Why Steph Curry's career is finally DESTROYED!! KEVIN DURANT STOLE FINALS MVP!

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  • Warriors beat Cleveland in NBA Finals. LeBron is 3-5 in the Finals. Steph Curry won 2nd ring. Kevin Durant won ring. Steph Currys career is destroyed. Warriors cockiest team and most hated team. Warriors dirtiest team. 3-1 lead. NBA Finals with Steph Curry vs LeBron James. We saw Game 4 next Game 5. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving NBA playoffs have been Warriors. Golden State vs Cleveland Finals Rematch. The warriors have taught us a lot of things.
    3-1 lead. cavs comeback
    What does lebron need to beat golden state?
    Does he need more big men, does he need more shooters, does he need more help?
    kawhis ankle bone, the only thing was the execution.
    so the warriors are making history in many ways but what isn’t being mentioned is how they literally have 3 DPOY candidates on the same team.
    heres the best part about kyrie irving tho. In the regular season he
    we’re all busy thinking about this matchup, you sprinkle some lebron vs Durant on top of it, and we have an absolute classic on our hands. If I had to break it down I would say, game 1 will be won by the warriors, cavs will steal homecourt and win game 2, then win game 3 at home, warriors will win game 4 regaining homecourt, then warriors will win again at home, then the cavs will win 2 in a row, to close out the series. It will go 7 games, and I wanna say one more time, if this isn’t the greatest finals we’ve ever witnessed the entire nba product has turn to crap. You cant put us through the national blowout association for 2 months, then have the finals go like 5 or 6 games. We need 7 games. Minimum. We need overtimes, we need gamewinners. And back to curry, im feeling what warriors fans are feeling, unfortunately. I just don’t see him repeating a trash finals for the 3rd time in a row. Hes heard the noise, he knows the team is best with him at the one option, it’s a possibility he averages 30+, and we have to be ready for that. Lets hope kyrie and lebron keep him in check tho. So let me get your thoughts for sure. Who will win? Who will dominate? Do you see curry outplaying kyrie or kyrie outplaying curry?

    and we obviously have legacy talk. Which I wont have enough to get into completely but, what will this do for lebron? Im hearing a lot of greatest of all time noise. Will this win officialy cement him as the goat? I definitely don’t think hes there yet, but listen man, theres not gonna be many arguments against him if he does pull this off. I wanna get the thoughts of everyone, especially bulls fans. All bias aside, do you think he will pass up mj or are we gonna hold him to the 6 ring standard no matter what? Hes already on track to pass up all of jordans regular season and playoff stats tho. But even then, let me know the basics, where do you rank him? do you even have him at number 2? If you have him outside the top 10 you are crazy, but I think top 5 is solidified, and if he leads every statistical category again, and has another legacy defining play like he did last year, hes the goat.
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  • GD's Highlights
    GD's Highlights  2 months ago +242


    *RANKING THE TOP 5 MOST OVERRATED PLAYERS IN THE NBA!* *tvclip.org/video/P3xK8cj5Ek8/*

    • Lazy Gamer09
      Lazy Gamer09 5 days ago

      Zach Attack 321 I would say that's ur opinion but common even curry haters know that's not true

    • Zach Attack 321
      Zach Attack 321 14 days ago

      GD's Highlights how do you think steph is good? He is one of the worst players in sports and the worst starter of all time.

    • Flame Shinobi
      Flame Shinobi 24 days ago

      GD's Highlights stick to the highlights.

    • Eduardo Duarte
      Eduardo Duarte 27 days ago

      GD's Highlights gd should jump off becuase cavd suck and their rostor

    • Afton Harley
      Afton Harley 28 days ago

      GD's Highlights awesome 👏 video bro loved it my name is Aaden

  • Wiz Goddd
    Wiz Goddd Day ago

    U actually know nothing about basketball

  • Joshua Rowe
    Joshua Rowe 2 days ago


  • Ali Elhadi
    Ali Elhadi 2 days ago +1

    Allen iverson

  • Gabriel Agnor
    Gabriel Agnor 2 days ago

    Top 5 pgs (in my opinion)
    1. Magic
    2. Stockton
    3. Isiah Thomas
    4. Kidd
    5. Nash

  • Gabriel Agnor
    Gabriel Agnor 2 days ago

    Steph ranking...maybe top 40 possibly

  • Anthony Fahim
    Anthony Fahim 2 days ago

    All of u people cuss at gd go f*** off its his opinion he can say what he want

  • surya
    surya 2 days ago

    In Every video of yours you say "I'm not a hater". But listen to yourself. You're someone who can't do shit in basketball and so you're mocking others. Get a life bro.

  • Jman Hoppy
    Jman Hoppy 2 days ago

    I swear to god highlights is trynna be all slick and shit with the ball family jokes acting it's acc relevant to shit lmao "knockoff trash can"

  • Genes Gene
    Genes Gene 3 days ago

    so much curry hate in this video. i smell lebitch fan

  • P25C
    P25C 4 days ago +1

    All you do is talk about the warriors and the ball brothers.
    Think about lebron
    Went to a team with Dwayne Wade, Ray Allen and Chris Bosh and won 2 rings

  • Lazy Gamer09
    Lazy Gamer09 5 days ago

    I'm a golden state fan for years but ever since kd joined I hated kd ever since, like kd boosted there team a shit load

  • Money Team
    Money Team 5 days ago

    Steph was the finals MVP tbh. Lebron Defense was trash as fuck. More than usual.

    THE MAFIAKINGZ 6 days ago

    What tf was the point of the video going black for like 3 minutes at the end

  • Yuval Shukrun
    Yuval Shukrun 6 days ago

    Curry is #100,000,000,000,000

  • Taylor York
    Taylor York 8 days ago

    I don't like putting guys still playing in my top 100. I want to see their entire career before I decide.

  • Kachowski McQueen
    Kachowski McQueen 8 days ago

    If lebron can recruit a good Center (Demarcus Cousins) they may have a chance depending on when Cousins contract ends

  • A Account
    A Account 12 days ago

    Does GDs Highlights have another channel Mike Korzemba

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 14 days ago

    draymomd isn't a fucking hall of faer

    • GD's Highlights
      GD's Highlights  14 days ago

      sorry if I came off the wrong way. I didnt mean to sound like a hater
      and thanks for watching brotha!
      I really hope you subscribe and turn on notifications

  • Willy bman
    Willy bman 14 days ago

    "smash the like button, go down and leave a like"

  • Goatbrook
    Goatbrook 15 days ago +1

    Dude, I fucking love your videos!

  • Sohaib Jamil
    Sohaib Jamil 16 days ago

    I am not that comfortable taking LeBron over Shaq and Duncan. Much less going to Jordan, Magic, Bird, and so on...

  • Jiajun Chen
    Jiajun Chen 16 days ago

    Hahaha, what do you think about Kyrie Irving now? Is it he still a great player? Or Lebron didn't really need him to succeed?

  • BlackTyga Yt
    BlackTyga Yt 16 days ago

    If anybody thinks rings mattet your dumb if so bill russell is greatest

  • BlackTyga Yt
    BlackTyga Yt 16 days ago

    A couple if lebron losses his first nba finals had carried his team at 23 to 25
    Now Its The Fucking Warriors

  • Khawai James
    Khawai James 16 days ago

    I think this title is deserved to the warriors and everyone on the team except Durant. Warriors built there team by devolving players that weren't even top 5 picks in the draft and making them all stars and superstars. KD was just a bitch and thinks he deserved the championship

  • Wekiah Mpuah
    Wekiah Mpuah 17 days ago

    U a hater

  • Dylan Thompson
    Dylan Thompson 18 days ago

    1. Magic
    3.Isiah Thomas

    I think curry is in between Isiah and Chris Paul on this list

  • chef boyardee BALLER
    chef boyardee BALLER 18 days ago

    Wait so just coz curry don't got finals mvp's(robbed of one in 2015) his career is "destroyed" that is the dumbest thing I've heard yet.

    Elgin Baylor

    Karl Malone

    John Stockton

    Dominique Wilkins

    Reggie Miller

    Alex English

    Nate Thurmond

    Connie Hawkins

     Rolando Blackman

    Chris Mullin

    Dikembe Mutombo

    Tim Hardaway

    Charles Oakley

    Chris Webber

    Shawn Kemp

    Steve Nash

    Allen Iverson etc...

    Are considered ALL TIME GREATS (which they are) but they don't have no rings but curry has

    2x NBA titles(2015, 2017)

    4× NBA All-Star 

    2× All-NBA First
    Team (2015, 2016)

    2× All-NBA Second
    Team (2014, 2017)

    NBA scoring champion (2016)

    NBA steals leader (2016)

    50–40–90 club (2016)

    NBA Three-Point Contest champion (2015)

    NBA Sportsmanship Award (2011)

    NBA All-Rookie First Team 

    AP Athlete of the
    Year (2015) but a few finals mvp will destroy his career?! Common man that is illogical and curry is showing no signs of slowing down so í disagree with you GD's

  • Progressive House Worldwide

    I see you are salty.

  • Michael Garvalia
    Michael Garvalia 18 days ago

    Top 5 all time:
    1. Jordan
    2. Kobe
    3. Lebron
    Top pg's of all time
    2. Chris Paul

  • War 2 VICTORY
    War 2 VICTORY 20 days ago

    GD is right.

  • Boy Boy
    Boy Boy 20 days ago

    Sorry I think Irving man I can't think today

  • Boy Boy
    Boy Boy 20 days ago

    Sorry and Irving, but in 2017-2018 yes, tony Parker is too old magic is retired and john wall you can't compare, but Irving.vs.curry I think curry

  • Boy Boy
    Boy Boy 20 days ago

    Top ten PG of all time curry isn't in it,there is so many good PG,there's magic tony Parker

  • Keaton Whitney
    Keaton Whitney 23 days ago


  • Tulia
    Tulia 23 days ago

    You can't say anything positive about the Warriors huh? Curry nearly avg a triple double. Even when warriors win you find a way to try and destroy their image. Curry is on the way to 5 rings passing LeBron James.

    NBA has never been more exciting. The best off season ever, people are looking forward to the regular season more than ever, everyone's watching wanting the Warriors to lose. It's only bad to haters like you and those who can't stand the Warriors winning. If you're a competitive warriors winning hurts you bad as a hater.

  • Walker Chav
    Walker Chav 26 days ago

    Fr agree with everything u say 😂😂 definitely my fav YouTuber

  • Young tristan  I
    Young tristan I 27 days ago

    1.Michael Jordan
    2.bill Russell
    3.wilt or LeBron idk
    5.kevin Durant
    7.orlando shaq
    8.javal macgeeeeee🐐 that was a joke.
    9.prime magic Johnson
    10.2k amethyst yao Ming

  • Danny Boii
    Danny Boii 28 days ago

    He's not completely bashing GSW, some of these are actually thoughtful.

  • Gregory Harlston
    Gregory Harlston 29 days ago

    Bruh, Curry just signed a $201million 5-year contract and just won another chip! You, on the other hand, keep creating these hating'-ass videos tp get other hatin'-ass niggas to subscribe to your hatin'-ass channel. Nigga be humble and sit yo hatin'-ass down!

  • Jose Castanon
    Jose Castanon 29 days ago

    Also Lebron is not better than Kobe hahahaha wtf kind of dumb shit is that? Yall are just caught in the moment like some kids. Shaq carried Kobe is a myth that Kobe busted himself... have some respect!

  • Jose Castanon
    Jose Castanon 29 days ago

    Currys lucky Durant got them that Championship and he played better through out the finals

  • Roberts Vikstrems
    Roberts Vikstrems 29 days ago

    Take a L,crying in all videos.

  • Kevin Roth
    Kevin Roth 29 days ago

    P.S Every Heat Fan Ever: "Hey..a championship is a championship and if you dont agree you can kill yourself" lol

  • Kevin Roth
    Kevin Roth 29 days ago

    Lol dude.....i fuckin love your vids xD

  • King Kanger
    King Kanger Month ago

    Y'all niggas tripping GD ain't tryna discredit shit watch the vid and listen to what he's saying

  • Swaggynoly 305
    Swaggynoly 305 Month ago

    All dislikes are from bandwagon warriors fans

  • Stephen Gilstrap
    Stephen Gilstrap Month ago

    Wtf are the last 3 minutes of the video. Kys honestly😂

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    If curry is the three best point guard in the league how is he second of all time

  • prince pretty
    prince pretty Month ago

    Steph curry ranking now is 25

  • Ryan Roberti
    Ryan Roberti Month ago +1

    I put Steve Nash at 2nd best TRUE point guard of all time (Curry doesn't count, he is an athletic shooting guard)

    BALKAN TV Month ago

    lebron first of all time

  • kenzy smith
    kenzy smith Month ago

    fucking warriors hater😂😂😂 salty af

  • patrickbb12
    patrickbb12 Month ago

    moving screen by zaza tho 3:18

  • Zavu
    Zavu Month ago

    fuck u for saying curry is close to magic 😂😂 apologize

  • Stelios K
    Stelios K Month ago

    Warriors haters too bad they gonna win at least 3 more , and when steph wins finals MVP, find another excuses 😂😂😂

  • Stelios K
    Stelios K Month ago

    Warriors haters too bad they gonna win at least 3 more , and when steph wins finals MVP, find another excuses 😂😂😂

  • steezy ayanna
    steezy ayanna Month ago

    is this all this account is about? hate?

  • Ho Jenn Git
    Ho Jenn Git Month ago

    How is Curry's career destroyed? He's a two time champion, two time MVP, one half of the Splash Brothers and recently signed a new lucrative contract. if anyone's career is going downhill, it is probably yours judging by the comments and the number of viewers who clicked the 'Dislike' button.

  • Mark Huang
    Mark Huang Month ago

    Wow this guy is so butt hurt /_-

  • Dude Perfect Jr.
    Dude Perfect Jr. Month ago

    Curry didn't ask for kd green did

  • MJA Gaming
    MJA Gaming Month ago

    Top 3

  • mdm Dub
    mdm Dub Month ago

    top 50 rn and to end his career I say top 20

  • JeffMen103
    JeffMen103 Month ago

    Lebron isn't better than Kobe!!!!!!! And Kobe was NOT CARRIED BY SHAQUILE FLOP O' Neal

  • kasparas kutkevicius

    top 100 player

  • iEmbarcadero
    iEmbarcadero Month ago

    fuckin' dumbass

  • The king Chris
    The king Chris Month ago

    Mfs in the comment section have no fuckin IQ

  • Karthik Hegde
    Karthik Hegde Month ago

    This video is a dragggg

  • Meekal Elmi
    Meekal Elmi Month ago

    top 20 player, top 5 pg

  • Ezra scarlet
    Ezra scarlet Month ago

    this is just hate bro. just hate.

  • King Merci
    King Merci Month ago

    it's funny how LeBron haters always go to 3-5 in th finals but the logo lost eight times in the the finals and only has one ring n he's the NBA logo so why do people kill LeBron for the same thing they praise Jerry for ?

  • Jayville
    Jayville Month ago

    YOU ARE A HATING ASS BITCH,it's so hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Tine Bec
    Tine Bec Month ago

    hahahahahaa puubees :D

  • Tine Bec
    Tine Bec Month ago

    hahahhaa the song xD

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor Month ago

    This is the worst YouTube on the planet.

  • Obi Chukwura
    Obi Chukwura Month ago

    Apologize for comparing Steph to Magic XD

  • KD35Beast
    KD35Beast Month ago

    Yeah GD you dummy, KD averaged 35 PPG, 8.4 RPG, 5.5 APG with 56% FG, 47% 3FG and 93% FT and 1.6 BPG in the NBA Finals and it also included comin up huge in the 4th quarter over LBJ in a couple of the games so whether your salty butt is sad about it or not KD earned the ring and the numbers he put up back up the fact that he earned it and that he wasn't just riding on the coattails of a great team and just letting his team do all the work so get the heck outta here

  • Kinny Boy Few
    Kinny Boy Few Month ago

    Curry top 3 PG of all time... Only PG under 6'7 besides Isaiah Thomas to LEAD a team to a ring. He shoulve got Finals MVP but people were waiting for that "omg unreal moment" instead of watching his actual game.

  • Kelly
    Kelly Month ago

    GSW fans.....i mean bandwagons actually think they earned something smh

    Don't come commenting with BS or I'll expose your ass real quick.

  • Jeremiah Doss
    Jeremiah Doss Month ago

    Steph right now is top 25 on my list

  • Charles Buckley
    Charles Buckley Month ago

    The title was a reward for a great season my friend nobody said that shit when LeBron went to Miami he played in the weak EC but yet he praised for his title's.Steph and the GSW earned their title they were the best team all season people are in their feelings!!!Stop with the hate Durant wanted to play with them and they busted ass foh they deserved the chip.LeBron got suspended in game 5 last year,Klay wasn't hitting his shots and Barnes couldn't buy a bucket.Now they take care of business and it's meaningless someone is salty

  • Charles Buckley
    Charles Buckley Month ago

    The title was a reward for a great season my friend nobody said that shit when LeBron went to Miami he played in the weak EC but yet he praised for his title's.Steph and the GSW earned their title they were the best team all season people are in their feelings!!!Stop with the hate Durant wanted to play with them and they busted ass foh they deserved the chip.LeBron got suspended in game 5 last year,Klay wasn't hitting his shots and Barnes couldn't buy a bucket.Now they take care of business and it's meaningless someone is salty

  • SSGP •
    SSGP • Month ago

    Tbh I'd rather start sucking ass if that's what's getting rings🤷‍♂️

  • dheovani xavier da cruz

    Stephen Curry's career is destroyed...Right, he just got a 200 M dollars contract.
    You shit at the mouth.

  • Shaion
    Shaion Month ago

    hater get off Bron Bron dick

  • marioskbar
    marioskbar Month ago

    Is RC Cola, knock off Coke? I always thought it was knock off Pepsi.

  • Alex Kola
    Alex Kola Month ago

    Curry is 43 rank

  • Ezra Hayes
    Ezra Hayes Month ago

    28 all time
    9th in the league today

  • Chase Lanham
    Chase Lanham Month ago

    curry right now like between 50 and 60 end of career like 27 tops if he somehow gets a finals mvp

  • Landon Staton
    Landon Staton Month ago +1

    why do u seem so salty the Warriors won? Steph is amazing

    TAXIQ HD Month ago

    I didn't know curry is a all time legend

  • CD Hawkins
    CD Hawkins Month ago

    🖕🏾you warriors

  • Pepe Follow your memes

    1 magic

    2 Westbrook

    3 curry

    4 kyrie

    5 Lillard

    My top five

  • sdv afba
    sdv afba Month ago

    Wow you are a joke bruh stop making warriors vids. Saltiest fag on YouTube

  • Science Proton
    Science Proton Month ago

    Curry is the best point guard and 10 ten all time right now
    Like if you agree

  • Dolphin Guy
    Dolphin Guy Month ago

    Anyone think Kyrie should get more credit? he scored 40 points in game 4, like if you agree

  • Baboucar Jassey
    Baboucar Jassey Month ago

    Bro, lebron is miles away from kobe. what are you saying??

  • Kawhi Lenoard is christ

    Anyone remember the Spurs handing the warriors their dicks

  • Dhamani Johnson
    Dhamani Johnson Month ago

    GD is honestly trolling yall GSW fans, He may has bias opinions but about 80% he's speaking facts. And yall say he sucks the cavs but he gets on em too. Stop hating holmes, if yall don't like what he say just stop watching his vids simple

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