Angry Ivanka Trump Walks Out Of Cosmo Interview

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  • Ivanka Trump recently lost her cool during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

    "Ivanka Trump is turning into her father. The usually composed and genteel businesswoman gave a very Donald Trumpian interview to Cosmopolitan on Wednesday, in which she denied that Donald has said the things he’s said, stumbled over basic questions about his new maternity leave proposal, and scolded the reporter for doing her job. Then, when the interview turned out to be more pointed than a sweet conversation between gal friends, Ivanka bounced.

    Donald Trump’s Ivanka-backed plan proposes six weeks of paid unemployment benefits for women who physically give birth to a child, paid for by cutting “fraud” in the unemployment insurance system. It does not include any paternity leave or leave for a mother who adopted her child or whose partner gave birth. Paternity leave has been proven to have lasting effects on greater equality in housework, child care responsibilities, and wages. Cosmo reporter Prachi Gupta pointed that out, and Ivanka brushed it off…”*

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  • Sal'tripin
    Sal'tripin 4 hours ago

    never trust a rich person.

  • Grvu
    Grvu 8 hours ago

    internet journalism . . .even if you are right on the matters , the over the top commentary makes it pathetic by default .

  • Joanne Bohan
    Joanne Bohan 15 hours ago

    dosen't ivanka have a degree is socialism?????

  • Kevin Hurley
    Kevin Hurley Day ago

    Quelle chienne. ("what a bitch" in French)

  • Patty Stewart
    Patty Stewart 2 days ago

    she wrote no books. All fraud and lies just like Dad.

  • Patty Stewart
    Patty Stewart 2 days ago

    just another Trump loser

  • Patty Stewart
    Patty Stewart 2 days ago

    Ivanka is daughter of racist stupid Trump.

  • Patty Stewart
    Patty Stewart 2 days ago

    Ivanka is Fake like her breasts.

  • lifesucks dot club
    lifesucks dot club 2 days ago

    That useless sempstress better go back to her Chinese factory and cook donuts for her slaves

  • david bartilson
    david bartilson 3 days ago

    Crazy to think the gov should legislate business provide a benefit or perk paid for by a business. Crazier still to watch these two...

  • Allen Lichner
    Allen Lichner 3 days ago

    I wonder if these Turks have green cards

  • Allen Lichner
    Allen Lichner 3 days ago

    Love the Trump Family, The more the MSM belittles them the more the people love them

  • Transparent Runako
    Transparent Runako 4 days ago

    Being in the UK is awesome NHS matenity leave for All parents and so many other things

  • :: ::
    :: :: 5 days ago

    3.4 M idiots Subscribed to your Disrespectful Channel.

  • :: ::
    :: :: 5 days ago +1

    Did you just say "Gay Dudes" on your news channel? Who the hell hired you.

  • :: ::
    :: :: 5 days ago

    It's "MATERNITY" leave, Idiots..

    NASTEE28 EAST SIDER 5 days ago

    Why is it always about homosexuals... women give birth

    NASTEE28 EAST SIDER 5 days ago

    These people are ridiculous they're the ones that divided this country the American people voted.

  • Doctor Oil
    Doctor Oil 6 days ago

    These two morons like hearing their opinions.

  • Living Faithfully
    Living Faithfully 6 days ago

    This is fake media! They're just tryna put her in the same category as her dad whenever he gets worked up.

  • dymond lopez
    dymond lopez 6 days ago

    Aborotion is the womens choice simple as that its her body let her do what she wants

  • mark webster
    mark webster 7 days ago

    You people are sick. This plan should include pregnant women only. Same sex partners can not get pregnant.

  • Anna Koppen
    Anna Koppen 7 days ago

    You people suck! Leave her alone you idiots

  • Hughman Bean
    Hughman Bean 10 days ago

    It's an even sadder state of affairs for those who rely on the Young Turds for anything except bias. Cenk is the most learned man in Dearborn.

  • Игорь Журов
    Игорь Журов 10 days ago

    Штрафник фильм

  • Pattie Cruse
    Pattie Cruse 12 days ago

    You stupid bitch why don't you and Obama leave the country you probably suck Obama dick

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 12 days ago

    when considering the 27% glass ceiling, one should consider the almost 2 years or more of child birthing that the business has to pay for amounting to as much as $20,000 or more in addition to the increased health care insurance premium that the rest of us have to pay because she is a woman and requires more maintenance and additional time off taken most of which the rest of us have to pay for. all things being equal we are probably over pay them.

  • k butter
    k butter 13 days ago

    you all sound like a bunch of ninnies

  • me 2k
    me 2k 15 days ago

    Ivanka is a chip of the old block. Same ole same ole..

  • me 2k
    me 2k 15 days ago

    Gay couples have no part whatsoever in this.

  • Ayla Tucker
    Ayla Tucker 16 days ago

    We really need maternity leave... I'm 4 monthes along and the "bread winner" because I'n a nurse and my husband is still in school. I'm required to take time off and heal before going back to work, at least 6 weeks. That puts us at serious risk financially... Family leave would be nice but even the paid 6 weeks would help fill the gaping hole in my finances.

  • Robert Bone
    Robert Bone 16 days ago

    The Young Turks are ass holes. Why didn't your precious OBama get a law passed while he was in office for 8 years, 8 years he could have done more than play golf and waste tax payer money. Libs are a f ing joke. Go push your stupid agenda on someone else. If this was truly a hot button issue why didn't Nancy Palosi include it in the Affordable Care Act the she crammed down everyone's gullet. Go bark at cars in the street and leave President Trump and his family alone for eight years, then maybe you can bitch about something.

  • CutZy McCall
    CutZy McCall 16 days ago

    I agree with everything here but the sentence "It takes more than just a woman to raise a child." What about the millions of single-parent mothers in the world? They dropped the ball with that, unfortunately, and I just want to make the truth clear here because I have had a number of women friends who are single parents who have raised fantastic kids on their own, and many of them had near-nervous breakdowns doing it because of the lack of support the world gives to a woman who "made her own bed, so let her lie in it." That is the attitude toward single-parent women, unfortunately, and at least let's give them credit for not simply choosing the job but, because of and despite absentee partners, are forced into into doing it (often brilliantly) alone.

  • Rafael Carrillo
    Rafael Carrillo 16 days ago

    It makes sense that the maternity leave is just for women that gave birth, since for what i understand that the time is granted to physically recover from giving birth, it is not intended to take care of a kid, it is basically intended for both the mother and child physically recover from the stress of birth.

  • Phoenix Quill
    Phoenix Quill 19 days ago +1

    I can't handle TYTs, they think snarky delivery is a substitute for logical analysis.

  • Leah Scott
    Leah Scott 19 days ago

    Not true...once again , maybe they should look towards the military to leading from the front with allowing maternity and paternity leave for both natural and adoptive parents!!!

  • Drew C
    Drew C 19 days ago +1

    Lol was Chelsea ever asked tough questions??

    • Drew C
      Drew C 16 days ago

      Noooo it shows you buy into the Liberal propaganda machine, you're probably watching CNN right now..... What about the rest of the Trumps? LIke Barron does he deserve the liberal backlash from the "Alt left"?

    • redrock1963
      redrock1963 16 days ago

      Andrew Cady - Regardless of your political leanings, Chelsea was never a formal spokes person for HRC. So your rhetorical Q is just ridiculous. It shows you as immature.

  • Drew C
    Drew C 19 days ago +1

    The young turks are such douches, was Michelle Obama or even PRESIDENT OBAMA ever asked "tough" questions? Give me a break with your fake news and double standards. You like Socialism go to Venezuela.

  • Rezblade
    Rezblade 19 days ago +1

    Hmm where does she get it from?

  • im mr meeseeks
    im mr meeseeks 19 days ago

    Cosmo attacked her that's why she walked out report it right or don't report it you liberal fucks

  • l l
    l l 20 days ago

    Pissy Pissy Popov's Balloon is About to Pop!
    And so is ivanka's. Poof !

  • Vince Gilbert
    Vince Gilbert 20 days ago

    Ohhhh the Young Assholes lmao

  • Balkanishenjebach
    Balkanishenjebach 20 days ago

    like her father she talks but really says nothing .....

  • Blueberry Wa
    Blueberry Wa 21 day ago +1

    What are we expecting from Trump's family's? they are lying scum's. If she believes TRUMP care is best ? tell her father to open up to people so we can look trumpcare and ObamaCare to compare. why is it so Secret? must be Trump's family got money from insurance company and Drug Company. LOL

  • Seth Pemberton
    Seth Pemberton 23 days ago

    Fake news

  • megan ivy
    megan ivy 24 days ago


  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson 25 days ago

    "Measure for Measure" we have "Man, proud man, dress'd in a little brief authority"

    And this from "Macbeth" " "...a tale, told by and idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".

  • Lizie Lue
    Lizie Lue 25 days ago

    Take that slotie red lipstick off - and ask you mom to wash out your mouth with soap -she forgot to do it when you were a child.

  • Stefani Christine
    Stefani Christine 26 days ago

    Hilarious how no one asked Hillary about her disturbing, cruel, and racist statements in any interview...ever. But it's not biased at all.

  • Stefani Christine
    Stefani Christine 26 days ago

    These two people are morons.

  • Bingyi Zhou
    Bingyi Zhou 26 days ago

    pick bones in eggs! people just jealous of Ivanka and Trump. Seriously, what did Trump do wrong to hurt the americans so far? He is a not so smart, high profile, spoiled childish person who pissed off so many people. They are actually just jealous of him being rich and powerful. Trump is not going to change the world just like other presidents. Stop picking on them and make everything a big deal in order to get their own benefits.

  • Byron Fuentes
    Byron Fuentes 26 days ago

    If Jared was having a baby I would not pay for his unemployment leave pay. Let evonka have the babies and let jared negotiate laundry from russian oligarchs. Jared is laundering funds for russian mob and he needs refinancing for his headquarters at 666 5th ave Manhattan in the empire state.

  • Pepita Merrill
    Pepita Merrill 26 days ago


  • Crazy Health
    Crazy Health 26 days ago


  • Crazy Health
    Crazy Health 26 days ago

    A woman's job is to raise the child. Read your Bibles.

  • Landon Kent
    Landon Kent 26 days ago

    TRUMP: Dems just rip babies from the womb terribly. They just rip and tear them right from the mother.


  • Jenny Pudinski
    Jenny Pudinski 26 days ago


  • Breaking Brad
    Breaking Brad 27 days ago

    Young turds... internet pieces of shit. So glad Trump won

  • K Melting
    K Melting 27 days ago

    How about we pay for it from trump fraud

  • K Melting
    K Melting 27 days ago

    Poor Ivan'ska

  • Donna R. Clark
    Donna R. Clark 29 days ago

    welfare fraud is actually quite large. and you guys thought clinton was
    going to win at this point in time? i knew trump was going to win in
    march of 2016. you can't trust lamestream media. it's now july 2017, and
    so far trump hasn't done anything unconstitutional or against my right
    to marry who i choose

  • DaveE Talbott
    DaveE Talbott 29 days ago

    "Maternity" what don't you understand? Weirdo's

  • William E. Smith
    William E. Smith 29 days ago

    Cenk Uygur has limited economic knowledge and his comments are about as valid as those from your mate at the pub. Trump's plans are amazing - scientifically and economically valid. But the turn around is a massive job. It is not simply about turning the battleship in the new correct direction, but he is having to build next generation battleship. Sad that the anti-trump movement is so well funded by a corrupt elite.

  • Stephanie Merck
    Stephanie Merck 29 days ago


  • Malcolm Duncklee
    Malcolm Duncklee Month ago

    SOO pathetic -yes! This admin is a fuking JOKE! these holes need jail time!

  • Malcolm Duncklee
    Malcolm Duncklee Month ago

    Actually Ivanka's comments are really VERY Forward thinking and innovative;_)

  • Sarah Howard
    Sarah Howard Month ago

    Really 😂😂😂😂

  • Arthur Hull
    Arthur Hull Month ago

    Ivanka is a snowflake.

  • Leohnix vang
    Leohnix vang Month ago

    Ivanka got angry because her intelligence got wrecked by a tennis ball question. I can imagine her running for president and winning - it'll make America twice as stupid. Where are the jobs Ivanka? " oh it's in China. You have to go to China to get a job at my factory. " Where is my healthcare Ivanka? " Sorry but what healthcare are you talking about? oh... you don't have any health care? Too bad you're not rich enough to afford it. Your on your own. "

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan Month ago

    So NOW the media is "Bs sellout?' They are just fine when they go after anything and everything Trump but NOW they are 'sellouts?'

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B Month ago

    "recover after childbirth" these family leave laws are about the recovery, they are about child care lol.

  • Christum  Moye Moye
    Christum Moye Moye Month ago +3

    the trump are a opulent family they don't care about us people!!!!.

  • Noobs Here
    Noobs Here Month ago

    go cosmo!

  • Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman Month ago

    What about the company that has to eat the loss of every women worker ?

  • Ann McCaslin
    Ann McCaslin Month ago

    The object is "recovery".  If someone doesn't physically give birth, they have nothing to recover from.

  • Lisa Svendby
    Lisa Svendby Month ago

    If you ever had a baby, you would know there a lot of changes that quickly happens to a womans body. Women really need time off from work after delivering, not just to bond with the baby, but also to recover.

  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar Month ago

    its very important to know in our life that if you and I get angry or jealous when someone is doing greater than you or better than you, then you are the generation of evil no doubt.

  • Lalnun Hlua
    Lalnun Hlua Month ago

    fuk young trump>>>

  • James Pettigrew
    James Pettigrew Month ago

    TYT suck!!

  • brian trappler
    brian trappler Month ago

    A moronic attempt by two morons to sell a perversion to the vulnerable America. They finally have something on Ivanka ! she discriminates against men since she supports a bill that provides recovery time for a woman who gives childbirth and not the man. Their logical conclusion is that Ivanka discriminates against men. The logical conclusion of failing to give men "paternity leave" after birth must be a form of reverse-misogyny.

  • rochelle jennings
    rochelle jennings Month ago

    rump NEED TO STOP TELLING his daughter after sex she WILL BE PREDIDENT IN 2020

  • The Fireblaster
    The Fireblaster Month ago

    Ivanka is just like her scumbag father: disgustingly dishonest and completely self-absorbed.

  • Nick Hayes
    Nick Hayes Month ago

    How stupid. If you don't have the baby you need no recovery time. Socilist only think in terms of welfare benefits. These propaganda actors don't get it. This must be an skit

    LUCAS ROSARIO Month ago

    It is a waste of time listening to such talk, people are happy with Donald Trump that is what matters.

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller Month ago

    I'd walk out, too. Maternity leave is for women who gave birth, they're hurting a LOT! Why should those who do not have a medical emergency deserve the same treatment? Gotta check out the $10 Trillion number. If that's true, we (you and me and everyone else) has a lot of fraud to get rid of.

  • Sheri Benjegerdes
    Sheri Benjegerdes Month ago

    if it's two women and one or both gave birth....

  • Sheri Benjegerdes
    Sheri Benjegerdes Month ago

    Why would it not allow for a newly adopted baby's mom? not fair.

  • YouBox
    YouBox Month ago

    Ты трахаешь эту девочку?

  • Heather Long
    Heather Long Month ago

    I'm done with this shit channel just like I am done with Huffington Post... CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC - ALL MAJOR NEWS AND OTHER LIBTARD AFFILIATES/SUPPORTERS who are influencing people and causing division, turmoil, conflict, and bullshit.

    I can hear your mouths moving but you are saying nothing...talking and talking and talking like you are saying something Important and are "so smart and right" ..talking talking and talking...saying absolutely nothing..

  • Crissy Ibarra
    Crissy Ibarra Month ago

    when are these people going to get a break why does everyone think they can disect everything this family does or says if this were any other president and family no one would behave as nasty ugly and disrespectful.

  • Crissy Ibarra
    Crissy Ibarra Month ago

    who do they think they are asking her these questions at a damn cosmo interview ivanka had the right to make her statement.

  • Carla Toby
    Carla Toby Month ago

    So...FMLA provides for leave for men AND women, to the tune of 12 weeks a year. Now, technically FMLA is "unpaid leave," but most employers find ways to get their employees paid for most of it--even if that means giving short term or long term disability benefits. Now, pregnancy is NOT an illness, and recovering from giving birth and caring for a baby is a NOT a disability. Yet still, somehow, all of this VOLUNTARY BEHAVIOR is covered under FMLA.
    Now we're supposed to believe that Ivanka, and Donald Trump, are evil, nasty parent-haters because this "plan" doesn't include dudes? GET OVER YOUR ENTITLED SELVES AND LOOK AT WHAT YOU'RE WHINING ABOUT, FFS!
    And then please, just shut the hell up.

    Have a baby, don't have a baby. Who cares? Stop acting like giving birth deserves some special accommodation. It doesn't. Be grateful you're not living in some hideous third world country, where you stop by the side of the road, deliver the little joy-bundle BY YOURSELF, then take yourself AND your baby back to work in the fields or whatever, and work the rest of your 12 hour shift. Know what your employer would say if you asked about paid maternity leave? Me either, but I'm guessing it would sound a lot like a big ol' belly laugh, followed by a suggestion to get the hell back to WORK.

  • Patricia Holman
    Patricia Holman Month ago

    Trump's kids, the older ones at least, think just like him. And like him they were born rich, so know no other way of life, with the problems associated with being working class or poor. They need to keep their mouths SHUT.

  • Carla Hoskins
    Carla Hoskins Month ago

    The family leave act is not a paid leave for anyone. Spouses do get leave but not paid. POTUS is giving a PAID leave for mothers. That is what is new. These people are twisting the facts to make POTUS look bad.

  • dixie patton
    dixie patton Month ago

    Wish the male of the young Turks would learn to speak in a normal voice instead of puffing up and using a mocking manner...Impossible to listen to him and deal with his mockery antics...Most unpleasant...

  • Pixel's GameGround
    Pixel's GameGround Month ago

    wow look at the dislikes looks like the conservatives are hitting the only way they can

  • United WeStand
    United WeStand Month ago


  • djr320
    djr320 Month ago

    I used to like TYT until they proved they were no different to the rest of the other big news networks, having the same political agenda all along

  • Political Sinner
    Political Sinner Month ago

    You libtard dumbasses ! if your a same sex couple and the female who gave a natual child birth qualifies daaaaaa

  • Thomas Train
    Thomas Train Month ago

    Alex Jones is better

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