Chris Froome recovers from Stage 15 flat tire

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  • Tearstank
    Tearstank 4 days ago

    The astmatic Froome does it again, totally clean without any doubt he beats them all, a true anti doping hero.
    Go go Froome, show those dopers what a clean guy like you can do, is a sport where almost all are doped Froome
    shioe with the ligh of innocence and shows the way for others in a dark sport riddled with drugs. Go go Froome a true doping free hero!

  • Juan Gerardo Duran
    Juan Gerardo Duran 4 days ago

    que belleza de Deporte , sport beautyfull

  • Koen Vanderpoorten
    Koen Vanderpoorten 6 days ago

    Without his team mates, poor Chris 'd still be riding Stage 15.

  • Salsa del Mar
    Salsa del Mar 6 days ago +2

    froome sucks he is full of esteroids n his team !!!!!! that is a shame this team is the new us postal !!!!! cheaters lossers

  • Modulation MC
    Modulation MC 6 days ago +1

    Fue épico, yo lo estaba viendo con mi padre y este tío subía a toda hostia. Menuda bestia!!

  • AJ Martinez
    AJ Martinez 7 days ago

    Why does NBC share some of these TDF videos with Iraq and Kuwait but not all. NBC has been providing the best coverage but then stopped around Stage 12 so we are stuck with the Armed Forced Network (AFN). Help start sharing with us.

  • jj95east
    jj95east 7 days ago +2

    Man these commentators are no good. So bland.

  • ΝΟΜΛ
    ΝΟΜΛ 7 days ago +1

    0:19 wow you guys truly are ill-informed. go read UCI regulation 2.3.012. in fact go read all the regs, it sounds like you need to

  • Ja Man
    Ja Man 7 days ago +4

    they slowed down, he wouldve never caught up. he only good cuz theres no one to challange him period. if he didnt have that team around him, hed be average.

    • Ja Man
      Ja Man 6 days ago

      he has little competition, and he has a good team. thats why!!! i bet u have froome underrues dontch ya

    • Chris McCoy
      Chris McCoy 7 days ago

      Landa might be pretty close almost as strong as froome

    • Ja Man
      Ja Man 7 days ago

      that was fun

    • imadhurata
      imadhurata 7 days ago

      They slowed down? Funny how riders were dropping likes flies while Froome was catching up.

    • Tom Essex
      Tom Essex 7 days ago

      Ja Man, you don't win 3 possibly 4 tours by being average, even with a great team around him

  • J B
    J B 7 days ago +2

    Broken spoke, not a flat.....

  • Ruben Luna
    Ruben Luna 7 days ago

    se viene rigoman!!!!!!a festejar

  • Ryan Escote
    Ryan Escote 7 days ago

    I'm sure Lance Armstrong will be jealous seeing Landa drops for Froome, coz if it was him and Contador - Im sure Contador will ride his best & snatch the maillot jaune :D

  • oldbloke135
    oldbloke135 7 days ago +1

    To catch the AG2R team from 40 seconds behind when they were attacking on a climb with almost their full team was an astonishing feat by the three Team Sky riders.
    Nice to see the reaction of the French "cycling fans". Clearly, rigging the stages to make the race more of a lottery and disadvantage the best team (no team time trial, 20k individual time trials and hardly any summit finishes) isn't enough!

  • boo hoo
    boo hoo 8 days ago +3

    Chris froome is not good ffs the other guys don't want to take the responsibility of the yellow jersey aru can't handle the pressure give it away easily n bardet he had a chance but did nothing don't know why

    • Tearstank
      Tearstank 4 days ago

      He is awesome, a true antidoping hero for sure

    • Jack Holmes
      Jack Holmes 5 days ago

      Chris froome is not good? Haha you a fucking moron nothing else to say!

    • Sv Ghoghari
      Sv Ghoghari 8 days ago


    • Sv Ghoghari
      Sv Ghoghari 8 days ago


  • mirko rys
    mirko rys 8 days ago +14

    Froome = Amstrong

  • Alex Lintern
    Alex Lintern 8 days ago +1

    WAKE UP NBC ! Froome had a mechanical failure (broken spoke) and his wheel was out of true.....rather like this video LOL

  • socaltop10
    socaltop10 8 days ago +7

    if Froome didn't have 'ASTHMA,' imagine how strong he would be.

    • Tearstank
      Tearstank 4 days ago


    • Bob Gardner
      Bob Gardner 4 days ago

      If Froome didn't dope with TUE's exemptions from fake asthma imagine how mediocre he'd be. Same for "Sir Bradley Wiggins" who also had TUE's exemptions for "supposed" asthma conditions before each grand tour race he rode in. LOL

    • katchaggis
      katchaggis 6 days ago

      Yes, the same could be said for all the pro riders.....

  • mareeyo1
    mareeyo1 8 days ago

    I didn't know there were stages to flat tires...

  • 459599
    459599 8 days ago +3

    He and his teammate proved who they are.

  • Dexter Deveau
    Dexter Deveau 8 days ago +19

    Great ride from Froome - can't say the same thing from the French public on the slopes "booing".

    • Clive Ellis
      Clive Ellis 2 days ago

      Without the French there would be know Le Tour, or any Grand Tour

    • Parodex
      Parodex 4 days ago

      obsivouly 10 morrons represents 67 millions people
      intelligence/10 lol

    • Samantha Bell
      Samantha Bell 4 days ago

      Dexter Deveau that's because the French have no class,

    • Parodex
      Parodex 5 days ago

      i'm french and was ashamed when i saw the public booing :-(
      that's not respectful at all. It's cycling not football. Booing a team of 11 guys is different from only one. I felt like Chris was affected and i was sad for him. Moreover he loves France and makes greats efforts to speak french properly.

    • tony t
      tony t 8 days ago

      Dexter Deveau butthurt losers, stirred up by racist French sports media, squealing about their decades without a win.

  • Tonio Rosales
    Tonio Rosales 8 days ago +6

    Has anyone seen how UCI test bikes for motors? I have... and it's a fucking joke.

    • William malmstrøm
      William malmstrøm 5 days ago

      +tony t Lol fucking idiot

    • tony t
      tony t 8 days ago

      Tonio Rosales idiot, not worth the extra weight on long hills

    • Jack Holmes
      Jack Holmes 8 days ago


    • J S
      J S 8 days ago

      Why is it a joke

  • dogbitr 58
    dogbitr 58 8 days ago

    I sure as hell couldn't do it

  • kurdistan national
    kurdistan national 8 days ago +1

    amazing 😉

  • Kool Rad
    Kool Rad 8 days ago +1

    How do people watch this shit?

    • Clive Ellis
      Clive Ellis 2 days ago

      On the TV

    • Samantha Bell
      Samantha Bell 4 days ago

      Kool Rad why are you on here then ? dull bastard

    • Anita Wise
      Anita Wise 8 days ago

      less f*** ing boring than Wimbledon.

    • Jack Holmes
      Jack Holmes 8 days ago

      Cycling is dead? You seem to be obsessed with it.

    • mareeyo1
      mareeyo1 8 days ago

      With their eyes

  • James Ambrocio
    James Ambrocio 8 days ago

    I still believe that Yates can still make it to the top 3. Boy is strong as hell!

    • tony t
      tony t 8 days ago

      John Smith everybody is, according to your trolling.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 8 days ago

      James Ambrocio Pumped full of dope

  • Luiz Antonio Gomes Correia

    Froome the best.

    • matt s
      matt s 2 days ago

      Rod Long No proof

    • Rod Long
      Rod Long 4 days ago

      Luiz Antonio Gomes Correia at cheating

  • Benjamin Refsgaard
    Benjamin Refsgaard 8 days ago +4

    Cook: How do you like your eggs, Chris?

    Chris: I don't. Just pass me the drugs, I'll have em on my oats.

    • Tearstank
      Tearstank 4 days ago

      Dpnt get mad just because Benjamin is right

    • Samantha Bell
      Samantha Bell 4 days ago

      Benjamin Refsgaard no thanks, I wouldn't want to deprive your mum and dad of that 😁

    • Benjamin Refsgaard
      Benjamin Refsgaard 4 days ago

      Samantha Bell Suck my juicy plumbs.

    • Samantha Bell
      Samantha Bell 4 days ago

      Benjamin Refsgaard pathetic prick,

  • dpmaspam
    dpmaspam 8 days ago +9

    shows how strong froome is

    • Antoine Mercier
      Antoine Mercier 5 days ago

      because team AG2R were already on the offensive at that point. So no rule here.

    • MT-Images
      MT-Images 6 days ago

      Except they didn't .....

    • Leggo My Ego
      Leggo My Ego 7 days ago

      Not really, the unwritten rule of the peloton is that everyone slows down when the yellow jersey has a mechanical failure in order to give him time to catch back up.

    • Jack Holmes
      Jack Holmes 8 days ago

      Probably the same as all the other riders.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 8 days ago

      dpmaspam I wonder what drugs he takes.

  • One Bell
    One Bell 8 days ago +22

    And on this day, I have seen proof as to how Chris Froome is the strongest rider at this Tour

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