Kermit the Frog Actor 'Devastated' From Firing

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  • diane Philpott
    diane Philpott 2 days ago

    Jim Henson's daughter had a big hand in this from what I have read. What a shame she can't honor her father's legacy😞

  • Professor Pyne
    Professor Pyne 4 days ago

    I agree with most of what you have said, except one thing. I don't think they fired him because he cost too much. It's possible, but I have another theory. I think they want to essentially "reinvent" the Muppets. Make it more recognizable as their child rather than Jim Henson's. There have been way too many new things added to The Muppets. First of all, I want to say, I loved "The Muppets" film in 2010. It was perfect. It made me put faith in Disney that they could do The Muppets justice! But after "The Muppets Most Wanted" in 2012, my faith began to waver. I did not like that film at all, and the way they seeed to mock the earlier film made my flesh crawl! Then I heard that they were breaking up Kermit and Miss Piggy! My heart was broken! It felt like they had put a dagger in two of my most beloved childhood memories! And now I think they fired Steve Whitmire because he didn't like what they were doing to the characters. They probably realized that he was loyal to Jim Henson's original conception of The Muppets, and that unlike some of the other performers and relatives of the creator, he could not be bought. So they got rid of him, almost without warning. I don't think Matt Vogel would do bad as Kermit, but I think that Disney is, perhaps unwittingly, tearing down everything that Jim Henson built up, in the deluded belief that they can make The Muppets "more modern, more commercial, more Disney."

  • M. Benzzik
    M. Benzzik 6 days ago

    The guy was awful as Kermit. Why is this news? People get fired. Not even close to Henson, the Muppets have never been the same.

  • crzBlazingWolf
    crzBlazingWolf 7 days ago

    #ItsNotEasyBeingGreen #NotMyKermit #GreenLivesMater #RIPKermit

  • Larry Almeida
    Larry Almeida 7 days ago

    This really sucks what happened to Steve Whitmire , to me Jim Henson will always be Kermit the Frog because I used to watch the show when I was a kid, back in the 80s , and Steve brought the character back and Save The Muppets or mostly Kermit the Frog , doing the voice over and he did a fantastic job at doing this, I just can't believe that Disney is doing this , it doesn't make sense.

  • sam rizzardi
    sam rizzardi 7 days ago

    No chance of him reprising the role of skekTek in the Dark Crystal Netflix spinoff then?

  • Lisa Consolo
    Lisa Consolo 7 days ago +1

    I had known and worked with Steve on two films. He was one of the most kind and genuine people on the set. His love for the Muppets and his dedication to them goes without question. He was always professional with his interactions  toward me and all other puppeteers on  the team. I am saddened by this decision. This is no way takes away from Matt who is an EXTREEMLY gifted puppeteer in his own right. I had worked with him on one film as well. Both  great talents- but for me - Steve did an unmatched continuation of not the voice but the character that Jim created in Kermit.( and Rizzo, Ernie,  Link, Bean Bunny, The Sweedish Chef, Wimbley, Lew- and the rest)  - He will be sorely missed.

  • Derek Cheney
    Derek Cheney 8 days ago


  • Marcus Penny
    Marcus Penny 8 days ago

    Sad wish I knew the whole story behind it there's always two sides. I think muppets should retire characters after their voice actor dies or is let go That would would mean Kermit dies with jim and Henson studios would have to work a little harder to create new muppets with voices for new generations instead of replacing voice actors with wrong sounding muppets

  • jamel coward
    jamel coward 8 days ago +1



  • martianepic
    martianepic 8 days ago +1


  • Grim Locke
    Grim Locke 9 days ago

    Industrial Puppeteers of the World, Unite.... Wait... That might be the president's cabinet. Big Business stinks.

  • Kami Snowpaw
    Kami Snowpaw 9 days ago +1

    Fuck you Disney.

    This is why the corporate thinking is truly evil and perverted.

  • All_Disney .42
    All_Disney .42 9 days ago

    I love Disney so much but this is awful and cheap, he has expanded and grown Kermit, he is more than "just the voice" he is partially Kermit besides Jim Henson, this is very sad and I don't think Kermit will be the same after this.

  • Brandon Stinson
    Brandon Stinson 9 days ago

    I doubt Disney fired him its more likely that the child company that he worked for decided they wanted Steve fired and convinced Disney to approve of it.

  • Mark Hanson
    Mark Hanson 9 days ago

    The sad reality is, even though we may love Disney at the end of the day they are a soulless corporation who look at the bottom line. they're not a family, they don't really care about the people who work for them. This is what happens when corporations run everything and buy your business or you sell your business to them.

  • Christina Bishop
    Christina Bishop 9 days ago +1


  • Stefan Lungu
    Stefan Lungu 9 days ago

    Next thing they're going to fire Dave Goelz and Bill Baretta. just wait and see. We're going to get fucking Nickelodeoned.

  • Use Only Oxygen
    Use Only Oxygen 9 days ago

    I will never give any money to "Disney".

    They do not care about the integrity of the creative materials they have monopolized.

    It is time to let that demented mouse pass into obscurity.

  • Zamuroy
    Zamuroy 9 days ago

    you don't love disney, you love disney products, big difference.

  • Uk Gamer
    Uk Gamer 9 days ago

    Why are all american companies all evil except tesla?

  • Ninjasqrlgirl
    Ninjasqrlgirl 9 days ago

    Bloody Disney!

  • crithon
    crithon 9 days ago

    muppets has had it's weird ups and downs, doesn't seem stable compared to sesame street.

  • antonio neri
    antonio neri 9 days ago

    i agree with u

  • soullfire
    soullfire 9 days ago

    Neither side is talking about the reason that makes it a mystery. Was it for cause, or just replacing him with a less expensive actor? I'm sure he knows he can sue if he's just being let go due to his age- which is one of the things that too many companies have now adopted in order to increase profits.

    Disney has been on record doing very "evil" things like abusing the H1B program to hire foreign workers to replace Americans.

  • Josh Berman
    Josh Berman 9 days ago

    I fucking hate The Walt Disney Company and wish that Walter Elias himself was never born at all.

  • GattlingCombo
    GattlingCombo 10 days ago

    I am very curious to know what the new voice actor's thoughts on this are. I doubt he's thinking "YAY I'M REPLACING HIM!"

  • Sandy Ashmay
    Sandy Ashmay 10 days ago

    Jim Henson GAVE him that role. He can't just be fired. What the hell did he do?

  • Timothy Oney
    Timothy Oney 10 days ago +1

    this is wrong and it should be corrected

  • PipsKay
    PipsKay 10 days ago +1

    this is so sad, it will hurt them in the long run for doing this..and ruining Kermit Da Frog

  • Zonagon Knightingale
    Zonagon Knightingale 10 days ago +1

    Disney has done so much wrong such as trying to sue D3ADMOU53, and even worse was ruining the Public Domain for everyone just so they can keep a hold of Mickey Mouse for a little while longer.

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson 10 days ago +1

    Another questionable decision from the new and crappy disney company

  • TheOrganicartist
    TheOrganicartist 10 days ago +1

    wtf was the studio thinking...

  • edgeninja
    edgeninja 10 days ago +5

    When this story first broke, my first thought was that a scandal was about to break (ala Kevin Clash) and Disney wanted to separate themselves from this guy before word got out. But now I think Kim's right. Disney was probably tired of paying Whitmire whatever he was making and decided to hire a new guy who'd perform Kermit for less money.

    What's going to happen to the other characters Whitmire performed though? I'm especially concerned about Wembley, since they're supposed to be working on a 'Fraggle Rock' movie.

  • Dominic Francis
    Dominic Francis 10 days ago +2

    I remember when Kermit was a serial killer in the Wilkin's coffee ads.

  • ElectricMayhem87 (Ashleigh)

    Disney, you are DEAD to me.

  • AlCastle84
    AlCastle84 10 days ago +3

    How many companies does Disney owns?

    • All_Disney .42
      All_Disney .42 9 days ago

      Matthew Guy u forgot Pixar

    • Matthew Guy
      Matthew Guy 10 days ago

      Lucasfilm, Marvel, Muppets (minus the ones at Seasme St.), Disney everything, ABC, ESPN off the top of my mind.

  • coffeeveins
    coffeeveins 10 days ago +1

    I guess Disney just found out it's not so easy...earning Green. Seems this firing has made the fans quite mean. I know this story made me feel quite quite steamed.

  • Woybff Stars
    Woybff Stars 10 days ago +4

    It feels like to me that Kermit in way died again. I do agree that Disney is to blame. It is so sad to hear this right before Dave Goelz's birthday even.

  • man316420
    man316420 10 days ago +1

    i always knew Disney was evil

    • TherealRNO
      TherealRNO 9 days ago

      No, he wasn't. Those were ex-employees disgruntled towards Walt for calling them communists years before, so they noticed that a pivotal female member of The Academy of Television Arts & Science's Motion Pictures Association, which Walt helped establish, was a Nazi proponent despite her justifiably worthwhile merits to the continued growth of the burgeoning film industry & then, like many online reviewers of nostalgic properties & conspiracy theorising nutcases these days, they dissected Walt's movies - most notably the banned _Song of the South_ from which "Zip-a-dee-do-dah", and thereby the impetus behind log flume ride Splash Mountain, originated - before coming to the egregious conclusion that Walt himself was a chain-smoking perfectionist who held racist views & despite the army's hold over his studio (basically forcing him to put planned projects aside to produce War Propaganda short segments), somehow covertly supporting the Nazis (which is certainly untrue) and was, by proxy, anti-Semantic, even though Jewish songwriting duo The Sherman Bros. have disputed and disproved this hearsay of Walt being deemed anti-Semantic and anyone who has studied Walt in-depth can confirm conclusively that Walt was among the first in his line of work to give solid, professional jobs to people of color, minorities, and women back in the time before Civil Rights & Suffrage existed to continue the world's progressiveness and to "Keep Moving Forward" as Walt once said.

    • 巨美尻女王 (Queen BumBum)
      巨美尻女王 (Queen BumBum) 9 days ago

      Memorandom Please show us proof

    • Memorandom
      Memorandom 10 days ago

      Well, he was a Nazi sympathizer and a racist. . .

  • Uchiha Madara
    Uchiha Madara 10 days ago +2

    Same reason they got rid of Henson once you become so Iconic they will find a way to separate you from a character you helped define or in this case redefine Disney is the heart of darkness!

  • spacecadet28
    spacecadet28 10 days ago

    By one account, he was increasingly difficult to work with.

  • Jaimes
    Jaimes 10 days ago +1

    So there were 2 things, reasons, they had for doing this, and at the same time, Whitmore has gotten a new business rep...neither of those _sounds_ like a money grab by the studio. But we also know he was fired without being given a meeting. Why THAT was, he doesn't say. He lets us assume it was the studio's fault, but doesn't say so. The way this is phrased gets my hackles up. Kinda makes me think the studio was covering its ass over something that he either did, or could reasonably be perceived as having done by the public. I'm just saying don't count your chickens just yet. They'll hatch soon enough.

    • thedoogles
      thedoogles 8 days ago

      Jaimes I'd say Disney wanted one direction, but Steve knowing the Muppets probably didn't agree creatively. Disney sees the Muppets as revenue, but Steve sees them through the eyes of what Henson originally created.. I imagine lots pf disputes took place, but if other Muppeteers had any balls they should have all stood up to Disney.

  • silvafox07
    silvafox07 10 days ago +3

    it's all about the green ...

  • CourageousGhost
    CourageousGhost 10 days ago +17

    Welcome to the real world guys. Companies would rather fire the best people who are great at what they do and hire others who can put in about the same but be paid less. I hope Disney is put in the spotlight for this decision. They really do deserve the reaction of every Kermit fan being upset. Sneaky bastards being silent.

  • Straylight4299
    Straylight4299 10 days ago +33

    Recasting. Puppeteers. Who can do their job basically until they die, if they are doing a good job.
    That's a giant "FUCK the fans, FUCK the creators, FUCK Jim Henson - we want more MONEY."
    You know what, Disney? *FUCK Y O U.*
    Sincerely yours, EX-customer

    • Professor Pyne
      Professor Pyne 4 days ago

      I couldn't agree more. Disney is making a huge mistake firing this guy. As they did when they broke up Kermit and Miss Piggy. As they did when they created a new girlfriend for Kermit in Denise. As they did when they let a crappy film like "The Muppets Most Wanted" be released. Disney usually has the most perfect instinct for knowing the right moves to make, but since 2012, they have failed The Muppets EVERY SINGLE TIME! I cannot believe that they are doing this, whether unwittingly or otherwise.

    • Jake .06
      Jake .06 9 days ago

      Bird bird still had the same voice and he is in his 80's(I think)!

  • ohdogwow2
    ohdogwow2 10 days ago

    I now want to hear Kim do her best Miss Piggy and also Beaker!

  • 1p6t1gms
    1p6t1gms 10 days ago

    Hi ho, at least they didn’t replace him with net the neutrality or trump the care, oh wait; I think I spoke to soon. I bet there’s a tag on Kermit’s backside that says, made in the china.

    • 1p6t1gms
      1p6t1gms 10 days ago

      Familly Guy Kermit's swamps

    • Mace Windu
      Mace Windu 10 days ago

      1p6t1gms or a black

  • Diego Diablo
    Diego Diablo 10 days ago +15

    Fuck Disney. Spam them with hate mail.

  • TheJrockfreak
    TheJrockfreak 10 days ago +1

    well had no idea this guy was the voice but it sucks he lost a job hr really loved

  • Mallory Jordan
    Mallory Jordan 10 days ago +3

    I can't believe Disney would do that! Losing Steve Whitmire as Kermit is devastating!

  • Kaiyo Mayo
    Kaiyo Mayo 10 days ago +43

    So a guy who worked alongside the creator of the Muppets, and had voiced significant roles within the franchise for over 26 years, is being dropped because they want a fresh cast/too expensive?

    Wouldn't he be considered a treasure? Is Disney that stuck up its own ass?

    • soullfire
      soullfire 9 days ago

      +Kaiyo Mayo When it comes to money, companies can be very cut throat. The Simpsons almost cut Hank Azaria who plays Moe and so many other characters during contract negotiations. In a corporation's eye they don't believe in the word indispensable.

    • Raymond
      Raymond 10 days ago

      The company is strange. You should read their Glassdoor reviews. My personal experience with them: I applied for their Lead Interaction Designer role and they scoffed when I asked for $80K-$90K/year. Look up senior interaction designer roles. They generally pay around $100K/year.

  • PedroTawaTV
    PedroTawaTV 10 days ago +3

    So sad love his passion to the art

  • MyLittleGreenHairdedMermaid

    A perfect video to sum up disney jim henson vs stan lee epic rap battles of history

  • georgemiser
    georgemiser 10 days ago +3

    Cue conspiritards screaming "PEDOPHILE!"

  • Joseph Sakata
    Joseph Sakata 10 days ago +55

    Kermit will never be the same after this...One thing is clear... this new Kermit is #NotMyKermit

    • elessal
      elessal 10 days ago

      john oliver is not going to be pleased. I am sure he was planing on doing that.

  • Hallowed
    Hallowed 10 days ago

    Oh Hi Mark

    • Hallowed
      Hallowed 10 days ago

      ohdogwow2 I did not hit her, I did NOT

    • ohdogwow2
      ohdogwow2 10 days ago

      You're my best customer

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