Meet the Thirteenth Doctor | Doctor Who

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  • Tordsworld
    Tordsworld 30 minutes ago

    I don't even watch Doctor Who. I'm purely here for the drama.

  • Kinky Grape
    Kinky Grape 33 minutes ago

    at least it's not one of those third world ooga boogas :)

  • JT 625
    JT 625 44 minutes ago

    I wonder what the new tardis will look like? based on the video itself that tardis is just the cardboard cut out tardis with special effects, so we might get a new tardis ( that hopefully isn't just the 9th/10th doctor's tardis with minor changes )

  • Mitchell Bird
    Mitchell Bird 1 hour ago

    I've loved every Doctor on the screen in some shape or form. I am excited that they have cast a woman for a Doctor and I hope that she will do the role justice to continue making the series as fun and enjoyable as possible.

  • MetaKaios
    MetaKaios 3 hours ago

    Presumably all the dislikes are due to the senselessness of the hoodie.

  • hidden from ya
    hidden from ya 14 hours ago

    Haha I called it after the day of the Dr episode. I told everyone that either the new Dr would be a woman or the Dr after that

  • vampjoseph11
    vampjoseph11 20 hours ago

    still not ginger


    Cant be a girl. All the serie, 12 doctors, 12 MEN doctors. Cant be a girl. It eliminate the essence of the program.
    I just hope they dont add other things that would ruin the show, like a romance between the doctor and her companion.

  • Herbert Neal
    Herbert Neal 22 hours ago

    The new Doctor is cute

  • cwonin cucumber
    cwonin cucumber 23 hours ago

    Oh look we made it wamen

  • Charlotte Keys Fan
    Charlotte Keys Fan 23 hours ago

    Already my Doctor

  • Tom May
    Tom May 23 hours ago

    She's not a woman, she's The Doctor and no matter what gender or what form that takes The Doctor will always be The Doctor.

  • bearbolt
    bearbolt 1 day ago

    Why does it look like they green/blue screened her face and place it on a male body?

  • Delicious Taffy
    Delicious Taffy 1 day ago

    She's had literally ONE MINUTE of footage, and people are already crying about her "ruining" the show. What a bunch of reactionary morons.

  • Raina Dennard
    Raina Dennard 1 day ago

    I'm not annoyed with the Doctor being played by a female, in fact i'm more excited to see the doctors reaction to regenerating into a girl. But what really angers me is that the doctors still not a ginger...

  • Cherry Orsini
    Cherry Orsini 1 day ago

    Why almost the half of votes are negatives ? D:
    so then people have been very misogynistic still ...

  • maxcardun
    maxcardun 1 day ago

    And Rose and River Song got a look at this and said: Sorry Doctor you're just not the man I fell in love with.

  • Hyun-Kun Animations

    Why didnt they get Emma Watson instead

  • RooSin
    RooSin 1 day ago

    Can confirm they are removing dislikes.

  • nytmage
    nytmage 1 day ago

    fun facts only sexists start comments "i'm not trying to be sexist but..." .... if you are so against a female doctor you're a sexist its just a possibility you got you males from old to young now a girl steps into the role and you're hating ..... reminds me of the idiots that cried over 10's departure its a regeneration for pete's sake show me where in doctor who lore that specifically states the change must be of the same sex you cant its never been stated in radio print or tv not once ....we have seen 2 traditionally males becoming females .... if you cant handle a woman i hope your gay cause its 2017 not 1917 and women can be everything and have been from world leaders to doctors why not whine about how a nurse is male and a doctor is female why cause its sexist

    and honestly one day your hate filled heart will stop beating and the world will be better for it we are human not human males and human females stop self segregating your self in to bigoted groupings it just make you look stupid and us tolerant we for we have not exterminated your bigoted asses no one want another hitler THE most renown bigot who did kill people that he viewed as different

  • juliana arbillaga

    Oh heeellllll nooooo

  • Joshua Greymatter

    This could be like the 9th doctor and get 13 episodes then regenerates from some stupid thing

  • BaldingNwes
    BaldingNwes 1 day ago

    Her first sentence.
    What you think it will be: What i am a woman now?!
    What it should be: Nooo! still not ginger!

  • MangledKiller
    MangledKiller 1 day ago

    Everyone complaining about "a female being casted for a male role", the doctor has NO SPECIFIC GENDER. They never have! So stop complaining and give her a chance! It's 2017 for god sake! This shouldn't be a bloody issue!

  • Kamikazykid
    Kamikazykid 1 day ago

    The great thing about this show is that the people who aren't pleased with this doctor, for -insert reason here-, can come back in 1 to 2 years and have another shot at enjoying it...

  • James Reasin
    James Reasin 1 day ago

    So Doctor Who has surrendered to the mental sickness of the PC culture. I so enjoyed this show. I thought it's unparalleled success would protect it from the poison of PC sickness. Instead it's success is what drew that diseased idealism to it. It's success without rhe PC sickness was proof that unlike what the lcomvenfiomal thinking of liberal idealism wants you to believe, that mental illness is not needed or misssed.
    There is emerging news and entertainment media that is deadicared to ignoring the PC culture. I will spen my time there now. Doctor Who will loose its audience quickly now because despite the scripted celebration of this travesty, only the sick and deranged will truly celebrate this and then they won't even watch

  • Dan Dragon
    Dan Dragon 1 day ago

    Oh this is going to be fun.......Hehahahahhahahaha! 😆

  • Benjamin Shepherd

    This makes me SO happy 😊

  • Time Killing
    Time Killing 1 day ago

    i am so sad about it(

  • Fathom
    Fathom 1 day ago

    I don't get why people are so upset. They wanted the next doctor to be a woman, and so it's a woman. And I say that as someone who greatly opposes the SJW movement; I totally support this, as long as it doesn't end up like ghostbusters.

  • La Porta D
    La Porta D 1 day ago

    How do THIS many people dislike her as the new doctor?? You're all crazy man. I've been waiting for a woman to be a doctor since Tennant. I loved Smith and his companions, but this is long overdue.

  • Z zz
    Z zz 1 day ago

    NO! Not a Caucasian female! We need a mixed-race (black and hispanic, preferably) and also a transgender person to play Doctor!

  • Marisa Silverman
    Marisa Silverman 1 day ago

    this makes me unbelievably happy!

  • PasswordsFailMe
    PasswordsFailMe 1 day ago

    "It feels so forced! Why can't these things just happen organically?" It's been foreshadowed for years, guys. I don't know about you, but this feels perfectly organic to me. Maybe you just can't handle having to sympathize with a woman.

  • Jim Stanton
    Jim Stanton 1 day ago

    Somehow the British are as dumb and reactive as Americans... Oh no, a lady doctor! PC gone mad! Insecure, rigid and brittle worldviews that feel safe is boring. Just pretend Dr who got a sex change.

  • Phoenixem
    Phoenixem 2 days ago


  • KingdomCooperFan
    KingdomCooperFan 2 days ago

    A few things for those who are against the idea of a female Doctor

    1. It's been a topic of discussion as far back as Tom Baker's departure in 1981 and has since come up each and every time a new Doctor is chosen
    2. Tom Baker teased the press in 1980 by suggesting that his successor might be a woman
    3. John Nathan-Turner (then-showrunner) later confirmed in an interview that a female Doctor is a possibility
    4. Sydney Newman himself (one of the show's creators) recommended that the BBC cast a female Doctor in 1986 and fully supported the idea
    5. In the 1999 DW spoof 'The Curse of Fatal Death' the Doctor ends up regenerating into a woman (also the 13th Doctor, funnily enough)
    6. In the non-canon 2003 audio story 'Exile' by Big Finish an alternate version of the 2nd Doctor regenerates into a woman (played by Arabella Weir)
    7. Billie Piper, John Barrowman and many others who have worked on the show have supported the idea in the past

    Also, the groundwork for a gender-swap has been thoroughly laid out for years now
    1. The 11th Doctor briefly thought he was a woman after his regeneration
    2. The 11th Doctor once spoke of The Corsair, a Time Lord friend of his, who was at one point a woman
    3. The Sisterhood of Karn mention gender-swapping as one possibility when talking of regeneration with the 8th Doctor
    4. The Master regenerated into Missy, a woman, after the events of 'The End of Time'
    5. The General regenerates into a woman after being shot by the 12th Doctor

    And lastly, a recent quote from the 12th Doctor:
    "We're the most civilized civilization in the universe. We're billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its associated stereotypes.”

    So far, according to polls, the majority of fans support the choice of Jodie Whitaker as the new Doctor, including numerous actors, writers and directors of the show and former Doctors. Stephen Hawking, a life-long fan of the show (his favorite is Jon Pertwee) has also long supported the idea of a female Doctor (a bit of a random fact, but I think it's fun)

    Oh and in case anyone forgot the BBC officially renewed the show for 5 more seasons, low ratings or not, so don't worry yourselves so much about cancellation.

  • Sterling Stainer
    Sterling Stainer 2 days ago

    I don't know what everyone is talking about, I think Jodie will do an amazing job of the Doctor. Stop being sexist and let her do a fantastic performance, wait until the first episode with her to really judge. Thank you.

  • The Squealer Dealers

    I hope the 14th doctor is a city (preferably England)

  • Greg T
    Greg T 2 days ago

    Write something original, Write a new story line for a female Doc..... Don't turn the Male doc into a woman.

  • N8C8XX
    N8C8XX 2 days ago

    I think it's time for another 30 year Doctor Who hiatus.

  • Jack in Black
    Jack in Black 2 days ago


  • LinkZach 123
    LinkZach 123 2 days ago

    I honestly don't care if the doctor is a women. The thing is, I think BBC did it to keep up what's going on. They did it so they can't be called sexist and be hurt by the media. The thing is, what's going on right now is that the media of today is getting hurt by all of these protests and I'm not saying that the protests are bad I'm just saying that it's kinda bad for the media. And because of this people can't say opinions anymore because at least 1 person will find that offensive and with today that the media is trying to make every one happy, which isn't possible, will hurt them really bad. The thing is, the people of the world can't just complain about everything that goes agents them. If some one big and famous or a big group has an opinion, don't make you change the core of your creation. I like how nintendo kinda doesn't care about what's going on by keeping , for example link from The Legend of Zelda well, link! His expressions and story fit with him being a male and a male alone.

  • Uto- Pian
    Uto- Pian 2 days ago

    i dont want people to think that i hate women but if they add her it will ruin everything

  • Newminator
    Newminator 2 days ago

    More like nurse who

    And here come the feminists

  • Blob Blob
    Blob Blob 2 days ago

    See's a one minute video where the doctor doesn't even speak, "this is so forced, I wouldn't care if it was done more naturally but this feels like it is just feminist propaganda".

  • Rupert Stringfold
    Rupert Stringfold 2 days ago


  • Shelly Schutz
    Shelly Schutz 2 days ago

    Still shook 😮

  • Melanie Magallanes
    Melanie Magallanes 2 days ago

    damn 3k likes and dislikes

  • Cody James
    Cody James 2 days ago

    God Damn political correctness.

  • ShiteCommentz
    ShiteCommentz 2 days ago

    Watch this doctor have a black or lesbian love interest.

  • matty9460
    matty9460 2 days ago

    A female doctor will not save this show from the poor writing it's been plagued with since Moffat took over

  • Myfavenumberis3
    Myfavenumberis3 2 days ago

    I am not sexist. I myself am a feminist. I wish Jodie the best of luck, but in no way this "Change" will work out. What about River, is she going to become lesbian? And all the other relationships the doctor has had, what about our beloved Rose? Does she not count anymore. I just feel like the deccision to make the doctor a woman was a small idea that was not thought through.

  • Bobbie Mcdaniel
    Bobbie Mcdaniel 2 days ago

    You bring out the best in other people.

  • Andrew Hawcroft
    Andrew Hawcroft 2 days ago

    For the record, it´not only brilliant that the new Doctor is a woman, it´s also vital for the show. After all the male variations there have been, ANOTHER male Doctor with a ´´feisty female companion´´ would have felt stagnant and a step backward. It´s also pretty vital that Steven Moffat is going. It´s been difficult to embrace Doctor Who during Moffat´s reign due to his writing style and reluctance to tell simple, straightforward stories, although the odd one has crept in there. Peter Capaldi deserved better. All of this is why I wrote my beloved full-length DOCTOR WHO stage play a couple of years ago. (I´m a writer.) I had to write my ideal DW story, seperate from the TV series. It will obviously never be produced, but it was a pure passion project for my own volition. If anybody wants to read it, they can contact me on Facebook or Twitter (@WriterLad) with an email and I´ll forward it as a Word.doc. DOCTOR WHO can be magical when it´s written well, and in these times, it´s actually important to fight the media´s desperate perpetuation of negativity and fear to get ratings/sales. (The ´car-crash´ sales method.) We need wonder and fantasy.

  • Nocturne
    Nocturne 2 days ago

    Awww man, I just wanted Matt Smith to come back.

  • Jeffrey Denzer
    Jeffrey Denzer 2 days ago

    This isn't for equality sake, this is for supremacy , this show has been one of the best, but all good things come to an end.

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 2 days ago

    I can't wait for Doctor Who to return then we will be rid of these weak-knees boys who can't handle an already well established fact: the Doctor is a Time Lord, not a human, which means that he can change his gender appearance.

  • Uche Nweke Jr
    Uche Nweke Jr 2 days ago

    feminist propaganda or not, eventually they would have HAD to make it a girl, right?

    so whatever

  • Concerned Gamer
    Concerned Gamer 2 days ago

    Good, one less show to watch!

  • Leonidas of SPARTA
    Leonidas of SPARTA 2 days ago

    When they keep posting it cause dislikes

  • Supa Honky
    Supa Honky 2 days ago

    No thanks...

  • wolvie45
    wolvie45 2 days ago

    Guys lets have our revenge by making Lara Croft from Tomb Raider a man, Wonder Woman a man, because sjw replaces man with woman (wolverine with x-23, iron man with black teen girl, Doctor Who now female.) Instead of creating new character, sjw uses male characters and turn them into females or uses new character as replacement like x-23 as new wolverine.

  • Gerry Carrillo
    Gerry Carrillo 2 days ago

    So awesome !!! I so saw this coming months ago. About time y'all 😆

  • Wilfredo Rivera
    Wilfredo Rivera 2 days ago


  • The Anime Junkiez
    The Anime Junkiez 2 days ago

    It's about time we finally got some hot lesbian action in our Doctor Who show.

  • Kermit The Toad
    Kermit The Toad 2 days ago

    Very funny but April fools day was months ago.

  • Jcampion1
    Jcampion1 2 days ago

    Well, you know, 13 is the unlucky number.

  • Evangeline Blackert

    Let's judge when we actually see her performance. It doesn't matter Woman or Man. As long as she stays true to the show I'm all in. That's what equality should be. No woman is greater and no man is greater. It's about who has the talent and heart. (My opinion mind you, so I really don't want a fight. You can have a different viewpoint and that's fine. Let me have mine. Thank you.)

  • King
    King 2 days ago

    *Nurse Who

  • Colton Allgire
    Colton Allgire 2 days ago

    how dare they cast a human to play the doctor

  • Thee Silent Gamer111

    I see what they're going for but... it doesn't work.

  • DasTrev
    DasTrev 2 days ago


  • dunca135
    dunca135 2 days ago

    Did the feminists make you do this? Come on, be honest.

  • maxcohen13
    maxcohen13 2 days ago

    SWING and a miss.

  • JetStream195
    JetStream195 2 days ago

    Having a female doctor isn't being PC. Anyone upset by this is just an over sensitive biyotch.

  • J814
    J814 2 days ago

    I never really like doctor who that muchedumbre but what are they doing now an old man gender swaps to a woman really pushing those extra genders I need everyone to drop it to a 2

  • Millie Eddy
    Millie Eddy 2 days ago

    Will be interesting seeing a female play the Doctor :) wow!

  • Nick Zamora
    Nick Zamora 2 days ago


  • Mr Nye
    Mr Nye 2 days ago

    And I guess the doctors a lesbian now.

  • Jacob TheRamminLamma

    BBC is taking inspiration from thirteen reasons why... wait... is the doctor going to kill himself?!?

  • omegaweapon27
    omegaweapon27 2 days ago

    What's next a female Bond

  • My nick name is Rovi

    Maybe her new outfit is sexy.

  • This Lame guy and his cat.

    I like to watch controversial videos and agree or disagree with the comment section.

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes 2 days ago

    I don't care what gender the doctor is but if she is going to be a girl I would like to see a male companion

  • roguexxrenegade
    roguexxrenegade 2 days ago

    I think she's too young

  • Isaiah Christopher
    Isaiah Christopher 2 days ago

    wouldn't she technically be the 14th doctor including war doctor

  • Bennimarru
    Bennimarru 2 days ago


  • UncannySmile13
    UncannySmile13 2 days ago

    i wonder if the doctor is now a lesbian

  • Bratt Bratt
    Bratt Bratt 2 days ago

    We need to realize there are fans who just don't want the doctor to change that much (fair) and jerks who simply don't want a female because she's female.

  • PonyDubWubster
    PonyDubWubster 2 days ago

    Brought to you by the people who voted for Hillary.

  • Dalekchris Productions

    I don't get how this is any bigger a change than, say, 5 to 6 (quiet nice dude to arrogant egomaniac who strangles people for some reason) or 11 to 12 (young looking old man to old looking child) or 8 to War (nice forgetful romantic type to anger driven genocidal man).

    Like, how is gender somehow the special case here when the Doctor has changed age, personality, life goals, and every single physical characteristic (except penis) in a flash of light 12 times now?

    Honest question, what makes the Doctor becoming a lady any different than the Doctor becoming as young as 11 or as fun uncle-ish as 2 or as mild as 5 when 1 was an old mischievous patriarchal figure?

    Also, when 14 is ginger, is everyone going to have the same problem? "Well the Doctor has never been ginger before! Those GJWs are ruining my sci-fi!" (that's Ginger Justice Warrior btw) The Doctor has never been a ginger before either, so clearly Timelords can't regenerate into gingers. That's obvious!

  • Nathannnnnn
    Nathannnnnn 2 days ago

    women can't act.

    • Robobitch
      Robobitch 13 hours ago

      Nathannnnnn That isn't true, there are many great women that can act very well. Example, Scarlett Johansson, she is excellent as Black Widow in the avengers movies, Jennifer Lawrence was amazing being Katniss Everdeen (not sure if it's Deen or dean ) She played a young woman in a tournament where it's kill or be killed. So saying women can't act is a false statement

  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 days ago

    So male traveling companion then?

  • Dale Burns
    Dale Burns 2 days ago

    of course its a girl

  • Lucas Garrett
    Lucas Garrett 2 days ago

    Well BritBox is going to get a bump in subscriptions in 2018....

    I'm done after the Christmas Special.

    I wish these guys luck.

    They're going to need it.

  • ryan quigley
    ryan quigley 2 days ago

    seriously... grow up people just because Dr. who is a girl now doesn't make it bad just be excited we are finally getting another tbh i think this will open up a lot of cool dialogue and possibly make it even better than past doctors. Of course this is a nothing trailer and we have to wait until we get more or when it comes out.

  • Clay More
    Clay More 2 days ago

    remember, half the people here are from the Trending tab and they've never seen the show

  • 2good 2btru prod
    2good 2btru prod 2 days ago

    A Lady Doctor? More Like Doctor Do The Dishes!

  • Harambe
    Harambe 2 days ago


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