Top 10 Most Entertaining Athletes of All Time

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  • Top 10 Most Entertaining Athletes of All Time // Subscribe - SPORTS FANS! Check out WatchMojo’s new series, THE LINEUP! It’s funny how the most fun to watch athletes are also some of the best athletes of all time. Whether it’s Serena Williams and her fiery tennis style, UFC’s Conor McGregor and his unpredictability or legends like Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan, these talented competitors are also the most interesting to watch athletes. WatchMojo counts down ten athletes we love to watch.

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    00:39 #10: Ken Griffey Jr.
    01:43 #9: Serena Williams
    02:37 #8: Barry Sanders
    03:38 #7: Michael Phelps
    04:31 #6: Conor McGregor
    05:30 #5: Michael Jordan
    06:24 #4: Wayne Gretzky
    07:38 #3, #2 & #1???

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Comments: 1 528

  • Cristiano RONALDO SB7

    am here for ronaldo anyone else...

  • Liam Hodgins
    Liam Hodgins 2 days ago

    It's. a pure crime that Valentino Rossi isn't on this list! He makes millions flock to MotoGP with his personality and charisma!

  • Benjamin T Haden
    Benjamin T Haden 2 days ago

    What about Kevin Pietersen

  • Oshan Bhattarai
    Oshan Bhattarai 3 days ago

    Conor the notorious mcreggor.

  • Abkey1 Sdhhd
    Abkey1 Sdhhd 3 days ago

    Stephen Curry?

  • Patrick Interiano
    Patrick Interiano 3 days ago

    Ronaldinho...the Kobe Bryant of football.

  • howard waka mthombeni

    Thought I Was gonna See The Rock In The Top 5

  • RKO Outta Nowhere
    RKO Outta Nowhere 3 days ago

    Where's stone cold

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 4 days ago +1

    Usain Bolt is shit now

  • Ussama Nayyer
    Ussama Nayyer 4 days ago

    Who the hell gives a single fuck about American Sports outside USA... You have mentioned a number of players from shitty Americans sports but didn't mention Cristiano Ronaldo... Seriously?

  • dominic silvers
    dominic silvers 4 days ago

    Derek Jeter should have been a honorable mention at least

  • Josh DeRose
    Josh DeRose 6 days ago

    Pavel Datsyuk could easily be in the top 5.

  • Mafia kanks
    Mafia kanks 7 days ago

    We're was neymar

  • Lucas murray
    Lucas murray 7 days ago

    The rock

  • Rocha23
    Rocha23 7 days ago

    Conor should be #2

    Da fuck Wayne Fuckin Gretsky fuck you WatchMojo

  • lutfur rahman
    lutfur rahman 8 days ago

    really serena!!, not federer??

  • Sunarion Razer
    Sunarion Razer 8 days ago

    soccer ahahahahhaha this sucker sport

  • matthew hadden
    matthew hadden 9 days ago

    I clicked on this strait after the worst sports injuries 😂

  • Toby Knight
    Toby Knight 9 days ago


  • All Sneakers
    All Sneakers 9 days ago

    Where Tf is bo Jackson

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson 9 days ago

    Terrell Owens??

  • Chris Harrell
    Chris Harrell 9 days ago

    Deion "Prime Time" Sanders?

  • Eric Doe
    Eric Doe 9 days ago

    Wayne above MJ 🤔and Usain above them both. Wth

  • Holy Eli
    Holy Eli 9 days ago

    Deion sanders should've been on here

  • Cas Harren
    Cas Harren 10 days ago

    Rename this "Top 10 Athletes Best in Their Field"

  • Savant
    Savant 10 days ago

    I mean Kobe had those insane crazy shots and post fades and made those impossible shot at clutch time was very entertaining

  • CaptainJava
    CaptainJava 10 days ago

    Why are people giving Michael Vick such a hard time! I mean, you bet on a *few* dog fights and people think you're a bad guy...

  • Ella Alison
    Ella Alison 10 days ago

    I'm sorry but Ronaldinho shoud've clearly been number 1 the only reason Mohammed ali is number 1 is cuz he's American

  • Danish Sudan
    Danish Sudan 11 days ago

    Sorry.. But no one is more entertaining to watch than MJ In all of sports

  • toby willard
    toby willard 11 days ago

    What about bruce lee?

  • Kobe Flowrider Pro Trick dhanji

    David becham has insane crossing

  • Kobe Flowrider Pro Trick dhanji

    Wheres messi

  • Alfie Cartmell
    Alfie Cartmell 12 days ago

    Harlem globe trotters better be on this list ( only just started the video)

  • Johnny Marcello
    Johnny Marcello 13 days ago

    Marshawn Lynch??

  • Dan RHK
    Dan RHK 14 days ago

    PK suban?

  • Stoner mace
    Stoner mace 15 days ago

    tara ra ra ra

  • Kawhi4 MVP
    Kawhi4 MVP 15 days ago

    Wa Shaq??

  • Captain_Just Hatcher
    Captain_Just Hatcher 15 days ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo?

  • MeanMachine
    MeanMachine 15 days ago

    Babe Ruth????!!!!

  • SamuelSon6262
    SamuelSon6262 17 days ago

    Bo Jackson?

  • XDXD ARM 13
    XDXD ARM 13 17 days ago

    man I thought that Odell Beckham was going to be in this list

  • Eric Selvig
    Eric Selvig 18 days ago

    Conor McGregor needs counselling not UFC

  • David Boyle
    David Boyle 18 days ago

    Ronnie O'Sullivan should be one

  • Adam Kałuski
    Adam Kałuski 18 days ago

    Chicago Balls?

  • Adam Kałuski
    Adam Kałuski 18 days ago +1


  • Nick Waffle
    Nick Waffle 18 days ago

    Wtf are these idiots talking about? Bruce Lee is far and away the most entertaining athlete of all time. He was actually both an athlete AND entertainer. This site has become race baited garbage.

  • LeftFootedYT
    LeftFootedYT 19 days ago +1


    RATED R FILMS 19 days ago


  • Eoin G
    Eoin G 19 days ago

    Conor mcgregor should be higher and messi should be on the list

  • Reagan Hosty
    Reagan Hosty 20 days ago

    Walter Payton

  • Michael Quinn
    Michael Quinn 20 days ago

    Umm curry?

  • KF Markan
    KF Markan 20 days ago

    Wow how did Cristiano Ronaldo 4 time vining best player in the world not not even make it in the top 10 and even the honourable mention😕

  • Favian Topete
    Favian Topete 20 days ago

    where is aaron rodgers

  • odysseas psarianos
    odysseas psarianos 20 days ago

    i haven't whached this yet but if ronaldinho isn't #1 i unsub

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil 21 day ago

    R O N A L D I N H O

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter 21 day ago

    Lionel Messi better be number one

  • OmegaUba
    OmegaUba 21 day ago

    This is clearly an US oriented list. Can't treat this as an all time list. You probably never heard of names such Valentino Rossi, Ayrton Senna (people commited suicide in brazil when he died).

    How can Serena Williams be even in this list on top of Federer? I don't understand. And Muhammad Ali is incredibly overrated, regarded as the greatest in probably the most fictitious sport there is.

    • Shiv Jha
      Shiv Jha 19 days ago

      Lol what do you expect from a North American channel, seriously, people like you who come here expecting it to not be about North American sports are crazy.

  • IReact To Stuff
    IReact To Stuff 21 day ago

    Where is Pele

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh 21 day ago

    5:25 dadadada its the mfukin d o gg😂😂

  • Minh Le
    Minh Le 22 days ago

    LMAO Serena Williams. The fuck.

    Not Federer, not Nadal, not Santoro, not Dustin Brown, not Gael Monfils, not Henin. Fucking Serena Williams.

    She's one of the greatest in women's tennis, but fucking hell she's lame.

  • Meet Patel
    Meet Patel 22 days ago

    What about cristiano ronaldo ?

  • AntMan Sam
    AntMan Sam 22 days ago

    No formula one drivers!?!?

  • Simone Mazza
    Simone Mazza 23 days ago

    1)Valentino Rossi
    2)Mohamed Ali
    3)Conor Mcgregor
    4)Michael Phelps
    5)Usain Bolt
    6)Floyd Mayweather jr.
    7)Roger Federer
    8)Micheal Jordan
    9)Rounda Rousey
    10)Serena Williams
    Honorable mention: Naseem Hamed

  • BikerSherlock
    BikerSherlock 23 days ago

    Im a Brazilian, setting Ronaldinho more entertaining than Pelé is a kind of ludacris. BAD choice MJ>

  • Brendan Morrisey
    Brendan Morrisey 23 days ago

    Dennis rodman

  • Brendan Morrisey
    Brendan Morrisey 23 days ago


  • Dan 7
    Dan 7 23 days ago

    Lionel Messi should have been at least Top 5

  • isse sound
    isse sound 23 days ago

    Why would anyone confuse Ronaldinho with Cristiano Ronaldo? Only ignorant north americans are capable of that.

  • t blaze
    t blaze 24 days ago

    lol wtf where is Tiger Woods?? basically changed the sport of golf but whatever smh

  • Raman
    Raman 24 days ago

    i made the medicine sick

  • Albert X
    Albert X 24 days ago

    Where's Rafael Nadal?

  • Robby Glenn
    Robby Glenn 24 days ago

    Tiger woods ruled the golf world for over a decade. Totally deserved a spot but there are too many stars out there.

  • Kim Jong Hitler
    Kim Jong Hitler 24 days ago

    tiger woods?

  • Vassu's Channel of Awsomenesss

    Messi should switch places with Ronaldinho

  • chicken illeri
    chicken illeri 25 days ago

    prince naseem should be no 1

    PAUL TAYLOR 25 days ago

    Michael Jordan should be #1 like you can't argue with that.

    PAUL TAYLOR 25 days ago

    No baseball player should be in this list they all do the same shit. I'm not knocking it, but that's not the same as a dunk or a 68 yard pass

  • Logan Reacts
    Logan Reacts 25 days ago +1

    Explain to me how Crosby or lemeuix or obj OR LEBRON JAMES

  • savage never die
    savage never die 25 days ago

    I bet messi and ronaldo will be here

  • ROCKY4 Time2ROCK
    ROCKY4 Time2ROCK 25 days ago

    Where is WWF The Rock , the people's champion

  • STAT44
    STAT44 25 days ago

    can someone explain to me how this list was composed? I know an argument can be made for all these athletes and most of them I can agree with but not the order.. based off popularity soccer alone should have atleast 2 players on this list, I mean its the worlds most popular sport. and where's golf? TIGER WOODS literarily change the face of golf and made nikey launch a golf line just because of him and when he wasn't on top anymore they terminate the entire line also being the most decorated olympian means more than you think, it's an even held every 4 years and to come back 4 years later and dominated is beyond amazing. and to say "entertaining athletes" you really have to redo this list..this list is like saying range rover is more reliable than toyota.....realllyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Deception01 Deception01
    Deception01 Deception01 25 days ago +1

    Where is prince naseem hamed

  • Geezer tataa
    Geezer tataa 26 days ago

    where is OJ

  • marouane jr
    marouane jr 26 days ago

    messi's number 1 then comes ali , and what about neymar jr ???

  • alex aytoun
    alex aytoun 26 days ago

    Conor McGregor should be No.2

  • The future is now
    The future is now 27 days ago

    Ali was supposed to be number 1 because not just he was entertaining and witty but had confidence and belief and humor off the stage which makes him the GOAT .

  • Wanna Sip
    Wanna Sip 27 days ago

    Stephen Curry? he's overated and entertaining

  • spongeaang98
    spongeaang98 28 days ago

    Looooool Gretzky was amazing but to say he had a bigger impact than Jordan, you are smoking something strong.

  • Ricardo Miranda
    Ricardo Miranda 28 days ago

    5:26 Just died

  • Carl Bilde
    Carl Bilde 29 days ago

    Djokovic over Serena and Federer and idk nothing about tennis

  • Julian Drexler Nur
    Julian Drexler Nur 29 days ago

    messi should be #1

  • Manu Ginobili's Hair
    Manu Ginobili's Hair 29 days ago

    Realistically this list should only be fighters, basketball, and football players

  • mac j
    mac j 29 days ago +1

    Mike Tyson, Magic Johnson

  • Pepper James
    Pepper James 29 days ago

    Sidney Crosby?!

  • Ted Cox
    Ted Cox Month ago

    Where Cristiano ronaldo

  • MatX
    MatX Month ago

    Uhhmm you know who is Kobe Bryant???

  • Anton choren
    Anton choren Month ago

    Jason Williams? His assists and skills were amazing

  • Cabdimajid Bashir
    Cabdimajid Bashir Month ago

    Neymar Should be in the list

  • goblin pradas
    goblin pradas Month ago


  • suraj antony
    suraj antony Month ago

    it is a bit arrogant from your part to even make a list of "most entertaining athletes ever" and fill it up with athletes from the US ....there are other sport ....more popular ones with more followers ....just fyi

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