Adele Absolutely HATES Gordon’s Expensive Restaurant Makeover | Kitchen Nightmares

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    • Xmen860 Xmen860
      Xmen860 Xmen860 Day ago

      Omg it worked! It worked! My antivirus program worked!

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    • YoloMasterBoss OnXbox
      YoloMasterBoss OnXbox 6 days ago

      Outdoorguy 360 Pretty sure she is dead. YAY good bye ungrateful Frick face. Jk. Seriously though, She is really ungrateful.

    • Mdg23x
      Mdg23x 11 days ago

      Some people enjoy being a contrarian as well I think. She was quite rude here.

    • Outdoorguy 360
      Outdoorguy 360 11 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares adele is a bitch like if u agree

  • OptimusProwlGirl
    OptimusProwlGirl 44 minutes ago

    Does Adele hate the sky? It's blue.

  • Riven Delisle
    Riven Delisle Hour ago

    "I hate blue"
    >Wearing blue later on
    G I R L

  • Wattybangbang GD
    Wattybangbang GD 2 hours ago

    She's wearing blue lmao

  • Jose
    Jose 2 hours ago

    Has she met a blood?

  • Mikenna Smith
    Mikenna Smith 3 hours ago

    I hate salmon. It tastes like fish.

  • Andy Raditya
    Andy Raditya 4 hours ago


  • Kill me
    Kill me 5 hours ago

    I want to slap her

  • David Krebs
    David Krebs 5 hours ago

    This Bitch is a Child.

  • K M
    K M 5 hours ago

    "I hate salmon. It's like a fish."

  • Dr. Turkey
    Dr. Turkey 7 hours ago

    Jodie looks like sh'es gonna cry, all decked out in blue "I don't think I've ever heard somebody say they hate the color blue :'("

  • I'm Bored
    I'm Bored 9 hours ago

    Ungrateful brat. I HATE it.

  • Polecat147
    Polecat147 10 hours ago

    "I hate blue" - have you noticed what colour your shirt is?

  • ExpoEdits
    ExpoEdits 10 hours ago

    _i WaNt My AlLiGaToR_

  • Truls Bjørkavåg
    Truls Bjørkavåg 10 hours ago

    "I hate the salmon it taste like a fish"

  • Aaron Welsh
    Aaron Welsh 11 hours ago

    The blonde haired girl that cryed when adele said that i hate the colour blue made me go bruh

  • Indian Savage
    Indian Savage 11 hours ago

    That fucking old lady is an autistic b if she hates blue, and the make over

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 12 hours ago

    Did that bitch just say "it's like fish'" about a fucking salmon?

  • Enya R
    Enya R 12 hours ago

    What an old hag.

  • Villain Montez
    Villain Montez 13 hours ago

    Typical Trump support, afraid of change. No diversity

  • Twinkie
    Twinkie 14 hours ago

    "I hate salmon" reaches to taste salmon of the 100 plates on the table 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Might Canon
    Might Canon 14 hours ago

    Adele: Taste's beef.
    Adele: I hate beef! Tastes like chicken!

  • Kawaii Cat100
    Kawaii Cat100 15 hours ago

    Adele:Hi Gordan do you like my blue t-shirt?
    Gordan:i thaught you hate blue...
    Adele:i hate you

  • Broly God -This form is REAL search it-

    Wait,wasnt Adele smiling at first when She saw the New "The Junction" sign?
    I just think She doesnt want to change,thats Why She denies ramsays work though I think you all know that already hahaha

  • Timo Fluit
    Timo Fluit 19 hours ago


  • Oscar Morrison
    Oscar Morrison 19 hours ago

    Fucking stupid bitch, her unsuccessful restaurant has been turned into something that is destined to succeed and she "hates it" what an ungrateful piece of shit. Who knows more a dumb old granny who has an unsuccessful business or a Michelin world renowned businessmen and chef. Unbelievable

  • savannah Rodriguez
    savannah Rodriguez 20 hours ago

    Hate grouchy old people that feel like they're superior to everyone younger than them. So ungrateful

  • blaine kirkland
    blaine kirkland 21 hour ago

    Her shirt is blue!!

  • Hollow Ghost
    Hollow Ghost 22 hours ago


  • Blue Cherry 101
    Blue Cherry 101 23 hours ago

    Wow this salmon tastes like a fish

    Me *flips table*


  • Dakota Howell
    Dakota Howell Day ago

    The doctors need to rip out her eyes if she hates blue... just sayin

  • DeltaStrawburry
    DeltaStrawburry Day ago

    Adele needs to die early

  • Jaycie Seland
    Jaycie Seland Day ago

    Holy crap it's beautiful I'd immediately want to eat there

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Day ago

    1:49 I'm dead.. Someone plan my funeral at the junction😂

  • iRaskalDude101
    iRaskalDude101 Day ago

    3:35 I thought he was gonna say
    "Stfu and fuck off."

  • True Boi
    True Boi Day ago

    Adele is the first ungrateful person I've seen in kitchen nightmares.

  • Kinimahana
    Kinimahana Day ago

    Looks like she just hate herself ...

  • Rapida Gameplay
    Rapida Gameplay Day ago

    Adele: I hate blue.

    Wears a blue shirt.

  • Gooble Gal
    Gooble Gal Day ago

    She reminds me of my grandma. They're both old bitches that can only be negative.

  • Sackboy ,
    Sackboy , Day ago

    She hates the color blue but is wearing a blue shirt at the end?

  • AOTanoos22
    AOTanoos22 Day ago

    Adele: I hate blue
    Next day Adele is wearing a blue shirt
    --> Gordon: Fuck Me

  • coffe monster
    coffe monster Day ago

    adele is a good actor. she over did it on the eating part

  • DaGingerHeadMan
    DaGingerHeadMan Day ago

    Fake TV, a dollar Adele and this place actually exist.
    You're a fool, you believe it, lol.
    Produced by finding renovations on restaurants, bring in the actors and a director.
    Don't be a simpleton, duh.

    TJ DOES STUFF Day ago

    4:13 so she hates blue and yet her clothes are blue

  • ShuyuSonata
    ShuyuSonata Day ago

    Calm down Lola.

  • Cameron Hagon
    Cameron Hagon Day ago

    I bet Adele is jealous.

  • Cameron Hagon
    Cameron Hagon Day ago

    Haha she hates everything probably. That restaurant looks great now!

  • Heaven At Night
    Heaven At Night Day ago

    Can they just kick her out, she doesn't even deserve the new stuff if she can't appreciate it.

  • M FC
    M FC Day ago

    I can't with her, she hates everything.

  • Sean Avery
    Sean Avery Day ago +2

    This seems very fake looking TBH. She looked happy when she first saw the name and restaurant and then in the next shot she's randomly sad out of nowhere about it all.

  • Feral
    Feral Day ago

    Ungreatful bitch i kno i misspelled it fuck

  • Steve Conyers
    Steve Conyers Day ago


  • FireGamerXX TheGamer

    The lady said she hated blue.But still she wore a blue cloth

  • Ayanah Shah
    Ayanah Shah Day ago +1

    This unthsnkful bitc-

  • Hello Me
    Hello Me Day ago

    The thing tht fucking annoys me is that " she hates blue " but she is wearing a blue ( turquoise ) coat

  • dzasdvas basadgas

    Y'all are lucky if you don't know anyone like this. Both of my grandparents are exactly like this, still living in the era of the post WW2 boom and how everything was back then (it was one if the most lucrative times in history, many people made lots of money running less-than-perfect businesses, cuisine hadnt fully taken off yet and many people had lower standards for food taste and quality after the times of rations). old people who don't continue to expand their horizons and mental processes and stay current with the times, end up like this, hating anything new and wanting everything to exist in this bubble of what life was like in their 20s and 30s and 40s. It makes them unbelievably difficult to be around for any extended period of time, these are people that complain nonstop about anything they can, but especially anything new. I guarantee she doesn't have a smartphone either or hardly any modern technology. Sad because it just shows what happens to people when they root themselves in a past time period and refuse to continue to change; when our world is constantly changing. Their is no stasis in our world, only constant transience and these people would rather do ANYTHING than face that fact.

  • TouchOfArt
    TouchOfArt Day ago

    I prefer the old one 1% more but they are both stunning (before n after)
    Adele is just another old person who hates everything and is NEVER grateful.

  • Lydia Tesfaye
    Lydia Tesfaye Day ago +1

    I thought it was Adele the singer.......But this is okay i guess

  • LifelikeShark 4
    LifelikeShark 4 Day ago

    Adele is like a fucking toddler

  • Ren Kyzogira
    Ren Kyzogira Day ago

    The look of Gordon in the thumbnail was like........Are you serious?

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey Day ago

    Adele: "I hate blue" *continues to wear blue*

  • Bunnings Snag
    Bunnings Snag Day ago +3

    she's gonna die soon anyway who cares

  • ATK4tw
    ATK4tw Day ago

    Ugly old Bitch

  • Harley YZ
    Harley YZ Day ago

    only half of the chairs are blue you can change it you old skunk!!!

  • Lashall Mccoy
    Lashall Mccoy Day ago

    U ungrateful bitch u better be happy

  • MadAnili
    MadAnili Day ago

    Goddamit adele you're saying you like wearing clothes you hate?! Your shirt is fukin blue!

  • PrestaPreda
    PrestaPreda Day ago


  • NedYarbNexus
    NedYarbNexus Day ago

    tbh after that make over i would change a few tiny things (but for the most part it was indeed definitely better than before),
    but bitch please, tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars went into your failing business and you say "I hate it", fucking cow.

    Not to mention it's about the Customer not her.

    "i hate salmon it takes like fish" wellllllll, kinda because it is a fish you dopey fucking cunt.

  • T Ana
    T Ana Day ago

    She's ungrateful for the makeover, the menu, and even the frikin SALMON! Like, bitch r u for real! I've never seen anyone so unappreciative for someone doing something so nice for them. Gordon is trying to help her restaurant and she's complaining about EVERYTHING! Please, someone slap the shit outta her! I hope her restaurant closes down!!!

  • Randy Elliott
    Randy Elliott Day ago +3

    If you listen very closely you can hear that she hates it.

  • Dom 3013
    Dom 3013 2 days ago

    Adele: Ugh I hate blue
    Next day shows up wearing blue

    haha Old bag has lost a sense of reality

  • thehanschild96
    thehanschild96 2 days ago

    The girl who said "how could someone hate the color blue?" looks like she was about to cry.

  • Trang Lam
    Trang Lam 2 days ago

    Fucking ungrateful bitch

  • Tom Walsh
    Tom Walsh 2 days ago

    Why does the american version have music and jump cuts to let you know how to feel ? Is the american community incapable of festering up its own emotion?

  • Jopes24
    Jopes24 2 days ago

    Adele-"I hate the colour blue"
    'Wears a blue shirt at the same time'

  • ImPoj
    ImPoj 2 days ago

    She's too old can tell she's a little freak

  • ImPoj
    ImPoj 2 days ago

    Adel is a pudding 🍰

    THECHIEF AMP 2 days ago

    What stick crawled up her butt

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Hates salmon... yet it's the only thing she tried, what a miserable cunt

  • ZeusDaKaboose
    ZeusDaKaboose 2 days ago +1


  • Tarun Garikipati
    Tarun Garikipati 2 days ago

    First time I felt bad for Chef Ramsey, the old lady is just trying to act smart, for the first time I felt like slapping someone #beingabitch....

  • kyle
    kyle 2 days ago

    "I *HATE* blue. Theres no way I will like it"
    *while wearing a blue shirt*

  • Thatonetribute
    Thatonetribute 2 days ago

    He did so much for her! Ungrateful cow.

  • Meagan Cervantes
    Meagan Cervantes 2 days ago

    She hates blue where's a blue shirt

  • The H Guy
    The H Guy 2 days ago

    I thought he meant the singer adele

  • Emoprincess xyz
    Emoprincess xyz 2 days ago

    adele needs to shut the fuck up

  • Makayla
    Makayla 2 days ago

    The place was amazing and shes like "I hate hate hate it, ugly, I'm gonna throw up." He'd Ramses is great 😂 I would have blown up on her

  • johnny1893
    johnny1893 2 days ago

    I hope she die in a really bad nursing home

  • IgorVonE
    IgorVonE 2 days ago

    She liked what she had before and it was shit. That's why it went down the toilet! You can like shit, but don't be upset at somebody coming in and telling it how it is. Stupid old cunt...

  • Simon Saliba
    Simon Saliba 2 days ago

    Adele is stupid

  • R!SK Official
    R!SK Official 2 days ago

    B..but..but.... HER SHIRT IS BLUE!!

  • The ImperfectGamers
    The ImperfectGamers 2 days ago

    Old hag so rude

    MELANCHOLY o0o 2 days ago


  • Fragonborn Entertainment

    1:47 Well, I love Dark Blue, but light blue is just awful.

  • ARMYs are everywhere

    The thing is it doesn't matter if she doesn't like the salmon. It's for the costumers not for her HAHAHAHHA

  • BucketOfRandomness
    BucketOfRandomness 2 days ago

    Adele: *shit. This salmon taste delicious!...acting time*
    Tastes terrible, ugh.

  • BucketOfRandomness
    BucketOfRandomness 2 days ago


  • Its Father
    Its Father 2 days ago

    She mad Lhike shit

  • Jordan Dolosais
    Jordan Dolosais 2 days ago

    Pimp my restaurant

  • MenderSlen579
    MenderSlen579 2 days ago

    I hate salmon

    It tastes like fish

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