Owen Wilson’s Kids Don’t Believe He’s Lightning McQueen

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  • Owen reveals what sport he’s really good at, what his kids think about him being Lightning McQueen and Jimmy shows a picture of a very impressive Cars themed pancake he made for his daughter.

    A Message to the Class of 2017 from Celebrities tvclip.org/video/fKWmm5BkvlU/

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    Owen Wilson’s Kids Don’t Believe He’s Lightning McQueen
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  • Runtime: 4:57
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  • RedTV8888
    RedTV8888 10 hours ago +1

    It's weird to see him on a talk show. I feel like he never does these

  • Mucho Autismo
    Mucho Autismo 3 days ago

    Lightning McQueen called his kid Ford

  • Peter17$ Rules!
    Peter17$ Rules! 5 days ago

    The audience claps at everything, so I always have to lower the volume

  • Forever Never
    Forever Never 9 days ago

    I just pictured them as cars

  • CatsGoMoo
    CatsGoMoo 10 days ago

    He seems like he's doing an impression of himself

  • Wolf Haley
    Wolf Haley 11 days ago

    Owen Wilson Asmr brought me here

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White 11 days ago

    i didn't even know that, wtf !!

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C 11 days ago

    Ford seems like he'd be a better sensai.

  • TigerLily Wells
    TigerLily Wells 13 days ago +1


  • Jack Mk
    Jack Mk 13 days ago

    And the dog from Marmaduke lol

  • troglodyte the dog gamer

    Radiator springs looks Pretty good on me

  • Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb 14 days ago +1

    Omg there's just something about Owen's voice

  • Lourdes Summer
    Lourdes Summer 15 days ago

    I love him!!!

  • Ephraim
    Ephraim 17 days ago

    the "wow" is at 3:32. youre welcome

  • argiletonne
    argiletonne 18 days ago

    owen Wilson is like al pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. very much impersonated

  • Virgilio Marquez
    Virgilio Marquez 18 days ago

    Paul Newman will be Remembered 😣

  • Boba DeLarge
    Boba DeLarge 22 days ago


  • Kled and Skaarl
    Kled and Skaarl 22 days ago

    Wait a minute... Lightning McQueen voice actor was the guy from The Shanghai Noon

  • Leni
    Leni 23 days ago

    Faster than fast quicker than Quick

  • SamsungFanboy
    SamsungFanboy 23 days ago +1

    I feel really uncomfortable hearing that voice come out something that is not a car....

  • Twitchy Games
    Twitchy Games 24 days ago

    Owen Wilson - "Wow"

  • Abi Chorry
    Abi Chorry 25 days ago

    This is the sound of a tortilla chip in queso....does that sound dirty? Sorry mr. tortilla chip

  • XcOn Surfy
    XcOn Surfy 26 days ago


  • Kaden Fission
    Kaden Fission 28 days ago

    Cawwrnn hawwulle

  • Luis Arias
    Luis Arias 28 days ago

    I like it when he throws his children across buildings

  • Tanner Ragle
    Tanner Ragle 29 days ago


  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams Month ago

    eh? he sounds normal here. In his interview on F1 he sounded retarded.

  • ThePurpleHooligan
    ThePurpleHooligan Month ago

    Who Names Their Kid Ford? I'm Not Naming My Kid Dodge...

  • MeadowLovesAppleJuice


  • Jesi Achord
    Jesi Achord Month ago


  • the_wrenchxx
    the_wrenchxx Month ago

    Oh Wow

  • Khaleel Cook
    Khaleel Cook Month ago

    flick of the wrist

  • DestroyerDesc
    DestroyerDesc Month ago

    eveytime I hear his voice I think about "Drillbit Taylor"

  • MindOfJei
    MindOfJei Month ago

    This guy talks without using all of his mouth i swear

  • [Content Deleted]
    [Content Deleted] Month ago


  • charles pinto
    charles pinto Month ago +1

    As soon as he started talking I smiled

  • Chaser_Bailey
    Chaser_Bailey Month ago

    3:33 😂 wow

  • C Merriweather
    C Merriweather Month ago


  • tristan0312ify
    tristan0312ify Month ago

    These are some marshmallows from a trip with the family

  • Dub Step
    Dub Step Month ago

    Cars 1 and 3 are anticlimactic and unsatisfying. At the end you're like, "Wait, that's how this ends? Oh, well, that's ok. I guess."

  • Joel Oilar
    Joel Oilar Month ago

    Kachiga my nigga

  • Hejsa med dejsa
    Hejsa med dejsa Month ago +1


  • cruzingt86
    cruzingt86 Month ago

    sorry owen wilson ur not like the fast and furious, your 10x better than them ever since they lost their way and became ridiculous generic action movies. so don't lower yourself with them lol

  • Joesters01
    Joesters01 Month ago

    The people who laughed when he said he played horse have obviously never been on a basketball court in their life

  • baby wizard
    baby wizard Month ago


  • Adrian Jimenez
    Adrian Jimenez Month ago



    I didn't know he talk for Lighting McQueen

  • Marco Ramos
    Marco Ramos Month ago

    3:32 "Wow"

  • Dayvideo
    Dayvideo Month ago

    His voice!

  • Joey Rocks Guitar
    Joey Rocks Guitar Month ago

    Close your eyes and listen to it. All you see is a red car with eyes. No, you're not on acid. Kachow.

  • patrick -
    patrick - Month ago

    Everything I've ever heard about Owen Wilson screams that he's the d bag lightning McQueen was the first 3/4" of the first movie so I don't see how anybody else could have played the character

  • Fabian Garcia
    Fabian Garcia Month ago

    Who else thought it was old school Ellen in the thumb nail?

  • Sydney Singleton
    Sydney Singleton Month ago

    Owen Wilson: mcqueen, racer, kahow enthusiast, legend.

  • Waledar Ace
    Waledar Ace Month ago


  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson Month ago +1


  • Stella Ellis
    Stella Ellis Month ago

    me and Owen Wilson have the same birthday and so does my mom!

  • elijah6678
    elijah6678 Month ago

    3:33 WOWW lol

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden Month ago +1

    Owen could just show the kids his name in the movie credits 😂

  • Alex Jarvis
    Alex Jarvis Month ago

    I climaxed as soon as he said "kachow"

  • SageKStroke52
    SageKStroke52 Month ago

    "Ker-chow!"- Owen Wilson

  • Thizzmarley 186
    Thizzmarley 186 Month ago

    I never realized how much Owen Wilson looks like Tom Cruise

  • Gummy Bear King
    Gummy Bear King Month ago


  • JarJarStinks
    JarJarStinks Month ago


  • TheZombi3Gamer
    TheZombi3Gamer Month ago

    My last name is McQueen so my nicknames has always been Lightning. My dad is Steve McQueen too 😂

  • Game And Go
    Game And Go Month ago +1


  • Random dude
    Random dude Month ago


  • the Eskimo
    the Eskimo Month ago

    heeeey heeeey heeey heeeey hey hey heye hey

  • Charlie Orellana
    Charlie Orellana Month ago

    corn hole....

    TYLER_DBZ Month ago


  • spoicy
    spoicy Month ago


  • Imanoodle
    Imanoodle Month ago

    Listen to this vid without watching and imagine Lighting McQueen

  • 21 Cabbage
    21 Cabbage Month ago +1

    Who else thought it was Ka Chow, not Ka Ciao

  • muzikology 101
    muzikology 101 Month ago

    Wait.. he's lightning McQueen?!

  • Admirald Arcotundra

    oh, WOW!!! thats awesome keep it up

  • Jazzy Jasmine
    Jazzy Jasmine Month ago

    bruh what

  • NameOfSavage
    NameOfSavage Month ago

    He looks a bit like Donald trump

  • natasha styles
    natasha styles Month ago


  • rain_joker 32
    rain_joker 32 Month ago

    kapow my brethren

  • cringemetre
    cringemetre Month ago

    Big fan of dat dude

  • Mysterious Fool
    Mysterious Fool Month ago

    there sure are a lot of these (insert celebrity)'s kids (don't know some fact about them as stars that makes them seem more "human" because look their kids only see them as mommy and daddy awwww how cute/funny). videos

  • TPre
    TPre Month ago

    It's nice to see a late nite host who doesn't complain about trump every segment

  • AndrewTube
    AndrewTube Month ago +1


  • LeadersasAnimals
    LeadersasAnimals Month ago +1

    A national treasure. Save him US.

  • Jennifer McCall
    Jennifer McCall Month ago


  • Park Productions
    Park Productions Month ago


  • Don't Watch My Videos

    Ja chigga

  • Boppermitz
    Boppermitz Month ago

    Wow! This is such a great interview!

  • RiddikuluslyEmily
    RiddikuluslyEmily Month ago

    plays a car in a successful movies series

    has a son named ford

  • Laureano Orea
    Laureano Orea Month ago

    Lightning McQueen has a son named Ford lmao

  • Joseph Shell
    Joseph Shell Month ago

    3:32 ;)

  • dude greg
    dude greg Month ago

    such a fake audience

  • Ashley Lynn
    Ashley Lynn Month ago

    i cant even look at Owen Wilson anymore cause i immediately think of Peter Gilroy!! hes a better owen wilson then owen himself Lmfao

  • Jenna FOBenna
    Jenna FOBenna Month ago

    I was 2 when cars came out and I'm not lying I sat through the whole movie till about the last race and after that 7 years of cars and also having to be called lighting McQueen 😂❤️☺️ if someone called me Jenna I said no my name is lighting McQueen and I had a cars bed cars clothing etc. true story I was at a party and I was talking with this girl I was about 3/4 and I was being all nice to her then I looked down and seen she had lighting McQueen shoes on and I said to her "I HATE YOU"😂 and walked away if someone had lighting McQueen I would get so jealous it was crazy😂(these are all story I remember/family members have told me ☺️)

  • country boy 398
    country boy 398 Month ago

    kachigga my nigga

  • Bruce 0809
    Bruce 0809 Month ago


  • tubby ninja
    tubby ninja Month ago


  • Joseph Augustine Rhodenhiser

    Cornhole, a Midwestern classic

  • LilBanana
    LilBanana Month ago

    2017: Little children can now be ficional animated charcters that look like cars and are on some level made out of organic matter.

  • TheGoldenTools
    TheGoldenTools Month ago

    Never heard Owen Wilson with a regular recording

  • Hi How Are Ya?
    Hi How Are Ya? Month ago

    Oh wow, good episode

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