100,000,000 Years From Now

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    For more science and stories of the Anthropocene, subscribe to the Generation Anthropocene podcast: anthropocene.stanford.edu/

    A great book on this subject:
    The Earth After Us: What Legacy Will Humans Leave in the Rocks? by Jan Zalasiewicz

    Waters, Colin N., et al. "The Anthropocene is functionally and stratigraphically distinct from the Holocene." Science 351.6269 (2016): aad2622.

    Steffen, Will, et al. "The Anthropocene: conceptual and historical perspectives." Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 369.1938 (2011): 842-867.

    Zalasiewicz, Jan, et al. "The technofossil record of humans." The Anthropocene Review (2014): 2053019613514953.

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Comments: 4 603

    ACEO SEVEN 21 hour ago

    white people....SMH. illogical

  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart Day ago

    Hmm wouldn't most of the radioactive elements from the old nuke explosions have decayed into something much more stable and harder to trace in 100,000,000 years?

  • Hai Do
    Hai Do 5 days ago

    Why so we call the planet earth when it's mostly water 💦

    RYU X JURI 5 days ago +1

    its like this they find a dildo they think it's a cell phone

  • Nvy zeroz Lit
    Nvy zeroz Lit 5 days ago

    How can we predict so far from the future when we can't predict tomorrow's weather.

  • Sofia StarWolfie
    Sofia StarWolfie 6 days ago +1

    6 fun facts
    1:you read this comment
    2they said 10,000,000 instead of 100,000,000
    3:you looked to see if they really mistyped it.
    4:you just got tricked
    5: number 2 wasn't a fact
    6: 5 wouldn't be a fact if 2 wasn't a lie
    7:there are 6 facts and one lie.

  • lekkere pizza goed
    lekkere pizza goed 8 days ago

    please tell me that the world ends if i already died by old age

  • Raisinwood _studios
    Raisinwood _studios 8 days ago

    Humans have the possibility to last longer than our solar system and with a lot of luck last as long as our universe yes we will be quite different because of evolution and might not be even considered human anymore but it's still us. our descendants and we should be proud of that. But…… we might go extinct because "humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them."
    -Albus Dumbledore

    But we should make ourselves live here, where we started. At least for as long as humanly possible. (This is my opinion if I got anything wrong please correct me just be kind about it k thx)

  • WA2EL H
    WA2EL H 12 days ago


  • husttle arvind
    husttle arvind 13 days ago

    You all in comment section trying to be funny but you ain't.

  • UltraLuigi
    UltraLuigi 13 days ago

    Only 99,999,999 years to go.

  • RaNdOmIzEd Stuff
    RaNdOmIzEd Stuff 13 days ago

    If an alien invasion were to happen and dozens of aliens went on land, can we sneeze on them to kill them

  • Kelly Cooper
    Kelly Cooper 15 days ago


    ...an apple isn't even an animal 🍎

  • 禅symnnpathinq 禅
    禅symnnpathinq 禅 15 days ago

    I bet in the future we will be dreaming forever, our imaginations freed from limits

  • Makayla Beveridge
    Makayla Beveridge 16 days ago

    they should make documentaries

  • DefiantBoris
    DefiantBoris 16 days ago

    Nihilism, where you're skeptical of anything positive but asinine theories that are depressing are considered gospel.

  • Buuummmbbb eee
    Buuummmbbb eee 17 days ago

    I can't find the weather for the next two weeks and there predicting 100,000,000 years In the future really

  • Wei Xu
    Wei Xu 18 days ago

    In 100,000,000 years, aliens will come and will find my iPad. They will bring it to there home planet and watch what I watch. They will burn it and my iPad will never be seen again. They will be scared for life

  • Super Animal
    Super Animal 20 days ago

    Do an episode about alley cats or isreal please please please.

  • Christopher Medrano
    Christopher Medrano 20 days ago

    I'm watching in 2036

  • Jonathan Cole
    Jonathan Cole 20 days ago

    I dont really get the name of this channel of course its ok to be smart if any disagrees then there stupid.

  • Georgie McLean
    Georgie McLean 21 day ago


  • Quagmire the Creep
    Quagmire the Creep 21 day ago +1

    Who's watching in 100,000 017


  • Joseph Saleh
    Joseph Saleh 22 days ago

    When we all die that just means the world ended meaning the earth will collapse
    So all the future explorers will find is a bunch of comets

  • Let's go Back to
    Let's go Back to 22 days ago

    Na we fucked this planet up good, I don't think Aliens will come here anytime soon.

  • chairmanofrussia
    chairmanofrussia 22 days ago

    They won't know we were here, they'll just think it was the species that spread from old world to new world (The domesticated animals) that caused it. If their archeologists are any good, then maybe they'll figure humans made those species global.

  • TheGr8stManEvr
    TheGr8stManEvr 24 days ago

    The life on Earth is doomed by our causing Climate Change. As for us, we won't last another 200 years.

  • Cyclone 180
    Cyclone 180 25 days ago

    That beginning should be the beginning of a movie

  • SWN Lazer 3
    SWN Lazer 3 26 days ago


  • Britain Mapper
    Britain Mapper 27 days ago

    In 100,000,000 years from now gta 6 will still not be out

  • Cassette Cop
    Cassette Cop 28 days ago

    I can't wait to die.

  • Alex Li
    Alex Li 29 days ago

    Too bad they won't get to enjoy the pleasure of memes...

  • jackson games
    jackson games 29 days ago +1

    In 4.9 billion years the two forces from the sun will contract pushing till the centre release and makes a "explosion" causing nebula and a white dwarf and destroying the milky way. In 300 billion years there might be a 0.000863 % chance of nothing in the whole of everything

  • Sam Herb
    Sam Herb Month ago


  • Loxie Boxy
    Loxie Boxy Month ago +1

    Im watching on July 16, 2017 so at 4:50 I freaked out.

  • Angel Mascareñas
    Angel Mascareñas Month ago

    You just gave them a bunch of useful facts and dates, we just have to preserve this video for a hundred millon years.

  • Xavier Martinez
    Xavier Martinez Month ago

    did you realize that the brain named itself.

  • Adox Blark
    Adox Blark Month ago

    I like this because I can tale how I'm going to die lol I bet my house will be gonna in 1000

  • Deadeye Lincoln
    Deadeye Lincoln Month ago

    How will they predict 100 million years from now and can't even predict weather the next day or so

  • Jen Tuesday
    Jen Tuesday Month ago

    wtf is a nokia 1100

  • The Action
    The Action Month ago

    I have a question, are we all related, like weren't are ancestors were all apes?

  • Mash Mallows
    Mash Mallows Month ago +1

    This makes no sense. I thought Trump would have already crapped up the world by 2020?

  • aribbonatatime
    aribbonatatime Month ago

    It's ok to be smart it's also ok to be accurate. Don't confuse unprovable conjecture with any kind of intelligence. Nothing about this video is going to happen. If you don't believe me just wait.

  • Lucas Bouyssou
    Lucas Bouyssou Month ago

    2020 fl7yy

  • acube cube
    acube cube Month ago +1

    What if our planet was found by aliens, to keep prisoners.
    DAMN! what crime did my ancestor do?😜😜

  • Kate The Animator
    Kate The Animator Month ago

    I bet that they will find my search history before I can delete it

  • Caiten S
    Caiten S Month ago

    These type of videos just make me sad.

  • Chris Sexwale
    Chris Sexwale Month ago

    You're a wizard, Anakin. One light saber to rule them all.

  • Unknown Potato
    Unknown Potato Month ago

    Who else did not understand so they had to rewatch it?

  • kirby march Barcena

    Fortune tellers,seers and sooth-sayers could reach their visions that long

  • Derric Skaggs
    Derric Skaggs Month ago

    Ik this probably isn't the question I should have but how do you get your hair like that?

  • Lucas Castillo
    Lucas Castillo Month ago +1

    its ok to be smart why do astronauts dont get blind when they see the sun in the ships

  • McLidl
    McLidl Month ago

    They would find 9gag, Xbox live logs and Lazy Town memes. They'll probably just hyperspace away from here immediately.

  • Gheorghita Vieriu
    Gheorghita Vieriu Month ago

    Mostly green? huge amounts of oxygen? good luck with that. we will kill this planet by then

  • Trà Nguyễn Lê Sơn

    With subtitles in vietnamese no?

  • Jason McCann
    Jason McCann Month ago

    Yes, but if they see nothing from orbit, they might not land. :o D: :D

  • B0B_H4L3
    B0B_H4L3 Month ago +1

    Every time he says human or we
    Take a shot

  • The Bee'z
    The Bee'z Month ago +1

    We would be dead.

  • FireBlazer - YT
    FireBlazer - YT Month ago


  • Sports Parsec
    Sports Parsec Month ago

    Joe can you please make a video on black holes.

  • AngeloTheNeko 123
    AngeloTheNeko 123 Month ago

    bet you EVERY video that you go and you find the future of earth. humans will die.
    on the future every one of us will die.
    becuz the water that we drink is almost gone.
    so meh

  • AlphaChocolateTruffle

    I think earth would be a close guarded location, because it's our homeplanet.

  • Crackerz GD
    Crackerz GD Month ago +1

    imagine if this is still available in 100 m years
    and now they know all

  • Sealand Mapping
    Sealand Mapping Month ago +2

    I would still be a virgin

  • PauloDDD2
    PauloDDD2 Month ago +1

    These 6 minutes was like 6 seconds!
    Great video!

  • MrTrumpet Hatesyou
    MrTrumpet Hatesyou 2 months ago

    100,000,000 Years From Now memes will take over the world.

  • ThePineappleHead
    ThePineappleHead 2 months ago

    in 100,000,000 years florida will be under water, ice will be an ancient myth and clean non-polluted water will be impossible to find in nature. Also the skys will be so polluted that they will be completely covered in an opaque yellow-ish sheet of clouds, making it so hot that humans will have left the earth, or died out.

  • Eschaton Zenith
    Eschaton Zenith 2 months ago

    The human disease will be long gone.

  • Manjinder Singh
    Manjinder Singh 2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me... What course i have to do to make videos like pbs digital studio?

  • PewDieRekt
    PewDieRekt 2 months ago +1

    ONLY GOD knows what will happen in the future.

  • Bunii
    Bunii 2 months ago

    You can say 999,999,999 years from now

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 2 months ago

    maybe its just me but that's super fucking scary

  • Undertale Blob
    Undertale Blob 2 months ago

    This is a lie, the sun is going to burn out in 7 billion years

    • Phoenix Gaming
      Phoenix Gaming Month ago

      Undertale Blob he said 100 million not billion my guy

  • Haze Tunz
    Haze Tunz 2 months ago

    3.681 comments but I'm stil typing it: great channel : D !

  • Frater ZJ
    Frater ZJ 2 months ago

    A wizard did it!

  • kevinambidamusic
    kevinambidamusic 2 months ago

    Imagine learning history in future compared to what we learn now - Trump and well, you get the idea

  • TF Sheahan
    TF Sheahan 2 months ago

    All this "evidence" presumes they have the patience to stick around long enough to analyze it. Chances are our descendants will have modified things to an even more exaggerated degree than we have, before their civilization collapsed. The "road builder" culture gets supplanted by the "gravity nullifying" culture with it's floating cities, etc. Then a mass extinction event occurs and nature resumes control of the macro world again. How much Xe 129 will be left as evidence of thermonuclear conflict?

  • Joel Raj
    Joel Raj 2 months ago

    It will be us digging out about ourselves

  • RunningHardDrive232 Gaming

    Who here is watching 100,000,000 years later

  • ManBearHuman
    ManBearHuman 2 months ago

    Wow. Trump should watch this. Or maybe the ones making the decisions for him

  • Table Salt 123
    Table Salt 123 2 months ago


  • Predacon armada
    Predacon armada 2 months ago

    If we don't know what will happen tomorrow how do you know what will happen in one hundred million years

  • Kind Lady light
    Kind Lady light 2 months ago

    And me alone but please god give me a sis and bro so I don't be alone and sad

  • Kind Lady light
    Kind Lady light 2 months ago

    I am scared that my parents will be dead

  • Kind Lady light
    Kind Lady light 2 months ago

    I think this is not real???

  • Soupie Nips
    Soupie Nips 2 months ago +1

    People sad because they think humans will go extinct and our planet will die out in Millions of years. How I see it is we will explore other planets, evolve, and those creatures you see in Star Wars is what the different human descendants will look like and be like. Different but will co exist. That's what I thinks gonna happen.

  • DiegoTheBeast576
    DiegoTheBeast576 2 months ago

    Future explorers won't even be human

  • Zo Zo
    Zo Zo 2 months ago +1

    0:37 This planet's name.. is URF

  • Fish Fishy
    Fish Fishy 2 months ago

    What would they be?

  • Fish Fishy
    Fish Fishy 2 months ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! crystal pepsi!!!!!! Awwww hell ya!!!!

  • I can't think of a good name

    What would it be like 60-70 years in the future when people have a bunch of comments on the internet from mostly people who are dead?

  • Albion Chance
    Albion Chance 2 months ago

    what if we took this plant from someone else ?

  • OshawottandTepigFan 2017

    Pangaea Ultimate.

  • Aiken
    Aiken 2 months ago

    Maybe those future explorers are our descendants, and they've forgotten who they are or where they came from.

  • C Criswell
    C Criswell 2 months ago

    Why does the tittle of the video say what will happen in 100000000 years even though you talked about the
    early explorers

  • Zvi Twersky
    Zvi Twersky 2 months ago

    In 100,000,000 years from now they will just watch this video and have all the answers

  • Cute Emo Pie MSP
    Cute Emo Pie MSP 2 months ago

    They isn't even a sky above earth or anything above land if u look at our planet and I know the sea reflects to the sky but still I'm comfused

  • Ivans Bruker
    Ivans Bruker 2 months ago

    robots will kill us and all future explorers

  • Ivans Bruker
    Ivans Bruker 2 months ago

    2:31 quote from civ 5

  • Roblox Stabber
    Roblox Stabber 2 months ago

    This is a lie!

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