Calvin Harris - Feels (Official Video) ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean

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  • Calvin Harris - Feels feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean
    Taken from the new album 'Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1'. Out Now:

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  • Runtime: 3:43
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Comments: 32 814

  • MadameWhiskersPillowPaws
    MadameWhiskersPillowPaws 6 minutes ago

    lets get despacito outta here and put in this song!

  • Gorillazgirl45
    Gorillazgirl45 11 minutes ago

    im obessed with this song it's so catchy especially Katy Perry's part😍😍

  • Mr FireTuber
    Mr FireTuber 13 minutes ago +1

    Don't be afraid to catch fish then its Don't be afraid to catch feels for those people wondering

  • Vale Nguesso
    Vale Nguesso 14 minutes ago

    It kinda gives a Dynamic Duo ft suran feel

  • Diamante Freeman
    Diamante Freeman 15 minutes ago

    I keep Coming Back OMGSH

  • Artas Gill
    Artas Gill 16 minutes ago

    Who came from snapchat

  • nenessmouah
    nenessmouah 16 minutes ago

    Musique o top je l'écoute en boucle

  • Andres Ugalde
    Andres Ugalde 28 minutes ago

    does she say don't be afraid to pop this

  • Josh Boustead
    Josh Boustead 30 minutes ago

    This song starts out sounding like the 'To Be Continued' Meme

  • annabelle Ledford
    annabelle Ledford 36 minutes ago

    I love it

  • lilia :p
    lilia :p 46 minutes ago

    'don't be a petty cash bitch' is what I first heard

  • #Miku_Hatsune
    #Miku_Hatsune 55 minutes ago

    jaja minuto 2:45

  • Carmen
    Carmen 56 minutes ago

    I keep hearing "Don't be afraid to catch fish" lol

  • Jen Higgins
    Jen Higgins 1 hour ago

    Just remember, don't be afraid to catch fish.

  • Nicole Ferreira Ferreira Gonzales

    I really enjoyed this song !!!

  • Rhonda Watts
    Rhonda Watts 1 hour ago

    This is like straight up vintage Hall and Oates, Lionel Richie, fun pop music. This song could have been released in 1985 (maybe without the rap, or a slightly different style of rap) with Richie singing Pharell's part and maybe Madonna singing the Katy Perry part. Can't you hear it?

  • Tatyana Jordan
    Tatyana Jordan 1 hour ago

    I love this song

  • Queen of Rap
    Queen of Rap 1 hour ago


  • Farahin Esa
    Farahin Esa 1 hour ago

    This is really one of good song. 😍 this is what people want!!

  • Kazuma Takashiro
    Kazuma Takashiro 1 hour ago

    Should I use 3D glasses?

  • Sara Pulido
    Sara Pulido 1 hour ago

    me encanta esta cancion y siempre me va a encantar dale like si te en canta

  • iam toptar
    iam toptar 1 hour ago +1


  • GirlyDel
    GirlyDel 1 hour ago


  • Ghowst
    Ghowst 1 hour ago

    Is math related to science?

  • Amanda Fernanda
    Amanda Fernanda 1 hour ago

    Que som maneira tô apaixonada

  • Lucia Addante
    Lucia Addante 1 hour ago

    Let's groove

  • Nessa Matute
    Nessa Matute 1 hour ago

    I love this song so much
    Favorite song right now
    It's so good
    The greatest people in this

    BLUEDRAGONFLY 1 hour ago

    I thought the song was really stupid because I though Katy Perry was saying "Don't be afraid to catch fish".

  • Liv Gill
    Liv Gill 1 hour ago

    I think the very start somewhere sounds like 'Let's Groove' by Earth, Wind and Fire 🙈 idk why

  • Phineas Comédy
    Phineas Comédy 1 hour ago

    nos Brs estamos aqui também

  • Moustafa Talaat
    Moustafa Talaat 1 hour ago +1

    I think, nobody can hate Katy Perry even if he wants ....

  • Dario Howie
    Dario Howie 1 hour ago +2

    Be honest you repeated this

  • Dario Howie
    Dario Howie 1 hour ago

    Dang sounds like the 80's

  • Lily Silly
    Lily Silly 1 hour ago +1

    I think I broke the replay button...whoops ;-;

  • Kad Kad
    Kad Kad 1 hour ago

    Lyrics plz ??

  • Kristen Ramirez
    Kristen Ramirez 1 hour ago

    Here come the JonBenét Ramsey conspiracy theories 😂

  • Marcelo Silva
    Marcelo Silva 2 hours ago


  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia 2 hours ago

    nde hu vera, ha nde va'i

  • Canal Besteira
    Canal Besteira 2 hours ago +1

    Katy perry ❤

  • Michelle Scherzinger Ruiz

    Blondie lirics

  • francowata zaufane
    francowata zaufane 2 hours ago

    Polska 🇵🇱

  • Louis Tomlinson little prince

    When I was listening this in radio I thought Katy was black because her voice

  • Jack Diamond
    Jack Diamond 2 hours ago

    First good song I've heard in a while

  • Maraia Veitaukitoga
    Maraia Veitaukitoga 2 hours ago +1

    yes Katy

  • Ihsan X6
    Ihsan X6 2 hours ago +1

    Big Sean ruined the song😭

  • diego Mencía Martín
    diego Mencía Martín 2 hours ago +1

    a very nice song : )

  • Robert Tracey
    Robert Tracey 2 hours ago

    I dunno about you but I feel like the bass line was ripped off earth wind and fires "lets groove tonight"

  • Ingen Clickbait
    Ingen Clickbait 2 hours ago

    when i heard big sean i changed song xD

  • Bec X
    Bec X 2 hours ago

    Yep... i was convinced she said fish. I must have sounded so funny singing "catch fish" in the car like i knew it hahaa

  • ytboy
    ytboy 2 hours ago

    Epic song

  • Ingen Clickbait
    Ingen Clickbait 2 hours ago

    who's here before 5 views

  • DatingTall
    DatingTall 2 hours ago

    Taylor Swift dislikes this.

  • sohogirl
    sohogirl 2 hours ago +4

    this is without doubt, one of the best songs of this 2017, 😍but idk why the intro beat reminds me of Santana's The Game of Love.. 🤔

  • David Chandler
    David Chandler 2 hours ago

    Pharell is an alien he doesn't age!

  • Eredim o cachorro do celbito

    nice music

  • Gabrielle Gibbs
    Gabrielle Gibbs 2 hours ago

    love this song thumbs up if u love it too

  • Pie Fan
    Pie Fan 2 hours ago +1

    How many likes this comment gets is how many times Katy Perry dyed her hair

  • KrazyKleptoCollecto Mars

    Do you like getting paid or getting paid attention?

  • Irrelvant Fangirl
    Irrelvant Fangirl 2 hours ago +1

    It's because Pharrel.
    Thats why.

  • Meh Chalae
    Meh Chalae 2 hours ago +1

    Everybody's talking about how Katy, Sean, and especially Pharrell for nailing the song, but the credit all goes to Calvin for making the song sound awesome. This is just my opinion,and I really liked everybody's part, but Calvin was the best for me.

  • India ND
    India ND 2 hours ago

    Katy is soooo gorgeous! At 3:03 she looks like Sydney Sierota from Echosmith

  • K4RLofDUTY
    K4RLofDUTY 2 hours ago


  • Pie Fan
    Pie Fan 2 hours ago

    Big Sean ties the bow on this gift

  • JCfullbox
    JCfullbox 2 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one who just realized it's Calvin who's playing the guitar in the music video? This dude plays all the instruments himself. He is a fucking genius.

  • Matheus Cintra
    Matheus Cintra 2 hours ago

    Musicão da poaar

  • Sam Bacon
    Sam Bacon 2 hours ago

    a random letter generator was used to make the lyrics to this song...

  • Graham Holmes
    Graham Holmes 2 hours ago

    What a terrible, terrible song

  • dogteeth
    dogteeth 3 hours ago

    HOLY crap I did not expect that to be Katy singing

  • Maria Soares
    Maria Soares 3 hours ago

    best Big Sean rap

  • Minion Lover
    Minion Lover 3 hours ago

    Ultimate Summer Song!

  • Jacob Vlogs
    Jacob Vlogs 3 hours ago

    Umm why is this super catchy

  • Lulu AJ
    Lulu AJ 3 hours ago

    Great 👍

  • Asti
    Asti 3 hours ago

    Polska to przejmuje :D

  • Melissa Pacheco
    Melissa Pacheco 3 hours ago

    mala esta wea

  • Abdusalam Qaissia
    Abdusalam Qaissia 3 hours ago +1

    Just want to know if the guy who played with the guitar is William Harris ?!

    • Sophie Sneddon
      Sophie Sneddon 3 hours ago

      Abdusalam Qaissia imma bout to die from cringe overload

    • Abdusalam Qaissia
      Abdusalam Qaissia 3 hours ago

      Sophie Sneddon Hahahahaha what is wrong

    • Sophie Sneddon
      Sophie Sneddon 3 hours ago

      Abdusalam Qaissia I want to end your life after reading that

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson 3 hours ago +1

    Props to Calvin Harris for some retro sounds... HOWEVER, stop putting generic rappers onto every fucking song.

    Today, almost EVERY SONG seems to have a rap section, where the rapper talks about how amazing they are, or what jewelry, clothes or cars they have.

    What the fuck is the point in incuding the SAME rapper shallow lyrics in every fucking song?

  • tropical ting
    tropical ting 3 hours ago +1

    This song has like an 80's vibes to it✨👌🏽

  • Jard Perpetua
    Jard Perpetua 3 hours ago +1

    feels good to be addicted to this song

  • iJACOB
    iJACOB 3 hours ago

    just amazing

  • Blanca Castañeda
    Blanca Castañeda 3 hours ago

    like this os best Sony

  • Jeff McBob
    Jeff McBob 3 hours ago +3

    This video is what life looks like when u high af

  • Samual Swain
    Samual Swain 3 hours ago +1

    This comment is missing

    *A E S T H E T I C*

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 3 hours ago +1

    Way better than, that Doritos song with Justin Bieber.

  • Philippe Bertrand
    Philippe Bertrand 3 hours ago

    This is how you feel when you try drugs for the first time😏

  • Robbie Petrou
    Robbie Petrou 3 hours ago

    let this grove get you too move!

  • ANNSQuake
    ANNSQuake 3 hours ago

    Reminds me of 'Acceptable in the 80s' ;)

  • Franklin Smith
    Franklin Smith 3 hours ago

    Idk why everyone hating on Big Sean's part. He makes the song imo

  • vyaneth sanchez
    vyaneth sanchez 3 hours ago +1

    "You just be comparing me to me"

  • Eeedeee 666
    Eeedeee 666 3 hours ago +1

    Why does this sound like lazy town 'cookin by the book'

  • Eeedeee 666
    Eeedeee 666 3 hours ago

    Why do I like this

  • #Miku_Hatsune
    #Miku_Hatsune 3 hours ago +1

    What a beautiful musical quartet !!!! I love it and I can not stop listening to the song !!! Kisses!!

  • Mllex Elona
    Mllex Elona 3 hours ago


  • OfficialPBDan
    OfficialPBDan 4 hours ago

    I gotta lay off on the coffee....

  • Charles F
    Charles F 4 hours ago


  • noxious0
    noxious0 4 hours ago

    With Katy I'd catch any fish :D

  • Tathan Jones
    Tathan Jones 4 hours ago

    Sounds like something from lazy town

    AK CHILLING MASTER 4 hours ago

    I'm gonna beat u Calvin Harris man

  • Star -
    Star - 4 hours ago

    I like the new voice katy?

  • Chelsea Wooll
    Chelsea Wooll 4 hours ago +1

    The whole time I thought it was, ' Don't be afraid to catch fish' and that at 1:20 it was the fish blowing bubbles haha

  • Hernan Navarro
    Hernan Navarro 4 hours ago

    Someone else more handsome than Calvin Harris.

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