago

    you were saying it correctly

  • BigYellow Arrows
    BigYellow Arrows 10 days ago

    I might sound very picky but

    please Tal, if you want to make a vid about Gordon Ramsay at least learn a bit about him
    you weren't sure how to say his name at the start, you didn't know where he was from..
    and what really made me write this comment was that you DIDNT GET THE IDIOT SANDWICH JOKE!??

    OMG WTF!!

  • Phillip Tran
    Phillip Tran 10 days ago

    I cant stop laughing at the how can i get your autograph gordon =))))))))

  • Striker833
    Striker833 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey's a savage because he is British GO BRITAIN

  • Mae_Starts_Here
    Mae_Starts_Here 11 days ago


  • Kasper Frederik Langemarkk

    Idiot sandwich is A funny catchphrase

  • Natneal Rike
    Natneal Rike 11 days ago

    Bro, first time watching this channel and .... You are not funny! -o-

  • Veronica Duffy
    Veronica Duffy 11 days ago

    / \ "Who do you think I am? Gordon Ramsay? Yes I am Gordon Ramsay"

  • DunkClashing Show
    DunkClashing Show 11 days ago


  • [ToXi] Jbro1023
    [ToXi] Jbro1023 11 days ago


  • PusheenCharm l
    PusheenCharm l 12 days ago

    Gorden Ramsay is actually really nice in the inside

  • Crangis McBasketball
    Crangis McBasketball 12 days ago


  • Shaista Sadaf
    Shaista Sadaf 12 days ago

    Common where is squad Gordon with NINO jokes, and only we could relate to the idiot sandwiches tweet😂

  • c3 pd2
    c3 pd2 12 days ago

    He is scottish

  • Jane TANG
    Jane TANG 13 days ago +1

    Gordon I made bacon and eggs!

    ( •̀ㅁ•́;)


  • I love unicorns So deal with it

    I'm a vegetarian 😕

  • BlueWizz Gaming
    BlueWizz Gaming 13 days ago

    gordon ramsay is scottish

  • SexyBorabo
    SexyBorabo 13 days ago

    He's scottish

  • torres brothers
    torres brothers 13 days ago

    That was a school lunch

  • JxustExlla
    JxustExlla 14 days ago

    Wendy's can roasts better than Ramsay

  • CandyApples
    CandyApples 16 days ago +1

    I'm going to troll you...

    Read more

  • Courtney Archer
    Courtney Archer 16 days ago

    When he doesn't now what an idiot sandwich is 😭☹️

  • Star Wars Nerd
    Star Wars Nerd 17 days ago

    0:09 SCOTT STERLING?? What are you doing here?

    Only Studio C fans will know what I'm talking about

  • Fnaf Awesomeness
    Fnaf Awesomeness 17 days ago


  • Sans
    Sans 17 days ago


  • gabby the nerd
    gabby the nerd 18 days ago

    I could not stop laughing during this video

  • kieron wells
    kieron wells 18 days ago

    3:40 why do I hear bhd army music in the background?

  • Tyler T.
    Tyler T. 19 days ago


  • Alamkan Countryball
    Alamkan Countryball 20 days ago +1

    I'm British.

  • Remmy 1406
    Remmy 1406 22 days ago

    Lol is he Australian

  • Kennedy Crockett
    Kennedy Crockett 22 days ago +1

    idoit sandwich is a reference to a parody he did

  • Jeffrey Rose
    Jeffrey Rose 23 days ago

    You're so unfunny, please jump off a bridge and never speak of this disaster again.

  • Grace Brooks
    Grace Brooks 23 days ago

    That block of cheese sandwich I give that

    10 OUT OF 10

  • Sienna Tiger
    Sienna Tiger 24 days ago +1

    I hate Gordon Ramsey how dare he say he's allergic to vegans. And he's name is Gordon Ramsey. Gordon is stupid. Ramsey is dumb.

  • Aya Sobh
    Aya Sobh 24 days ago

    wendy roasts people SO GOOD

  • Je Sh
    Je Sh 24 days ago


  • Reagan Cash
    Reagan Cash 24 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay's show is called Hells Kitchen

  • Red River
    Red River 24 days ago

    i hate gro ramsay and wendeys

    • Red River
      Red River 24 days ago

      idfc if i speeled anything wrong nazis

  • Rania Amallah
    Rania Amallah 24 days ago +1

    I love gordan ramsay hes my favorite celeberty lol

  • Blood the Werewolf
    Blood the Werewolf 24 days ago

    When someone sent Gordon " you got some sick competition " he should have replied " you were right about being sick "

  • bless us jessus
    bless us jessus 24 days ago

    I l9ve Gordon ramsay he is soooooo funny😂😂😂😂

  • blaze boney
    blaze boney 25 days ago

    How much do u care about ur fans?

  • sameer
    sameer 28 days ago

    (^ _ ^) Hello like my art? Click the like button
    / \

  • lavamastergameingHQ
    lavamastergameingHQ 28 days ago

    he roasted them in the oven ;)

  • I Hate My Life
    I Hate My Life 28 days ago

    Guy: what should I get at In N Out?
    Gordon Ramsay: Out, of course! Or directions to Gordon Ramsay's!

  • DilVoorhees Danish
    DilVoorhees Danish 28 days ago

    he knows how to roast food and he knows how to roast people

  • Hailey H
    Hailey H Month ago

    5sos=5 Sauce

  • adrian TDA
    adrian TDA Month ago

    He said that Gordan Ramsay has a popular show but didn't know the name of it!!! LOL just saying!!!

  • koala plays Roblox&Minecraft

    it's Gordon Ramsay

  • King Crab
    King Crab Month ago

    At 1:00 she thicc af

  • pautato ewieee
    pautato ewieee Month ago

    at ashton 5 es oh es, hahahah tal is 5sauce. HAHAHA

  • Chester The wolf
    Chester The wolf Month ago


  • Ashley Jordan
    Ashley Jordan Month ago +1

    Can we see your sister?!

  • chelsea Guadalupe
    chelsea Guadalupe Month ago

    If you watch a lot of Gordon Ramsay you would know where the Idiot Sandwich is from

  • Leen Tamim
    Leen Tamim Month ago


  • Ally Is Somewhat Cheesy


  • nnelson.t
    nnelson.t Month ago

    straya mate

  • GirlyGamer3000 Rules
    GirlyGamer3000 Rules Month ago +1

    When he doesn't know what an idiot sandwich
    😳😳😟😟😮😮 🍞😞🍞

  • Gabriela Corona
    Gabriela Corona Month ago

    2:50 That right there is the pizza that my school gives

  • Anonymous Person Looking Through Your Content

    Just met a guy today
    Omg he's amazing
    Handsome even
    Never again will I meet a guy like him

    And his name is the letter that starts each sentence

  • THS notnicehead
    THS notnicehead Month ago

    Watched you at 1000 subs your still as cancerous

  • Noreen Khan
    Noreen Khan Month ago +1


  • Calvin Engels Rump
    Calvin Engels Rump Month ago

    How Can you not understand idiot sandwich 😑🍞

  • FireZone YT
    FireZone YT Month ago

    gordan Ramsay is born in scotland btw not england. but i guess he was born in the UK...

  • Jay goes Chirp
    Jay goes Chirp Month ago

    It's called an idiot sandwich because that's the meme he made viral by putting two pieces of bread on a women

  • King SnAkE101
    King SnAkE101 Month ago +1

    😅 ━╤デ╦︻(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)


  • Lyd KC
    Lyd KC Month ago

    Roasting people?

    I hope not literally.

  • Azzie Chan
    Azzie Chan Month ago

    0:37 I think it's a bat 1:16 my life

  • DKN Nightmare
    DKN Nightmare Month ago

    Did this for views knows nothing about Gordon Ramsay

  • Life of the Fam
    Life of the Fam Month ago +1

    I love his show! Please go watch it! It's called Hell's Kitchen

    He also has another show called MasterChef

  • omar lara
    omar lara Month ago

    Tal should make a video with his sister

  • Niamh Darbyshire
    Niamh Darbyshire Month ago

    It's Hells Kitchen I think

  • Valgo Gaming
    Valgo Gaming Month ago

    If u read this comment an idiot sandwhich is from one of his shows, hells cafeteria, where he takes a girl out and puts to pieces of bread on the sides of her face and asks what are you screaming and the girl responds an idiot sandwich

  • James Almeida
    James Almeida Month ago

    tal: oh is that a block of cheese? i didnt notice it
    me: wtf tal u didn't notice that?!

  • olivia locke
    olivia locke Month ago

    i loved the vegetarian thing for Valentines day ... we are not in commom gordon RAMSEEEEY heh

  • olivia locke
    olivia locke Month ago

    "Are you allergic to anything?" "Vegans" Me: YAY HES ALLERGIC TO ME! THAT MEANS HE WILL NEVER ROAST ME (Im vegan if you havent figured it out yet)

  • Valeria Camila Herrera Rubio

    that wasn't a squirrel

  • Rastin316
    Rastin316 Month ago +1

    Whats the song in the backround at 00:9?

  • osnapitzsarah
    osnapitzsarah Month ago +1


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