Conor Mcgregor "I'm gonna stop floyd! The world is gonna eat their words! I am boxing!

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  • Conor Mcgregor "I'm confident as a motherf*cker! I'm gonna stop floyd! The whole world is gonna eat their words!

    In this Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor Mcgregor video, Conor Mcgregor goes ape shit and says he will stop Floyd Mayweather and the world will eat their words!"

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  • kahiauandkeeaola808

    "Look me in the eyes. 28 years of age. Long, rangey, daaaaangerous with every hand"

  • Manraj
    Manraj 3 days ago

    This guy reminds me of Muhammad Ali. Reminds me of the quote:
    "All of you chumps are gonna bow, when I whoop him.
    All of ya!
    I know you got him, I know you got him picked...But the man's in trouble
    I'mma show YOU how GREAT I AM!"

  • Arriel Doloksaribu
    Arriel Doloksaribu 9 days ago

    go conorrrr!!!

  • Darren Harrison
    Darren Harrison 10 days ago

    what an embarresment it would be for boxing if conor wins the fight. it only takes one punch to end it

  • Leon B
    Leon B 10 days ago

    I hope he doesn't suffer brain injury during the slaughter. great entertainer, great fighter and funny as fuck...dont want to see that come to an end prematurely.

  • nothingflat
    nothingflat 10 days ago

    people dont understand that mma is a boxing as well...

  • BlueCue GT
    BlueCue GT 14 days ago


  • John M
    John M 14 days ago

    This is just legendary! His words will echo in eternity, you guys can hate all you want! In a street fight he would kill Floyd and any other boxer and there whole security staff!!!! "under specific rule sets to keep you safe" !!! Lets go Connor!!

  • honey singh
    honey singh 18 days ago

    he's a man of word ...backs up his word every fuckinh time when he hit's a ring

  • Christina Herrick
    Christina Herrick 18 days ago

    Now I'm going to preface this with my opinion that Floyd will dismantle McGregor in this fight, anyone with ANY knowledge of boxing knows this......

    But now into dream land:

    Could you imagine how historic this video will be if Conor does the unimaginable and knocks Floyd Mayweather out cold.

    Enter this dream land and watch the video again.

  • Conor Mcgregor
    Conor Mcgregor 18 days ago


  • Suge Knight
    Suge Knight 19 days ago

    Long, rangy

    SUPERHOT FEMALE 22 days ago

    What a story it would be 1-0

  • Atul Yadav
    Atul Yadav 25 days ago

    Damn...i wish it was in octagon with mix of boxing & MMA rules

  • MikEanatic
    MikEanatic 26 days ago


  • DrSourPurp
    DrSourPurp 27 days ago

    I think he is going to win.

  • Big Al
    Big Al 27 days ago

    McGregor is delusional. Maybe he's surrounded by yes men, or maybe he just talked himself into a big paycheck...either way, he's going to get crushed by Floyd.

    This fight is ridiculous.

  • Sky Weaselhead
    Sky Weaselhead 29 days ago

    Im not a conor dick rider. but every time i think hes gonna lose, he shuts me up. i thought mendes was gonna grapple him an win a decision, mendes gets tko'd. thought aldo would leg kick him an pick conor apart from the outside, aldo get ko'd in 13 second. thought alvarez was gonna win by submission, he gets tko'd easily in the second round. thought diaz was gonna rock him an choke him out agian in the rematch. but diaz got dropped 3 times in 2 rounds, and struggled to get a takedown, which he didnt get until the 5th round. seems like he always proves the haters wrong. 2 division champion. now its a what if he lands a shot on a 40yrs old retired mayweather?

  • Alchemistic Academician

    You guys are going to be surprised about the press conference. For you boxing guys who haven't followed Conor's journey, you have no idea the self belief this kid has. He is being 100% here. Trust me, place your bets for Floyd after the press conferences, Conor has a way of convincing everyone he's magic and the odds will starts to even out.

  • Kibibi
    Kibibi 1 month ago

    You ain't gonna do shit!

  • Henry Johnson
    Henry Johnson 1 month ago

    Let's be honext, floyd will win on decision, McGregor wins because he can say he went 12 rounds with arguably one of the best ever, and floyd wins... because he won. Then McGregor will come back to UFC for one fight and get his last paycheck.

  • boltonlad18
    boltonlad18 1 month ago

    skittles are a hell of a drug....

  • s chandar
    s chandar 1 month ago

    it's like lookin' at a retard kid with tourette from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who desprately wants to fight his favorite boxer. this is goin' to be an exhibition for Floyd.

  • Harry Callahan
    Harry Callahan 1 month ago

    Lost to Nate Diaz after 1 and a half rounds, then beaten the shit out of and was nearly stopped in the 3rd round and scraped a win in their 2nd fight by decision against an amateur boxer at best.

    What the fuck is he gonna do against 49 undefeated Mayweather when world champion professional boxers were made to look like amateurs against Floyd?

    Is he having a fucking laugh?lol

    This is going to be the most cat piss, one sided fight in the history of boxing.

  • Dario Monsta
    Dario Monsta 1 month ago

    I remember when everyone said Aldo would fuck him up "McGregor is a nobody." "José Aldo is undefeated in the UFC." "7 title defenses."

  • Khurram Zahid
    Khurram Zahid 1 month ago

    Hes wired up 😂

  • Trendkill09
    Trendkill09 1 month ago

    omg Connor is serious. this isn't a publicity stunt. he could pull it off

  • Sonata727
    Sonata727 1 month ago

    Has this boy even seen Mayweather fight? When you watch Mayweather fight you can see his dedication to the sport he has been in for 25+ years. Mcgregor comes from a sport where almost all of the participants don't know how to defend and he is now going up against the king of patience and defense a complete counter to Mcgregors sloppy and awful aggressive flailing style. I say flailing because he can't punch worth shit, you step into the ring with a boxer and he will show you how to punch.

    • Linda Buchanan
      Linda Buchanan 1 month ago

      Bruh r u retarded have u seen a conor fight conor picks his shots and when u say the fighters have no defense it's funny cuz they r the best in the world and it's harder to defend urself in MMA cuz it's real fighting not one aspect of fighting where u can only use ur hands

  • Banja Luka Boyzz
    Banja Luka Boyzz 1 month ago

    i am here to say the same words like Conor
    the whole world gonna eat their words
    oh my god it will be fantastic knockout in fourth round

  • Shimm Bobz
    Shimm Bobz 1 month ago

    love the real peoples champions like fury and mcgregor! hope malteaser with eyeballs gets smashed!!!! power to the people not the sheeple

  • André Victor
    André Victor 2 months ago

    i am the boxing guy

  • That tells me nothing
    That tells me nothing 2 months ago

    Conor McGregor vs Floyd mayweather in a street fight?

  • Le Ambassadore
    Le Ambassadore 2 months ago

    you irish cunt i love you man.. kill them all an schok the world !!

    WORLDS BEST CLIPS 2 months ago

    Cornor McGregor ... he is good and he is awesome in MMA.. BUT LET ME you guys this is making publicity CM wants publicity and that's what he want ...he is not real in fight like MANNY... HE does not fight for passion or pride CORNOR GREGOR JUST FIGHTS FOR THE MONEY ... FUCK cornor McGregor he can't be in ring with MANNY FOR 4 ROUNDS MANNY WOULD bash his face like a heavy bag money minded ahole..the media made him this popular nothing else ... BOXING IS REAL FIGHT .. UFC IS GAY FIGHT ..

  • frederick porter
    frederick porter 2 months ago

    Would be nice to see Mcgregor face Lomenchenko...hmm

  • frederick porter
    frederick porter 2 months ago

    Hey Mcgregor you can't stop what you can't see. Different ball game jr.

  • Bernardo Alves
    Bernardo Alves 3 months ago

    What's the music playing in the background?

  • Theresa Floresca
    Theresa Floresca 3 months ago

    Damn he wants money! 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 id like him. 😂😂😂☺️☺️☺️

  • NolanEP84
    NolanEP84 3 months ago

    "I'll beat you like you beat your wife. You'll never be the same after you get hit by me."

    I could see him saying something like this to Floyd, get in his head.

  • lemigod
    lemigod 3 months ago

    Yawn! Its coming from a guy who will be beaten by a Number 50 Ranked Welterweight.All these sound bytes for a paychek are getting cringe worthy now.Hope this Farse does not happen,so Boxing can save its Credibility and focus on more serious Boxers like Ward,Kovalev,Terrence Crawford,Lomancheko,Stevenson etc. Our Sport does not need this Circus,it belongs in the WWE and not sweet science.

  • conor mcgregor
    conor mcgregor 3 months ago

    the next Muhammad Ali

  • Jaime Flores
    Jaime Flores 3 months ago

    Rocky vs Drago is a more realistic boxing match than this one will ever be.

  • Buil Dinit
    Buil Dinit 3 months ago


  • Rocky_Ali_Tyson
    Rocky_Ali_Tyson 3 months ago


  • Nod1010 Barca
    Nod1010 Barca 3 months ago

    Ha ha ha fuck off your getting banged

  • Siergiej882 Kowaliow
    Siergiej882 Kowaliow 3 months ago

    Me: I am gonna stop Anthony Joshua! The world is gonna eat their words! I am boxing!

    And both, Me and Mcgregor are eaqually reliable.

  • James Worthy
    James Worthy 3 months ago

    conor just wants the check people thats what fighting floyd is about gettong richer

  • marcel epskamp
    marcel epskamp 3 months ago


  • vParacetamol
    vParacetamol 3 months ago

    Younger . 💁 Completely different form of fighting ,

  • francis king
    francis king 3 months ago

    who the fook is this bum never even fought boxing match in his career and he thinks hes a boxer? 😂😂😂 mcshit

  • MEH champ
    MEH champ 3 months ago

    McGregor changed this channels bum life!! 1M views

  • Bill A.
    Bill A. 3 months ago

    yeah, you're gonna stop his fist with your eye.

  • Devraham
    Devraham 3 months ago


  • Royalsteven
    Royalsteven 3 months ago

    Pride comes before the fall. Boxers should know a bit more about that. God gives grace to the humble.

  • Aron S
    Aron S 3 months ago

    Conor beating Floyd. the odds are like winning lottery. Conor and Floyd are both ripping people off if this fight happens. it's all about the they money.

  • refda fdasfds
    refda fdasfds 3 months ago

    What a boss. I would even pay for the press conference between floyd and connor.

  • Peteris Kaneps
    Peteris Kaneps 3 months ago

    People ya all forget smth- "It is all about the money " $$$$$ Mcgregor gonna win :)

  • Duke Da Beast
    Duke Da Beast 3 months ago

    Floyd dick riders are fuckin hilarious lol..

  • Sescopian
    Sescopian 3 months ago

    McGregor doesn't seem to get that the rules will matter if he's going to fight Mayweather under boxing rules, there'll be no grappling, no kicking, no taking it to the mat, you might say McGregor's going to be fighting damn near naked with most of his arsenal stripped, under boxing rules I don't think McGregor stands a chance.

  • U.f.o' s are Chariots
    U.f.o' s are Chariots 3 months ago

    McGregor thinks Floyd's gonna come out swinging the entire fight, McGregor's gonna be disappointed this is gonna be a sweet science chessmatch with Connor possessing only a puncher's chance against one of the greatest defensive masters of all time. Good luck Connor.

  • Yayoanime DBs
    Yayoanime DBs 3 months ago

    He stupid if he thinks he can beat Floyd or any alet boxer In a boxing ring

  • Michal Torres
    Michal Torres 3 months ago

    Does a great football player play rugby just as great?

  • Mystic
    Mystic 3 months ago

    My man! I truly believe the whole world is gonna eat their words. Im 100% sure of that, i have a vision, i predict that, i dreamed whit that last night, and i never wrong. Call me the new nostradamus, Conor wins by a brutal KO. Mark my words ;)

  • Nobody No
    Nobody No 3 months ago

    dude's great at marketing and generating hype

  • Demonic Warlord of Poker

    49-1 magic is real

  • Sean Esqueda
    Sean Esqueda 3 months ago

    Watch Conor throw a spinning back kick to the head & knock Floyd out cold & get DQ'd with no fucks given.

  • Andy Montanez
    Andy Montanez 3 months ago

    so weird seeing conor promoting towards the boxing crowd. dude really is something else

  • Joe S
    Joe S 3 months ago

    this is something out of a movie.

  • rloft123
    rloft123 3 months ago

    aside from range and power the one big thing he has on his side is the mental edge. Floyd has EVERYTHING to lose in this fight, and if Conor gets boxed up to the decision it won't make him lose any hype at all, because he would have just gotten out boxed by one of the best ever who is 49-0 in a sport he really has nothing to do with.
    It's a win win for Conor, and that will make Floyd nervous, because he KNOWS Conor will look for an early finish and start out as dangerous as possible, that'll weigh on anyone's mind, especially with someone who has his potential GOAT status on the line.

    That said Floyd should box up Conor, but there are variables people are ignoring that can help put the fight in Conor's favor

  • necrom21221
    necrom21221 3 months ago

    People who buy this fight on PPV is stupid. Connor wont last an entire 12 rounds he has no stamina. He is slow as fuk if he fought Manny he would get knocked out.

  • Cheddah C
    Cheddah C 3 months ago

    Mctappy sounds like a crazy obsessed ex.

  • Worchester 750
    Worchester 750 3 months ago


  • T1M H8LL
    T1M H8LL 4 months ago

    can't wait for money Mayweather to shut him up

  • Dave Grant
    Dave Grant 4 months ago

    coked up Connor.

  • Grim Affiliations
    Grim Affiliations 4 months ago

    Floyd will still be 49-0 after he beats this leprechaun's ass. No real boxinf fan will see this as a legitimate fight. Floyd would have a better challenge against an amatuer

  • sunny sun
    sunny sun 4 months ago

    too much blah blah blah....just the big pay cheque you're after

  • Supercat Gaming
    Supercat Gaming 4 months ago

    "the whole world is gonna eat does words" nah I'm kinda full right now

  • Sam Beso
    Sam Beso 4 months ago

    Precision beats Power , Timing beats speed .... that's what you will see there ...

  • Alan Alan
    Alan Alan 4 months ago

    I'm from cork . Connor keep off the coke...............

  • DrummX
    DrummX 4 months ago

    Holy shit, I actually really hope Connor wins, what a story that would be. I can already see the movie lmao.

  • Randy Dodd
    Randy Dodd 4 months ago


  • Don Man
    Don Man 4 months ago

    Lmao Jessie Vargas was right there smiling like a bitch fan boy. But in that esnews interview, he said he'd "smack" McGregor hahah..Bitch mad

  • LibertyMike
    LibertyMike 4 months ago

    Conor runs boxing now. He gave life back to boxing when it was on its death bed. The boxing community must bow before its King!

  • Thomas Chambers
    Thomas Chambers 4 months ago

    This fool had to fight a second time to be on top.

  • David B
    David B 4 months ago


  • C-137 Rick Sanchez
    C-137 Rick Sanchez 4 months ago

    "All you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him, all of you.
    I know you got him, I know you've got him picked, but the man's in trouble. Imma show you how great I am.”

  • chris stevens
    chris stevens 4 months ago

    I hope may wether knocks colins head off and steals his pot o gold and his lucky charms arrogant prick

  • HelloThere
    HelloThere 4 months ago

    I am not a fan of conor but honestly after watching him destroy nate in both fights with his boxing ( lost first one only because he gassed out ), then destroyed eddie also I think he will KO flyde.

    • All Rounda
      All Rounda 3 months ago

      are u talking to yourself ?

    • HelloThere
      HelloThere 3 months ago

      nate is one of the best boxers in the ufc. But I do agree with you, when they faced Conor they did look like tomato cans.
      I am huge fan of floyd! but honestly even I have to say that COnor will most likely win.

  • HelloThere
    HelloThere 4 months ago


  • irene anne
    irene anne 4 months ago

    when is this fight and what channel is it on?

  • Maurice Gibney
    Maurice Gibney 4 months ago

    Mc Gregor you are going to get the face thumped off you. Your a very arrogant and disgusting man and need to repent. How the Irish hold you up as high and mighty is beyond me, and I am Irish living in Ireland... Thump Thump Thump 🤗

  • nick sev1
    nick sev1 4 months ago

    48 secs and their all droolin for more all the boxin press wants that interview

  • philip sparagna
    philip sparagna 4 months ago

    Um, Floyd is 40 years old. What's there to take over in boxing? He'll potentially come out of retirement to fight Connor and that'll be it. Boxing is dead!!

  • david lee
    david lee 4 months ago

    If conor can beat Floyd in a real fight why can't he beat Floyd in a boxing match.

  • Smokey Joe
    Smokey Joe 4 months ago

    They should do a 10 round fight ..5 rounds in a boxing ring then 5 rounds in the octagon.....then we will see the real winner

  • Gered Bowman
    Gered Bowman 4 months ago

    Conor's gonna surprise everyone. What if conor switches in between a boxing stance and MMA stance. That would really catch floyd off guard and is something he has never prepared for. I'm telling you, Conor's gonna bring something into the boxing ring that no one has ever seen before!

  • NozPranksTV
    NozPranksTV 4 months ago

    No subtitles for English speakers?

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