TVG announcer wins big Kentucky Derby bet. Insane reaction shown on-air.

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  • Description: TVG announcer Ken Rudulph wins big Kentucky Derby bet, made legally through (go there for details on how to bet from home). Ken's reaction during and after the race was shown on-air on TVG. Yelling, cussing, excited, cheering and especially insane reaction in winning the big bet are all shown. Rudulph later said the winnings helped him buy his house. Giacomo was the second longest priced winner of the Kentucky Derby paying over $100 for a $2 win bet. Watch TVG on DirecTV 602 or Dish 399. for info.
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  • taxisteve929
    taxisteve929 13 days ago

    This guy was actually pretty reserved considering how much he touted the horse and wound up betting him at that price......nothing like the guy standing next to me at the TV set at the track who is screaming at the top of his lungs while everyone is trying to just watch the race, and after he wins, yells how everyone HAD TO bet the horse, who goes off 3-1 and you find out he had $2 to win on him. Biggest single score I ever made I didn't know how much, and I had to win silently while driving the New Jersey turnpike home from a Derby party I had left early from...was in traffic and had Animal Kingdom and the horse who came 2nd...can't remember the name...but bet about $300, and keyed those 2 on top of a few, boxed them several times...had no idea what I had because I had bet at OTB and Freehold...before going to the party....I was trying to look through the tickets. Only had the trifecta for a buck, but the exacta quite a bit....collected just over $14,000......and the funny thing, I had bet every derby since Secretariat, and NEVER cashed a ticket......but that one race made it so it is the only race I can say without doubt I am up money on!! I'll say it again, this guy was very reserved compared to most. Nobody ever hears a peep out of me when I watch a race, win or lose....although I will show my losing tickets if it was close.....but like a friend said, "Just tear them up and move on.....we all have close losers, and nobody really wants to see how close you were, or really cares". lol

  • bpstyles
    bpstyles 13 days ago

    I miss Ken. The best

  • James 84
    James 84 21 day ago

    What's a future wager antepost

  • lamfilipos
    lamfilipos Month ago

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  • Jim Cauchon
    Jim Cauchon Month ago +1

    A CLASSIC. he did what every pony player sets out out to do every race day. bet like a man. and convert. so good!!!!

  • bpstyles
    bpstyles Month ago

    Man, I know that feeling right when he figured out he had a chance and he got all tense. I love that feeling.

  • Sun Goddess
    Sun Goddess 2 months ago +1

    Let the brutha be happy. Way too many haters here. Winning a few stacks will generate some happiness.

  • lovemuffin1963
    lovemuffin1963 2 months ago

    Matt C is a db..

  • A J
    A J 2 months ago +2

    TVG not the same without Ken Rudolph

  • DERP
    DERP 2 months ago

    Get it!

  • Tejashwi sresta
    Tejashwi sresta 2 months ago

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  • Drew A Rockwell
    Drew A Rockwell 3 months ago

    funny roade finhed 7

  • King Jowmey
    King Jowmey 3 months ago +1

    4:03 the guy on the right was left hanging so hard

  • Barossa Boy
    Barossa Boy 3 months ago +1

    I love that dumb white guy went for a high five that was never reciprocated. Poor simple grinning criminal fuck

  • hillary ilinsky
    hillary ilinsky 3 months ago

    he hasn't picked a winner since.

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 2 months ago

      He hasn't been with them since 2011. He's doing news up in Sacramento or something. This guy the was the shit.

  • cgarnet01
    cgarnet01 4 months ago

    This title is disingenuous. This sequence where Ken was excited was not "on-air". The cameras may have been rolling but it was off-air.

  • James  Hayes
    James Hayes 4 months ago

    I thought only fat white men bet on horses.

  • Caesar Fiorini
    Caesar Fiorini 4 months ago

    Used the winnings to clear up his past due child support

  • ebonydescent
    ebonydescent 5 months ago

    Why is Ken no longer there? Was he fired, found a better gig or TVG got offended if he wanted a raise and showed him the door? I only found out he worked there after seeing him on one or two of the TVG classics show replays. When I started watching TVG he was gone. I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't embraced or liked by most of his co-workers. His ethnicity likely being a factor.

  • Craig Dutton
    Craig Dutton 5 months ago

    Jackamo 😂😂🇦🇺

  • Kilo Hoyle
    Kilo Hoyle 6 months ago

    If I ever get lucky enough to pick the correct Derby winner I'm going to react like Ken. That's my final answer.

  • Zenaida Robbins
    Zenaida Robbins 6 months ago

    The fastest horse wins the Preakness, the best horse wins the Belmont, and the luckiest wins the Derby. Afleet Alex was the best h orse in this year of terrific horses, and was almost knocked off his feet in the Preakness, but still won, and put on an unbelievable run in the Belmont to win, and as seen here could have won if the race was longe

    Alex should have won the Triple Crown, except for this freak Derby. Well, the luckiest horse was Giacomo.

  • FD30
    FD30 7 months ago +1

    this is gold

  • Nate Sinadinovic
    Nate Sinadinovic 7 months ago

    I backed a winner on the weekend it paid $88 dollars, I originally wanted to put $100 Eachway, I placed my bet on Line and because I'm always betting on line and I made a huge mistake that I realised later, instead of putting $100 eachway I put $1 each way, I went for. A $9500 pay day to a $95 pay day

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 8 months ago

    He didn't even have a $1 on that horse, I know when people are lying😂

    He didn't even know the horse was making an home stretch run on the outside, he was sitting there clueless

    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray 5 months ago

      Capo Capo absolutely right

    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray 5 months ago

      Nate Sinadinovic this liar should have been given an Oscar for his acting, you could tell at the end by the look on his face that he was kicking himself for not backing it😂

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 5 months ago

      He only picked the horse ON AIR.

    • Nate Sinadinovic
      Nate Sinadinovic 7 months ago

      Ray Ray Your Spot on and know what your talking about. If he was on it, commentator or no commentator he would be cheering, considering it's a International known event, just like the Melbourne cup in Australia were I happen to live.
      Happy punting M8

  • Theron K. Strother
    Theron K. Strother 8 months ago +8

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  • pratish st
    pratish st 9 months ago

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  • Salice McCool
    Salice McCool 10 months ago

    As a Moss/Shirreffs/Police fan, he had to have LOVED Zenyatta!

  • Milan Stanojkovic

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  • julie hertz
    julie hertz Year ago


  • Jetfan44
    Jetfan44 Year ago

    " Rudulph later said the winnings helped him buy his house."........really? you can clearly hear him say he had $25 to win, that comes out to $1282, does his house have wheels?

    • YoKnowWhy
      YoKnowWhy Year ago

      he said the future was 50 to 1 and the Win at 25-1 what is closed at.

    • Pat Sowinski
      Pat Sowinski Year ago

      he said he a future bet at 50/1 and didn't say for how much..

  • Daily Scratcher
    Daily Scratcher Year ago

    What was his bet? he said he got 50:1 odds which is phenomenal to win but I want to know how much he put down on that bet

  • Rob
    Rob Year ago +1

    That's what I loved about Ken. He enjoyed every minute he was at the track. ANY TRACK! And he didn't mind flashing the cash.

    • Firefly Studio
      Firefly Studio Year ago

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  • P.R. Pursell
    P.R. Pursell Year ago +2

    one happy man way to go man

  • TheBigwheels11
    TheBigwheels11 Year ago +1

    The moment after the race....the look on Ken Rudolph's face says it all......"wow, I touted him all week and I bet a whopping 30 bucks total".....that's what that look is. Men would go nuts if he had 2 across

    • Rehema Nzilani
      Rehema Nzilani Year ago

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  • bingo bongo
    bingo bongo Year ago

    1.2 k, not very big

  • Tairaterces
    Tairaterces Year ago

    I just hope the connections of Giacomo sent a big crate of carrots to Spanish Chestnut who set it up for a closing grinder to win.
    Also this has to be one of the BEST videos on YouTube bar none.

  • Kate Wild
    Kate Wild 2 years ago +2

    He only knows where his horse is running in the race in the last 50 yards where is he at ?

    • jesusisnotallright s
      jesusisnotallright s 20 days ago

      Ken Rudolph was fired by the TVG people after they caught him eating Michelle U's pussy.

    • JoJoGunn
      JoJoGunn Year ago

      +Kate Wild Ken Rudolph was getting a head job under the table from Jessica York.

    • WhattaDay
      WhattaDay 2 years ago

      +Kate Wild They were covered in mud and everyone was watching Afleet Alex.

  • notlimnaneek1
    notlimnaneek1 2 years ago

    why isn't this the most popular youtube video ever!?

  • steve pratt
    steve pratt 2 years ago

    at the end that was the most awkward load of high fives ever

  • m
    m 2 years ago +6

    one day in england franki detori won all 7 races on the card. i was in the bookies that day and an old man told me to chance £100 on franki to win the remaining 5 races at some nice odds before all the crazy shit started to happen, as each race passed the odds shortened. i collected £187.000 from the bookies most of which iv since lost in casinos. lol

    • taxisteve929
      taxisteve929 13 days ago

      Casinos destroyed horse and harness racing in the US. I saw it was going to happen in New Jersey when they came, and it did. They knocked the gamblers out and then the tracks turned into crap games themselves with simulcasting, which is why TVG exists, and is helping to continue the sport, but to really enjoy racing, I will go to Monmouth Park, stay outside, take time and relax, handicap, and NOT bet other tracks. They still get crowds, but nothing like it was. The apron fills, but not the grandstand. I remember the Meadlowlands drawing more on a Monday night than they do now on Hambletonian day. Sad.......the tracks all had either trams or buses bringing people in from the back parking lots......Belmont used to have to bus people in from lots a mile away!!! I was at the Belmont for Secretariat, and it was probably the most exciting day of my life. Anyone who remembers those days watches the old videos and their hearts hurt....part of it is the glory days, and part just our youth, as all the jockeys and drivers we bet are now retiring or retired, we wonder "Where did the time go" you age, you just don't feel older, so it's a real punch in the face when you see a driver you watched for so many years, and he is old and gray. Then you look in the mirror and wonder "Why the hell am I still so damn good looking and young!!" LOL.....okay...not really.

    • Robin Banks
      Robin Banks 2 months ago

      187? or 187000?

    • edogBCN
      edogBCN Year ago

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    • Kate Wild
      Kate Wild 2 years ago

      +m Went into the bookies that day and thought to myself Frankie has some good rides today maybe I should do a yankee
      Then I thought what about a placepot ? no I will not waste my money I will go home and watch it on the TV
      Stay lucky

  • Andy 420
    Andy 420 2 years ago

    Haha love it

  • Ben Fitz
    Ben Fitz 2 years ago +46

    its funny because before the race he was acting all white, then when he won he turned black

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 2 months ago

      He went from Carton Banks to Will.

    • Steven Simonovic
      Steven Simonovic 3 months ago

      WTF are you talking about? I'm fuckin confused.

    • jesusisnotallright s
      jesusisnotallright s 3 months ago

      If I wanted any lip out of you,I would simply scrape it off of my scrotum.Ken Rudolph was fired after Todd Shrupp walked in the Tvg studio and found Ken Rudolph crouching down under the table sucking Mr B's cock.

    • Steven Simonovic
      Steven Simonovic 3 months ago

      I act all "black" too when I have a long shot coming it with $200 WPS on it......come on man. This is uncalled for. He was pumped.

    • Skoshi33
      Skoshi33 3 months ago

      Why don't you go fuck yourself, you fucking maggot. Who's fucking who is nobody's biz......Cockroach!!!

  • Max M
    Max M 2 years ago

    Thats what makes horse racing fun. You spend very little and you could win big. The best value betting in all of gambling

  • Birdman Speaks
    Birdman Speaks 2 years ago +14

    Bring back Ken Rudulph. ! The best ever on TVG

  • stanleyusher6194
    stanleyusher6194 2 years ago +8

    This right here is the reason TVG should have done everything in their power to keep Ken Rudolph.......the guy might not be a typical racing pundit (ala Simon Bray and Matt Carothers who are both excellent tipsters), but he stuck to his guns on Giacomo, and that reaction was brilliant.  Also was a really funny guy, who seemed very personable too........kinda fella you could have a beer with

    • Kilo Hoyle
      Kilo Hoyle 6 months ago

      stanleyusher6194 Beer 🍻??? Why not whiskey 🥃?

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 2 years ago

      He would have bought the next round that's for sure!.

    EJ GIGGEY 2 years ago +2

    *Goose Bumps !!!!   Way to go !!!*

  • TheTipsyHustlers
    TheTipsyHustlers 2 years ago +1

    Best day at the track ever!!!  That was awesome.

  • thevmanvj
    thevmanvj 2 years ago +3

    Ken's $25 to win bet paid $1,282.50. Giacomo paid $102.60 for a $2.00 win

    • thevmanvj
      thevmanvj 11 months ago

      He had two win was at post time odds , in addition to a separate $25 win bet at 50-1 in a future wager pool

    • Daily Scratcher
      Daily Scratcher Year ago

      They said he used some money to help buy his wasn't his wager alot larger than 25?

  • Birdman Speaks
    Birdman Speaks 3 years ago +3

    Ken was amazing on TVG . They should have tripled his salary and kept his talents on the TVG airways .

    • Running Down a Dream
      Running Down a Dream 2 years ago

      +Capo Capo

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 2 years ago

      See Carothers smirking like a chump pre race every time Ken Talked about Giacomo.  Glad Ken left him hanging for that

  • jason scott
    jason scott 3 years ago

    Didn't Ken quit to be a newscaster up in No Cal???  It seems to me I watched his last day on TVG and it was really emotional.  And, then when I was up in No Cal I saw him doing news.  I'm happy he won big and I would have been doing much more than what he did.  You should see me screaming for horses that are in maiden special races for 2 year olds!!!  Also, does anyone know about Chris Harrison from The Bachelor, he was on TVG for a time.  Does he own horses or anything, you have to own or know someone or something like Cristina Blacker who had a jockey for a dad.  Why are a lot of TVG people now on HRTV??  I personally like HRTV more as they seem more about the horses then betting.  But TVG is okay too.  Congrats Ken and hope you are doing well.

  • angel santos
    angel santos 3 years ago

    I wondered what RAJ from what's happening did after the show was canceled!

  • Neville James
    Neville James 3 years ago

    Yo Qhsperson, Nobody bet $80,000 on Arcangues that day. Stop Lying....

  • JLDecker
    JLDecker 3 years ago

    Legit. My reaction to that result was much the same: Had $7 across on Giacomo, plus a $2 exacta over Closing Argument. Best day on the track I've ever handicapped. Period.

    • LaFountain JS
      LaFountain JS 2 years ago

      The exacta paid 10k. Holy s if you had that.

  • qhsperson
    qhsperson 3 years ago

    Nothing I know of beats Arcangue's owner in the BC Classic.  $80,000 to win on a horse that went off at 133-1.
    I once had $5 on Elloluv's velvety nose when she won at 30-1.  Best ever for me.

  • Richard V Sassoon
    Richard V Sassoon 3 years ago

    so, 25 to win x 50 - 1 = $ 2500 bucks. Not a bad day, but the daughter of Chrome's owner went into Vegas way early to place a $ 500. dollar bet on her horse..odds at 275 -

  • townrumor
    townrumor 3 years ago

    That shit was fire🔥DOPE‼️

  • Tony Discenza
    Tony Discenza 3 years ago +4

    In response to Vambo13257: I think you would agree that picking a winning horse that pays $50.30 for each $1 wagered certainly IS a big deal, no matter how much was wagered.  Second, you can't deny that his reaction was relatively subdued compared to many who hit horses paying much less.  Finally, and most important, At 4:25 in the clip, he said, "I got a future wager at 50 to 1, I got ANOTHER $25 to win."  Since he doesn't disclose how much his future wager was, we will never know exactly how much he won, but it was clearly more than the $1,257.50 he took down with his $25 winning ticket and I think most who know anything about horse racing would agree that this guy made an amazing call, put his money where his mouth was, TWICE (his future wager and the $25 win ticket), and was rewarded handsomely for it.

    • Running Down a Dream
      Running Down a Dream 2 years ago

      +Vambo 13257 hey

    • Jim Spoor
      Jim Spoor 2 years ago

      +Vambo 13257 you didn't bet shit on animal liar

    • Running Down a Dream
      Running Down a Dream 2 years ago

      +Vambo 13257 no...I have no NEED to bet on horses...

    • Jim Spoor
      Jim Spoor 2 years ago

      hey fat boy, STGU

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 2 years ago

      +vambo13257 Tell us how many 50-1 shots you picked in the Kentucky Derby   Mr. Fucking integrity and class?  How aabout you shut the fuck up. MANY of us have made money punting, Let the guy enjoy his win.

  • Primo817
    Primo817 3 years ago +1

    So how much did he win? Sorry don't know

  • vambo13257
    vambo13257 3 years ago

    Big deal-$25 to win??  I thought the guy hit the tri and super the way he was acting.

  • boris michalovich
    boris michalovich 3 years ago

    thats how ya do dat! awesome video!

  • Michael Dominici
    Michael Dominici 3 years ago


  • yipyappyyip
    yipyappyyip 3 years ago +4

    Matt Carothers held out the longest high-five wait ever...but he finally got it!

    • GoldTopSlinger
      GoldTopSlinger Month ago

      Agreed. By the time he got it it was a high seven due to inflation.

  • Tom Tray
    Tom Tray 3 years ago +1

    Grooovy brooooother. Real cool man.

    • Dick Hertz
      Dick Hertz 2 years ago

      all horseplayers are losers, you are one of them   carry on trayman

    • Tom Tray
      Tom Tray 2 years ago

      +Dick Hertz see above

    • Tom Tray
      Tom Tray 2 years ago

      My family sure liked all that money coming in....So,you go on being a loser,I will go on winning money and making 6 figures.Laughing all the way to the bank while you smoke cigarettes and get tattoos.

    • Dick Hertz
      Dick Hertz 2 years ago

      +Tom Tray who cares?? 

    • Tom Tray
      Tom Tray 2 years ago

      I hit the Trifecta 3 times last year 2014.

  • Dennis Taylor
    Dennis Taylor 3 years ago

    That guy rudolph ruled....i had giacomo too....and the other guy took sun king who i liked also....but he got shut off by afleet alex

  • Dennis Taylor
    Dennis Taylor 3 years ago

    That guy rudolph ruled....i had giacomo too....and the other guy took sun king who i liked also....but he got shut off by afleet alex

  • Kalar Walters
    Kalar Walters 3 years ago +1

    I didn't know squat about betting or picking horses and went to an off-track betting site with my sister and her husband who know a lot about it.  I might be showing my age here, but I looked down at the program in front of my sister and pointed to Thunder Gulch and said, "He's gonna win."  And he did.  Wish I could do that all the time. :D

  • Kalar Walters
    Kalar Walters 3 years ago +2

    That was great!!! :D

  • insp252
    insp252 3 years ago +2

    cool and funny

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker 3 years ago

    Pace was real hot.  Afleet Alex was an amazing horse. 

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker 3 years ago

    Man..He was glued in on a 50-1 shot.  Awesome.

  • Otis Nixon
    Otis Nixon 3 years ago +1

    The black guy in him came out

  • Very Fake News
    Very Fake News 3 years ago +1

    too bad ken is gone

    • Scott H
      Scott H 3 years ago

      Yes I agree. I got to met ken at Delmar in 2009. I always liked him on TVG.

    • Andrew Cornwell
      Andrew Cornwell 3 years ago

      +vambo13257 He's doing local news show in Sacramento, CA

    • vambo13257
      vambo13257 3 years ago

      gone where

  • Incitatus
    Incitatus 3 years ago

    Great read! Longest I ever hit was 5 dollars in a 25-1.. Didnt bother with the PP's just said screw it and won.

    • Steven Ward
      Steven Ward 3 years ago

      Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good....Most of the time I'm neither lol

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 3 years ago +4

    Miss that guy on TVG. Best personality.

  • WhiskeyDrinkinMan
    WhiskeyDrinkinMan 3 years ago

    So good. I dream of a high profile score like this.

  • TheTripleBstudios
    TheTripleBstudios 3 years ago

    Haha thats awesome. 

  • r0bert16
    r0bert16 3 years ago


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