Tina Fey Full Speech (Jon Hamm Opens) at Women in Entertainment 2016 | THR

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  • Benjamin Stone
    Benjamin Stone 15 days ago

    Hm. Mark Twain ain't what he used to was.

  • Ben G
    Ben G 26 days ago

    But the hardest thing is to say NO when you are just starting and you are hungry. and this just does not apply to women.

  • MakoBeauty
    MakoBeauty Month ago

    whenever i see tina holding an award all i hear is "i'll cut your face up so bad you'll have a chin. YOU'LL ALL HAVE CHINS!"

  • nina moore
    nina moore Month ago

    24:16 — Why do women wear shoes they can barely walk in?

  • Sonja Dawn
    Sonja Dawn Month ago

    YES YES YES to the golden girls reboot!

  • Loy G
    Loy G Month ago

    Skip the first 6 mins.

  • Farah Tiffani
    Farah Tiffani 2 months ago


  • Edmond Lam
    Edmond Lam 2 months ago

    looks like someone was slowly poisoning sally field lolll

  • BrittMurray Little
    BrittMurray Little 2 months ago

    This is why I love her❤️

  • Julie Anderson
    Julie Anderson 3 months ago

    Well that dragged on forever

  • Arnuuld
    Arnuuld 4 months ago

    She's getting older but still funny as so fine :)

  • Ten Kun
    Ten Kun 4 months ago +2

    Trumping is a word now!!!! hahahahahaha fantastic Tina Fey

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts 4 months ago +1

    Tina Fey lost all my respect. She used to be up there with Amy Poehler but now she reminds me of a witch.

  • Smartass012
    Smartass012 4 months ago

    if pro-lifers were really anti woman they be for stem cell research. right know we grow organs and meats in jars soon we will be able to grow entire babies in jars and we can finally free society of our parasites

  • redblackshirt
    redblackshirt 4 months ago +1

    What was the comedy show she was talking about?

    • Patrick
      Patrick 4 months ago

      Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - NBC rejected the pilot, and it went to Netflix

  • 1960jack
    1960jack 5 months ago +1

    Tina still rocks!

  • frank aden
    frank aden 5 months ago

    She is such a role model

  • Borj Bayot
    Borj Bayot 5 months ago

    who's john hamm? super corny

  • riskinhos
    riskinhos 5 months ago

    tina fey @6:06

  • Rex Strother
    Rex Strother 5 months ago

    Basement LuPones!

  • winesap2
    winesap2 5 months ago

    She's definitely a lot more than PBS pretty. I've had a crush on this woman ever since I started watching 30 Rock. She's hot! Partly because she's hilarious, but also because she's hot.

  • Gemma Pettersen
    Gemma Pettersen 5 months ago

    The brown hair bit is great because it's a major pet peeve of Tina's

  • Grant Witham
    Grant Witham 5 months ago +1

    SMART & FUNNY; speak on and up TINA!

  • Paola Colitto
    Paola Colitto 6 months ago +1

    Love tina fey...you are the package...witty, hilarious, smart... and you like women ...and support women...you get it and you'll be around for a long time.

  • V Paea
    V Paea 6 months ago +1

    "... Start talking about how black people are funnier than white people." She slay.

  • lil angel
    lil angel 6 months ago


  • mansoor ahmad
    mansoor ahmad 6 months ago

    A true man is a true friend. Plus it does not hurt if you also have a face like Jon Hamm.

  • Harry Haller
    Harry Haller 6 months ago

    The day will soon be here when Fey will have the tables turned on her. It always happens to "these" type of Hollywood people. The "other" type of Hollywood people will take her off that pedestal that she believes she is entitled to.

  • Jacqueline Lane
    Jacqueline Lane 6 months ago

    was that dig about not fucking John Mayer directed at Taylor Swift!

  • Jacqueline Lane
    Jacqueline Lane 6 months ago

    just the fucking best. love you tina!

  • Cara Parrish
    Cara Parrish 6 months ago

    Who is here out of a sheer love for Fey and her work with Autism Speaks?

  • Raphaela Wimmer
    Raphaela Wimmer 6 months ago

    you see Tina walking away in the 30 rock pilot😅

  • Niki Stahlberg
    Niki Stahlberg 6 months ago +2

    Okay, yes. So obviously Tina would play Dorothy, Maya would be Blanche, Amy and Dratch could arguably either play Rose and either play Sophia, but I'm thinking Amy for Rose and Dratch for Sophia, just cause Dratch can be a bit more dry than Amy, and Amy can play sweet really well. Kristen would make guest appearances as one of their daughters, probably Dorothys'. And also I'm thinking it'd be really funny if Will Arnett played Stan, even though Tina obviously wasn't married to him it would be a funny gag for him to play an ex husband. In a perfect world I would want Seth to play Miles, but that's just me being selfish of wanting to see Seth and Amy work together again.. AND I have officially spent way too much time thinking about something that will never happen so bye everyone have a great day.

  • AF A
    AF A 7 months ago +2

    I am speechless! What an intelligent and unpretentious woman!

  • Harshita chaudhary
    Harshita chaudhary 7 months ago

    I could listen to her all day long

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson 7 months ago

    I really appreciate her genuine acknowledgements of Megan Kelly's work challenges and the solidarity she is showing.

  • Ania D
    Ania D 7 months ago

    6:30 for people wanting to skip the bullshit opening...

  • memekodd
    memekodd 7 months ago

    He was so unhinged in that presentarion that maybe his appearance reflected a little too much late night and not enough preparation.

  • Hugh McAloon
    Hugh McAloon 7 months ago

    Who knew JOn Hamm was so funny? Too bad the room wasn't warmed to him. ... Ms. Fay: ALWAYS a hoot. Thanks for sharing!

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 7 months ago

      Most people with a fairly sensible sense of humor.

  • Jeanie Fedotov
    Jeanie Fedotov 7 months ago

    "It's a great time for women in comedy!" Yes, Tina it is.... for women who are actually comedically entertaining. They are the ones who don't have to put their heads down in despair like you have, because unlike you, they're funny.

  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor 7 months ago

    Could not be more in awe of her.

  • Breeda Kennedy
    Breeda Kennedy 7 months ago

    Bravo, Tiny, bravo.

  • blognewb
    blognewb 8 months ago +2

    *GOD. Tina is so current. So accurate. TRIGGERING is the term, correct.*

  • Elisa Samantha Tobing
    Elisa Samantha Tobing 8 months ago +2

    forever my Rockstar... :)

  • Bob Trower
    Bob Trower 8 months ago +5

    Like most extremely talented people, this woman sets a very high bar, but she makes it look easy somehow. I am a big fan and am so glad my daughters can see such an example of a woman who succeeded on her own terms without sacrificing any of her feminine charm.

  • didierrnt
    didierrnt 8 months ago

    love it

  • Andrew Glines
    Andrew Glines 8 months ago +2


  • Raíssa Oliveira
    Raíssa Oliveira 8 months ago +5

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is AWESOMEEEEEEEE <3

  • Tilweseetheshore
    Tilweseetheshore 8 months ago +1

    Anyone notice how the screen goes red at 21:26 ??

  • Amy Hackmer
    Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

    wow, I just saw the last part of the vid.......so, hey, you guys---Tina Fey wants to help other women get jobs in HER industry!

    To all the mind numbed Josie Grossies and male ones, thanks for giving the ultimate Never Been Kissed unfunny ogre of all time a place in Hollywood as a "mogul". #mediocrityintinseltown (not that all Albanians are Josie Grossies....but Tina Fey is a dead ringer for one)

  • Nadine Schandry
    Nadine Schandry 8 months ago

    *Mic drop

  • Alen_Egre T
    Alen_Egre T 8 months ago +1

    Love her!!!

  • elizabeth rhoades
    elizabeth rhoades 8 months ago +2

    This is wonderful! Congrats to Tina!!!

  • chas ames
    chas ames 8 months ago +10

    If Hollywood wants a Golden Age, it will give her all the money
    and tell her to make a show a year.

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago

      Also Chas Ames says to me EVERYONE is paid what they're worth.

  • ExireHG
    ExireHG 8 months ago


  • Concelhaut
    Concelhaut 8 months ago

    triggering lol

  • Ali Akbar
    Ali Akbar 8 months ago +1

    she's insufferable!

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander 8 months ago

    Ill gladly hold their handbags/toiletry items on set to be part of a Golden Girls reboot. Yes Please!

  • Iain Brown
    Iain Brown 8 months ago +2

    she's great

  • Syareza Tobing
    Syareza Tobing 8 months ago +7

    All Female Hitler Biopic
    Yes please

  • gigglyme2001
    gigglyme2001 8 months ago +1

    I love the mocking of the obnoxious celebrity "go vote!" Videos. 😂

  • Jeanie Fedotov
    Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago +2

    Guys and gals, I just want to ask you: how is Tina Fey funny to you? No snark, no attitude, I just want your op. thanks

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 7 months ago

      I'm actually genuinely concerned for your mental health. Please, get some professional help. I'm completely serious. I really hope you get help after you keep telling me I'm crazy for calling out unfunny hacks. Who are you? Tina Fey? Her husband? Sad. I'm super duper concerned. I really am :(

    • Rhi W
      Rhi W 7 months ago

      I'm actually genuinely concerned for your mental health. Please, get some professional help. I'm completely serious.

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 7 months ago

      Oh yes, let's make fun of schizophrenics and the rest of the mentally ill. Do you realize how fucking dumb you are when you say shit like that?

    • Rhi W
      Rhi W 8 months ago

      Jeanie Fedotov and Amy Hackmer are the same person. She had to create another persona on here just to have someone agree with her. She's a severely deluded schizophrenic and needs to get some serious help.

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

      you're saying, "opinions don't assign a head writer .." I think that is the second dumbest thing you said so far ... besides "people are paid what they are worth" Are you just joshing with me??

  • Katie Vasquez
    Katie Vasquez 8 months ago +2

    Very Liz Lemon haha

  • Damanjit Singh
    Damanjit Singh 8 months ago +3

    LMAO @ The game of thrones guy reference

  • Celeste DeCamps
    Celeste DeCamps 8 months ago +16

    Tina Fey = Powerful Woman

  • Liz
    Liz 8 months ago +10

    Oh my gosh Jon Hamm is so cool! I love how well they get along!! They are funny in very different ways, I luv it!

    • getgueti
      getgueti 7 months ago

      who hurt you?

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago

      ...makes me almost laugh at the fakery on here. #marketingclout

  • quoc0dile
    quoc0dile 8 months ago +2

    Is Tina the voice of Walgreens? Was that plug? LOL, oh classic Tina.

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 8 months ago +5

    And that's how you drop the mic.

    • Flenif2247
      Flenif2247 8 months ago

      He needs to drop his pants. Then we will see his real and big talent. lol

  • Cinesnatch
    Cinesnatch 8 months ago +4

    What a boss.

  • blognewb
    blognewb 8 months ago +7

    *Yay Caucasian women. Iconic.* :|

    • blognewb
      blognewb 8 months ago

      +citronm1 You over analyzed a fucking 4 word comment. You need to calm your pussy down. I'm no millennial. Have a seat.

    • citronm1
      citronm1 8 months ago

      I know who Joanne the Scammer is but what you wrote is still wrong. I trust you are young so I'll go out on a limb and let you know that context is important honey.
      Unless you really want a fight, you don't go on a video about a person and insult them.
      If you think that is what "Joanne the Scammer" is about, then it is you with the #WOOOSH over their head.

    • blognewb
      blognewb 8 months ago

      +deathtoreligion - *You have no idea what I was alluding to.dumb fuck* 🙄 #WOOOSH

    • deathtoreligion
      deathtoreligion 8 months ago

      blognewb, you're why trump won dumbfuck....

    • blognewb
      blognewb 8 months ago

      +enima - *Get out of my Caucasian comment thread.* 🙄

  • citronm1
    citronm1 8 months ago +23

    When Tina said "Anyway what an amazing year its been for women!" laughed and put her head on the podium! I know how she felt. 13:34

    Thank you Tina!

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

      booooo! I'm not lying ... I'm merely debating ... disagreeing ... you know what "trolls" do n shit?

    • citronm1
      citronm1 8 months ago

      +Amy Hackmer
      You are a liar.
      Your statement, "Not trying to argue with you or anyone else" can be charitably described as crude trolling, considering the malicious, stupid and ignorant dreck you followed it with.

      More pathetically, you are truly ignorant of why Tina Fey is appreciated and lauded by fans such as myself and is just mad that she makes fun of a Republicans in general and Palin in particular!

      Thankfully, As you are not trying to start an argument with me or anyone else, I don't have to tell you to Shut the Fuck Up!

      Also Fuck Putin!  Just thought I'd say that ;)

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

      Not trying to argue with you or anyone else, but as a consumer, it really rubs me the wrong way when someone like Tina Fey bitches about how her "ilk" isn't appreciated in the biz...as if she herself represents most QUALITY female comedians and writers. She's like the Nancy Meyers of "comedians."
      Now comedians like Kathy Griffin, Wanda Sykes, Jane Lynch, Roseanne Barr, actors like JLD... or writers like NORA EPHRON ... or even the biggest plagiarist, hack comedian (see my name) are worthy of bitching about women in comedy/comedies being considered second rate. TF was never meant to be a rock star. She was simply a product of ass kissing and nepotism. TF has never been effective in ANY thing. Not even w/ lame Palin jokes.

  • Ben Pel
    Ben Pel 8 months ago +3


  • Ben Pel
    Ben Pel 8 months ago +4


  • L. Harrison
    L. Harrison 8 months ago +5

    "Butt First!" & head on the podium "amazing year for women".
    "When I get written up...(Alt-right site)...I want it 2 B 'cuz they r mad at me for making an all female Hitler-Bio Pic". Comedy ladies getting up at 8a & putting on a dress. hahahaha Great talent, great lady.
    Thank U!

  • Koley W
    Koley W 8 months ago +5

    Oh man, you're the best, Tina Fey.

  • Ann Cavanaugh
    Ann Cavanaugh 8 months ago +2

    Coincidentally, I happened to be eating pudding when I put this on. Haven't seen a copy of InStyle in years. Oh, dear! :-(

  • tyro244
    tyro244 8 months ago +1

    Basement Lupone. LOL

  • Joanna Jendroska
    Joanna Jendroska 8 months ago +18

    Beautiful, no need for botox...

    • April C. Hughes
      April C. Hughes 7 months ago

      Humor is subjective. I'm allowed to think someone is funny and talented, and you are allowed to think they are not funny or talented. There's nothing to "explain".

    • Joanna Jendroska
      Joanna Jendroska 8 months ago

      I don't pay attention to hateful trolls.

    • Rhi W
      Rhi W 8 months ago

      @Joanna Jendroska, please do not pay any attention to anything 'Jeanie Fedotov' or 'Amy Hackmer' says, they are the same person, she trolls Tina Fey videos and talks shit about her because she's desperately jealous of her. It's hilarious and really sad at the same time.

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago

      A lot of people do that by the time they hit forty something ... celebs like that always have a very placid forehead and the eye brows look funky and frozen...almost like Carrot Top look...or it makes them almost look dead. There's a special way to do botox for forehead lines ... it's a matter of choosing a crafty derm or dr. Sometimes I get lucky ha ha

    • Joanna Jendroska
      Joanna Jendroska 8 months ago

      I agree, she's beautiful and talented, just wish I wouldn't have to be distracted by unnecessary face work. Not a good message for any woman out there. Expected more from her but still love her humor.

  • BamBam KapoW
    BamBam KapoW 8 months ago +5

    ❤️ Tina Fey. Lol

  • zen babaloo
    zen babaloo 8 months ago +1

    Caitlyn Jenner was robbed!

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

      Tina Fey does kind of look like CJ. She reminds me of Mr. Bean too.

  • Christina Levatino
    Christina Levatino 8 months ago +9

    I would watch that golden girls reboot!

  • SylvanaForrester
    SylvanaForrester 8 months ago +90

    I love Jon Hamm. I kinda wanted to think he was a douche in real life just because I'm jealous of him being so incredibly handsome, talented, masculine and apparently quite well endowed. But no. In every interview and podcast he's ever appeared on he comes across as nothing less than a 100% genuine class act.

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago

      You probably googled that ... Jon Hamm and Jake Gyllwhatever are 5'9 at best....every director / producer in NYC that I have met must be lying out their asses then. PS: Speed has NOTHING to do with it ... especially if you lack girth ...just saying :/

    • jesse hernandez
      jesse hernandez 8 months ago

      he is a douche bag! You need to research Kathy's interviews on her celebrity run in book

    • Speed Has Everything To Do With It
      Speed Has Everything To Do With It 8 months ago

      If 6'1 is your idea of disappointingly short then I'm guessing you spend a large portion of your life feeling disappointed...

    • melissa
      melissa 8 months ago

      Amy sounds like bullshit from jelly bitches.

    • melissa
      melissa 8 months ago

      Ikr? Damn.

  • Brooke Villanueva
    Brooke Villanueva 8 months ago

    throat opinion shake romance acquire annual surprising

  • Queen S
    Queen S 8 months ago +14

    yes Tina, yes!!!! I love this woman so much!

  • Aya Levy
    Aya Levy 8 months ago +9

    she said you are Trumpping me :)

  • VM
    VM 8 months ago +5

    Tina Fey is a MILF

    • VM
      VM 6 months ago

      Amy Hackmer that is nonsense. 30 rock is a brilliant show.

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

      As I've asked many times on this thread: explain how she's funny. Give me ONE OR TWO examples of her 'funny' quotes. Because Tina Fey is simply good at snark ... for a 14 yr old mean girl victim. Wow. Maybe for some soccer mom's too ... that haven't had sex in a while. For most consumers and colleagues who know of her, she doesn't even instill euphoria in their bellies/hearts like REAL comedy writers have done. Fey simply hasn't the ability to do so. I don't mind someone being hit or miss...but even Amy Schumer trumps Fey's way of comedy. And like someone else said a few years back, Tina Fey is a "comedy manipulator" ....she's also a Julia L Dreyfus wannabe ... or rather an empty shell of her. I bet even JLD believes this.

    • VM
      VM 8 months ago

      Amy Hackmer Fuck off. She's hilarious.

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

      Mediocre Inept Loser Female .... "Comedian"

  • TQM
    TQM 8 months ago

    This dude can't get a damn word out of his mouth properly

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago

      He learned from the best........ by watching my videos all the time. Jon Hamm's my biggest celebrity stalker yet ... I thought it was Daniel Tosh, but I guess I was wrong.

  • unfluster
    unfluster 8 months ago

    She's like a funny bureaucrat.

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago

      oh my god.... why can't my 'celebrity' stalkers be more like me :/ so annoyed right now...and Ellie, lose the Rusk it's making your hair more orangutan orange. i think you're very nice, but stop overacting and kissing Tina's ass all the time. you know she's a derp, girlfriend. p.s also if i'm cow then you're saying Amy looks like a cow too you know. i'm a size tight 8!!

    • Rhi W
      Rhi W 8 months ago

      +Amy Hackmer Fucking hell, you're a real piece of work. If you weren't stalking Tina Fey videos, I would be oblivious to psychotic ramblings and would never have commented on anything you have had to say. I'll have a really great life thank you, because I understand the importance of focusing on things that bring me happiness, instead of wallowing in bitterness and self-pity 24/7, you are a bitter, self-pitying, miserable cow so I'm safe in the knowledge that you are not capable of having any semblance of a 'great' life.

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

      Not that I should bother with people who have a weirdO, cheesy channel dedicated to unfunny, cynical "comedians" before they call other people weirdos....But girl or whatever you are (hoping you're not a kid too): You tried it. How many times have I already mentioned to YOU that I change aliases since I get ghosted a lot on YT. How dumb and naive are you? I'm seriously hoping you're not a kid.

      So, I'm a weirdo for retaliating over how these celebs ransacked my privacy and how some of them plagiarized my book? Got it. My book site explains much of it ... while leaving additional info out. If you've already been there and you're still calling me out as such, you're ignorant and petty. My situation is NOT petty...it's a very twisted and real situation that I've had to deal with. Some of these people should be taken to court if I had enough digital evidence. I wouldn't be typing any of this to you if that were the case.

      For you to call me a stalker .... you have NO CLUE AS to who is stalking who. But I'm not here to explain all this to you specifically. That was not my intention in the first place. Now, please move on and stop harassing and STALKING people (by directly contacting them over and over and over again) you don't agree with....move on and have great life. Bye.

    • Rhi W
      Rhi W 8 months ago

      +Amy Hackmer She finally reveals who she is and what she wrote. I'll not be wasting my time reading it, I know you're full of shit about people plagiarizing you any way, you're the type of person that would hear someone saying a well known phrase and claiming that they 'stole' that saying from YOU. 50% of the reviews say that you're this book is garbage writing from a garbage person, the people who gave the book a positive review are bitter people like you or, I suspect, at least one of them is you. Your shitty book doesn't detract from the fact that you stalk celebrities on the internet, in order to try and drag them down to your level. The fact that you had to self publish your book says it all, there's literally no publishers in the world that world waste money on your bitter, angry bullshit nonsense. I've said it before and I'll say it again, get a life you fucking weirdo.

    • Amy Hackmer
      Amy Hackmer 8 months ago

      You're too naive to realize how much my book has resonated with these idiots in Tina Fey's industry. Many read my book FOR FREE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION ...before grabbing story ideas from my book. The reason simply is the way I marketed my book via Twitter @JonHammsSlimJim i.e..

      That and my book is very entertaining and snarky, which got their attention (among Hollywood) to the point of mocking sentiments from my book....along with plagiarizing it's sentiments. Go to Maid Not For You . com .... my sentiments even effected your lame, pathetic icon Tina Fey to become more political these days.

      In Tina Fey's WTF movie, she talks about wanting to blow up things......which came from my book Maid Not For You. Why is that? Because my book makes fun of the likes of Tina Fe and others. And she read my book and became inspired. My book has done a lot for these losers in the industry ... and yet I was never paid for it. So Rhi, go fuck your pathetic self already.

  • Amanda Hatheway
    Amanda Hatheway 8 months ago +25

    YES to Golden Girls with SNL ladies!
    Tina, what an exemplary lady.

    • Deb McG
      Deb McG 3 months ago

      Amanda Hatheway is a great time ret

  • Jacqueline Dwyer
    Jacqueline Dwyer 8 months ago +7

    omg he is so gorgeous lol

  • freewheelingit
    freewheelingit 8 months ago +7

    She's so wonderful.

  • Tara Farrell
    Tara Farrell 8 months ago +43

    I wish tina had her own talkshow. I heard she turned down one of the late shows?

    • Gerry Dooley
      Gerry Dooley 14 days ago

      That was a funny bit

    • julio hernandez
      julio hernandez 4 months ago

      thats a deal breaker!

    • PureNightfall
      PureNightfall 7 months ago

      You might be thinking of Poehler. There was a rumour she turned down taking over the Daily Show.

    • You get a car!
      You get a car! 8 months ago

      Taz Farrell She'd be great. She's obviously incredibly funny and witty but also smart as a whip.
      I'm sure she'd ask very interesting questions promoting equality and opportunities for women esp.
      She's such a role model❤❤❤

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja 8 months ago +6

    Tina looks so good here! Great figure, makeup, and hair!

  • TheLovenewyork
    TheLovenewyork 8 months ago +70

    Tina Fey is a National Treasure.

    • Isabela Miranda
      Isabela Miranda 3 months ago

      TheLovenewyork she is a whole world's treasure

  • Mehra Ahsan
    Mehra Ahsan 8 months ago +5

    Oh Jonnnn 😍😍❤❤

    GENERAL FRANCO 8 months ago


    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 7 months ago

      Dear, and I don't mean to be rude when I call you that, you actually think these fake POLITICAL celebs give a damn about Bernie Sander's plight over the working poor and wages ...honey, he doesn't even give a shit, he just pretended to in order to tag more votes. But most of the working poor saw through his bs and Hillary's and decided to not even vote. And so... where is Sanders now? He dropped the mic over #Fightfor15 and left it there after he lost. That old bitch ain't gonna do shit for anyone including the working poor. And even if he tried, as if these low quality entertainers like Fey or anyone else would give a shit. They have their money off all the Josie Grossie fans and mom jeans wearing soccer and t ball moms who have no real sense of comedy or good entertainment. And even those fuckers don't give a damn about real issues with our American economy when it comes to poverty wages any how. But I will agree, these mediocre fucks are as mediocre as the fucking four year old mold in my god damn bathroom. My nephew's pet lizard is funnier than Tina Fey and Jon Hamm.

      GENERAL FRANCO 8 months ago


    • Lisa Bonjour
      Lisa Bonjour 8 months ago

      Gary Valdez tool

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago

      Whether I agree with Gary Valdez's point of view or not, I'm not about calling him nuts. If you don't agree w/ one person's view on anything (whether it's political or....say....how UNFUNNY Tina Fey is) fine. But stop being a petty coward and denouncing others on here as if they have 'mental issues' ... it's stupid and cheap.

  • tom hanks
    tom hanks 8 months ago +3

    narcissist environment & crowd , they think they know what is right or wrong (Classic Celebrity banter )

    • Jeanie Fedotov
      Jeanie Fedotov 8 months ago

      Thing is Tina Fey isn't even good enough to be narcissistic, body and soul and comedy skills.

  • Natasha Figueroa
    Natasha Figueroa 8 months ago +9

    GOLDEN GIRLS REBOOT!!!!! (i just wet myself)

  • rukeyser
    rukeyser 8 months ago +1


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