Trump Picks Fights on Twitter, Pisses Off World: A Closer Look

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Seth takes a closer look at the latest fights President Trump has picked with the rest of the world as his approval ratings hit new lows.
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    Trump Picks Fights on Twitter, Pisses Off World: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 11:24
  • Late night  Seth Meyers  closer look  trump  London  Paris  climate  NBC  NBC TV  television  funny  talk show  comedy  humor  stand-up  parody  snl seth meyers  host  promo  seth  meyers  weekend update  news satire  satire  this week  in the news  rant  travel ban  failed  foot in mouth  rose garden  speech  mad libs  pittsburg  weather channel  climate change  

Comments: 3 453

  • Chocolate peanut

    His imitation of Putin sounds like Gru.

  • Weston Owsley
    Weston Owsley 8 days ago

    If a war breaks while trumps in office we will have no allies also the next president is gonna have a lot of fixing to do and when the pole ice caps melt who still has a lot of country left Russia that last one was just a thought

  • jakob lehner
    jakob lehner 25 days ago

    Dignity here satellite array fit not jury give.

  • dg 4
    dg 4 27 days ago

    if a Trump tweets in the forest and there is no internet, is it still a lie?

  • Jerzy Feliks
    Jerzy Feliks 29 days ago

    One simple question: WTF is Fareed Zakaria relating what the Mayor of London said? He's British! He spoke English!

  • Stephen Mui
    Stephen Mui 29 days ago

    Takes a lesson from Trey he is good at making people pissed off !

  • Inquisitive Cameron
    Inquisitive Cameron 29 days ago

    what's to expect from a president who thinks the world is flat?

  • Qc.Wtf
    Qc.Wtf 29 days ago

    USA is a joke

  • Samantha Q
    Samantha Q Month ago

    You suck and so does your show. You're just another intolerant and hateful liberal.

  • Ponusjoe
    Ponusjoe Month ago

    Fix the GD sound!!!

  • DK Dempcey Knight DK

    5:04 "Yes it is".
    Classic to the point, and appreciated.

  • s. marty
    s. marty Month ago

    More fake news, report on the real stuff for once, image the mess USA would
    be in if Clinton's/Obama's had a final kick at the can.
    America would
    be finally done....God I hate all these traitors. God bless Trump, man of steel national hero

  • Boy
    Boy Month ago

    What would Donald do if Twitter showed how many of his followers are American, foreign or bots? He has stupid money to purchase droves of bots that can boost his Twitter account! I bet most of his followers are foreigners and bots! Donald is going down and he's his own worst enemy!

  • E Fliegel
    E Fliegel Month ago

    You know, I always thought it was unrealistic when people in tv shows and movies couldn’t see the obvious villain.

    But now that I’m living in 2017 and seeing Putin so OBVIOUSLY pulling our strings and everyone’s scratching their heads about it, I take it all back.

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago

    Seth looks great since he married Stephon.

  • Bryant Brown
    Bryant Brown Month ago

    Wow this dude isnt funny at all

  • woolyvideos
    woolyvideos Month ago

    It won't be long until Trump calls the weather channel "fake news"

  • Rob Cooper
    Rob Cooper Month ago

    funny bit, but all non essential jobs!

  • Kayla Munsterr
    Kayla Munsterr Month ago

    Dear Australia,
    Any space over there for me?
    I love me some animals, and i don't mind the heat.
    I got to get out of here.

    me. Q.Q

  • Ladypup101
    Ladypup101 Month ago

    It is your right: If you don't want your voting registration detail sent to Trumpp, to be turned into alternative facts, IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY YOUR local state election authority to be removed. Afterwards, perhaps Trumpp can enlist Wikileaks AGAIN to hack into our DELETED VOTING HISTORY.

  • Aiyah Al kinani
    Aiyah Al kinani Month ago

    I feel like trump wants war he is not a peaceful man most of all he is not so smart😜

  • Ramesh 037
    Ramesh 037 Month ago

    Pittsburgh and Paris were on the paper by Bannon and he could not even read the handwriting because Trump is too stupid to read. That is why one should never buy his property where it is full of crooked agreement phrases.

  • Chad Swisher
    Chad Swisher Month ago

    He forgot which country he leads...just like the date of 9/11.

  • CazzoPORTICO Scimmie

    No, he did not. And wipe that stupid smirk off your face before WE do it. It's tiresome.

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago

    Is he the leader of the country that is presumed as the best democracy? He is the leader of the country that is presumed as the nation blessed by God ?. The nation has the presidents they deserve.

  • Al Lo
    Al Lo Month ago

    Pathetic liberals. You all are just making Trump stronger. Thanks. Keep up the hate.

  • Claire Conover
    Claire Conover Month ago

    I hate trump

  • Leanne Blake
    Leanne Blake Month ago

    I so just showing this to my Mum. (Australian) spelling . And she was telling be that one of her friends , who has been travelling the World for the last couple of months and so many Americans that were travelling with them and they met along the way , kept saying Sorry , and were so embarrassed by Trump.

  • Rejane Florinda
    Rejane Florinda Month ago

    Can any british person answer this to me: why two fingers?

  • Mary Millar
    Mary Millar Month ago

    Trump is a jerk, not to mention he's mentally ill, hateful, bully and worthless piece of junk

  • Andrew Littin
    Andrew Littin Month ago

    D O N T W O R R Y B E H A P P Y!

  • Violeta Kharrl
    Violeta Kharrl Month ago

    You Set;  is not that good a comedian.  Trump did not start the fight, the media is.  Why don't you talk about the President accomplishment?  What you know is to mock.  Why did the president win the election?  Because more people believe him more than you.  Even a non educated person knows that.  You are all fake news.

  • Violeta Kharrl
    Violeta Kharrl Month ago

    Go President Trump!  We are all for you!  We do not listen to this absurd new from the media..Ya!  President Trump tweet, which only take a few minutes. Obama take a vacation that takes weeks.  Ha! Ha! Ha!.  You media are so stupid, it turn my stomach around.

  • TheCheesegrease
    TheCheesegrease Month ago

    if you close your eyes, he sounds just like joe dirt

  • Paco Vasda
    Paco Vasda Month ago

    our president spends too much time on Twitter what a twit

  • Sarah Yankoo
    Sarah Yankoo Month ago


  • XxMr99xX
    XxMr99xX Month ago

    1:09 censoring fingers? For real?

  • altitude illume
    altitude illume Month ago


  • Rita Lawrence
    Rita Lawrence Month ago +1

    what is that dumb broad still on tv? she is a total clone of the orange pres dump

  • oscar flores
    oscar flores Month ago

    I saw a tv program the other day about most hated persons in the world alive among them was a soccer referee but at the end carlos salinas was the winner that was before orange boy now they have to rewrite most hated most ignorant most stupid keep up republicans in office.

  • oscar flores
    oscar flores Month ago

    He saw a a young and good looking smart popular president that is why earth has to pay.....

  • Videoorbiter
    Videoorbiter Month ago

    These are hateful people. I'm not watching your show.

  • Spyderred
    Spyderred Month ago

    "Slack-jawed no nothing" - exactly!

  • Zsazsa Crump
    Zsazsa Crump Month ago

    I still support him I'm in the world so why don't you back up and regroup asshole

  • CrazyCatLady 55
    CrazyCatLady 55 Month ago

    Isn't there some old, sick and dying veteran out there willing to take one for the team? Now that person would be a real patriot. Make us a respectable country again.

  • Ian G
    Ian G Month ago

    George W. Bush was incompetent, but he wasn't hateful.
    Richard Nixon was hateful, but he wasn't incompetent.
    Donald Trump is both.

  • MrTvogel
    MrTvogel Month ago

    kk. go watch the russian international economic forum speech and debatte from wich this one sentence of putin was taken out of dialog. the whole conference toke about 6 hours of talking. so dont let you be fooled by an outtake of just few seconds and completely out of context.

  • Epic NEd
    Epic NEd Month ago

    Not including Andrew Jackson, or Andrew Johnson, or Richard Nixon, or James Buchanan, or any president during the gilded age. Trump isn't THAT bad. Even if he was THAT bad, we have elections for a reason. Obama arguably did worse things (e.g. Obamacare) for the country at this moment of time. Anyone who will argue that point is just spewing bullshit. It's almost a blessing that Trump is clueless because it allows the country to remain where it's at without doing irreversible harm. If he can't unite republicans (especially in the senate) then no one should worry too much. Everyone is acting like it's the freaking end of the world. Understand too that during the midterm elections, republicans will more than likely lose seats in both houses. This is a trend that happens in pretty much all elections where the president and his party perform poorly. My suggestion is for democrats to stop promoting the BLM movement (which is dying), western feminism, the gender debate, and start connecting with all Americans and what adversities they face in their lives. Then I truly believe Democrats will win in 2020.

  • Lonis pettersen
    Lonis pettersen Month ago


  • get buried
    get buried Month ago

    Funny until the biological warfare comes in. oh well, seems people need a wake up call or history will document what should have been a wake up call.

  • brad hagyard
    brad hagyard Month ago

    Its over. 4 and 0000, in special elections. Trumps approval rating 36%, yes and Killary is going to win the election in a landslide. Mainstream=LIARSTREAM. Give it up before you get lobotomized. Your a danger to yourself and all the rest of us.

  • Rachel Mileski
    Rachel Mileski Month ago +1

    Dear Trump, I live in Pittsburgh, I am currently unemployed but I know having a world to live in for generations to come is more important then these so called jobs I don't see being "created for us'. Every year the summers are getting hotter here and the winters shorter, you cant run a country like a business because you have to actually give a damn about what happens to everyone else's "business". I hope the next president can fix the nightmare that will be the next four years. Maybe when the first few floors of Trump Tower are underwater you will care.

  • axel bertrand
    axel bertrand Month ago

    Limited golf allegation away generation rear application mess great.

  • pro prototype savage

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  • Vee K.
    Vee K. Month ago

    Seth you are doing s super good job

  • Angela Bourne
    Angela Bourne Month ago


  • Chengfu Saechao
    Chengfu Saechao Month ago

    why is TRUMP the
    president?!! seriously,
    WTF!?? What kind of
    president spends his
    time TWEETING..USA has
    a MANCHILD..working as
    the PRESIDENT.

  • Nukes Away
    Nukes Away Month ago

    This is all funny now but the beginning of the end has already started and can't be undone.

  • Miriah Auth
    Miriah Auth Month ago

    so his twitter reaches 45 million people. There were approximately 321.4 million people in the US as of 2015 so he's obviously not reaching most of us through twitter

  • pauline yeats
    pauline yeats Month ago

    I watch Seth Myers all the time, he is so funny and brillant. Pauline/Ireland

  • Steve Plewka
    Steve Plewka 2 months ago

    Stop being establishment chattel. Liberals have destroyed this country. They've been in control for too long. they're losing control and are scared to death. they will stop at nothing to try and defame our president. throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks. they wouldn't do this to the actual criminals with actual evidence. the whole thing scares me to death. please wake up liberals

  • Dale Bergeron
    Dale Bergeron 2 months ago

    If someone would just get a bucket of water and get trumps hair/head wet. I would pay for seeing his fake scalp.

  • Seth Class
    Seth Class 2 months ago


  • Redlight Records
    Redlight Records 2 months ago

  • Winston Gates
    Winston Gates 2 months ago +1

    I miss Obama...

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 2 months ago +1

    I'm sorry...Did you not know that the golf course is where you find new applicants these days?...Well it is!

  • Jo smith
    Jo smith 2 months ago

    This gov. is so messed up! Sorry London we pray for you!

  • Dante DiGeronimo
    Dante DiGeronimo 2 months ago

    I was in the audience for this episode and it is awesome. He is super chill

  • vonnii1013
    vonnii1013 2 months ago

    this chic said he doesn't tweet but in an earlier interview she said he needs to continue to tweet..smh Covfefe bullshit with alternative facts lol lmao

  • sackdeezle
    sackdeezle 2 months ago

    what's up with your production crews volume skills?

  • Oz Ink
    Oz Ink 2 months ago

    Putin saying don't worry be happy is my aesthetic

  • ernest johnson
    ernest johnson 2 months ago

    This is an absolute pack of liberal lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---------------Ernest E. Johnson

  • Talia kooper
    Talia kooper 2 months ago

    The United states of Fox news 😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Neumeister
    Joe Neumeister 2 months ago

    Why is he still the President??!!!!!!!!

  • Theo Mathieu
    Theo Mathieu 2 months ago

    Space stare northwest brilliant medal multiple.

  • Marc Piechowicz
    Marc Piechowicz 2 months ago

    a monkey in orangutans hairpiece!

  • Kainos Teleos
    Kainos Teleos 2 months ago

    "United states of.... Fox news."
    hahaha, nice. That one was awesome. :-D :-D

  • Marc Piechowicz
    Marc Piechowicz 2 months ago

    muthafucka sank to a new low insulting the whole of the UK, our mayor of London and everything we believe. SAD.

  • Billy McAuliffe
    Billy McAuliffe 2 months ago

    trump the coward draft dodger ran from service in Vietnam three,,,,,, times

  • Mean Green
    Mean Green 2 months ago

    That's weird my comments seem to have been deleted.

  • Sal Russo
    Sal Russo 2 months ago

    kelleyanne you have a family

  • Mighty Mouth
    Mighty Mouth 2 months ago

    "Extremists" its Muslims

    And the mayor is a Muslim and should be fired

    • James Morgan
      James Morgan 2 months ago

      Mighty Mouth he was elected democratically. He has less reason to be fired than your president

  • jesusedel7
    jesusedel7 2 months ago

    actually it's ironic that smoky the bear doesn't have a fire extinguisher

  • kiara woolfe
    kiara woolfe 2 months ago

    It was always two fingers, you guys just got lazy and dropped one

    It comes from the 100yrs war when the French issued a reward for the two bow-firing fingers of any of the legendary English archers. So when they went into battle, the Archers would hold up those two fingers in a taunt and then WRECK the enemy with their bows.

  • Maiku Tsukino
    Maiku Tsukino 2 months ago

    My God this freak fest is just getting worse and worse. Oh waiter, check please..........

  • Vida y Campo Dirección


  • Venus Smurf
    Venus Smurf 2 months ago

    It's so sad that people have been attacked, and we're STILL focusing on Trump's idiocy. Forget the Paris agreement or Russian collusion...the real damage this man is doing is distracting us from what is actually important in the world.

  • firstName lastName
    firstName lastName 2 months ago

    liberals are excrement

  • Charles P
    Charles P 2 months ago

    why is this channels volume so low?

  • je t328i
    je t328i 2 months ago

    Like all the liberal media, Seth is an asshole. Period.

  • Dalia Hernandez
    Dalia Hernandez 2 months ago

    he is making the US look like a joke

  • PompiTube
    PompiTube 2 months ago

    What's wrong with your eyes? You look like a retarded cat.

  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 2 months ago +1

    Being from London and in fairness to Trump, we thought he was ridiculous way before these recent  tweets. Of course he’s being inappropriate, ignorant and condescending, so no change there. Trump keep kicking what was Great out of America, it's helping the UK economy. Ta.

  • Nonhlanhla M
    Nonhlanhla M 2 months ago

    Don't worry, be happy!!!!! LMAO that was too funny

  • Bauss
    Bauss 2 months ago

    so sad..but true.

  • Heather C
    Heather C 2 months ago

    I didn't vote Trump last election, but I'm definitely going to next election. Trump is a creation of Hollywood. Filling the world with disease has always been great entertainment.

  • A Fidget Spinner
    A Fidget Spinner 2 months ago

    If the approval ratings are really low, that must mean that all the trump commenters are just a vocal minority.

    One more reason to stay out of the comments then!

  • John McQue
    John McQue 2 months ago

    2 fingers mean pluck you, just like the trigger finger, it came from a bow and arrow, to pluck was to hit with an arrow to kill.

  • werqwe adcwer
    werqwe adcwer 2 months ago

    38.779 common sense vs 1.937 cats playing whith the computer's mouse so far

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