Future - Mask Off (Remix) (Audio) ft. Kendrick Lamar

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  • • Cosmo •
    • Cosmo • 5 minutes ago


  • Ricardo Nunes
    Ricardo Nunes 2 hours ago

    Kendrick lamar is a fucking god

  • Infehh
    Infehh 6 hours ago

    i thought this was fanmade SHIT

  • Amelia and sophie Are life acl us

    this song makes me wanna push a pull door

  • Mitch Walk
    Mitch Walk 18 hours ago

    Killer kendrick

  • PeteyLeeTV
    PeteyLeeTV 1 day ago

    Future really gives us soul music whenever he be trapping and I love it. Check out my "Mask Off" rendition, hope I did the original justice! Peace

  • MamboKid
    MamboKid 1 day ago

    iluminati confirmed

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 1 day ago

    that beat dropped hard

  • Compact
    Compact 2 days ago

    I hope anybody reading this has an amazing day ! If you have the time please check out my remix of futures track jersey , Feedback is greatly appreciated!

  • Johan Almeida
    Johan Almeida 2 days ago

    me encanta <3

  • Jeremy Salazar
    Jeremy Salazar 2 days ago

    platinum platinum platinum
    gotta look at self and ask what happened

  • ElectroMagnetic Games

    this song makes me wanna sleep without my sheets

  • Alex's snakes
    Alex's snakes 2 days ago

    Kung fu kenny

  • Treasure Robinson
    Treasure Robinson 2 days ago

    if you don't your song to be stolen don't let Kendrick or jcole in it

  • Pen_mir
    Pen_mir 2 days ago

    check out my mask off video

  • Fritzy Aquino3491
    Fritzy Aquino3491 2 days ago


  • Mehmet Ablak
    Mehmet Ablak 2 days ago

    Reynmenden Gelenler +1

    BRUNOGEMER 3 days ago

    como cuando escuchas esta cancion en gta v online y la buscar en youtube :v

  • Josue Bonilla
    Josue Bonilla 3 days ago

    I got HALO 🎶🎶🎧🎶🎶

  • NightMare Shadow
    NightMare Shadow 3 days ago

    Chase a chick never chase a bitch

  • NightMare Shadow
    NightMare Shadow 3 days ago

    make a DJ song this

  • NightMare Shadow
    NightMare Shadow 3 days ago

    make a DJ song this

  • Lucario Gardevoir
    Lucario Gardevoir 4 days ago

    kendrick made me turn my stereo all the way

  • Basic Lush
    Basic Lush 4 days ago

    Yall sayin his flow is wack on this one...but he still gave this meaningless ass song a purpose. Are you mad cuz he can lyrically destroy all these trappin ass niggas in the game rn?

  • Desariah Geigel
    Desariah Geigel 4 days ago

    mommy Percocet Molly Molly Percocet Molly Percocet Molly Molly Percocet I'm cuz I'm a kid

  • Desariah Geigel
    Desariah Geigel 4 days ago

    desariah Geigel

    SAMIHA BULBUL 4 days ago


    APURV KIRTI 4 days ago

    nigga i go commercial

  • Dro tho
    Dro tho 5 days ago


  • nicolas gatica
    nicolas gatica 5 days ago

    2:48 So K-dot went all eminem 🔥🔥

  • Hamza Benouis
    Hamza Benouis 5 days ago

    Smoke 10 cigarettes in one take

  • edward sanders
    edward sanders 5 days ago

    I'm sorry. But these 2 don't even sound right together

  • Abhyuday Gaur
    Abhyuday Gaur 5 days ago

    Kung Fu Kenny at 1:55
    You're Welcome.

  • Annah Miller
    Annah Miller 6 days ago

    That moment when u realize the video length is 4:20😂🚬

  • Francisco Fontal
    Francisco Fontal 6 days ago

    i got a halo

  • Besi Kakuli
    Besi Kakuli 6 days ago

    This Remix makes me think Hendricks Lamar 🔛

  • tim Rodriguez
    tim Rodriguez 6 days ago

    my fav. part is Kendrick

  • Jim C
    Jim C 6 days ago

    Captured an ancient sound. Would love to hear this blasted from the highest Mineret in Arabia. Full of mysticism and sorrow somehow. Brilliant and bright. Hurts my heart and fills it after. Well done and thank you.

  • AEyEzEeEnLUL
    AEyEzEeEnLUL 6 days ago

    i love kendrick, but this is garbage

  • zorrothiara
    zorrothiara 6 days ago

    I didn't like this. Fuck Kendrick.

  • _ Insanegamer556
    _ Insanegamer556 6 days ago

    Better with kunfo Kenny in it

  • Zapran
    Zapran 7 days ago

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn kendrickkkk

  • Ait Abdellah Karim
    Ait Abdellah Karim 7 days ago

    Now Iam going to arrest a COP

  • Jonathan Costa
    Jonathan Costa 7 days ago


  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams 7 days ago

    jeese wow this made the song far better

  • Classic King
    Classic King 7 days ago

    this song make me wanna start robbing bank

  • zsombor varga
    zsombor varga 7 days ago

    hrvt jns

  • Katie
    Katie 7 days ago

    This the type of stuff you put on repeat. Kendrick was a rap god in this song and Future was sort of like that piece of dust on my table... let's just say he was very insignificant.

  • Vincent Esteban
    Vincent Esteban 7 days ago

    "I level up everytime God say so"

  • Jorgelina Gómez
    Jorgelina Gómez 7 days ago


  • Queen Cherry
    Queen Cherry 8 days ago

    I LOVE REMY MA VERSION BETTER The only good thing about thi version is KENDRICK future weak

  • YoungJ Vasquez
    YoungJ Vasquez 8 days ago

    Song made me rewind my life

  • Jax
    Jax 8 days ago

    Türk varmı lo :d

  • Percocet Molly
    Percocet Molly 8 days ago

    wtf is Lamar talking bout

  • Mmoto Tz
    Mmoto Tz 8 days ago

    kendrick lamar is full of rhymes..his style is damn good

  • Ümitcan Şugüneş


  • animu faggot
    animu faggot 8 days ago

    this song shit

  • Kennith Wad
    Kennith Wad 8 days ago


    this is for me to click every time I come back.

  • Chicken Boy
    Chicken Boy 9 days ago

    Honestly as soon as kendrick started rapping everything just got so hype!

  • Sisters Forlife
    Sisters Forlife 9 days ago

    this song is good

  • Shaw mohíno
    Shaw mohíno 9 days ago

    pero que cojones, el kidkeo vive de ideas recicladas xD no me jodas

  • Marcell Seilinger
    Marcell Seilinger 9 days ago

    "Take the mask off so you can see"
    what a legend

  • Jacques Jackal
    Jacques Jackal 9 days ago

    royce killed the remix far better than lamar

  • Gabriëlla van der Veen

    this is a good number

  • Frisky
    Frisky 9 days ago

    Future + Marshmello + Kendrick Lamar = Boom!!! <3

  • Jacob Perlmutter
    Jacob Perlmutter 10 days ago

    This song makes me want to shhhh my Liberian😂

  • Thenewkidrapper986543 As eminemboy

    Eminem Would Kill This

  • Sylvia Miller
    Sylvia Miller 10 days ago

    This remix with K. Lamar revived this song!  ....she say she broke down when Prince died!.....

  • Ramandeep Sharma
    Ramandeep Sharma 10 days ago

    lamar is on fucking fire . 👌💪💪

  • hey this is khoi I love Williams

    I love your viedo you ere you famsi

  • gabriela soto
    gabriela soto 11 days ago

    i play the song evey day

  • Osiel Lopez
    Osiel Lopez 11 days ago

    Kendrick fucked it up who wtote it for him

  • Froggy and yo Boy
    Froggy and yo Boy 11 days ago


  • Papi Guss
    Papi Guss 11 days ago

    kendrick remix on classic man was the best remix he ever done..

  • Trollear 845 YT
    Trollear 845 YT 11 days ago

    suscribansen a mi canal porfa

    SARAH VIEUXFORT 11 days ago


  • Billy Boy5
    Billy Boy5 11 days ago

    This song makes me want to eat my water and drink my food

  • lil king
    lil king 12 days ago


  • Yeee The E
    Yeee The E 12 days ago

    Song is 420

  • Carlton C
    Carlton C 12 days ago

    kendrick is the son of 3000.

  • SabrinaYeahYeah
    SabrinaYeahYeah 12 days ago


  • Madison Murray
    Madison Murray 12 days ago

    this remix is lit but I like the regular song

  • Sexci Shara Ellington


  • joacquin mcrae
    joacquin mcrae 12 days ago

    Kendrick is ill! I wanna hear a Kendrick/ 3 Staxx

  • P Z
    P Z 12 days ago

    This song makes me wanna hit dem folks when I'm a white dude

  • Bautista bottari
    Bautista bottari 13 days ago

    like si sos argentino

  • jaessamCOD
    jaessamCOD 13 days ago

    maldito maduro

  • István Kovács
    István Kovács 13 days ago

    What is the sample at the end?

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 13 days ago

    This song made me wanna rob my own life.

  • JT
    JT 13 days ago

    Fuck yes Kendrick on this

  • lulu sammy
    lulu sammy 13 days ago

    music video taking a mask off continuously

  • Donavon Mccann
    Donavon Mccann 14 days ago

    it's 4:20 long

  • King JJ
    King JJ 14 days ago

    He tough

  • King JJ
    King JJ 14 days ago

    Kendrick tough

  • Ryan Konecny
    Ryan Konecny 14 days ago

    kendrick is a shell of his former self. he has sold out. it started w taylor swift, but now future? this song is fun but it is ignorant and fake. apparently kdot thinks rapping about imaginary drugs and violence is cool now. O how the mighty have fallen.. is there any voice of reason in hip hop anymore?

    JD SIRROM 14 days ago

    Kendrick abducted this song.

  • Puttem2rest Is lit
    Puttem2rest Is lit 14 days ago

    Hell yeah this is my jam now😁

  • Ben Drowned
    Ben Drowned 15 days ago

    Uh, I got a halo
    I level up every time God say so
    Shooter on payroll
    Lookin' like Pancho, lookin' like Pedro
    Money tree from Tarzan
    Ten dividends gon' grow when I say "grow"
    Kung Fu Kenny with the Midas touch
    Ain't no penny that I don't touch
    All my enemy bite on dust
    Ain't no talkin' when it's fatal
    Havin' heart, I can't tell
    Half of y'all might need help
    I might fall in Rodeo (bitch)
    I might ball in Australia (say no more)
    I might call her for real (say no more)
    All the ass gon' unveil
    Wind blows in the windows
    And I snuck in when the vent close
    She copy like 10-4
    Know who we sent for
    Platinum, platinum, platinum
    Gotta look at self and ask what happened
    How y'all let a conscious nigga go commercial
    While only makin' conscious albums?
    How y'all let the braids on TV?
    How y'all let the hood at the table?
    Now y'all don't even know how to rate him
    Niggas lookin' like I'm a created player
    Everybody who didn't pay respect
    Gotta 'fess up now and pay ya debts
    Gotta lay somethin' down if makin' threats
    Gotta say somethin' now, don't hold ya breath
    I mean, I'm floatin', I got the sauce, got the potion
    I got 'em all in convulsions and emotions
    I put careers in negotions
    And put the body in the ocean
    I made an oath when my nigga told me to go in
    Then he died on a cold bench
    All my old friends livin' life on a slow end
    Gotta keep shit rollin', it's deep (it's deep)
    I done fucked so much, I can't sleep
    I done fucked so much, I'm retired (swear to God)
    I'm 'bout to live my life through Dave Free (swear to God)
    She said she broke down when Prince died (it's alright)
    Bitch, my hair down, Prince live through me (I am Prince)
    Get your ass up and be inspired (get inspired)
    You know how many bodies in the street? (how many?)
    Take the mask off so you can se

  • Andria Delgado
    Andria Delgado 15 days ago

    Go home future the present's name's kung-fu K! 🐸🐣😎😆✌️

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