The Art of the Meal | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  2 months ago
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    Bill unveils his new book about our portly president: The Art of the Meal: 1001 Trump Fat Jokes.

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  • Runtime: 2:25
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Comments: 1 343

  • randomdefender
    randomdefender 2 days ago

    Typical how Trumpanzees laugh when people call Rosie O'Donnell and Michael Moore fat but get triggered and butthurt when people call their cheeto King Fat

  • Gregory Newell
    Gregory Newell 14 days ago

    Good one Bill loved it.

  • Lisa Pisa
    Lisa Pisa 20 days ago

    Of course, this is in fact true ... Trump is overweight, he has a heart condition, and these days his complexion doesn't look very good and he has bags under his eyes. Maybe he needs a little nip and tuck himself. So, I guess Bill Maher is just following the president's example and punching back with some truthful truth, which I happen to prefer over the president's "truthful hyperbole." But hey, it's a free country. The first amendment doesn't mandate good manners, quite the opposite. So now I get to say: our new president is rude, crude and ugly ... and guess what? The truth hurts sometimes. I wish our president would take steps to be more "presidential." I wish he'd do more to unify the country. I wish he really did "tell it like it is." Unfortunately, as the saying goes, "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Happy fourth of July my fellow Americans. Let freedom ring.

  • gcalasam
    gcalasam 26 days ago

    Killer Mike is right there, bro.

  • Melinda Crain
    Melinda Crain 1 month ago

    Yes Bill, yes he is, and that's one of his good traits.

  • thomsonfly645k
    thomsonfly645k 1 month ago

    I was wondering when someone was going to say this. I always thought he looked like a fat Turkey.

  • BeastNation2009
    BeastNation2009 1 month ago

    "he's FAT!!!"
    Scott Steiner would be proud. lol

  • Caswell39A
    Caswell39A 1 month ago

    Anyone struggling with weight, HEAR THE GREAT MAHER!!!! You should be mocked publicly so he can make more money! (Net worth 30 million and climbing by selling McCarthyism and tales of government not helping VA hospitals.)

  • Rumpel Felt
    Rumpel Felt 1 month ago

    This was purely just to show how Trump really thinks. The asshole has called women fat ugly pigs and you know it doesn't stop there. Along with grabbing pussy he's certainly commented on the weight of other women when he goes to "inspect" them at his beauty pageant. He's a fat fucking fat fuck! And I can just hear him thinking "no, only fat women are fat" in Peter Griffin's voice.

    • Bryce McNeil
      Bryce McNeil 20 days ago

      Rumpel Felt I found it!!! I found someone who got the bit!!!

  • Jack Rayner
    Jack Rayner 1 month ago

    I think those were bills worst jokes ever. I'm not talking about fat shaming, they were badly crafted jokes, just not funny.

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 1 month ago

    Reagan was fat, too. Big old belly.

  • Taylor Knight
    Taylor Knight 1 month ago

    Thank you for pointing that out Bill

  • Alan Morgan
    Alan Morgan 1 month ago

    mr Trump maybe fat but bill maher is stupid donald could lose weight

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      Alan Morgan - turns out you must be some kind of southern uneducated moron who would be stupid enough to vote for a orange coward.

    • Alan Morgan
      Alan Morgan 1 month ago

      turns out Maher is stupid and a racist plick

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      but trump won't lose weight because he's a fat fucking fat fuck.

  • Shen
    Shen 1 month ago

    My god, he looks uglier without that orange ass tan than with it.

  • Fals3Agent
    Fals3Agent 1 month ago


  • bryantppierce
    bryantppierce 1 month ago

    And he's getting FATTER.

  • jack carter
    jack carter 1 month ago

    imagine if maher made a joke about literally any woman being fat

    • jack carter
      jack carter 1 month ago

      and its 'wrong' when trump calls women fat but feeding time on trump

  • Bryce McNeil
    Bryce McNeil 1 month ago

    I don't think people accusing Maher of fat shaming, etc, are getting the actual depth of the joke here.

  • Alex McCleod
    Alex McCleod 1 month ago

    Anyone else see the reports the orange cream sickle is gaining more weight and becoming more and more isolated.  Mark my words this is what is going to happen.  Think back to history class and what happened to kings, emperors even as recent as Stalin.  Often times kings and emperors polices became further and further disliked and either had advisers, like Bannon and Kushner, the people started going against them.  They would further withdraw and start to see enemies everywhere becoming paranoid.   This is going to happen to the orange fool, several reports are he is isolating himself, he said the job is hard than he expected.  trump will either start a war for distraction   (let's hope not) or he is going to fall,  perhaps not into madness, but will start becoming unhinged, it has begun.  The orange tubby has already canceled a couple of rallies, which is where he gets his super power from, screaming trump idiots, and reports say he has withdrawn from several meetings with his family.  Does anyone not think that the slight from the French president hasn't affected him.  I'll bet this kind of slight never happened in business, don't you think he noticed the other NATO members mocking him behind his back, and he is dealing with the Russian probe.  Mark my words in the future we will see him in public less and less, and he will become further unglued.

  • Nashanta Stanley
    Nashanta Stanley 1 month ago

    And Trump is a Gamma male...!

  • Zachary Xavier
    Zachary Xavier 1 month ago

    0:28 the best moment in Real Time With Bill Maher history!

  • Alex McCleod
    Alex McCleod 1 month ago

    the orange antichrist is fat and his minions are fucking morons.

  • Man Cave TV
    Man Cave TV 1 month ago

    This is great 😂😂😂

  • Alex McCleod
    Alex McCleod 1 month ago

    So snowflake orange trumpsters, to answer your question is this ok, no probably not (but it is funny)  But before you get your panties wedged up you're cracks you must answer this first.  Did you laugh when he mocked the disabled reporter, what did you think when he talked about grabbing women by the pussy.  How about when he fat shamed many women and tried them as numbers by how they look?  How about his affairs, and for you religious types, when he mocked the Holy Eucharist and said he never had to ask for forgiveness.  Isn't mocking the Eucharist the same as mocking Christ Himself?  So the charges to all the horrible things the orange ass has said and done, then you can pull you're panties up into you're cracks about this video.

  • Vixxey
    Vixxey 1 month ago

    Anyone know Maher's Fat People Hate username?

  • Maria Yout
    Maria Yout 1 month ago

    Omg he has a big ass like really XD

  • shallwi
    shallwi 1 month ago

    He is fat, but at least he's not a muslim, homosexual or a woman

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      First off Bill isn't president so very little point bringing him upLets examine trump being a Christian.He has insulted the Holy Eucharist, which is the same as insulting Christ himself, this should be a nonstarter for Christian right away.  trump said he never need to ask for forgiveness, really even after cheating on his wives?  We have all need forgiveness I guess unless your name is trump.  He stole from small contractors by refusing to pay them, his own preacher said there was no record of him attending church since his first marriage until Christmas eve service 2016.  trump paid politicians to declare immediate domain on home owners in order to build casinos, hotels and parking lots.  he could not give his favorite Bible verse, there is more this is just a few highlighted nonChristian thinks he has done.  I still can't get over insulting the Holy Eucharist.So do tell, what has he done that suggests he is a Christian?

    • shallwi
      shallwi 1 month ago

      Trump is a christian, bill clinton lying - check, cheating - check, pussy grabing - check, have anything else?

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      Bill Clinton is a Christian so no I mean the orange fat fucking lying sack of orange shit you call a president.  Loosen your Pippi Longstockng brads so you can think straight.

    • shallwi
      shallwi 1 month ago

      you mean Bill Clinton? ok

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      no but he is a lying, cheating, pussy grabbing non Christian.

  • winter1235
    winter1235 1 month ago

    Bill keeps saying that ageism is the only remaining prejudice that isn't just accepted, but endorsed, then he contradicts himself by making tonnes of fat jokes. But I guess that's just what you could expect from a grumpy old fart.

  • Gusstavv's Stuff
    Gusstavv's Stuff 1 month ago

    HAHAHA!! Pope Francis agrees, he said Trump is fat on a more subtle way!! HAHAHA

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA tear him a new one Francis!!!!!

  • murdoc 7
    murdoc 7 1 month ago

    love it fat fuck

  • msteaguer1908
    msteaguer1908 1 month ago

    The Pope went there- "What do you feed him? Poszitta?

  • MrYamato97
    MrYamato97 1 month ago

    so this falls into humour category

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      got ya.  As mean as it may be yeah its funny

    • MrYamato97
      MrYamato97 1 month ago

      Alexis McCeod I wasn't supporting trump in any means, I was implying that this isn't funny at all

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      Glad you agree what trump said and did shouldn't be laughed at, but check out the video of the rally we have all seen it, we all know what happened.

    • MrYamato97
      MrYamato97 1 month ago

      Alexis McCeod if they actually laughed they are retarded

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      did it fall into the humor category when he mocked a disabled reported and his entire audience laughed?  How about when he was caught talking about grabbing pussy, I personally heard a lot of his snowflake followers laughing?

  • The Truthful Channel

    The same liberals who praise fat women "models" for "body positivity" are applauding this pathetic bullying.

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      So answer this did you laugh when he mocked the disabled reporter, his entire audience at the rally did?  Did you laugh when he was caught talking about grabby women by the pussy, or many of his other insults?  Tell the truth I'll bet you are still laughing at his remarks.  Maher is not running for president, what do they say paybacks a bitch.

    • Robert Koscinski
      Robert Koscinski 1 month ago

      The Truthful Channel: Shut up, you stupid snowflake Conservative! Go back to your safe space (your trailer in your trailer park) and watch Fox "News!"

  • Dipti Roy
    Dipti Roy 1 month ago

    not fat, healthy, I am rich. I own hotels. I have food in my house. u r fake news

  • Bobbi Rutlidge
    Bobbi Rutlidge 1 month ago

    Along with everything else he's fat! He's a fat fucking fat fuck!

    LMFAO I love Bill Maher!

  • Diane Pie
    Diane Pie 1 month ago

    You know... when we go after Rosie O'Donnell again - and we will, we won't stop until she kills herself, finally - we'll have this video to point at, if some fucker decides to bring the "fat-shaming" topic up.
    Thanks for the ammo. Cheers.

    • Diane Pie
      Diane Pie 1 month ago

      >No one is telling trump to kill himself
      Eh, I'm sure I can find someone telling him to do just that. Not that I care, this isn't about The Great Orange.

      >Don't try to go holier than thou
      I'm not - that's something you libtards do. I'm a shitlord, I know that. My point is that you're _equally_ as bad.

      >How much did you laugh when the orange ass mocked the disabled reporter?
      That's actually been debunked. Not that I care. I would like him way more if he _did_ mock the disabled cunt... but I can't resist pointing out that you believe in DA FAKE NEEEEEWZ (That's the single greatest fucking meme that this fat fucker produced... Or stole and perfected, rather. Either way, it's hilarious)

      You think I'm a Trump supporter?
      No. Fuck him. Fuck all politicians.
      I'm an anti-SJW, and it's a common SJW narrative that fat-shaming is baaaaaad. Well, Bill Maher disagrees and I have a video proof!

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 1 month ago

      No one is telling trump to kill himself, and no one really cares about O'Donnell.  Point at this video all you want Maher is not running for president he is a comedian.  Don't try to go holier than thou.  How much did you laugh when the orange ass mocked the disabled reporter?  Are you still laughing at that, willing to bet the audience at the rally is.  The president is supposed to set an example for the country not mock people,.  So answer why is it ok for the president to mock but such a thinned skin man, and his minions, can shovel but in no way can they take it?

  • Sudev Sen
    Sudev Sen 1 month ago

    Surwly you mean "weight-challenged"

  • Marvin Burkholder
    Marvin Burkholder 1 month ago

    Since we're talking about people's bodies let's talk about Bills huge jew nose. How does he see past that thing?

  • Justin
    Justin 1 month ago

    Wait you mean all that "hard work" he did has a business man didn't prepare him?

  • Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell 1 month ago

    ugh, fat shaming? really? it's 2017 ffs people need to accept healthy at any size

  • greywolf 18
    greywolf 18 1 month ago

    make obesity great again

  • ThatCrunkCoco
    ThatCrunkCoco 2 months ago

    "He's a FAT FUCKING FAT FUCK" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 never heard more elegant use of the English language in my whole live.

  • Pinky Mabinkie
    Pinky Mabinkie 2 months ago

    I like how all of the trump supporters here are trying to claim the moral high ground.

  • Melanie Thomas
    Melanie Thomas 2 months ago

    Bill Maher, thank you. Seriously. I've been wondering why no one has mentioned this yet.

  • Alex McCleod
    Alex McCleod 2 months ago

    trumpers don't get you're panties wedged up you're rears, the point isn't about his weight, but he is fat, its about a taste of his own medicine.

  • thunderhorse1003
    thunderhorse1003 2 months ago

    He who fights with little bitches should look to it that he himself does not become a little bitch.

  • that_pac12
    that_pac12 2 months ago

    This was just mean.

  • nabiddy badiddy
    nabiddy badiddy 2 months ago

    hahahaha I'm dying! It's sooo funny making fun of him because he's FFFAAAAATTT!!! Of all the funny things to make fun of this was the funniest, top quality TV right there! Next week can you make fun of him because he's old too?!?!

  • zachary Florick
    zachary Florick 2 months ago

    And again... Trump is just the spitting image of his voters...

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 months ago

    "he's a fat fucking fat fuck"

  • pat comerford
    pat comerford 2 months ago

    Finally, the F-word has been used, well done Bill Maher! Soon, very soon, he will discover that Chris Christie is his long lost twin!

    • pat comerford
      pat comerford 2 months ago

      Alexis McCeod, what is C C's IQ?

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 2 months ago

      impossible while C C is just as big as a jerk the orange clown simply can't compare to C C's IQ

  • rivr crse
    rivr crse 2 months ago

    Fat Fucking Fat Fuck

  • Lauren Told
    Lauren Told 2 months ago

    He's a fat piece of shit

  • Aurora Lupetti
    Aurora Lupetti 2 months ago

    I think this is well-deserved, given that Trump fat-shames women all the time. Even Miss Universe was too fat. So it was SO satisfying to hear Bill call him FAT. Because he is. Also stupid, creepy and about to be impeached...

  • Vote Classic Liberal and Save America

    Trump's so fat he wakes up in sections!

  • Lisa Nelson
    Lisa Nelson 2 months ago

    I Love Bill Maher and agree with him on just about everything. But not when he does the fat jokes. I've read that Maher is a health nut and good for him, but these jokes are beneath him. Trump gives us so much material to mock (and be terrified of), but his weight? Maher does this with Chris Christie as well. Their weight is the one thing that's not all that funny about either of these clowns. Maher doesn't seem to do fat jokes about women (or maybe I just haven't heard him). Bill Maher is too great a comedian to these.

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens 2 months ago

    Fat shaming (first of all he's really not that fat) and 2nd of all what is this the 3rd grade fat jokes how mature, sometimes I like Maher and other times not so much, he was right on the money about technology being the newest addictive drug and food being chemically additive you never hear anyone on tv dare say anything like that though fat shaming cmon grow up

  • Edward Ruthazer
    Edward Ruthazer 2 months ago

    Fat shaming Donald Trump is pointless. Not because he isn't fat, but because he has no shame.

    • Robert Koscinski
      Robert Koscinski 1 month ago

      Edward Ruthazer: But he has a huge ego and that's a hit to it!

  • biniam147
    biniam147 2 months ago

    search naked trump statue

  • S3R3ND1P1TY
    S3R3ND1P1TY 2 months ago

    This guy was my middle school bully.

  • Eamon Quinn
    Eamon Quinn 2 months ago

    Usually the Presidency eats the man. This time, the man eats the Presidency.

  • Kering Quesada
    Kering Quesada 2 months ago


  • Alex McCleod
    Alex McCleod 2 months ago

    OK all you trump fans, before you go off an on a, O its now it ok to fat shame tangent, please first explain something to me.  All trump's life he has insulted and shamed people for all sort of reason.  Trump insulted everyone and anyone, all the way to the  presidency and you fools worshiped him for it.  So before you go after Maher please explain too me why its ok for trump (after all you idiots voted for him).  I'm betting most of you laughed as he insulted the handicapped reporter and insulted women's looks on stage.

  • GorillaGuerilla
    GorillaGuerilla 2 months ago

    "Fat shaming" now, are we?


    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 2 months ago

      with all the people trump has insulted for their weight, looks, being handicapped (shall I go on).  Turn about is fair play.  He's a big boy he can handle a little criticism.  Well on second thought he's so thinned skinned maybe he can't

  • lananh coryer
    lananh coryer 2 months ago

    Donald Trump is fat , ugly, old man that's him ,  that's why PUTIN used KGB mentality to get him ...

  • Nate T
    Nate T 2 months ago

    I'm not a liberal but Bill Mayer it a democrat I respect. He is straightforward and doesn't follow the "political correctness" trend of the left. Respect.

  • KelvinClone
    KelvinClone 2 months ago

    Trump so fat he doesn't sit around the Oval Office. He sits A R O U N D the Oval Office.

  • Jay bird
    Jay bird 2 months ago

    Bill Maher looks like the old guy from Prometheus.

  • Nathaniel Navarro
    Nathaniel Navarro 2 months ago

    While i do concede that President Trump is rather one of the most unconventional presidents in American history, he is neither a buffoon nor a fool to the presidency. The media, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and so forth, are the true enemies of America in that they consistently criticize the Trump administration so intensely that they are not cognizant of the havoc they wreak upon American credibility with complete bias and pontification. They also do not offer any alternate solutions to the supposed legislative "flaws" that Trump presents. The establishment is not President Trumps worst enemy, it is the worst enemy of American liberty, of which the left states is "the right to do what we approve of". The Silent Majority will no longer tolerate the left's tantrums and hatred. To quote America's most profound and honored presidents...
    “From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia...could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.” ~Abraham Lincoln

  • Supreme-dictator-donald-trump

    Even though I like Trump this was a reallly funny segment

  • chris grammatica
    chris grammatica 2 months ago

    he got a dickdoo the stomach hang out further than the dickdoo

  • Hans Marheim
    Hans Marheim 2 months ago

    Trump is fat. so what?

  • Christopher Thomas Ashe

    whens he going to talk about islam again ?

  • Miguel De Los Santos
    Miguel De Los Santos 2 months ago

    Trump is the kind of person who gets hookers to pee on him and then gets them to dry him up with farts

  • Jesusarus Rex
    Jesusarus Rex 2 months ago

    Trump doesn't believe in exercise. He thinks the human body is like a battery and if you expend too much energy you can't get it back lmao. This is real.

  • S. Bakyhnh
    S. Bakyhnh 2 months ago

    "He's a fat, fucking fat fuck!"

  • Leap
    Leap 2 months ago

    How da fawk is trump president of the USA!?? Lol omg

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 2 months ago

      I hope your from America, if not that means the rest of the world knows we elected an orange freakin idiot clown.  O SHIT please told let this get out!!!

  • Dene V. Crystal
    Dene V. Crystal 2 months ago

    Ironically Bill, you say ageism is the last OK ism, yet you continue to spew these obnoxious fat jokes. I hate when you do fat jokes to Christy and now to Trump, though I still hate Trump more than your stupid jokes

  • Kuro Shinigami
    Kuro Shinigami 2 months ago

    Bill's giving it straight.

  • Christopher Montemayor

    Sooooo--- still think fat jokes are the most important thing Trump-related??? :D :D :D
    #SpecialProsecutor #SoMuchWinning

  • Luis Davila
    Luis Davila 2 months ago


  • Milly Smith
    Milly Smith 2 months ago

    sorry Bill, you are awesome, but I fail to see what his weight has to do with anything. You sound like a hollywood dick when you say shit like that. His attractiveness (Or lack thereof) has nothing to do with his messed up, shit circus of a Whitehouse we have to endure day to day.

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 2 months ago

      You miss the point, Bill is basically saying trump has insulted his was to the top his entire life, he's getting a little political incorrectness thrown back at him.  Trump prides himself on not being politically correct, there you have it.

  • poon likka
    poon likka 2 months ago

    Is this the same Bill Maher who said men cant be trustted in a group without a woman being present?...You go girl Bill!!! You are so "empowered" Bill.The very definition of a coward.......Bill.

  • Axel Ayala
    Axel Ayala 2 months ago

    It's funny cause he's fat..

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 2 months ago

      Trumps not fat he's just big boned, with a huge bone in his ass.

  • Xine Conti
    Xine Conti 2 months ago

    He's so funny!

  • Justin Bailey
    Justin Bailey 2 months ago

    Guess its OK to promote hatred against overweight people, as long as they're on the right.

    • Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey 2 months ago

      So then what you're saying is its OK for the left or in this case Bill Maher to slander, defame and promote hate toward a particular person or group, but its not OK for Trump to do it, is that what you're saying?

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 2 months ago

      did you laugh when he mocked the handicapped reporter like everyone at his rally?

    • Alex McCleod
      Alex McCleod 2 months ago

      Bill didn't say fucking disgusting fat ass, he said "fat fucking fat fuck"  And Yes your clown said things like this himself about women.  You are trying to split hairs its not going to work.  Bill did nothing more than the clown himself, his kneeling worshipers simply don't like their lord insulted.

    • Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey 2 months ago

      Slander, and intentional slander and slur are completely different from political incorrectness. Saying someone is fat, is politically incorrect. Saying someone is 'a fucking disgusting fat ass' is slander.

  • Carey Brown
    Carey Brown 2 months ago

    I love you, Bill!!!  Most of the voices in his head are chewing!! Spit my coffee out on that one. With fat free creamer, of course.

  • ko a go go
    ko a go go 2 months ago

    Trump is fat,But you are little. He can lose Wight.   But you well never be 6 foot

    • Aaron Pannell
      Aaron Pannell 2 months ago

      ko a go go bet you anything thay he doesnt lose weight.

  • ko a go go
    ko a go go 2 months ago

    Bill you are being trashed all over the inter net Hillary was shit trump is shit and ppl. stull voted for them, thy would you vote for shit . we did not see you at any rally's for Sanders .ppl. Voted for Trump because he said what thy wanted to here ..not go fuck your self

  • axnyslie
    axnyslie 2 months ago

    He's President Skroob "Why didn't someone tell me my ass was so big?"

  • Ms. Harris
    Ms. Harris 2 months ago

    one thing about Killer Mike. he is big, but he's not ugly, his tan is on point (Black don't crack) and he is a intelligent and nice man. not an ignorant bully. he can lose the weight but ugly goes all the way to the bone.

  • Paulo Sossa
    Paulo Sossa 2 months ago

    WIN! I got blocked from Donald Trump's FB page, that fat fucking fuck!

  • Dime Diva
    Dime Diva 2 months ago

    by reading the comments, I can tell that a lot of you are FAT...... if not, you would this offend you??? Trump calls people fat all the time..... laugh and move on to the next video..... geesh!!!!

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