Synthetic Life & The Science of E-Cigs

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  • Welcome back to SciShow News. We are working on creating organisms with a minimal genome to sustain life as well as researching what and how much we inhale with e-cigs.

    Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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    Synthetic Bacterium

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  • Bryce Sweeney
    Bryce Sweeney 3 months ago

    So that's where the Institute got the idea to make Synths. Abominations of science. Ad victoriam!!!!

  • Geometry Dash Superdude48

    20-25000 so fucking accurate

  • toasty DAY
    toasty DAY 4 months ago

    you get elevated, y'know, you just get motivated.
    i-it's like your fillin' each others lungs with that gud purp cloud...
    (if you get this you are a god)

  • bob bobo
    bob bobo 4 months ago

    what happens when the coils in a clearomizer get old? how long are they good for?

  • Corruption Gaming
    Corruption Gaming 10 months ago

    I want to believe this stuff, but it was on april 1st lol

  • Engin Yeğnidemir
    Engin Yeğnidemir 11 months ago


  • Jeoshua Collins
    Jeoshua Collins 11 months ago

    Did you know it is now illegal for Vape shop owners to discuss the health benefits of E-Cigs, to provide free tasting samples of various flavors to their customers, or to even _touch_ a customer's device anymore? This is what regulation brings, folks, and why we were fighting so hard against it. Stupid lawmakers who know nothing about what they're legislating, taking money from tobacco companies, and making up rules which only serve to protect the interest of their sponsors.

  • Darc Gibson
    Darc Gibson 11 months ago

    Goodbye God ;^)

  • Umi's Field Day
    Umi's Field Day 11 months ago +1

    I would love for you guys to do an in-depth episode dedicated to e-cigs. You've always been very measured and objective when presenting research on past quasi-polarizing topics; I'd very much appreciate your point of view.

  • moobashi
    moobashi 11 months ago

    Dirty blue gene

  • Bread Dead
    Bread Dead 11 months ago

    When somebody fails at saying Patras... Help me.

    • Kenneth Higley
      Kenneth Higley 11 months ago

      What's even crazier, is that doctors INTENTIONALLY inject antifreeze into the veins of their patients as a carrier for drugs that aren't water soluble and make asthma sufferers inhale it on a regular basis! Can you even imagine? ANTIFREEZE?! And even the food industry puts that shit into dairy products, coffee and carbonated beverages. How shameful.

      Of course, keeping in mind that the dangerous antifreeze component that you're likely thinking about called Ethylene Glycol hasn't been used for quite some time now and instead replaced with the MUCH safer Propylene Glycol in order to make antifreeze non-toxic.

    • Bread Dead
      Bread Dead 11 months ago

      I see that propylene glycol is in the e-liquid. That is also known as antifreeze.

  • Notnearlysodumb
    Notnearlysodumb Year ago

    yeah but 2% nic is pretty strong thats 20mg \ml more than most people r vaping

  • MisterSir
    MisterSir Year ago

    i heard this synthetic life was unable to reproduce..

    • SDD525
      SDD525 6 months ago

      +MisterSir Because they used DNA to turn a previously living bacterial cell's shell into a new bacterial cell. They didn't make their own cell, or some new form of genetic information.

    • MisterSir
      MisterSir 6 months ago

      +SDD525 interesting.. howso ?

    • SDD525
      SDD525 6 months ago

      It's more like semi-synthetic life.

  • Octal Decimal
    Octal Decimal Year ago

    "I'm sorry, we don't play god here"
    Homer: "you do nothing but play god here, and I think your octoparrot would agree"!
    Octoparrot: "Polly shouldn't be"!

  • socoolpoke1234 roblox

    I came here to say one thing. Fucking synths.

  • thesappergod
    thesappergod Year ago

    Maybe genes are not singularly functioning. Genes might be like single lines of computer code. It may take 9 specific genes in a specific order to make replication happen but 4 of those specific genes are also part of the gene code to create usable energy from a food source. That would make more sense to me than evolution mutating a single gene into one that is solely responsible for replication or energy production. Smaller mutations in genes that combine with other genes creating complicated functions is a more logical path in my opinion of course.

  • SebMeister
    SebMeister Year ago

    Yeah! JOIN the VapeNation. we're all about chasing the fattest rips! #gogreen

  • Enable Chaos
    Enable Chaos Year ago

    Vape Nation! \/\

  • A Skeptical Human

    I had a hunch it'd be Craig Venter at it again

  • Khorgan
    Khorgan Year ago

    what a load of BS. You guys no nothing about e-cigs and didn't do your homework

  • swagalina
    swagalina Year ago

    anyone else feel like the latter half of this ep was sponsored by some ecig company? don't sell out aranda i love you

    • Geiri
      Geiri Year ago

      +swagalina There is no "big vape". The market is shared by many small companies. I doubt any of them have enough money to be doing such things. If anyone is sponsoring anything related to e-cigs it is most likely the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies (they sell nicotine products). Its amazing how many negative stories there have been in the media considering that the science has showed that they do very little if any harm.

  • André Pina
    André Pina Year ago


  • Tusko
    Tusko Year ago

    Ad Victoriam

  • Holden Pierce
    Holden Pierce Year ago

    The hardest part about vaping is telling your parents that you are gay.

  • ThePowerExcess
    ThePowerExcess Year ago


  • Jenny Humboldt
    Jenny Humboldt Year ago


  • R.B.
    R.B. Year ago

    What a terrible name.

  • Treelight
    Treelight Year ago

    Created Life! Seems a bit too exaggerated. I would say: ' They successfully identified the most basic genes necessary for a creature to live, at least in a test tube'. No more. When we have an actual definition of life, we may then have that discussion again.

  • Luna
    Luna Year ago

    They're going to discover that vaping causes cancer.
    Mark my words.

    • Kenneth Higley
      Kenneth Higley 11 months ago

      I highly doubt it, but if they do, it will be the flavoring as the root cause. Nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine have all been extensively studied for inhalation risk and found to be GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

      The food grade flavorings have only been studied for oral consumption, not inhalation.

      That said, the question is not "are E-cigs as safe or safer than not smoking at all?", but rather "are E-cigs safer than cigarettes and equally as safe as the currently available pharmaceutical nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) options?"

      In that regard, preliminary studies indicate that they are no more dangerous than Pharmaceutical options and drastically less dangerous than smoking.

  • Sheldon Robertson
    Sheldon Robertson Year ago +3

    And why the hell do E-cigs need to be regulated. The market seems to be doing nicely right now. Prove to me that a statistically significant proportion of their users have been harmed, let alone as much as they would have been smoking actual tobacco and maybe I will entertain the idea of massive, expensive, rights trampling bureaucracy. Until then, government should stay the hell out of my consumption habits.

    BTW, I don't smoke or "vape" e-cigs.

  • I am Learning
    I am Learning Year ago

    What a load of rubbish.

  • Kristian Atanasov

    O synthetic life ha? Well I'm sure this won't backfire on us. No really, keep going it's ok there is absolutely no chance this will go horribly wrong in any way.

  • Evan Rey
    Evan Rey Year ago

    You're A Wioner. What's up,%yo? fire coast What do you think, guys? !!!

  • FakeBlocks
    FakeBlocks Year ago

    it's university of Pàtras.... not patràs

  • Raj Rohila
    Raj Rohila Year ago

    @SciShow the timeline that you provided on the atomizers is highly inaccurate...

  • Nicky Winters
    Nicky Winters Year ago

    No idea if this is real or not, it's April fools day, maybe if you were NOT a fool and this IS real you'd be smart enough NOT to publish this on April fools day...

  • Ravlen1
    Ravlen1 Year ago

    I feel like I just watched a promotional video for new electronic cigarettes cigarette technology, because that's all the second half was.

  • Panda Monium
    Panda Monium Year ago +2

    E cigs are a miracle! 3 years smoke free for me. And even if they do eventually kill me (not) it costs roughly a dollar a day, I feel great and I don't stink anymore! 3 cheers!

  • Kat T
    Kat T Year ago

    Who else gets goosebumps and incredibly happy whenever Michael hosts an episode??? *_*

  • Ben Hinman
    Ben Hinman Year ago +3

    Wait how are these 2 things related?

    • Selina Aguilar
      Selina Aguilar Year ago

      +Ben Hinman they're not; the segment is just meant to give a quick rundown on a couple emerging science stories XD

  • Jeremy Kimble
    Jeremy Kimble Year ago

    Can you guys do one on the other Chemicals used in some of these e liquids. A friend of mine smokes tons of liquids and I can't see how these new random chemicals mixed with nicotine is a positive effect on the body. My theory has always been these will turn out to be worse than ciggs cause of the chemicals used but haven't been tested enough for the fda to ban

    • Kenneth Higley
      Kenneth Higley 11 months ago

      Nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine have all been extensively studied for inhalation risk and found to be GRAS (generally recognized as safe). Furthermore, the FDA approved nicotine inhaler uses 2 of those ingredients already...nicotine and propylene glycol

      The food grade flavorings have only been studied for oral consumption, not inhalation. If there are any negative health effects, they will be caused by the flavorings.

      However, your theory is ludicrous. Cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals and 43 of them are known to cause cancer. There is a zero percent chance that vaping is more dangerous than smoking. There is, however, a chance that vaping is incrementally more dangerous than not vaping.

  • WatchForIce
    WatchForIce Year ago +3

    we get it vape!

  • Logan Vinson
    Logan Vinson Year ago

    gas is not equal to vapor, but journalist aren't equal to scientists either. great show regardless

  • meabn007
    meabn007 Year ago

    Ha! He said "anus"

  • Fragkoyiannis Savvas
    Fragkoyiannis Savvas Year ago +12

    Greek scientists found the way to smoke in the labs freely

  • Alastair Bond
    Alastair Bond Year ago


  • StealthLava
    StealthLava Year ago

    I'm sick of people smoking E-Cigs/Vapor-Pins in no smoking areas. (It may be vapor. But it is still technically smoking.) There is something in the secondhand vapor that I'm allergic too.
    They also have a lot of the same chemicals as cigarettes.

  • Karim Daly
    Karim Daly Year ago

    this is how the Geth started

  • Jordan Sinn
    Jordan Sinn Year ago

    So what you're saying is, my e-cigarette is alive and has 20 thousand pairs of jeans?

  • Lord Maxson
    Lord Maxson Year ago +1

    If we could make more advanced synthetic life in the future, could we use that to feed ourselves?

  • chuckbuckets1
    chuckbuckets1 Year ago

    j craig venter: one of the most amazing people of our time. elon too.

  • s241914
    s241914 Year ago

    Hey I like this host! Great job Michael!

  • Bobby Heap
    Bobby Heap Year ago

    I really want a cigarette.

  • Paputsza
    Paputsza Year ago

    I'm the one with the 20k genes and not the 25k like the others. All your extra genes are diseases. 😏

    • Alejo Tassile
      Alejo Tassile Year ago

      +Paputsza lol
      Micro Dna Cancer cells, Ovbiously

  • Shingo Tabuchi
    Shingo Tabuchi Year ago

    do cockroaches and spiders should exist???? plz

  • NotAkira
    NotAkira Year ago

    I just picked up the e-cig (vape) a week ago. Easy to give up tobacco straight away with this fun gadget!
    And with no nicotine in my vape juice.

  • Skinnymarks
    Skinnymarks Year ago

    can we have a video about the hazards of e-cigs and if they are really healthier for you than traditional cigs and what can be done to improve them so that they are better for you?

  • Allan Richardson
    Allan Richardson Year ago

    The title implied that there was a CONNECTION between synthetic life and e-cigs, not two separate stories in one video. Still, it was interesting and informative, even without featuring a bacterium that excretes nicotine.

  • John Kassa
    John Kassa Year ago

    really so we doing credits now

  • Kahi Re
    Kahi Re Year ago

    why human thinking is uncontrolled????????????????????

  • ( O_〉O)?
    ( O_〉O)? Year ago

    E-cigs are just as harmful as regular cigs, if not more.

    • ( O_〉O)?
      ( O_〉O)? Year ago

      +George Smith I did.

    • George Smith
      George Smith Year ago

      +( O_〉O)?
      the friendly smells ARE the only additional chemicals, and none of them as harmful as a small proportion of what comes from cigarettes.
      My home mix has only 4 ingredients, as do many of the commercially available mixes. Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine, Blackcurrant flavour and a dash of Propylene Glycol. The difference in e-cigs to normal cigarettes is a whole world apart (some 4000 chemicals and combustion by-products difference) so to compare the two like you have is like saying a bicycle is just as harmful as a truck, because they are both wheeled vehicles.
      Do some research before making statements like that.

    • ( O_〉O)?
      ( O_〉O)? Year ago

      +George Smith Seriously, look it up. The friendly smells & flavors are just there to mask the harmful chemicals.

    • George Smith
      George Smith Year ago

      +( O_〉O)? begone troll, no food for you.

  • احمد يونس

    aka the real zombie apocolypse :")))) lol (sarcastic)

  • bin1127
    bin1127 Year ago

    myoplasma genitalium hehe

  • noxxi knox
    noxxi knox Year ago +2

    it should be noted that the e liquid the scientists used was 20mg/ml or 2%, that would be quite a strong liquid in a basic low performance e cig, but in a decent tank with a decent mod, it would be considered ridiculously high, where around 6mg/ml or 0.6% would be considered a normal-higher strength.
    The difference is in the way it is smoked, most people vape a hell of a lot more than if they just smoked.

    • noxxi knox
      noxxi knox Year ago

      +George Smith
      on the flip side, i use about half what you use per day, but my concentration is about double yours, so it would roughly equal the same amount as you, just delivered differently.

      I do appreciate the information and the validity of the study. But its difficult to draw a comparison with normal cigarettes because of the different way in which they are used. My feeling is that the findings of this study are both useful and at the same time, highly prone to abuse. You have to wonder why they went with such a high strength liquid in the first place though, if not to produce the true yet unrepresentative finding of "clearomizers deliver more nicotine".

    • George Smith
      George Smith Year ago

      +noxxi knox That's bang on, well said.
      They haven't taken that into consideration, a "normal" tobacco rollie has about 1.4mg of nicotine in it, so puffing on a mod all day like I do would mean I would way overdose on nicotine if it were the concentration they used (hence why the study concluded the clearomisers delivered more nicotine than standard tabs.) for me that would be nearly 100mg of nic per day!!!! (~80 rollies)
      I vape my own mix that's comfortable to use all day and it's roughly 2-3mg/ml, I go though about 5ml each day therefore I get between 10-14mg of nicotine a day, which is about the same as smoking 8-10 rollies. (back of the box maths)

  • eggsack
    eggsack Year ago

    basically new tanks are the bomb.

  • Aniqa Faiza Shaliha

    isn't the pharmaceutical nicotine inhaler was made for people with asthma ?

  • Expat47
    Expat47 Year ago +1

    The ONLY problem 'governments' are having with e-Cigs is that they've not, yet, found a plausible excuse to tax the crap out of them. The stage is being set as some businesses and airlines have started banning them regardless of their having no known impact on people around the user other than perception and intolerance.

  • jhosioja
    jhosioja Year ago

    I don't know about the long term effects of e-cigs, but in the short term, there's been some testing in to the actual composition of the vapor and the chemicals it contains, and it seems like it's nowhere near as harmful as smoke. The propyleneglycol and vegetable glycerin mix that's used to create the visible puff of vapor is more or less the same stuff that's used in theatrical smoke machines. The unit is just a lot less powerful. Some study discovered formaldehyde in the vapor, but if I recall, the amount was comparable to cigs. There was also another chemical, the name of which I forget, that's used in flavoring of some brands, but isn't present in all, that causes popcorn lung. The lack of burn byproducts that are present in cigarettes, like ash, smoke, tar, carbon monoxide does make it a billion times better option on paper though. I've been using one for a little over a year now, and as an entirely unscientific subjective account, I can say that my lungs feel a lot better, and I don't get smoker's cough anymore. No doubt in 10-20 years we'll look back and think "How could we be so stupid to inhale that stuff?" just like we do with smokes now, but for the moment, it's a better alternative. It's also cheaper and less of a fire hazard.

  • Elfos64
    Elfos64 Year ago

    What studies have there been on the health effects of E-cigs compared to a pack of... analog cigarettes?

    • Kewl Beans
      Kewl Beans Year ago

      +Elfos64 not nearly as many but they haven't been around as long either...or at least haven't been a popular thing until recent years. apparently there was a patent in the 60s for one, but it never made it to mainstream use.

  • Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker Year ago

    why does flesh eating bacteria eat my dick

  • lobsterfork
    lobsterfork Year ago

    Take that you stupid troglodyte creationist!

  • BrannRay
    BrannRay Year ago

    He meant 20,000 to 25,000. Instead of having to say it out like that he just said 20-25,000. It must be an American thing because I've seen this comment numerous times under this video!

  • Marcus Armstrong
    Marcus Armstrong Year ago

    As someone who uses an e-cig (with the clearomizer, sometimes just called a tank), I want to point out one thing in their study:
    The test liquid that they used had 2% nicotine. The liquid that I use is 0.6% nicotine. This is one of the issues with studies on this topic is that not all liquids are the same. The most common "strengths" used are 2.4, 1.8, 1.2, 0.6, and 0.3% nicotine. I can't speak for overall popularity of each concentration, but the most common ones among my group of friends are the 1.2% and 0.6%. As for if the e-cig with this concentration delivers more or less nicotine than the other variables in this experiment can't be determined based on the information we have here. I have seen reports that go both ways.

    As a scientifically minded person, I need to mention that my perception of the most common concentrations is anecdotal. The purpose of this comment is just to point out that lower (and higher) concentrations of nicotine do exist, so the results of this study are not absolute.

  • Persimmon
    Persimmon Year ago

    This didn't seem to address the fact that e-cigs don't have a standard nicotine concentration. You can buy the liquid in widely varying nicotine levels, which will drastically affect the results. Makes it hard to compare to cigarettes and pharmaceutical inhalers.

    • darkfire090
      darkfire090 Year ago

      +Persimmon I think the study was focusing more on consistency (does it deliver the same amount of chemicals over time) rather than potency (how much chemicals it delivers over time).

  • Joshua Walters
    Joshua Walters Year ago

    April fools....?

  • Icyhate
    Icyhate Year ago

    lol i think the 30% of genes that they dunno what they do, may be a bootloader, like construction set and shit. pretty wierd that they cant see whatthey do but cells do do alot of shit so it would be hard to test each and every gene, maybe we can make a new more efficent verson of gene interpretation and shit. im pretty hype, gene memory managment and shit, well make clean and more efficient genes, hey who knows, we may be able to make new proteins that handle the gene replication and shit. this is a genes are the ultimate programming language

  • Wolf Man
    Wolf Man Year ago

    -micro-plasma -genital-Ium?
    Micro genital?

  • Dom
    Dom Year ago +1


  • Jatt2613
    Jatt2613 Year ago

    We get it, you vape.

  • Yousef Avarian
    Yousef Avarian Year ago

    talk about vaping 0mg nicotine e juice.

  • Rusty Mckinney
    Rusty Mckinney Year ago

    I would definitely like to see more on the science behind e cigs since me and so many of my friends use them.

  • Jan Eser
    Jan Eser Year ago

    it would be good to know why i always got chased by the dogs when cycling if you will.Thanks for the great videos.

  • sashablueperson
    sashablueperson Year ago

    So is this why e-cigs are more irritating lately? They didn't used to bother me that much, but now when someone uses them near me, I start coughing and it's very irritating. I've never had asthmatic symptoms before though

    • George Smith
      George Smith Year ago

      me neither, my asthma is way better since I gave up the stinkies for vaping.
      I can run without getting out of breath now and I vape A LOT.

    • MrFaitmaker
      MrFaitmaker Year ago

      +sashablueperson Odd... I haven't had an asthma episode since I started using the e-cig.

    • George Smith
      George Smith Year ago

      +sashablueperson that's funny because the main ingredient is the same as that of an asthma inhaler, or the base for common cough syrup.
      I smell a troll.....

    • kxtcx3iox2307 0
      kxtcx3iox2307 0 Year ago


  • The Truthful Channel

    The first part of the video is fascinating, while the second part is utterly stupid.

    • Kewl Beans
      Kewl Beans Year ago

      +The Truthful Channel your comment was utterly stupid.

    • The Truthful Channel
      The Truthful Channel Year ago

      +tomrl6674 I generally enjoy SciShow videos. I am expressing my dislike of the second part of this video. How difficult is that to understand?

    • tomrl6674
      tomrl6674 Year ago

      +The Truthful Channel but isn't your time for spending on things you enjoy?

    • The Truthful Channel
      The Truthful Channel Year ago

      +tomrl6674 1. Comment section is for critique. I was expressing how stupid it is to put 2 vastly different subjects in the same 4-minute video.
      2. I was annoyed by all the stupid people's "V A P E N A T I O N" comments. I wanted to respond to their stupid obsession with nicotine. 

    • tomrl6674
      tomrl6674 Year ago

      Because your not interested in it? Why watch or comment?

  • musicmetta
    musicmetta Year ago

    Why was this all one video?

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter Year ago

    just dont smoke

  • m1r4o
    m1r4o Year ago

    soon we gonna hear bout some mystery bacteria in africa that they have no cure for......................smh

    • David Stagg
      David Stagg Year ago

      +m1r4o Hate to tell you, but we already have a lot of those. I'd suggest you NOT google it unless you want a few sleepless nights. lol.

  • Thresh Prince
    Thresh Prince Year ago

    Hahahahahah they are playing god!


  • Big Mac
    Big Mac Year ago

    Wow this is a big deal.

  • MoolahNasreddin
    MoolahNasreddin Year ago

    Synthia is the old modular synthesizer! :D

  • Katz Pajamas
    Katz Pajamas Year ago

    More on both these subjects please! 👍

  • Chetan CK
    Chetan CK Year ago

    Will farts smell even worse than normal when we consume more protein rich food?

  • Drifter808
    Drifter808 Year ago


  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Year ago +1

    Still got a ton of info wrong regarding personal vaporizers. But it's a fast moving industry so it's easy to get behind. That said, your info on the current tech is at least a year behind.

  • Jared Montgomery
    Jared Montgomery Year ago

    I was interested in synthetic life. but e-cigarette are super fucking gay.

  • Godot
    Godot Year ago

    Kids at my high school smoke e-cigs.

    • Godot
      Godot Year ago

      +iReddSwagwalker oh that's what i

    • iReddSwagwalker
      iReddSwagwalker Year ago

      Oooh that's bad... I only vape them

  • Nihilism Squared
    Nihilism Squared Year ago

    What if we built a MECHANICAL cell?!

    • RedTriangle53
      RedTriangle53 Year ago

      so you are saying just make a little lump of metal? Already exists.

    • David Stagg
      David Stagg Year ago

      +RedTriangle53 But I think he means build it out of metal. Also give it guns and laser guided rockets!!! I want my mechanical cell to be the terminator of all cells!

    • RedTriangle53
      RedTriangle53 Year ago

      +Everything Explained A biological cell is already mechanical. The end.

  • Dan Cooper
    Dan Cooper Year ago

    what the study didn't explore is how much more of a douche you look like with an e-cig than with something classy like a pipe

    • flslowryder
      flslowryder Year ago

      +Dan Cooper They make e-pipes as well.. All shapes and sizes. ;)

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