Monologue: Too Stupid to Be President | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  1 month ago
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    Bill discusses former FBI Director James Comey's testimony and the GOP's attempts to defend President Trump in his Real Time monologue.

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 6:34
  • Tags for this video:  Michael Eric Dyson  Professor of Sociology  Georgetown University  author  Tears We Cannot Stop  A Sermon to White America  Ice Cube  rapper  actor  1991 album  Death Certificate  David Gregory  CNN  Political Analyst  NBC  Meet the Press  Rep. David Jolly  Republican  Florida  Symone Sanders  Political Commentator  National Press Secretary  Senator Bernie Sanders  

Comments: 1 654

  • but thep
    but thep 1 day ago

    Pig Maher

  • mike check
    mike check 4 days ago

    Bill is looking pretty haggard.He had to of know having sex with ann coulter would have some side effects.

  • Simon Levchenko
    Simon Levchenko 11 days ago +1

    Does anyone else hear that fake, rather irritating cackle of a laugh throughout the first two minutes?

  • superlearner9
    superlearner9 12 days ago


  • Mending Wall
    Mending Wall 15 days ago

    I wish he never apologized

  • Martin Lee
    Martin Lee 19 days ago

    trump is a liar so is hillary

  • Robert Szydlowski
    Robert Szydlowski 25 days ago

    Bill you are stupid laying Libtard and you should be Impeach .

  • SYF_Gaming
    SYF_Gaming 27 days ago

    Kelleyanne conway really looks like she's been shooting more meth than usual

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 29 days ago

    More fake comedy, fake polls, fake news from liberal globalist elites, the elite hate Trump because he is opposed to their one world agenda. Many among the elite are referred to as “globalists” because their eventual goal is to unite the whole world under a single planetary system. These globalists truly believe that they know better than all the rest of us, and they want to impose their way of doing things on every man, woman and child on the entire planet.

    So they get really angry when Donald Trump talks of “building a wall” or establishing a travel ban from certain countries because they eventually want a world without any borders at all.

    And they get really angry when Donald Trump says that he wants to pull the United States out of international trade deals, because the elite were using those international trade deals to slowly integrate all nations into a single one world economy.

  • Hello Thanks
    Hello Thanks 1 month ago

    Go House Nigger, Go Boy. Go Nigger, Look at the OLD ASS GRey Hair Ass HOUSE NIGGER tell them jokes/

  • Hello Thanks
    Hello Thanks 1 month ago

    The House NIgger Racist Democrat Billy M. is in The House.

  • Mckenzie Lewis
    Mckenzie Lewis 1 month ago

    im Jimmy to tall..lmfao

  • Wayne Lamarche
    Wayne Lamarche 1 month ago

    What is the matter with you people ... Dems and Repub's are rotten to the core we need a revolution
    to get rid of all the corruption.. the jokers in both parties are only puppets run by the big corporations that
    put them their , do you think that Bill Maher gave a million dollars to the last president and did not expect some
    thing in return.. He is corruption in your face wake up , He is out a million bucks and pissed off think about it..

  • Crystal Meserve
    Crystal Meserve 1 month ago

    trump can't take notes. he is illiterate.

  • lost creek rambler
    lost creek rambler 1 month ago

    Love you Bill!!!

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 1 month ago

    Many Jews are Narcissistic!   Is there No Shame on  how he laughed at President Trump when he said that he would run for President?  Is there No Shame how he supports Israel as a Jewish State,  even wants Americans to die for Israel,  while telling the rest of us that Diversity is our strength?

  • Go-go Akins
    Go-go Akins 1 month ago +1

    I loved bill in D.C. Cab. Bill is funny

  • legend
    legend 1 month ago

    McCain is too stupid to realize that when you go and project and fragment to a separate issue which all the facts have to be hammered out, like all the republicans, do all the time, to sober minded and intelligent folks, he reveals the fact that he is a DRUNK!

  • Rhys Fraser
    Rhys Fraser 1 month ago

    I love Bill grilling Trump, he must be going bright orange by now

  • Lloyd Hayes
    Lloyd Hayes 1 month ago

    On the McCain issue. He turns 81 years old this year. We have all had a bad day that we wish we could do over, regardless of the reason. Let's give McCain that one?

  • Tall DudeXX
    Tall DudeXX 1 month ago

    Just saying to truth!

  • alice brown
    alice brown 1 month ago

    We have 1/3rd of our population who actually believe in this childish moron, this incompetent, this egomaniacal president. That is what sickens me above all.

  • Zebulon B
    Zebulon B 1 month ago

    Rap singers can say "Nigger" billions of times. White comedian says it as part of a joke - and it's grounds to cancel his career. This logic is what gets guys like Trump elected

  • chet michael
    chet michael 1 month ago


  • chet michael
    chet michael 1 month ago


  • JAH
    JAH 1 month ago

    We love you

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen 1 month ago

    Real time with bill maher S15E19 (june 16, 2017)
    It's free to watch, but you can help us improve the quality and make a donation here:

  • communistjesus
    communistjesus 1 month ago

    The DUMB O CRAPTIC Party big wigs could have AVOIDED all this mess by allowing: THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES ELECTIONS to precede unimpeded(looking at YOU DEBBIE WASSERMAN and oT
    HER Democratic Party BIG WIGS who went OUT OF way to interfere with the SANDERS CAMPAIGN.(Denying him accessto Voter registration lists and other things)..... Enjoy DONNIE D ump's tenure JACKA5535,,,)

    • communistjesus
      communistjesus 1 month ago

      Bernie Sanders + Elizabeth Warren 2020.. Should Bernie NOT run, Elizabeth Warren + another TRULY PROGRESSIVE

  • Skip Hedgepath
    Skip Hedgepath 1 month ago

    If Bush Jr was the proverbial "C" student, then trump is an "F-". We as a country are screwed.

  • proud democrat
    proud democrat 1 month ago

    we must use weaponized immigration to stop donald trump and company.if not we may have a hard time defeating him

  • vladlashing
    vladlashing 1 month ago +1

    Comey didnt say ANY of the "quotes" Maher is making. I watched it myself. He actually backed down and made sure to NOT use the words Maher is using. Your whole monologue is based on what Comey did not say.

  • Palla d'Obry
    Palla d'Obry 1 month ago

    Obviously Bill Maher wants to be next president as he thinks he know how to be a good one. :-)

  • Pinco Palino
    Pinco Palino 1 month ago

    McCain - Mr Magoo? That's so offensive to Magoo.

  • Fizizy
    Fizizy 1 month ago +1

    Why are people not libertarians

  • Alan Balfe
    Alan Balfe 1 month ago

    you are a piece of shit.

  • kornofulgur
    kornofulgur 1 month ago

    Bill, I know you have a weekly show but the news are coming at such a speed that please, do a second monologue for the internet.

  • Llew KaMiamos
    Llew KaMiamos 1 month ago

    It seems as though Trump was right when he said something like; "I could go out in the street and shoot someone and people would still love me." Damn, what's it gonna take to get rid of this doofus? Maybe everyone is too scared of Pence?

  • Michael Pacitti
    Michael Pacitti 1 month ago

    Used to like Bill until he hired really bad writers. He thrives on trashing.

  • Hephaestus
    Hephaestus 1 month ago

    Maher, you are so arrogant
    you do not impress me, you do not convince me, you are vulgar
    Your zombie-fans are brainless I never see any solid argument from you. Trump lied to Comey 5 times ?
    That, if truth wouldn't qualify to impeach, you leftists retro-feed themselves and applaud and applaud. No substance.

  • Tiki XOXOXO
    Tiki XOXOXO 1 month ago

    You people are all about your stupid take on everything

  • Retro Moto
    Retro Moto 1 month ago

    So f----n' true!

  • Retro Moto
    Retro Moto 1 month ago

    Hilarious! Go Bill!

  • cloisonne gorth
    cloisonne gorth 1 month ago

    House boy babbles on.

  • Calvin Walker (Contractor)

    Hey Bill keep up the good work. No worries!

  • Sam Campanella
    Sam Campanella 1 month ago

    Thanks HBO for not getting rid of Bill for making a mistake, I know it's hard for people to believe but it happens.

  • eddie lasowsky
    eddie lasowsky 1 month ago

    Oh look, it's the House Nigga

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 1 month ago

    Fuck this cracka.... We don't fuck with this bitch.... It's not cool, never.... If you want forgiveness for what he said... Forgive me for this, fuck crackas.... Cracka, cracka, cracka, cracka, cracka.... Oops, forgive, I don't know what I was thinking.... That was stupid of me, that's such a bad word.... I wasn't in my right mind.... I will never say it again.... Now forgive me.... If I can't get it, he damn sure not getting it....

    • VehementiNacon
      VehementiNacon 1 month ago

      Way to make a point by doing the exact same thing you hate. You surely are the bigger man here. Fight racism with racism and continue a war meant to stop people from being united against a common foe.

  • lance hagen
    lance hagen 1 month ago

    Robert De Niro was a client of an international prostitution ring that hired underage children and specialised in providing prostitutes to wealthy, high-profile clients.

    According to court records from 1998, Independent journalist John Lichfield discovered that the prostitution agency routinely ensnared girls as young as 15, forcing them to have sex with Hollywood’s rich and powerful elite.

    While it is not clear whether or not De Niro was supplied with underage girls, his involvement in the ring received little to no media coverage

  • Nikki No Nose
    Nikki No Nose 1 month ago

    ugh! Maher is just another democrat caught in the liberal echo chamber,his boorishness is ruining the show!

  • Sophia Nedear
    Sophia Nedear 1 month ago

    The personality psychologist John D. Mayer (University of New Hampshire) published an essay in 1993 in which he suggested an independent psychiatric category for destructive personalities like Hitler: A dangerous leader disorder (DLD). Mayer identified three groups of symptomatic behavioral singularities: 1. indifference (becoming manifest for example in murder of opponents, family members or citizens, or in genocide); 2. intolerance (practicing press censorship, running a secret police or condoning torture); 3. self-aggrandizement (self-assessment as a "unifier" of a people, overestimation of own military power, identification with religion or nationalism or proclamation of a "grand plan"). Mayer compared Hitler to Stalin and Saddam Hussein; the stated aim of this proposition of a psychiatric categorization was to provide the international community with a diagnostic instrument which would make it easier to recognize dangerous leader personalities in mutual consensus and to take action against them.[76] (See also Toxic leader.)

  • Daniel Ross
    Daniel Ross 1 month ago

    oh bill, once the pillar for freedom speech now taken down and stripped due to one bitter racist hypocrite known as ice cube! I'm surprised bill didn't ask cube to apologize for his own racism before trying to blast someone else for theirs!

  • MrStangus1
    MrStangus1 1 month ago

    We all know how smart it was for a white guy to say the N word on tv. Might want to stop calling people stupid, dickhead. Just because you've fucked a couple black trannies and voted Democrat your whole life does not mean you have a pass.

  • Brittany Burns
    Brittany Burns 1 month ago

    It's 2017. Let's be real for a second. I can't believe I still have to explain this, but if you aren't black, it's not okay to say the n word. That word has been used as a racial slur toward black people for hundreds of years. Hell, it still is used today as a racial slur. It has a horribly negative, offensive connotation, so stop saying it if you're not black. No, I'm not being a "special little snowflake", I'm simply being rational and acknowledging the historical context of the word. It's not going to kill you to not say that single word.

    • Brittany Burns
      Brittany Burns 1 month ago

      sheehan1able You have reached a brand new level of foolishness I didn't even think existed lmao. I don't even know where to start so I'm just not going to bother

    • sheehan1able
      sheehan1able 1 month ago

      All people should use all words. They are words. Black people use many racial slurs against whites, often with prejudice, but because they are at the top of the liberal victim hood hierarchy nobody bothers.

  • baler johnson
    baler johnson 1 month ago

    For real ..Bill has stood up for minorities for the 25 plus years Ive been watching him . Bill Makes a very relevant and impressive point and the very people that he has defended relentlessly for 2 or 3 decades come to bitch ? You guys really so sensitive ? Bill has earned his " nigger " card . You guys dont help things by slamming guys like Bill .

  • Challenger revived Kh
    Challenger revived Kh 1 month ago

    Emperor FULLOFITSHAYICUS reached a monumental IDIOT LOW.. Sea level rise caused by global warming is threatening the existence of the tiny community of Tangier Island, Virginia, located in Chesapeake Bay.

    Donald Trump to call the town's mayor to assure him that his town will not succumb to rising seas by the middle of this century, despite what scientists predict. 
    Instead, Trump told mayor James “Ooker” Eskridge in a phone call on Monday that residents of Tangier Island have nothing to fear when it comes to rising sea levels.

    This is from the entity who is about as bright as a pile of Rocks.. Dear Prez FullofITSHAY.. STFU.. Do the right thing and resign you are not A PRESIDENT, And you absolutely without a doubt KNOW NOTHING but OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE, you have violated Article 3 sections 3 and 4 and those Carbon Monoxcide Commando's GOP, you have around you are guilty of Seditious Conspiracy ,
    Seditious conspiracy (18 U.S.C. § 2384) is a crime under United States law. It is stated as follows:
    Proof: WE WILL SHUT DOWN GOVT and Did during Obama ADMIN,, How about this wonderful statement, WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO MAKE THE THEN OBAMA admin Fail...

    PUBLIC RECORD... Public record public rercord... READING and Comprehension on a
    big decline, the only way is the hit ones eyes with point after point after point..

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place
    subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow,
    put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States,
    or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority
    thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any
    law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any
    property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they
    shall each be fined or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

    For a seditious conspiracy charge to be effected, a crime need only be planned, it need not be actually attempted.

    And the Trolls who know even less then you, no need to reply, Unless you bring proof of rebut instead of rhetoric of a 14 year old brat screaming for attention, YOUR OPINION is not IMPORTANT .... Voters and Demo party open your one eye that is not blind and see the violations this administration ..

    The longer you remain in office and with your crew the IQ decreases rapidly...

  • Aliyah Abrahams
    Aliyah Abrahams 1 month ago

    I'm black, and I laughed when I heard it. I thought it was funny. Weird how stand up comedians can talk shit about gay people to this day, and confess to beating their children with belts on a big ass stage, but when Bill says this, you all start pissing yourselves.

  • Caliluv
    Caliluv 1 month ago

    Bill you are so fucking brilliant!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Island Hopper
    Island Hopper 1 month ago

    Is it me, or does anyone else realize that there are no perfect politicians? They are all dishonest, and we have been lied to for decades.

  • Bear Mare
    Bear Mare 1 month ago +1

    Considering all the bullshit that the assholes in the GOP have pulled of late, is it a surprise that someone finally did what everyone wants to do and put some caps in the House Republicans?

    There is no good reason to allow these fuckups free rein to shit on the America they don't like.

    I'm calling the shooter a patriot - that's right. He took his 1st Amendment protected AR 15 and bagged a few Republicans. Well, he didn't get very far, but big things have small beginnings.

    Every Republican is now on notice: the people will put caps in your asses if you cunts don't get with the program.

  • Techno Drone 406
    Techno Drone 406 1 month ago

    Bill seeing you moking the orange asshole makes my day

  • Keith Thompson
    Keith Thompson 1 month ago

    When is a racial slur, not a racial slur? When it is not intended or perceived as a slur. Intent matters. Maher was clearly making a joke. Does anyone seriously think he's a racist?

  • Ken wilkinson
    Ken wilkinson 1 month ago

    Impeach Donald Hump And Make America Great Again !! ORANGE DOUCHE !! Hurry & take dumpster Slut kellyanne Conway & Cornhole sucks Sean Spicer with you !! Hurry before too much damage done !

  • Yolonda Martinez
    Yolonda Martinez 1 month ago


  • heroinhero69
    heroinhero69 1 month ago


  • jerry ray
    jerry ray 1 month ago +1

    This racist pole smoker had some nerve to bash Presidents

  • Omega JNA
    Omega JNA 1 month ago

    Wish I could super like or quad-like this video.

  • Steven Long
    Steven Long 1 month ago +1

    Fuck you Maher. You are a blathering douchebags whose idea of a joke is shitting in your hand and throwing it. My Nigga

  • Katma Tally
    Katma Tally 1 month ago

    The Republicans just want to make America grate again.

    [Trump drops the Bomb] "Aww, he's just new at this"

  • Tim Mcdonald
    Tim Mcdonald 1 month ago

    All the laughter on this video sounds fake.  It isn't funny at all.  Him and Kathy Griffith .

  • Mikhail Slye
    Mikhail Slye 1 month ago

    So it's OK to be a racist as long as you hate The president

  • kpax45
    kpax45 1 month ago

    Trump says he didn't say the stuff Comey claims. Well what did Trump say during these nine meetings with Trump? Anyone that believes Trump is a FOOL

  • Jessica  Harbor
    Jessica Harbor 1 month ago

    I automatically "liked" this just based on the title "too stupid to be president"!

  • Benjamin   Huggins
    Benjamin Huggins 1 month ago

    And take Trump's dumb ass with it

  • Benjamin   Huggins
    Benjamin Huggins 1 month ago

    The hell with the lies and hidden agendas that people have had for many years. It needs to be exposed and destroyed for good

  • Benjamin   Huggins
    Benjamin Huggins 1 month ago

    This is what AMERICA needs....THE UGLY TRUTH

  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 1 month ago

    I am officially quitting the Republican Party...I'm done. Too embarrassing to stay.

  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 1 month ago


  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 1 month ago

    Hey Bill I guess you just have to stay in the field. Love you and hope you don't let the no humor beasts get to you. Stay strong.

  • Ifihada Hammer
    Ifihada Hammer 1 month ago

    tRUMP has not been in office for a year, and he is already the worst president in US history.

  • Tone Pimp1
    Tone Pimp1 1 month ago


  • Big Bulk
    Big Bulk 1 month ago

    "Leaker" is not an leaks when there's something worth leaking.... Someone tell the D bitch

  • Hefurnahn
    Hefurnahn 1 month ago

    How about you let Trump take you out to the woodshed? No? Afraid he might be as harsh on you as you've been on him?

  • Liam Anderson
    Liam Anderson 1 month ago +1

    "He's a liar. He's a leaker." - Liar and leaker

  • Monty Adams
    Monty Adams 1 month ago

    Too funny & too accurate.

  • Knoll Family
    Knoll Family 1 month ago

    I'm black, that shit was funny.  I'd prefer being in the house, instead of picking cotton too!!!  Weird!!!!

  • s. marty
    s. marty 1 month ago

    maher/colbert are assholes....can't wait until all these low life so called comedians off the air

  • TessellatedGuy
    TessellatedGuy 1 month ago

    If he didn't apologize, I'd definitely not respect him anymore. That's just me.

    Btw, those who have the guts to apologize after stuff like this get even more respect from people. A heartful apology can easily make you much more loved. I agree with that.

  • strykeryker
    strykeryker 1 month ago +1

    Bill Maher's analogies are too witty>>LOL !!

  • Nico Encee
    Nico Encee 1 month ago

    Speak for yourself. He's a fucking moron. I'd like to catch him and beat the living shit out of him.
    Hollywood pussy ass Homo

  • PutinWithAnimals
    PutinWithAnimals 1 month ago

    That one guy laughing too loud, it's like a Family Guy sketch.

  • Jack McCabe
    Jack McCabe 1 month ago

    fuck he's such a smug ass hole, why don't I hate him?

  • S Webb
    S Webb 1 month ago


  • Spectrum
    Spectrum 1 month ago

    I wanna slap that annoying guy laughing like an idiot in the audience

  • Josh M.
    Josh M. 1 month ago

    Hey Bill, I think it's safe to say that Ice Cube probably won't be returning to your show anytime soon. You're probably better off, anyway, as he really came off as more of a supremacist during that episode.

  • Christopher Brickey
    Christopher Brickey 1 month ago

    Bill should retire. His age and all the pot he smokes are showing this season. Every episode the guests kindly go along when he gets lost. It's sad to watch. You made your mark, call it a career.

  • George Thomson
    George Thomson 1 month ago

    finally a wife and son to sentimentalize him...! oh yeah!

  • George Thomson
    George Thomson 1 month ago +1

    some maths please... no obamacare the gov saves billions of dollars for him/trump to be able yo get sone $ easier...! and A few million uninsured...! now that is maths...!

  • xerakis
    xerakis 1 month ago

    what a racist piece left-wing garbage.... the epitome of hypocrisy.

  • deathwish
    deathwish 1 month ago

    well looks like the liberal black community has given in and is happy being slaves again. white man can call himself a house nigger in jest, as long as he isn't a conservative. give cube a little pat on the back like a good dog, as cube gives that big teethy smile. looking like buckwheat, with the modern day queen latifa laughing at all his bad jokes. all of you are giving big teethy smiles while getting a approving pat on your backs. now and forever, any complaint you have about racism is void, you lost your own war. when bill (only white man that can say nigger on tv) mahrr called himself a house nigger, he was talking about all of you. and you all just smiled that big teethy grin.
    "And wipe that stupid-ass smile off your face
    Niggas always gotta show they teeth,"'ice cube

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