Don't Worry: My Sunburn Will Turn Into a Tan

  • Added:  11 months ago
  • You know you’re on the right track when you look like Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly”

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    Producer - Shane Crown
    Writer - Cynthia Kao
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  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 2:10
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Comments: 4 736

  • random name
    random name 8 hours ago

    I love how the character talk about senseless bullsh*t before the action starts

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 23 hours ago


  • Kelly Bechtold
    Kelly Bechtold Day ago

    Believe it or not, I got sunburnt one year, then I drank a shitton of water and I ended up glowing within a few days. But none of that happened.

  • adrian n
    adrian n 3 days ago

    Where is Cynthia and Siobhan at now?

  • KyleisaG93
    KyleisaG93 3 days ago

    Lmfao I love CollegeHumor!!

  • Brittney Smith
    Brittney Smith 4 days ago

    I don't burn. I just tan. My dad is the same but everyone else just burns😂

  • Samuel Pulkkinen
    Samuel Pulkkinen 5 days ago

    Goodbyyyyyyye appetite

  • Keorie Mckissick
    Keorie Mckissick 8 days ago

    That's gross.

  • Colir
    Colir 8 days ago

    I will trade you one rice for your sandwich XD

  • Hannah Baker
    Hannah Baker 8 days ago

    Does anyone else do this lmfao

  • L Jaw
    L Jaw 9 days ago

    I made the mistake of thinking I could eat and watch this video.

  • lost.gemstone
    lost.gemstone 9 days ago

    I can't finish my mango.

  • Katy Fittro
    Katy Fittro 11 days ago

    The scream at the end completely clinched my sub to the channel. 👍

  • Noga Halbreich
    Noga Halbreich 11 days ago

    OMG the cringe

  • Chichi Lui
    Chichi Lui 13 days ago

    I don't get why people tan

  • Morgan Walls
    Morgan Walls 13 days ago


  • Duffy Marie
    Duffy Marie 14 days ago

    My sunburn turns to a tan literally overnight. Just not like this...

  • Ben Howkins
    Ben Howkins 14 days ago

    I actually vomited 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Auge Martin
    Auge Martin 14 days ago

    I couldn't watch the whole thing

  • Tom Lawson
    Tom Lawson 14 days ago

    Collegehumor's most disgusting video

  • Tomer Gan
    Tomer Gan 14 days ago

    - I will give you 1 rice for you sandwich.
    - What, 1 grain of rice?
    - Yeah that's what I said 1 rice.

  • Lalhriatpuii Ralte
    Lalhriatpuii Ralte 14 days ago

    ugghhhh lol

  • Elaina M
    Elaina M 15 days ago

    OMG the grossness of this video looool...
    I actually was eating when I started watching the video. I stopped. Quickly.

  • The Sneaker Goat
    The Sneaker Goat 15 days ago

    When she peeled that skin from her back that was so satisfying

  • Abby Becker
    Abby Becker 16 days ago

    The shade is real.

  • Mal Septiceye
    Mal Septiceye 16 days ago

    that also happens to me @t the beach

  • QRS3C273
    QRS3C273 17 days ago

    That was gross lol!

  • Yertmbers
    Yertmbers 17 days ago

    Is that what happened to Miley Cyrus?

  • Vincent Nigro
    Vincent Nigro 18 days ago

    ffs this should be in the new FBE: TEENS REACT: TRY TO NOT LOOK AWAY CHALLENGE

  • Xavier Sage
    Xavier Sage 19 days ago

    I feel personally attacked.

  • Happycatgamer love
    Happycatgamer love 19 days ago

    Rusty,crusty,pale,and,dusty XD

  • Asad the fanboy
    Asad the fanboy 19 days ago

    If I try to get a tan I would melt IST so hot outside

  • Jefferson Smith
    Jefferson Smith 19 days ago


  • The8BitPhoenix
    The8BitPhoenix 20 days ago

    I'm disliking this because it made me really uncomfortable

  • Csbricker
    Csbricker 20 days ago

    Is it odd that I feel satisfied when big layers of skin peal off.

  • IonizedMuffin25
    IonizedMuffin25 22 days ago

    Oh your supposed to pop the blisters I just leave them while I get a tan

  • BulletBill110
    BulletBill110 22 days ago

    She looks like death Vader when he was burning in the lava

  • ScrubbySponge95
    ScrubbySponge95 22 days ago

    I don't know what I was expecting when I clicked on this video while eating..

  • Jock Henry
    Jock Henry 23 days ago

    Actually if it hurts it will not tan. I know because my skin tans after i get burnt.

  • Cher Crew
    Cher Crew 24 days ago


  • Eric
    Eric 26 days ago


  • Margaret C
    Margaret C 26 days ago

    I've got a soccer tan :') any soccer players to relate that only a little bit of their legs are tan? :^')

  • Lucy Mae
    Lucy Mae 26 days ago

    the deal at the beginning is fair

  • Indilibri
    Indilibri 26 days ago

    Yeah, my brother once told me that his method for a tan was to get sunburned, then as it starts to fade, go back in the sun...

    We're super-pale with ancestry in Scotland. I have two possible colours during summer: White, and lobster.

  • piperlovegood13
    piperlovegood13 26 days ago

    I just burn and somtimes freckle.

  • Gabriel E. Gonzalez
    Gabriel E. Gonzalez 27 days ago

    That was a GOOD makeup

  • Agitated_Porcupine
    Agitated_Porcupine 28 days ago

    All these comments saying how they ate and i was a mistake.....
    Weakness disgusts me.

  • Archie Lee
    Archie Lee 28 days ago

    Oh Goodddyyyy

  • 13sugarskulls
    13sugarskulls 28 days ago

    I will give you one rice for your sandwich

  • Lemonade Nerd
    Lemonade Nerd 29 days ago

    I burn as bad as her

  • crazyinsane500
    crazyinsane500 Month ago

    She's hot.

  • Leo Bosman
    Leo Bosman Month ago

    my sister always likes peeling my skin off shes 2 years older than me

  • Aaron Kidney Animations

    "I can't finish, you have to do the rest"

    ...That's what he said xD

  • Batman
    Batman Month ago +1

    I LOVE Katie and Trapp sketches. They are SO funny together. Love it.

  • Emilia rose
    Emilia rose Month ago

    i put on spf 50 when on holiday and i still burn 😢

  • flampy gamer
    flampy gamer Month ago

    I luv the reaction of the dude at the end

  • Toria
    Toria Month ago

    Sun exposure causes wrinkles, I'd rather look like a youthful vampire.

  • DFuzeKZ
    DFuzeKZ Month ago

    who was eating greasy pizza while watching this

  • The Dark Weapon
    The Dark Weapon Month ago

    I didn't know tanning meant turning into a Ghoul.

  • juan mello
    juan mello Month ago +1

    I have some middle east genes so I can't get sunburns. Everything transforms into a tan within two to five minutes. I can't get skin cancer either.

  • Mr. MooCow
    Mr. MooCow Month ago

    Well that made me uncomfortable

  • imtrying
    imtrying Month ago

    my brother is like this

  • Lil bitch
    Lil bitch Month ago

    That happened to me last summer because my dumbass thought i dont burn cause im poc well i still have the tan though... hello skin cancer

  • Madeline Hunter
    Madeline Hunter Month ago

    She needs Dr. Sandra Lee

  • TrooMoo
    TrooMoo Month ago

    I want to die

  • мєℓιѕѕα gαу

    And i thought i had a bad sunburn ;-;

  • The assassins Fox
    The assassins Fox Month ago

    I ate before this

  • Pearly The Fried Egg

    I don't tan at all. And I don't try to, because I'd just end up burning.

  • Neil Naji
    Neil Naji Month ago

    This fucking distugsting

  • Ryan Gaming 555
    Ryan Gaming 555 Month ago

    hoe grosed out am i

  • Grace Morrell
    Grace Morrell Month ago

    I got a really bad sunburn on my shoulder and got a ton of blisters. it hurts so bad I'm dying

  • Amber Stewarts
    Amber Stewarts Month ago

    why is this me

  • worldkeepers
    worldkeepers Month ago

    ...She has a history of extensive sun exposure during her youth and early adult life.
    = Actinic Keratosis
    = Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    = Basal Cell Carcinoma
    = Lentigo Maligna

    Thumbs up if you know what I'm talking about :-D

  • Jessen's Channel
    Jessen's Channel Month ago

    she turned into a ghoul apparently. too much rads taken

  • Austin W
    Austin W Month ago

    Well that escalated quickly...

  • Kawii Potato aka Phan

    I'm disgusted oml why it's so late at night and I'm watching this omg eww

  • Ride At dawn
    Ride At dawn Month ago

    I love how they always talk about weird stuff before the video

  • An American Idiot
    An American Idiot Month ago +1

    If you were eating food. My god does it suck to be you right now.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Month ago

    I will give you one rice for your whole sandwich.

  • H. R.
    H. R. Month ago

    Ok... this wasn't funny. It was gross and disturbing.

  • Yes hah
    Yes hah Month ago

    How funny that Asians believe that pale skin equals to beauty and women would do everything for a paler skin. But in America it's in other way round, people would tan themselves and get a bronzed skintone, which is considered as not pretty and even ugly in Asia.

  • Frankie Denes
    Frankie Denes Month ago

    I seriously use to do this I would lay outside and burn. I would only use oil I did this for years. Now I'm already starting to see serious skin damage. I'm only 17 and I have Irish skin.I've stopped tanning I go for the fake tans 🍊now.

  • Jelle Bakker
    Jelle Bakker Month ago

    I nearly puked, but it is was a great video after all. Worth it

  • WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey

    Tanning can cause cancer...why are people so obsessed with killing themselves?

  • OswaldsNightingale
    OswaldsNightingale Month ago

    Hey, they had a bottle of Cholula hot sauce! I love that stuff!

  • Chill Money
    Chill Money Month ago

    I going to put gas all over my body and lit it I'm going to have the sickest tan ever * *

  • LaughGazz 2.0
    LaughGazz 2.0 Month ago

    like its all fake

  • get the fuck away from me

    *pulls out hair like it's nothing*


  • Driggy
    Driggy Month ago


  • Aboe Bobington
    Aboe Bobington Month ago

    That was absolutely fucking disgusting.

    Loved it XD

  • xXDarknessMinerXx
    xXDarknessMinerXx Month ago

    I can never look at her in the same way again

  • factorfilms11
    factorfilms11 Month ago


  • Diamond White
    Diamond White Month ago

    This was crazy

  • Alexander Fernandez

    This video killed my YouTube crush for Cynthia.

  • Jeffy jeffy
    Jeffy jeffy Month ago

    I'm sunburnt and this scared the shit out of me

  • Mickey Fox
    Mickey Fox 2 months ago

    This is the video I watch whenever I'm craving chocolate. By the end, I'm no longer craving anything but death.

  • Duck Mx scrooge
    Duck Mx scrooge 2 months ago

    I can smell it from here....

  • Andy Tang
    Andy Tang 2 months ago

    Asian don't raisin.

  • Sketti Boi
    Sketti Boi 2 months ago

    ... asswipe

  • sashaburger 123
    sashaburger 123 2 months ago

    that's grows but funny

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