Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd cover (in a coffee shop) - Puddles Pity Party

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • This Pink Floyd song reminds me of Hank Williams hence my sorry train whistle sounds. I messed up a word in it. Can you find it?

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    Shannon and Big Mike helped with the pictures and sounds.
    Walter made the coffee. Good coffee.
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  • Runtime: 3:07
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  • Robert Hardy
    Robert Hardy 2 months ago +131

    It was "ok". I enjoy your voice and your adaptations, NORMALLY :)
    This would be the 2nd song I found simply "ok" out of the 20ish you have uploaded, so, still not bad. No one likes all of the music by an artist...unless they are a bit psychotic. I think singing in/from the key of A may be the issue for me here.

    • Tom Muse
      Tom Muse 4 days ago

      I feel this song is 2nd only to Space Oddity. Just simply amazing your take on songs.

    • Kim Smith
      Kim Smith 10 days ago

      Felix Fuentes To whom are you referring to being a brutal jackal?

    • Felix Fuentes
      Felix Fuentes 10 days ago

      bruto chacal

    • Duck Dodge
      Duck Dodge 14 days ago

      Robert Hardy I believe if he expressed himself to a degree that released the thing that makes you need to create art music love then maybe it accomplished it purpose for him. I respect your comment and also PPP's pinning of it. Its actually a excellent valuable life lesson going on here.

  • Lilly M
    Lilly M Hour ago

    Oki I'm in love 💙

  • Nora Steel
    Nora Steel 7 hours ago

    Hi Puddles...would you sing Bobby Darin, All By Myself? Thanks! You're the best! I'm still lovin it!

  • Michael Aparicio
    Michael Aparicio 9 hours ago

    Another touching interpretation. Thanks!

  • Doug B
    Doug B 10 hours ago

    WELL DONE. \m/

  • Andi Benson
    Andi Benson 13 hours ago

    wish you were me.

  • Ob Bop
    Ob Bop 13 hours ago


  • Kathi Burns, CPO
    Kathi Burns, CPO 14 hours ago

    Hi Puddles - We need to hear Bohemian Rhapsody soon!

  • Jerry Writer
    Jerry Writer 20 hours ago

    Pee Wee Herman asked everyone to vote for you tonight on "America's Got Talent" so I checked out your YouTube videos and I am blown away. Awesome job, Puddles. I love you (but I don't wanna marry you). I WILL VOTE FOR YOU TONIGHT.

  • Mitchell Fontan
    Mitchell Fontan 21 hour ago

    Dang, Puddles. YOU'RE A STAR !

  • Trace zach daniels

    SO COOL GREAT JOB....much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO

  • Andrew Davenhall

    Puddles babe, location location location.. who's your agent?

  • Jennifer Quistgaard

    Could you do any of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds please? Your voice would go perfect 🖤🖤

  • s s
    s s Day ago

    Have you tried that Hallelujah song?

  • Kevin Wezniak
    Kevin Wezniak Day ago

    Awesome!!!!! Thank you. Made my day!

  • sammi co
    sammi co Day ago

    That voice is priceless. Big puddles fan. I loved this version

  • Wayne Comeau
    Wayne Comeau Day ago

    Played in F for a sadder effect.

  • Chase The Horizon

    Please do some Bob Dylan, you'd sound amazing some Dylan, try 'With God on Their Side'

  • Isabella Gloetzner

    Hi I love u can u do a live chat or do something in New Mexico or something???

  • UltraLiteSpeed1
    UltraLiteSpeed1 Day ago

    We love ya Puddles.... You have made it to TV.. Keep it up.. You will be known around the Planet..

  • Cali Braxus
    Cali Braxus Day ago

    Loads better than that mopey fuck Roger Waters' version.

  • Butterfly Marci
    Butterfly Marci Day ago

    love love love ..... great voice thank you for sharing yourself ;)

  • Billy Francis
    Billy Francis Day ago

    might wanna tune that guitar

  • Gloria Rita
    Gloria Rita 2 days ago

    This is so sweet and beautiful ❤

  • Alan Waterman
    Alan Waterman 2 days ago

    i love the look and sound you give to people with your sorrow. it reminds me of a song by Bread called Diary. if you ever get a look at this maybe give it a shot

  • Kyle Sears
    Kyle Sears 2 days ago

    Hurt.. by Johnny Cash. Puddles you rock bro..

  • MagicAyrtonforever
    MagicAyrtonforever 2 days ago

    What a clown!

  • Story sorry
    Story sorry 2 days ago

    i love your voice, and your shtick is great... but i continue to expect you to take off the makeup and it will be steve-o....

  • Paul sherman
    Paul sherman 2 days ago

    What prison where you in?

  • MGTOW project's
    MGTOW project's 2 days ago

    Puddle's you rock much better than that damn IT clown guy always a drama queen watch out for him Pud's a real buzz Killington LOL

  • Amy Grouping
    Amy Grouping 2 days ago

    thirst. Loved it, great guitar and vocals! The woo's were awesome, too. Can you do Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground? (Willie Nelson)

  • Daniel DiGiorgio
    Daniel DiGiorgio 2 days ago

    truly an amazing voice singing this to perfection, you are always a joy to listen to.

  • discolf420
    discolf420 2 days ago

    Puddles please cover Chris Izaak's Wicked Games!

  • Karen LoRusso
    Karen LoRusso 2 days ago

    I've listened to this song for over forty years. Love your cover of it and also Space Oddity, and may others you have done. Your voice is freakin awesome! Would love to hear you to Take Me To The Church...

  • DennisW. Goff
    DennisW. Goff 3 days ago

    God Did Save One Clown that's not clowning around you are what I call the only Original,person that's shared everything with USA Us along the airways, thank you Puddles ,from lonely cold child of God,you were wanted more than me of my spiritual feet I give to you world Puddles no Pity Party on Wayne.....

  • yamahapeanut44
    yamahapeanut44 3 days ago

    Absolutely amazing. I lost a true friend almost three years ago and this song always hits deep.

  • Nemo Niente
    Nemo Niente 3 days ago

    ...I love you, Mike... you're nothing less than amazing...!!! ...you bring me back to Greenwich Village in the early 80s... I can almost breath in those nights while I listen to that voice of yours... (I'd love to hear your version of Sweet Child of Mine)... I wish you the best of everything in your life...

  • Max Otto
    Max Otto 3 days ago

    Y no do one of their better songs?

    ECHOES??? JK

  • Gregg Kemp
    Gregg Kemp 3 days ago

    Awesome rendition. I am astonished. Love the way you made it your own.

  • ZenOnMars
    ZenOnMars 4 days ago

    Hauntingly beautiful, Puddles. Gave me goosebumps. Thank-you. If I was there, I would have brought the coffee pot to your table! =)

  • ChiliContestWinner
    ChiliContestWinner 4 days ago

    It sounds good but it sounds too much like the original song. I would love to hear this in Post Modern Jukebox ft. Puddles Pity Party!

  • lisarenee3505
    lisarenee3505 4 days ago

    Point of order... it's "cold steel rail", not "cold steel rain."
    Carry on.

  • Brad Thompson
    Brad Thompson 4 days ago

    I really like this one. I would suggest that you stick with better acoustics, though.

  • Phillip Holt
    Phillip Holt 4 days ago

    You speak to me

  • Paul Atwell
    Paul Atwell 4 days ago

    Somebody to love. Or I can only imagine by Mercy me

  • Joshua Swanson
    Joshua Swanson 4 days ago

    Simply put... one of the best covers of this song I have heard. I don't usually like covers. Good job Puddles.

    METALLUST MANOWAR 4 days ago

    Should have been from

  • Christopher Woods
    Christopher Woods 4 days ago

    do sex bomb by flipper

  • downer719
    downer719 4 days ago

    I want creep from radio head come on puddles

  • Riku Vartiainen
    Riku Vartiainen 4 days ago

    One of the comments featured in the video nailed it! Pink Floyd's Mother would be an amazing song to hear from you ^^

  • keithwaltersakamoose

    After watching a lot of these vids of Puddles I'm inclined to voice out words like "epic" and "genius". I haven't really found any original material which hopefully I will find but either way Mike is a professional performer and no doubt could excell in any music genre or musical as his stage presence is outstanding. Nice work man and you can add me as another fan.

  • LaLa A
    LaLa A 4 days ago

    He needs to have a backdrop of an ominous night sky with a million stars and sing this on AGT...he's def one of my faves

  • tetashome
    tetashome 5 days ago

    Have you heard the song "I grieve - Peter Gabriel" It would fit you so well. Ita the saddest song ive ever heard. Its not a "well known" song but you would kill it. Please I BEG YOU PLEASE I LOVE YOU PLEASE PLEAAE

  • Ian Tait
    Ian Tait 5 days ago

    Dreadful. Those are CLEARLY not real flowers! The singing is utterly amazing, of course, but the fake flowers just ruined it.

  • Armedlegally
    Armedlegally 5 days ago

    Where do I start... Every since I found you on AGT I've been a fan. This song for me is my go to song when I'm missing my mother who passed away from cancer. I did enjoy hearing you sing it as well as I do watching you, but this one is hard to cover at least in my mind. You are simply brilliant, marvelous an enigma if you will and I'm still very glad I got to hear you sing this song. We love you please keep singing and we'll keep listening!

  • btbrotherton
    btbrotherton 5 days ago

    Comfortably numb

  • Nathan Liberty
    Nathan Liberty 5 days ago

    Hey puddles! You have the save guitar as my grandpa! And he is a fan of yours!

  • David M
    David M 5 days ago

    You should do Creep - Radiohead

  • Mine Ozdemir
    Mine Ozdemir 5 days ago

    Hi Puddles, Can you sing the 'Final cut"please.

  • lukas shawl
    lukas shawl 5 days ago

    were can i make a requests ? i think that you rock! you should try cindy laupers i drove all night, and make it your own. if i may be so bold. once again thanks for all that you give! 0.o

  • Steven Villane
    Steven Villane 5 days ago

    Please PERFORM Something from the Beatles. The year I was was born is when they were popular.

  • Ken Welch
    Ken Welch 6 days ago

    I like your style Puddles! I'm rooting for you on AGT man!

  • DopeDoge
    DopeDoge 6 days ago +1

    but why is he a clown tho

    • dschonsie
      dschonsie 6 days ago

      his parents were clowns, they fell in love and 9 month later a baby clown was made up. ^^

  • William White
    William White 6 days ago

    You said rain instead of rail. Still awesome I loved it. Keep being a Youtube star!

  • Meegan Checketts
    Meegan Checketts 6 days ago

    I love your audition on America's Got Talent it was really great and I can't wait till next time keep it up and maybe you'll be happy

  • ed duffer
    ed duffer 6 days ago

    Personally the song I would love to hear Puddles do would be Eric Claptons "Wonderful Tonight"

  • Glen Carne
    Glen Carne 6 days ago

    You ain't going nowhere. (please)

  • Gerald Winter
    Gerald Winter 7 days ago

    Great job Puddles! Hey have you thought of covering The Smith's Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get Me What I Want?

  • Hill Boston
    Hill Boston 7 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams 8 days ago

    You are only doing this for money and nothing else ! OMG

  • Beadwindow07
    Beadwindow07 8 days ago

    Trying to cover Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin is like painting a copy of the Mona Lisa and expecting anyone to stand around looking at it instead of the original.

  • Savannah Brown
    Savannah Brown 8 days ago


  • Fernando Nicola
    Fernando Nicola 8 days ago

    I am a fan!

  • simins inkorp
    simins inkorp 8 days ago

    on agt you should have had an empty bottle of scotch next to ur brief case i think it would have made it a bit better

  • tilda mae
    tilda mae 8 days ago

    I can feel so much pain in this. Amazing cover, really touching...

  • AWhisperSensual
    AWhisperSensual 9 days ago

    I actually found this to be one of the most amazing songs, I've seen him upload. I was so excited when I saw America's got talent! Finally someone interesting :-)

  • hardwire
    hardwire 9 days ago

    tears in heaven- eric clappton.

  • jimp72pa
    jimp72pa 9 days ago

    Stuck in my head all day at work........and Suspicious Minds was GREAT. Puddles I wanna hear your Cover Cold Kentucky Rain! Someday....I know you're busy!

  • Aaron Georgeson
    Aaron Georgeson 9 days ago

    You just passed Tim Curry as It and are now my favorite clown ever.

  • Lanun Lhungdim
    Lanun Lhungdim 9 days ago

    So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, blue skies from pain.
    Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?

    Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

    How I wish, how I wish you were here.
    We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
    Running over the same old ground.
    What have we found?
    The same old fears.
    Wish you were here.

  • eat bliss
    eat bliss 10 days ago

    I'm thinking it would be fun to hear you cover some of the Grateful Dead, maybe Uncle Johns Band, or Wharf rat, OR anything by Ween or Puscifer. You are extremely talented and I get this strange feeling that this clown thing is more than a mere gimmick. Am I right? Keep Rockin in the Free World! (not just advice, but a possible Neil Young cover. My God, the list is endless)😀

  • Angelo Tomasi
    Angelo Tomasi 10 days ago

    The jokes on us. That's a full-size guitar. Jokes aside, it was very nice. I like, I like.

  • Alan Rich
    Alan Rich 10 days ago

    I would love to see you cover Painkiller by Judas Priest.

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson 10 days ago +1

    This man is brilliant. Simply put, brilliant.

  • lescapoter
    lescapoter 10 days ago +1

    That voice... Give me chills on every song.

  • Banda No Way Back
    Banda No Way Back 10 days ago

    A great song in your voice could be "Down in a Hole" and "Hurt"

  • Andrew
    Andrew 10 days ago

    Puddles I love you man you should totally cover Alice In Chains down in a hole

  • rustytitanium
    rustytitanium 10 days ago

    one of my favorites Puddles. I feel like you got out of your normal realm with this one. Keep it up, we all lov ya.

  • Michael W
    Michael W 10 days ago

    Rock-solid rendition. May I please have some "Right Where It Belongs," by Nine Inch Nails?

  • kipperfeast
    kipperfeast 10 days ago

    Yeah, it seems that you sang "a cold sea rain" instead of "a cold steel rail".

  • Michael Hallman
    Michael Hallman 10 days ago

    Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar tissue

  • Volk Revel
    Volk Revel 10 days ago

    'Do it for Sid'
    No, please don't.
    Nothing is sacred anymore.
    Millennials must be the worst generation to have ever walked the earth.

  • irfanchooify
    irfanchooify 10 days ago

    nice guitar playing !

  • Sharon Edwards
    Sharon Edwards 10 days ago

    Puddles omg I love you!!!!

  • michaelwni
    michaelwni 10 days ago

    puddles be killing it

  • Henry Hubbard
    Henry Hubbard 10 days ago

    I know you've done a Tom Waits song recently, but have you ever considered doing Diamonds And Gold?

  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson 10 days ago

    So good. Loved your performance on AGT.

  • Marques Fogo
    Marques Fogo 10 days ago

    A m a z i n g !

  • Daniel Mitchell
    Daniel Mitchell 10 days ago

    You should do some psycostick

  • Ava Shank
    Ava Shank 10 days ago

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You puddles your amazing never stop you have an amazing talent

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