$50 Hotel Vs. $35,000 Hotel

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  • "That’s like $17,000 fries at McDonalds."

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    The Redbury
    Palms Casino Resort

    Palms Casino Footage provided by Palms Casino Resort
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  • Runtime: 11:34
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  • Ava DePrizio
    Ava DePrizio Hour ago

    I thought I was going big with in a hotel with buying something from a mini fridge...

  • Anime-freak :D
    Anime-freak :D 8 hours ago

    Kevin looks like a K-pop star...

  • SierraCecile8185

    My favorite hotel that I think was most worth it was podshare.

  • Bliss Carys
    Bliss Carys Day ago

    Pod share looks and sounds disgusting. Imagine having to share with a sick person.

  • Brandon Saab élève

    That 35.000$ hotel is 3x my damn house, and it's a fucking hotel

  • Antonio Marchese

    1$ truffle vs 1000$ truffle

  • FreyZen ROBLOxer

    8:12 i heard "This is mastturbate room" XD

  • Mason McLellan
    Mason McLellan Day ago

    the $35,000 hotel is the one name paul and team 10 stayed in one time

  • amir Fikri
    amir Fikri Day ago

    We need 2 shots of vodka

  • Kalanithings velez

    That last one was a whole house with a the local bar in it

  • Maddi Mulvaney
    Maddi Mulvaney Day ago

    i stayed at this awesome place at vagas and it was cheep! feel like everything is pretty there

  • DarklingGolem50
    DarklingGolem50 Day ago

    1:52 Steven Stinks!

  • julia ulia73
    julia ulia73 Day ago

    Who da HELL funded this video?????!???!

  • Vernice Tenerife

    The rule are
    1.there are no rules XD

  • Rosemary
    Rosemary Day ago

    Try the FIVE star CASTLE hotel in Ireland!!

  • 2002william
    2002william 2 days ago

    That pod hotel was dope!

  • Awesome Gabriel
    Awesome Gabriel 2 days ago

    When I went to la palms but I didn't stay in the room

  • The King of Steveland

    Jake Paul Staid there

  • Lazi0_
    Lazi0_ 2 days ago


  • Rhia Legaspi
    Rhia Legaspi 2 days ago

    Honestly the podshare just seemed so beautiful and the best part is, it's a cheap and an affordable option. I plan on heading to Anime Expo next year, I will seriously consider staying there.

  • Mango Sushi
    Mango Sushi 2 days ago

    In podshare what if you were watching porn?

  • Jean Clarissa
    Jean Clarissa 2 days ago

    When they said they were going to Vegas, they were LEGIT!!!

  • Migdalia Valdez
    Migdalia Valdez 2 days ago

    0:37 Actually, rule #1 is don't pick up the phone, you know he's only calling cause he's drunk and alone

  • Keira Miles
    Keira Miles 3 days ago

    Can I just explain that Jake Paul stayed at that hotel


    England is a 🌃

  • Cookies Always
    Cookies Always 3 days ago

    Los Vegas is my favorite one

  • BassBoosted
    BassBoosted 3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Jake Paul has stayed in the $35000 villa in Las Vegas. What a waste of money.

  • Alex Horner
    Alex Horner 3 days ago +1

    I think you should travel to rich countries and see which u liked best

  • X xH2OWaterCatx X
    X xH2OWaterCatx X 4 days ago

    My only question is how does Kevin not get car sick!!! 😕

  • fruitfloam
    fruitfloam 4 days ago


  • Andrea2303
    Andrea2303 4 days ago

    Did she pay for that???? Buzzfeed??? They got it for free for advertising ????

  • Tiana Nelson
    Tiana Nelson 4 days ago

    That moment when you wish you were rich 😢😢

  • heyoitscatdango
    heyoitscatdango 4 days ago

    Who else is dying from the ships?

  • heyoitscatdango
    heyoitscatdango 4 days ago


  • Ed Eshmont
    Ed Eshmont 5 days ago

    Selorm is fucking fine!!! Bet that black berry juice is too sweet😉😉😉

  • Adyaing Gabriel
    Adyaing Gabriel 5 days ago

    pod share seems lit

  • Lotte De Jonge
    Lotte De Jonge 5 days ago

    worth it whit a tents

  • Hollow Perceus
    Hollow Perceus 5 days ago

    500 dollar computer vs 20k computer

  • Hattie Harris
    Hattie Harris 5 days ago

    Anyone else recognises the door of the red berry from Logan Paul's colour blind video? 😂

  • DarklingGolem50
    DarklingGolem50 5 days ago

    TV Headphone (A.K.A Roku Remote)
    Flexible Dorm
    Social Collision

    Murphy Bed No TV
    Snoring and Annoying Everyone
    No Cover thingy

    Looks like a 50's Hotel
    Free Condoms

    Very Boring

    Palms Hotel:
    Hot Tub
    Hugeass Bed
    Another Hugeass Bed
    Rotating Bed

    Money Doesnt Go out of Thin Air. i can't pay 35,000 Grand (I would get it if it was 4 Days 5 Nights)

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes 5 days ago

    Imagine sleeping in that 35000$ hotel the whole way and have bad dream too.

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes 5 days ago

    50$ hotel only downside you can't masturbate i mean you can but i don't recommend it

  • StraightFacedDino !
    StraightFacedDino ! 5 days ago

    I didn't like any hotel they involved interactions with human beings

  • TripleCRab
    TripleCRab 5 days ago

    Jake paul has benn to that hotel dislike if you now wht vlog

  • AnnakaRBLX
    AnnakaRBLX 5 days ago

    I just went to Las Vegas last mouth and the hotel I stayed in were so nice it was the castle one forgot the name and monte Cafe
    Best hotels I stay in my life

  • OliviaGreen Vlogs
    OliviaGreen Vlogs 6 days ago

    I love that camera guy

  • ilhan aariz
    ilhan aariz 6 days ago

    Camera man still not better than Adam :/

  • yosef's world
    yosef's world 6 days ago

    you can go to red roof for 50 dollars

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 7 days ago

    Steven seem less energetic than usual or is it just me?

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 7 days ago

    I feel like if I was rich as hell I still wouldn't want to spend that kind of money for 5 days of living...then again I'm not rich as hell

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 7 days ago

    I wanna bump into Podshare's owner as many times as possible

  • Mystic Mario
    Mystic Mario 7 days ago

    Selorm = Hot AF

  • Ck GaMeZz
    Ck GaMeZz 7 days ago

    Yall think he smashed

  • Myles Stephens
    Myles Stephens 7 days ago

    I bet he got laid

  • Philt Msp
    Philt Msp 7 days ago

    I would choose the pod share or the red berry hotel because it's not TOO MUCH and it's comfy and nice

  • jcannoncraig
    jcannoncraig 7 days ago

    $35K a night seems like it's for people so wealthy they have run out of things to spend money on, and had to get creative. As far as it coming down to whether or not you could get a good night of sleep, I don't think I would be able to. I'd pace all night wondering what the hell I was thinking when I god the suite.

  • Stephen Anna Marydas

    50% of the top 20 hotels? You could just say 10 of the top 20 hotels.

  • Mike Chen
    Mike Chen 7 days ago

    "You can literally see Vegas while swimming! Who else can do that?"
    A billionaire

  • Circus Baby
    Circus Baby 8 days ago +1

    Did you watch Colleen Ballinger get that most exspensive hotel

  • Abdulrahman Alashkar

    you either buy a Ford mustang or spend a day in the last hotel

    I'd go for the mustang

  • Eleanor Sherman
    Eleanor Sherman 8 days ago

    Poor Filipe.

  • chat noir /Adrien
    chat noir /Adrien 8 days ago +1

    did anyone else see Kevin outside when they were in the elevator

  • Gena Roche
    Gena Roche 8 days ago

    Jake Paul stayed in the last Hotel room watch the vlog where he goes to Las Vegas

  • randomloop
    randomloop 8 days ago +1

    $1 condom Vs $1.10 condom

  • Pearleen Tan
    Pearleen Tan 8 days ago


  • Daddy Dun
    Daddy Dun 8 days ago

    Kevin is so pure

  • Megan
    Megan 8 days ago

    Did they actually pay for the hotels

  • Sophia Zheng
    Sophia Zheng 9 days ago


  • RobloxMiami X0X0
    RobloxMiami X0X0 9 days ago

    Well im white but I want to be balck.

  • The Three Musketeers

    I know the redbury cause logan paul looked at it in his colourblind video

  • Xxhope vidsxX
    Xxhope vidsxX 9 days ago

    Ok if this idea has not been suggested
    Yet ,Can you guys do cheap to expensive desserts I love desserts. I know it's not healthy but I eat way to many vegetables for any one to complain XDDD

  • Rydian Morris
    Rydian Morris 10 days ago

    $275 dollars for water??? WHY?

  • Rich Breitkopf
    Rich Breitkopf 10 days ago


  • Jessica Marks
    Jessica Marks 10 days ago

    dude i just noticed that liza koshy stayed at the palms when she was in vegas wtf

  • Moifi kea
    Moifi kea 10 days ago

    Man: Master bed
    Me: Masturbate
    Man: Master Bathroom
    Me: Masturbateroom

    Me: You nasty

  • Stan DaMan
    Stan DaMan 10 days ago

    Well if u want to go to an old hotel in Japan that probably isn't stable and. might collapse with another extra pound, go right ahead...I just wouldn't go to a nonsturdy, old, .......

  • Yin Krystal
    Yin Krystal 11 days ago

    I hope Steven didn't cheat on his gf

  • Yin Krystal
    Yin Krystal 11 days ago

    Did u know if u put two single bands bet to each other, it bigger than a king bed !

  • ThatDizzyUnicorn
    ThatDizzyUnicorn 11 days ago

    I already live in Vegas so I know what it feels like lol

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow 11 days ago

    I love vegas! ✅😀*

  • Mr.snappypaws
    Mr.snappypaws 11 days ago

    Did you see the microwave say please

  • Fiona Kelly
    Fiona Kelly 12 days ago +1

    The way they lost it when the water came from the ceiling lmao 🤣

  • Yasmin Alsaiegh
    Yasmin Alsaiegh 12 days ago

    I live in vegas

  • Tyler Marchese
    Tyler Marchese 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Kevin is adorably cute?😂

  • Gulalai M
    Gulalai M 12 days ago

    the last one reminded me of the one in hangover

  • Mikkel Thomsen
    Mikkel Thomsen 12 days ago

    you should try 3 difference strippers

  • Elizabeth Cortez
    Elizabeth Cortez 12 days ago

    Ive been to vegas, and every building is a hotel

  • Felipe Amaya
    Felipe Amaya 12 days ago

    Did anyone else see that wierd banana ad? 😂

  • Rafael Sanchez
    Rafael Sanchez 12 days ago

    That last hotel isn't even that expensive it can bed 12 people so if they split the cost it's 2.9k a night which would be fine for 12 ok working people

  • Fatal_NinjaZX
    Fatal_NinjaZX 13 days ago

    that dark chocolate girl is cute

  • Bella Pham
    Bella Pham 13 days ago

    Which hotel is that

  • Sara Lopez
    Sara Lopez 13 days ago

    The 35,000 hotel room was the same room Liza, David and the vlog squad stayed at for David's 21st birthday

  • Junior Pizzaman1
    Junior Pizzaman1 13 days ago

    Where Liza and David stayed

  • Laura
    Laura 13 days ago

    Do more things with Keith and selorm , together they are so funny

  • Jacklynn Dao
    Jacklynn Dao 13 days ago

    Saw the red berry hotel and was thinking, " didn't Logan Paul test his glasses in front of that??"

  • Valeria Valdez
    Valeria Valdez 13 days ago

    I think David Dobrik stayed at a hotel like this.

  • Ameera Taqi
    Ameera Taqi 14 days ago +1

    I think Dantdm stayed at redburry

  • Natália Stewart
    Natália Stewart 14 days ago

    Hotel? Trivago.

  • Stephanie Tran
    Stephanie Tran 14 days ago

    lol everytime I go to Vegas my family does to this one hotel that we get free rooms at bc we have this special membership thing and I can see this hotel from my room everytime. I didn't think this was there?

  • Dakota Howell
    Dakota Howell 14 days ago

    If it was apartment

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