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  • Added:  Year ago
  • After hours of deliberation, we've narrowed it down and put together what some will consider the best fail compilation of the year: the Ultimate Girls Fails of 2015. Grab some popcorn, get comfortable and let us know your thoughts down below. And as always, SALUTE!

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    Original Links:
    Girl Tries to Run Across Slackline then Slips tvclip.org/video/RWiDOYQWyFo/
    Girl Crashes Riding Boogie Board on Sand tvclip.org/video/rTpwkGi9QNU/
    Girl Faceplants off Hammock tvclip.org/video/UpWQ8obe3B4/
    Backflip Fail tvclip.org/video/T1fVVnMoBDU/
    Teen Riding Tandem on WaveRunner Falls Overboard tvclip.org/video/UubrqcBkjLU/
    Dog Dressed as Shark Attacks Owner in Pool tvclip.org/video/LtFHLdluyzM/
    Girl Chokes on Bubbles in the Bath tvclip.org/video/Zn7NjgP2ERA/
    Girl Takes a Tumble Trying to Ride Bike with No Hands tvclip.org/video/uOmdI2yO67M/
    lit Girl Faceplants tvclip.org/video/XrwGn1P55bU/
    Girls in Lingerie Fall Down tvclip.org/video/uqeAOpOfQV0/
    Girl Loses Balance on Handless Segway and Falls Down tvclip.org/video/7DQHkZHxrJU/
    Fail head fail tvclip.org/video/8VenllYSuUg/
    (Wait) Rope-Swinger and Her Dog Both Fall into River tvclip.org/video/NNB93K0dNKs/
    Girl Hurts Herself Playing with Yoga Balls tvclip.org/video/v61ACuJiom8/
    Girl Slips and Falls of Diving Board tvclip.org/video/Yzr4LpbqOwU/
    Backflip Fail tvclip.org/video/3OeccDwNTMs/
    Leapfrog tvclip.org/video/4BEPRBoI6hU/
    Yoga Fail tvclip.org/video/nxNKS4foKOQ/
    Girl Falls into Snow in Swimsuit tvclip.org/video/OGtZ-da3YeI/
    Dirt Biker instagram.com/p/zRq8OGTb1B/
    Rope Swing tvclip.org/video/SCjSBp-hI9c/
    Girl Accidentally Knees Friend in Face tvclip.org/video/CLp1jRBbAMw/
    Girl Falls Down After Kicking Football tvclip.org/video/nRqsQy95foo/
    Door Opens while Girl Attempts Handstand Against It tvclip.org/video/y5bO4qpgRpI/
    Girl Falls Off Horse after Hitting Tree Branch tvclip.org/video/ImfCOW1m2lg/
    Girl Fails to Perform Back Handspring at Beach tvclip.org/video/ZydwXFw5rmU/
    Girl Cries after doing Kyle Jenner Challenge tvclip.org/video/dT6-nAdAyrc/
    Pop Bottles tvclip.org/video/8H3lFXh3gOc/&feature=youtu.be
    BMXer Gets Laughed at After Faceplanting onto Dirt Ramp tvclip.org/video/EIjO2N0fzvM/
    Gymnast Falls at End of Tumble Routine tvclip.org/video/BNgEgeVgCdc/
    Girl Vomits While Doing Yoga with Friend tvclip.org/video/HkkuzF2hLGk/
    Show Jumper Gets Bucked off and Knocks over Obstacle tvclip.org/video/TCdwER1S_qE/
    Girl Gets Tossed from Boat and Hits Neck on Railing tvclip.org/video/bvhaerEsAd8/
    Selfie Fail tvclip.org/video/xFQ047Ly-e0/
    Girl Trips over Hurdle and Falls tvclip.org/video/uEKVhBdT9ug/
    Mom Crashes Scooter tvclip.org/video/XzZatBHreUQ/
    Two Girls Attempt to Perform Original Yoga Pose tvclip.org/video/hDI6ZLWd1UE/
    Stiletto Fail tvclip.org/video/bCJfK3wGgms/
    Kid Attempts Jump off Curbside Ramp and Faceplants tvclip.org/video/yo5r3F3XkXM/
    Girl Stumbles and Falls while Wearing Heels tvclip.org/video/Lce1Hs7Fe5c/
    Girl Wipes out on Pool Deck instagram.com/p/4hCV-ioDmp/
    Woman Crashes While Riding Children's Dirt Bike tvclip.org/video/ivODYOEGTVg/
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  • Runtime: 16:13
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Comments: 7 337

  • Ward McCreery
    Ward McCreery 2 hours ago

    The girl in the golf cart said "I woke up like this!". I thought to myself stupid?

  • Heaven Peschel
    Heaven Peschel 13 hours ago

    13:17 why is this me?

  • The Real Beast Gamers The Mel And Math Show XD

    what did i just watch????

  • TheDingo1234
    TheDingo1234 Day ago +1

    We really are majestic creatures.

  • Andreea N
    Andreea N 3 days ago +1

    4:48 😂😂 это круто

  • Lauren Dilaurentis
    Lauren Dilaurentis 3 days ago

    4:49 omg I feel so bad she's wearing white pants!!!

  • Raikotlast
    Raikotlast 3 days ago

    1:33 lucky. If its longer she would be dead

  • Hi itzcookiee!
    Hi itzcookiee! 3 days ago

    Eww TYE girl got sick 😂

  • Hi itzcookiee!
    Hi itzcookiee! 3 days ago

    Eww at 3:36 or 16:12 the girl looked like a monkey

  • The Gaming Mack V
    The Gaming Mack V 3 days ago

    3:41 what's the fail? No difference.

  • Nek I
    Nek I 4 days ago

    Starbucks can do this to you if you're a girl

  • Ariela Genao
    Ariela Genao 4 days ago

    "Ok im gonna jump rope"
    Breakes light
    Nows she is gonna get her as in big trouble.😂

  • OTS H3dgie
    OTS H3dgie 4 days ago

    Nice compilation, needs more nudity though.

  • Clixy Videos
    Clixy Videos 4 days ago

    8:47 did she stab her self eh I don't care

  • Bulgaria Realtors
    Bulgaria Realtors 4 days ago

    Americans at its best.

  • Kid Pyro
    Kid Pyro 4 days ago

    Girls are fucking dumbasses

  • Abdullah Salahuddin
    Abdullah Salahuddin 5 days ago

    3:47... she sooo hooooot😍😍

  • Sinlo Kemp
    Sinlo Kemp 5 days ago

    you all right :D :D

  • Seth Galindo
    Seth Galindo 6 days ago

    4:24 what was she throwing up?

  • Brendan Pasker
    Brendan Pasker 7 days ago

    0:23 It's a girl!

  • Izzai Angulo
    Izzai Angulo 7 days ago

    2:52 CM Punk and Hideo Itami would be proud

  • FaZe Failure of the Sphincter

    Insert clip of drill seargant from fmj movie saying holy Jesus at 15:12

  • Patrick Jared Irlanda

    11:43 Woah...She's Hardcore 😂😂😂

    EDGAR 8 days ago

    Guy: You ok?
    Me: ya just sippin some water...

  • Diamond Hollow Gamer 2.0

    I love how with gird everyone is like, "oh, are you okay?!"
    And then guys just laugh at each other.

  • Nicholas Vera
    Nicholas Vera 9 days ago

    See how it's only white girls doing these things.


  • hhowe511
    hhowe511 10 days ago

    Who names their baby Juniper?

  • Magicfoolbus 580
    Magicfoolbus 580 10 days ago

    7:02 and there I was thinking I've seen everything.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 days ago

    5:59 I'm starting to think that may be a cultural thing

  • Mangly LOVE
    Mangly LOVE 11 days ago

    10:58 the clever people in these days...

  • Nerdy Jock
    Nerdy Jock 11 days ago

    11:43 says damn shes hardcore then when she fails says dumbass

  • Andrew Ansdaft
    Andrew Ansdaft 13 days ago

    Do cup challenge videos

  • Rhaldryn
    Rhaldryn 15 days ago

    Girls are fucking stupid.

  • ROCKY g
    ROCKY g 16 days ago

    If I got a nickel every time I said fatass down I would be rich

  • LionKing777
    LionKing777 16 days ago

    2:58 girl hit the ball ends up hitting herself

  • Autumn Wyldwood
    Autumn Wyldwood 17 days ago

    Feminists everywhere: *T R I G G E R E D*

  • Mike Tobias
    Mike Tobias 17 days ago

    Funny minus the girls in 2 piece bikinis.

  • Mskert
    Mskert 17 days ago

    Vomits arent funny

  • MR. Anonymous
    MR. Anonymous 18 days ago +1

    Stupid girl's boy's are the best...✌✌

  • nir haklai
    nir haklai 18 days ago


  • cupcake master
    cupcake master 20 days ago

    Screw you failarmy how come you only have "girl fails" and yet no boy fails ?

  • Duncan
    Duncan 21 day ago

    Eat shit 0:00 to 16:12

  • diglets awaken
    diglets awaken 22 days ago

    Now the lesson here is that girls are.......

    (No offense)

  • Alex Sirghie
    Alex Sirghie 22 days ago

    Why the fuck do we need gender-specific fail compilations?

  • Dezmo Bluefire
    Dezmo Bluefire 24 days ago +2

    Fucking woman good for nothing but sex

  • LaughingLatios
    LaughingLatios 25 days ago

    Eat my dick

  • LaughingLatios
    LaughingLatios 25 days ago


  • LaughingLatios
    LaughingLatios 25 days ago


  • LaughingLatios
    LaughingLatios 25 days ago


  • Sam Hodas
    Sam Hodas 26 days ago

    43:00 that one is golden

  • Spirits.Hunters
    Spirits.Hunters 26 days ago

    Thats how the black lips getting created 3:32 Now everything getting sense why all black have big leps.

  • Jass
    Jass 27 days ago

    3:42 that is utterly completely ugliest thing

  • Oleg Olegov
    Oleg Olegov 28 days ago

    Make a video about Russian women!

  • God :-O
    God :-O 28 days ago +1

    No wonder I can't get a girl friend they're all dying!!!

  • Riley Tucker
    Riley Tucker 29 days ago

    Why do girls always scream as a natural defense? Its not like its going to get you somewhere.

  • Random Realistic Tone
    Random Realistic Tone Month ago +1

    11:39 "Baloon "

  • noisullia a si ytilaer

    This is why wemen survive longer than men..... Oh wait wrong vid ._.

  • Menachem Thornton
    Menachem Thornton Month ago

    ok why the hell is a teenage girl wearing a bikini in -20 degree weather shes gonna frezze her ass off or get hypothirmia

  • Menachem Thornton
    Menachem Thornton Month ago

    do girls suck at jumping of the diving board or what

  • Haider Pervaiz
    Haider Pervaiz Month ago

    @14:18 What a lovely girl :)

  • Sameen Baloch
    Sameen Baloch Month ago


  • ISS600
    ISS600 Month ago

    Triggered feminists ahead. Screw everyone will says this video is sexist. It's funny. Also women failing is funny and men failing is funny

    MELTEM D Month ago


  • PurpleStratocaster
    PurpleStratocaster Month ago

    Why is it that in so many of these clips, when something happens, the person doing the video points the camera down to the ground??

  • Syrnian
    Syrnian Month ago

    9:21-9:30 Good dad.


  • El Tio Michel
    El Tio Michel Month ago

    i dont like looking girls getting hurt xd

  • Emma K
    Emma K Month ago


  • Mahdi DH
    Mahdi DH Month ago

    14:09 she's so hot 😓

  • Bharat Lal Gothwall

    girls call 8949899088


    and 2 think they give these mf a license

  • Komal Mughal
    Komal Mughal Month ago

    i can't belive how stupid they r 😠😠😠

  • Alejandra Martínez Sández

    4:44 WTF what was that girl doing

  • Hina N
    Hina N Month ago

    I wanna go to the place where they are riding horses 😊

  • Shpahtel Lapsta
    Shpahtel Lapsta Month ago

    0:21 - been there :/

  • Doug Hunter
    Doug Hunter Month ago

    Fails in daisy dukes are always entertaining.

  • The Last Rebel Show

    Females will always put trying to look cute over anything including their own safety or yours.

  • Terry Broick
    Terry Broick Month ago

    one thang is mas of thes apps are sit ore thare lieng il sak of shit

  • Terry Broick
    Terry Broick Month ago

    how the hall do i get thes off my phone

  • Skizzard Report
    Skizzard Report Month ago

    Do boy fails cause we all know that will be an easy video.

  • yay or nay
    yay or nay Month ago

    yoooukkeyyy fouukeyyy

  • Mr. Wolfi
    Mr. Wolfi Month ago

    Pause at late 0:18 or slow the video at 0:18, and keep watching, thank me later

  • Myra H
    Myra H Month ago

    Why would they put kids in here

  • Ainsley
    Ainsley Month ago

    Us girls are just clumsy am I right?

  • Varan Shukla
    Varan Shukla Month ago +1

    11:41 Man:"Oh she's hardcore" and then BAMMMM, Man: "Dumbass"

  • strawberry pie
    strawberry pie Month ago

    so funny i knoe right

  • Lucy Peterson
    Lucy Peterson Month ago

    "You alright"
    *doesn't go check on her*

  • Lucy Peterson
    Lucy Peterson Month ago

    The third one had me dead

  • Кирилл Леонов

    Who is from Russia блять?

  • Pokemon master vlogs


  • Mina Bashyal
    Mina Bashyal Month ago

    15:48 😂😂😂 i literally died. 😂😂😂

  • Still_Reflection 19
    Still_Reflection 19 Month ago +1

    10:12 we're going down down, in an earlier round

    10:36 she's like fuck you Joe

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    My boiz, people really need to learn how to ride a bike when growing up.

  • Liz Hioshajary
    Liz Hioshajary Month ago

    "me cai un poquito" xD

  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton Month ago

    Алена ! Елки Палки !

  • Anil Joshi
    Anil Joshi Month ago

    1: 28 what she wnna do

    ALEXGAMER V.2 Month ago

    jajajajja nadie me entiede

  • Andrew Smoot
    Andrew Smoot Month ago

    12:11 cuts away too quickly, we don't know if it's going to be a fail or a win.

  • Ultimate Wins
    Ultimate Wins 2 months ago

    12:48 brazzerz

  • Deuz_Ex_Machina _42
    Deuz_Ex_Machina _42 2 months ago

    4:45 that's what you get for owning a selfie stick dumbass.

  • Kel_ Y0unkm4n07
    Kel_ Y0unkm4n07 2 months ago

    Why does it mostly happen to the hot girls like if u agree for the girls man!!!

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