Violent clash at white nationalist rally

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  • Two people have been injured after an altercation during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia today according to the city of Charlottesville's verified twitter account. The injuries are characterized as serious but non-life threatening.
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  • Chupa Cabra
    Chupa Cabra 5 hours ago

    Chupa Cabra/Lil Bibby: 8/17/17
    Since BLM and Antifa there are a whole lot more racist whites in the US than before. Hateful, racist blacks and their stupid useful idiot white SJWs are bringing this on by themselves. They deserve the animosity that they are creating for themselves. Nearly every day we see on TV just how far more criminal blacks are compared to whites or asians or hispanics. We are also seeing just how far more racist blacks are than whites. If you check out the various law enforcement statistics and watch the many thousands of videos showing blacks behaving badly you know that Hillary Clinton was correct when she said: "We need to bring these super predators to heel!"
    Chupa Cabra/John Stevens: And look at what has happened in S. Africa!!! The blacks have committed genocide against whites. And now, S. Africans are starving. Even the S. African black President has begged whites to come back to S. Africa. The whites should just let those ignorant idiots starve!
    The blacks are just using a worn out stupid excuse in an attempt to justify all the criminal things they are doing now against whites. None of the blacks living today were slaves. They have to reach way back many generations when slavery was practiced by a very small segment of the white population. Even blacks had black slaves in the US back then. Many blacks, living in the US today, are not even descendants of black slaves in the US. But that doesn't keep them from using slavery as an excuse to be racist and demanding that today's whites, who had nothing to do with slavery, owes them. It also doesn't explain why blacks commit crimes, even murder, against other blacks... or against other races living in the US. I'd venture to say that what it does show is that blacks tend to be way more criminal and violent than other races. The super predators do need to be brought to heel, once again!

  • New Genius
    New Genius 14 hours ago

    What too many white supremacists fail to note is that taking down a Robert E. Lee statue is different than a taking down Mt. Rushmore or any PATRIOTS statue. Sure Washington, Jefferson and others owned slaves, but they founded the nation. Not to mention, Robert E. Lee was a traitor who served in the US Army then in the Confederate Army. So these nationalists are, in essence, endorsing a traitor. Some will argue that this is about preserving history. Heroes, patriots, and honorable people should get places in our streets, not enemies of state who fought for hate and oppression. Robert E. Lee preserving should be in some museum not on the streets and not on our tax dime.

  • Ka Sak
    Ka Sak 20 hours ago

    they picked a fight with crazy people.... what did they expect would happen? That they would get hug? You can't fix stupid and I would not shed a tear for it either!!!!

  • rasz baxter
    rasz baxter Day ago

    Uuuuuhhhhhh. I. Don't. Think. Its. A. Good. Idea. For. Politicians. To. Keep. Calling. Those. Assholes. NAZIs....NAZIs. exterminated. Or. Damn. Near. Tried. To. Rid. The. European. Continent. Of. JEWS!!!!! This. Is. A. Label. ONLY. For. GERMANS in. EURORPE!!!! I. Smell. A. Conspiracy. With. This. Term. Being. Used. Repeatedly. To. Describe. Assgiles. In. Virginia.

  • Luis Payan
    Luis Payan Day ago

    Lol What are they really fighting over?

  • Tooka Franklin
    Tooka Franklin Day ago

    dummies lol

  • jon supp
    jon supp Day ago


  • Eduardo Morales
    Eduardo Morales 2 days ago

    "I don't wear hockey pads" -The Dark Knight 2008

  • K.C. Hunter
    K.C. Hunter 2 days ago

    How the second US Civil War began *tag this for a few years from now*

  • Kevin doss
    Kevin doss 2 days ago

    *God has got to be shaken his head*

  • Eman Yerr
    Eman Yerr 2 days ago

    White powder...white power

  • blah blah blah
    blah blah blah 2 days ago

    The emotional side of me goes:

    Why is this happened? This is not the America I know, I grown up beliving the racism has no place in America, that America is one of the most liberal country in the world. That America is a melting pot that diversity is encouraged, that America ia built by immigrant.

    The realist in me goes: racism happen everywhere, most of the time happen in non verbal form, so i be relived that at least American are confronting it?

  • Dennis nickell
    Dennis nickell 2 days ago

    #Run over your local Antifa Comunists on sight!

  • 1.3B • Views
    1.3B • Views 2 days ago

    I have a great idea, let's just round up every alt-right, kkk, white supremacist, etc McCarthy style and put them in concentration camps.

  • luke bennion
    luke bennion 2 days ago

    Where is the Police ! Oh that's right they got asked to stand down, sound familiar?

  • DontTread0nMe
    DontTread0nMe 2 days ago

    Jesus is was black. The original Jews were black, and whites are just jelous

  • Alejandro Nieves
    Alejandro Nieves 3 days ago

    Fuck we are heading towards civil war

  • Constantly Demonized

    Ignorance at it's best

  • Stevy Jo
    Stevy Jo 3 days ago

    Aww, u poor liberals are gonna cry. You worthless minorities are gonna cwy to mammy on how deprewsed you are? Wahh wahh we blacks are so oppressed we should force whitey to pay us for nothing cuz where stupid retards with IQ below 50 wahh. Well, HAHA, YOU FUCKING MORONS, YOU ASKED FOR THIS. I will be more than happy to start a race war.

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 3 days ago

    CNN is as much the problem here as anyone. They have this 20 second scene on a loop. This is a VERY small section of a society of 330 million! Stop pitting us against each other with your selective reporting!!!!

  • Commenter Of The Day

    These grown ass people running around with swords and shields. Fuck is this dungeons and dragons?

  • Jason Riffle
    Jason Riffle 3 days ago

    I know how to settle this.....Civil War!!!!

  • Nick Brannon
    Nick Brannon 3 days ago

    Heil Hitler! Fuck Jewish CNN and its tranny communists supporters

  • ydoomsc
    ydoomsc 3 days ago


  • shalashaskaa8
    shalashaskaa8 3 days ago

    Look at this shit?? Both sides showing up with helmets and body armour...too bad they didnt wipe eachother out...two birds with one stone 😂😂

  • graycloud057
    graycloud057 3 days ago

    Peace on earth good will to all.

  • Bryochemical Intuition

    The 2nd Civil War is upon us

  • Ziggy The Virgo
    Ziggy The Virgo 3 days ago

    crazy how the white supremacists attempt to make this seem like its the liberals fault here. it was a white supremacist that started the violence. a good 30% of the people at the riot carried semi automatic weaponry. the liberals fought back obviously. and then someone was ran over. white supremacists started it and they also escalated it. full blame on them and anyone who says other wise is confused/brainwashed. for those saying that "the libtards should have stayed home" yea maybe they should have. but they have as much right to be there as the racist did. that doesnt give the assholes the right to attack other people

  • Ed Bersin
    Ed Bersin 3 days ago +1

    Leftists want free speech for themselves only and they will use violence to stop others from trying.

  • Ed Bersin
    Ed Bersin 3 days ago +2

    CNN is fake news.

  • USA man
    USA man 3 days ago


  • M.L. H.
    M.L. H. 3 days ago

    Last but not least.

    Bannon's Alt-Right Breibart news website is cute with replies in the many thousands primarily denouncing Trump for calling it what it is.

    I say Bannon and Gorska should feel the heat.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out what they are.

  • Omega8kilo
    Omega8kilo 3 days ago

    White people dont give a fuck. They just square up and go at it. 👍🏼

  • Chrys Mqz
    Chrys Mqz 3 days ago

    And this is what happens when you give a country too much freedom and elect an idiot for a president

  • Strayice
    Strayice 3 days ago

    America is FUCKING SAD

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick 3 days ago +1

    Just thought more people should know that the KKK was a southern democratic gathering

  • Vladimir Green
    Vladimir Green 3 days ago

    Прям как на майдане!!!

  • український Дитина

    Дурний американський нацистський KKK Cracker

  • Øath Betrayer
    Øath Betrayer 3 days ago

    If black lives matter can do it, so can the nazis and kkk.

    Payback is a bitch huh?

    Both parties are in the wrong.

  • Øath Betrayer
    Øath Betrayer 3 days ago

    CNN is poop.

  • NerdyDude42
    NerdyDude42 3 days ago

    Well what a great time to move to a different state (or Canada)

  • Adri Chibi
    Adri Chibi 3 days ago

    This world is broken.

  • Dojocho
    Dojocho 3 days ago

    Looks like FBI and contractors wanted another divide and conquer event....who is in the KKK today? The old KKK was white freemasons......They want a race war so they can crack down on people rights...wake up people. 9/11 war on terror and patriot act........sandy hook...take your guns away...see the freemason pattern.

  • Eduardo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Rodriguez 3 days ago

    People in Guam are like what the f?

  • SuperJakethesnake22
    SuperJakethesnake22 3 days ago

    Fake news

    CJAYY 3 days ago

    look at you white folks 😂

    • Loco Moco
      Loco Moco 2 days ago

      fuck a strawberry picker

  • Sinlo Kemp
    Sinlo Kemp 3 days ago

    Crybabies liberal at it again. I don't appreciate supremacy of any kind but Liberal Supremacy is more evil than white supremacist. I'm not even white but I can't stand liberals and their delusional ideology of censorship and attacking people who don't side their delusional utopian views.

  • Jean Louise Finch
    Jean Louise Finch 3 days ago

    Logan Lives: You are right. Racism has always existed in America. This does not make it right. TRUMP is a hate-monger and HE is RESPONSIBLE for these recent incidents, because of his hate-fllled words and behaviors, which have encouraged racist cockroaches to come out of their hiding places. If you support these behaviors, you might want to buy some new sheets. America will NEVER return to the days of racist glory. Crawl back into your dark hiding place.

  • Gary Self
    Gary Self 3 days ago

    White Nationalists: "We are marching peacefully"

    Charges peacefully into a crowd with shields and flags as weapons with fists and batons swinging lolz.

  • Florida Gator
    Florida Gator 3 days ago


  • Anton Lehman
    Anton Lehman 3 days ago

    Americans are so fat and ugly. Doesn't matter if you're white or black, if you're American, you're a waste.

  • Random Youtuber
    Random Youtuber 3 days ago

    Decided to take a quick look at the comments section. It was quite informative. Now I know why history keeps repeating itself.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimović
    Zlatan Ibrahimović 3 days ago

    Blm, look at Baltimore. Just saying

  • Danielsaur
    Danielsaur 3 days ago

    This looks fun!

  • M.L. H.
    M.L. H. 3 days ago

    Pretty nice to come home to a POTUS conference this Monday for lunch.

    GOOD JOB Trump ! Finally calling it out ( White Supremacy, KKK ) in your conference. Much respect on this issue.

    • M.L. H.
      M.L. H. Day ago

      Well fu!@ ! Like usual...It didn't take him long to fu1@ that up.

      The statue issue: I believe in preserving history. But a statue of strength for R.Lee is not right to me. It's like me going to a school named Hitler Highschool or Bin Laden middle school.

      The only Nazi history I really saw when I was in Germany many years ago for awhile were the concentration camps...I never saw a statue of strength with Hitler on it. ..... Just f/up !

  • Alex Middleton
    Alex Middleton 3 days ago

    white Supremacist = hateful and evil.
    black lives matter = hateful and evil
    ALT RIGHT = dumbasses and hateful
    antifa = dumbasses and hateful

  • william elliott
    william elliott 3 days ago

    People are so stupid these days. The " white nationalist/ Natzis we're paid anarchists to cause racial tention. Don't fall for it. It's what they want and all these idiot's are buying it. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  • sid3kick10
    sid3kick10 3 days ago

    I don't get it...why are they protesting? Is this like Trump supporters vs anti Trump supporters or something?

  • Grant Stevens
    Grant Stevens 3 days ago

    "Two people were injured"

    Uh.... what?

  • Adam Huffnagle
    Adam Huffnagle 3 days ago

    I maybe a White Protestant male, but I know for that God didn't give me any special preference over any other Race or Religion. When I see these White Trash disgracing Christianity and the United States of America, it make my sick. I don't know where the White Garbage like the Ku Klux Klan get the idea that they are superior to all other Races, because it certainly nothing in the Bible anywhere about White Race being superior. The truth is, White Supremacists are bunch of Satan worshipers who claim to be protestants Now that sure a sin right there. The KKK and ISIS are one and same. We gotta do more confront and eliminate these Animals

  • Beastcarlos20
    Beastcarlos20 3 days ago +3


    • TheCatLord
      TheCatLord 3 days ago

      what about green lives, you racist

  • Milhouse
    Milhouse 3 days ago

    Why counter-protest? Everyone including White Supremacists has the right to display their idiocy.

    I GOTTA GO NUMBER 2 3 days ago

    my question is how come when the Black lives matter people are going out protesting beating up people how come when the antiwar go out harass and beat up people the media didn't go nuts over this, why is it that it's the evil white person and then the media goes crazy on it, little bit of people being Hypocrites don't you think I mean blacks and Mexicans and everybody else can protest and tear stuff up but white people stand up for something they believe in will then thier the no good races, again just shows the media run by the socialist Democrat Party nothing but hypocrites and again for all of you who don't know your true history the biggest slave sellers in the south where black people check your history the last people in America to get rid of their slaves black people check your history watch a video on YouTube called blacks from Africa talk about the slave trade they laugh about it they say they were the ones that started it, not my words their words so why don't you people protest over there, let's all try to get along and everybody have a nice day but quit trying to change everything just because you don't like it

  • Brick Top
    Brick Top 3 days ago

    Fat virgins. While there out playing with sticks and stones, I'm banging their sisters. Love not hate.

  • van allen
    van allen 3 days ago

    If you believe CNN's are being duped.
    The police were forcing the protesters into the violent (and armed) antifa group area. Antifa are the violent terrorist group that start all the violence at all the rallies. Just youtube any of their videos where they mace old ladies and always come armed with weapons. (CNN won't inform you of this).

  • Evan Orth
    Evan Orth 3 days ago +1

    The left is mad when they attack people they get attacked back? Who'd of thought, right?

  • Khaotic Shooter
    Khaotic Shooter 3 days ago

    Who here saw the transgender or gay guy lol

  • Jake Cox
    Jake Cox 3 days ago

    CNN sucks

  • Matthew Kostyal
    Matthew Kostyal 3 days ago

    America is bae ( I'm not supporting the violence but America is bae)

  • van allen
    van allen 3 days ago

    *Antifa are violent terrorists*
    (but CNN doesn't report on them macing old ladies or burning other people's property, or starting violence). Only the gullible, ignorant Left believe this CNN narrative. Shame on them and anyone blindly believing this story.

  • Its Oswald
    Its Oswald 3 days ago

    Why is everyone bitching about this, no white person cries when a Mexican is deported. Just let them kill eachother, OR we should start deporting and ripping apart thier families and the 'racist white folk' should have themselves a new country. Just like the 1700's and Trump should be thier leader instead of ours.

  • Boyd Sharp
    Boyd Sharp 3 days ago

    Y'all ain't gone be happy til north Korea blow our shit up

  • Mythical Randler
    Mythical Randler 3 days ago +1

    I love all the little loser nazis with their confederate flag shields and helmets. They must think they look so cool by they're pathetic.

  • Marvin Miller
    Marvin Miller 3 days ago

    White on white....nice

  • Doug M
    Doug M 3 days ago

    All this violence brought to you by the democRAT nazis and the nazi media in America.

  • Eureka
    Eureka 3 days ago

    Omfg, this is really disgusting that they want to keep the confederate statue. I bet some believe its a historical landmark so we have to keep it. No, its a part of history that no one in their right mind wants to remember.

  • Ethan Ford
    Ethan Ford 3 days ago +1

    This was a terrorist attack dont defend it just accept it

  • 1.3B • Views
    1.3B • Views 3 days ago

    Cave Beast in their natural habitat. War, raping, and pillaging.

  • メキシコ人
    メキシコ人 3 days ago

    This is all thanks to trump. He instigated hate and now this is the result. But wait, there's more to come. You'll see.. 😔

  • Wesley Buirkle
    Wesley Buirkle 3 days ago

    just by being a republican you are considerd a white natonalist and prone to being attacked by Antifa

  • hostiliscivitas
    hostiliscivitas 3 days ago +1

    The left cries out in pain as they strike you

  • Wesley Buirkle
    Wesley Buirkle 3 days ago

    Terrible job by law enforcement

  • MrGuardianofhades
    MrGuardianofhades 3 days ago


  • mehrdad mahdavi
    mehrdad mahdavi 3 days ago

    F racism

  • Seán Mac Dhuibhshithe
    Seán Mac Dhuibhshithe 3 days ago +1


  • Batman
    Batman 3 days ago +2

    Antifa and BLM showed up to cause trouble like always, somehow media blames white nationalists and Trump for the chaos after police force two sides into each other.

  • TJthunderstrike
    TJthunderstrike 3 days ago

    Fear will make people do some crazy shit.....

  • Brotherhood Creed
    Brotherhood Creed 3 days ago

    Umm... 0:06 guy punching a woman... did I just see that ?

  • rob b
    rob b 3 days ago

    4 seconds. When you punch a girl and she punches you back harder

  • WonderGymnastics
    WonderGymnastics 3 days ago

    people are retarded

  • Milky Shakes
    Milky Shakes 3 days ago

    But who started it

  • Frank Myrrh
    Frank Myrrh 3 days ago

    F a k e

  • Mystique Subliminals
    Mystique Subliminals 3 days ago +1

    It's sad how all of this is happening... this is the real end of the world. what is wrong with us? We're humans, we're all literally the same thing and yet we're fighting like this? This is disgusting, humans are going to end eachother.

  • Deep South
    Deep South 3 days ago

    OR, you can leave whites alone and stop taking down our monuments.....

  • Deep South
    Deep South 3 days ago

    so you stupid niggers and liberal faggots came to disrupt a peaceful protest and then cry when confronted? how much more of this shit are we going to take..ENOUGH.....WHITE POWER

  • Shortee Sha
    Shortee Sha 3 days ago

    Look at these Thugs.
    Someone was killed and white racist talking about left this left that.
    A white girl was murdered and these racist don't care claiming she was trying to kill them. What?

  • Joseph Stenske
    Joseph Stenske 3 days ago

    thinning the Hurd!!!did white folks start burning down the city or luting the pawn shops? no they showed up with their own riot gear...that's like showing up at the party with your own drugs ....that's cool....fight it out man....ill be at your house making sweet love to your wives....while your out showing your ass

  • J hilly
    J hilly 3 days ago

    In Gods view he sees no color, there is only good and evil. Those nazi/white nationalists are evil, stuck on an evil ideology thats been in this world for centuries. Its clear that the man in power of the usa is evil too. Bad ppl boast about their accomplishments while good ppl are too busy trying to help and accept others accomplishments. Bad ppl tell everyone how great they are, good ppl tell others that they are great within themselves. Good & evil, in the end however evil will always lose.

  • Nate4Life01
    Nate4Life01 3 days ago

    and this is because of them trying to remove a statue?
    just let it be if this is the cost for fucks sake

  • Impossible
    Impossible 3 days ago +1

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo both libs and reps have no jobs to get to? 😂😂😂don't complain about the Mexicans taking jobs after this..... (republicans) some liberals... Lol

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