Warren challenges Trump's education pick

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  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren challenges Trump's pick for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's qualifications and experience during her confirmation hearing.
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  • Tony Boggs
    Tony Boggs 5 months ago

    warren is an idiot, how about, we do not put people in an average of 40K of debt, for a degree that is worthless

  • ruzzell907
    ruzzell907 6 months ago

    I seriously want to know what accent Elizabeth Warren has

  • Think
    Think 6 months ago +1

    Teachers unions publicly stated: "When kids start paying union dues we'll start worrying about kids." Go get 'em Devos. Good-bye rubber rooms, good-bye endless tenure of teachers who fall asleep in class.

  • allewis86
    allewis86 6 months ago

    I'm sorry, all I can focus on is the guy to her left, who seriously looks like he wants to cut a bit*h with those daggers......

  • Terrence Lorelei
    Terrence Lorelei 6 months ago

    Guess what, little whining marshmallows? Betsy is going to be Education
    Secretary, and there's NOTHING you can do about it!!! LOLOLOL

  • Ernesto Ruiz
    Ernesto Ruiz 6 months ago

    god damn .. America is fucked... so out of touch with so many damn American children and youth. ... im a very proud american. .. but this is no longer America. ... this is a system ran by the rich . smh im only 25 i see no future here

  • Tiny B
    Tiny B 7 months ago +1

    Warren let her HAVE IT! 👊🏾

  • newsmthjoke
    newsmthjoke 7 months ago

    sounds like you have to be able to lay eggs in order to manage a chicken farm....

  • Sohail Shoja
    Sohail Shoja 7 months ago


  • Blue Cheer
    Blue Cheer 7 months ago +2

    I don't agree with Warren on everything, but damn, is she intelligent. I think she would stand a great chance against Trump in 2020. Just like Bernie, she knows exactly how to break down Trump. Hillary and her campaign didn't..

  • Nathaniel Cromartie
    Nathaniel Cromartie 7 months ago

    Funny how a slimy fraud and liar like Dizzy Lizzie Warren could actually accuse others of wrongdoing. It's also funny that a few FOOLS actually support Looney Lizzie, but then again, there is no common sense in Massachusetts.

  • KT 1thowow
    KT 1thowow 7 months ago +2

    our schools are doomed!!!

    • KT 1thowow
      KT 1thowow 7 months ago

      swavage415 suck a dick fag!

    • swavage415
      swavage415 7 months ago

      you mean they have been doomed for 60 years because of deplorable dems you turd

  • zoey taylor
    zoey taylor 7 months ago +1

    Bitter old lady. Warren just can't accept they lost. Sore libtard losers!

    BAP PARROTT 7 months ago

    in the words of uncle Buck, "here's a quarter, go down town and find a rat to naugh that face of your head"

    BAP PARROTT 7 months ago

    I would hang myself If I had to word for this bitch.

  • Jan Kocbek
    Jan Kocbek 7 months ago

    REVENGE TIME is here where leftists will suck cock for all theyve ruined and tried to ruin 👍🍾👍🍾

  • Jan Kocbek
    Jan Kocbek 7 months ago


  • Mickey Lantis
    Mickey Lantis 7 months ago +1

    Dammit... I've been loving Elizabeth Warren ever since I found out about her work and wow....she is a tough cookie and for good reason! I, personally, would greatly consider voting for her 2020 based on the numerous things that I have read/heard about her and from her. Bring it on!

  • super honky#1
    super honky#1 7 months ago +1

    she is salty and nasty and hatefulness is chilling

    • Kind 24
      Kind 24 7 months ago

      super honky#1: umm... she's inexperienced. I would be too

  • yefimk
    yefimk 7 months ago

    I love Elizabeth

  • Viral Awakening
    Viral Awakening 7 months ago

    Damn Warren is an idiot

  • FutureMan
    FutureMan 7 months ago +2

    lol judging from these video comments, seems like Trump's supporters are getting triggered by a few questions. This is perfectly normal. The GOP senators grilled Obama's appointees during their hearings, the Dems are doing the same with Trump's. Welcome to politics 101.

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel 7 months ago +1


  • Rockinghorse Winner
    Rockinghorse Winner 7 months ago

    Of course, nothing about the plans for rescuing our failing schools and improving the sorry state of education of our inner city youth, because God forbid you converse on something of substance and importance to the task at hand....

  • Robert D
    Robert D 7 months ago

    Pocahontas seriously just needs to stop. Before the election she went on rants about trump and how he's full of hate and dividing the people yet she's literally doing the same damn thing post election.

  • Dan Clark
    Dan Clark 7 months ago

    All this from the lady that lied about her supposed Indian heritage in order to take a scholarship for herself that was intended for others that were more deserving.

  • I Was Sent From the Future
    I Was Sent From the Future 7 months ago +18

    We are entering the Anti Education, anti science, anti knowledge, dark age of America.

    • Nathaniel Cromartie
      Nathaniel Cromartie 7 months ago

      If you truly believe that, you are an anal orifice, or a little kiddie under the age of 26.

  • Marc O
    Marc O 7 months ago

    fake news!

  • batmanishere2093
    batmanishere2093 7 months ago +7

    Warren fucked that cuck.

  • Lorna Barrett
    Lorna Barrett 7 months ago +1

    You go girl "Elizabeth".

  • Leo Mall
    Leo Mall 7 months ago

    Who challenges? Pocahontas!

  • dangrabat
    dangrabat 7 months ago

    Those damn Indians

  • Samantha W
    Samantha W 7 months ago

    Elisabeth who?

  • Ana Cereceda
    Ana Cereceda 7 months ago

    whats wrong with the guy sitting next to her!!?? his face is so annoying

  • Sean Baxer
    Sean Baxer 7 months ago

    Women like Elizabeth Warren need to die off so the country can heal.

    • Kind 24
      Kind 24 7 months ago

      Sean Baxer: haha you mad?

  • Orange Hitler
    Orange Hitler 7 months ago +11

    she just gt roasted by Warren.

    • AP P
      AP P 6 months ago

      Orange Hitler :) How many 'retards' does it take working together to keep you down? I figure you can take em 1 on 1 but in numbers, even the smartest will get taken down. How many? How did they know to organize? If only there was a way to keep them from ganging up on the 'non-retards'. We know they can be taken on 1 v 1. What if you only let them ask questions one at a time and you give yourself loads of time to prepare and research their questions?! I think i'm onto something!

    • swavage415
      swavage415 7 months ago

      lol stupid doo doo dumb..yes you do

    • Orange Hitler
      Orange Hitler 7 months ago

      +AP P
      retards support retards that´s the reason why such people can get to these positions. Too many retards.

    • AP P
      AP P 7 months ago

      swavage415 Wouldn't that just make it worse to lose to her? To not be able to show you were prepared? If you get beat and embarrassed by a "dumbfuck"...what does that make you?

    • swavage415
      swavage415 7 months ago

      actually warren is a dumbfuck

  • Kelly Boyd
    Kelly Boyd 7 months ago

    If i were DeVos..i would say..i will make sure that scam colleges like Laureate University...Bill Clinton's scam deal, don't scam people anymore(She's not going to get Warren's vote anyway). So predictable that the Dems use Trump U as an example, while completely ignoring what Clinton did!!

  • Gone Fishing
    Gone Fishing 7 months ago

    Warren should check out how bad they have done you would go to a prison and find a 3 time convicted felon that can manage money better than the people currently in office. We are what 30th in the world on education dont think the federal government should be involved in any collage or school of any type.

  • VRNC
    VRNC 7 months ago +2

    Elizabeth Warren, you are a perfect example why we need change. We don't want our children to grow as a despicable human being like YOU

  • Justice-News-Media
    Justice-News-Media 7 months ago

    Wannabe Liberal Pocahontas, causing trouble for Republicans! #MAGA

  • RagsBeatAK
    RagsBeatAK 7 months ago +1

    Keep Pocohontas away from your new carpet.

  • fusger Snabble
    fusger Snabble 7 months ago +1

    Those weren't questions they were accusations

  • ItTrolls4Thee
    ItTrolls4Thee 7 months ago

    Warren ball gargles

  • Schmo Joe
    Schmo Joe 7 months ago

    I mean, she kind of just put forth her own ideologies of what she thinks is important for the position knowing that DeVos didn't meet her qualifications. I don't think anyone expected DeVos to be qualified in the eyes of Warren. And then tying in the Trump University stuff was a bit much.

    DeVos is a horrible pick, but Warren would be better served sticking to pointing that out with at least a semblance of amicability and less sarcasm for lack of a better word.

  • Alejandro Morales
    Alejandro Morales 7 months ago +2

    I'm here to see fake news.

    • KatchouroBlade
      KatchouroBlade 7 months ago

      +Richard Strong lol - that's like being scolded by a little old maudlin women.  What's wrong with you bruh ? 

      You suck - just like Obama. 

    • Alejandro Morales
      Alejandro Morales 7 months ago

      Richard Strong Nice try attempting to sound smart but as a Clinton supporter you betray your attempt.

    • Richard Strong
      Richard Strong 7 months ago

      +KatchouroBlade I'd advise trying to put some wit into your insults but that requires a degree of intelligence. But you're so lacking in that department that your insults have all the impact of a wet paper bag.

    • KatchouroBlade
      KatchouroBlade 7 months ago

      +Richard Strong If Roger Hargreaves created a character based on you it would be called Little Miss Fake News. 

      Just two days away from the greatest day in America's history. 

    • Richard Strong
      Richard Strong 7 months ago

      Take at your President. He's the mouthpiece of fake news.

  • Harry B
    Harry B 7 months ago +1

    Ouch. She got fucking REKT.

  • marines0001
    marines0001 7 months ago

    funny part the people running it now couldn't due it why question it now LOL

  • sav savron
    sav savron 7 months ago

    warren has no problem with $10 Trillion of debt last 8 yrs

  • Fleur Bandito
    Fleur Bandito 7 months ago +7

    Thanks Elizabeth.

  • JebBlack2010
    JebBlack2010 7 months ago

    Warren pointing out how much money we waste on a piss poor education system. Has DeVos ever managed a giant failing govt program? She obviously isn't qualified to waste american tax dollars.

  • Vlad Boston
    Vlad Boston 7 months ago

    Warren just likes to hear herself talk. Devos will be a great Secretary of Education.

  • AbdallN
    AbdallN 7 months ago +5

    All the trumpettes are mad because she was bullied.
    Because thats what you call asking questions about the experience of a cabinet pick.

  • James Brown Jr
    James Brown Jr 7 months ago +1

    Obama soros hillary Clinton stole Money from public school

  • ManBeard Films
    ManBeard Films 7 months ago

    Check out the Trump game Lol! Wow Free iOS


  • platipot
    platipot 7 months ago

    American education. Many generation of American kids study history of Native Americans, History of inequality, Gender relations, History of Slavery, basic (VERY BASIC) reading and basic (VERY BASIC) math. And practically NO SCIENCE, no LITERATURE, no GEOGRAPHY, no HISTORY whatsoever. So - the nation of idiots is the one that can be very easily controlled, manipulated and ruled. Elizabeth Warren is one of the demonstrations of "Progressive" and "Liberal" United States today.

  • Trollin since 79
    Trollin since 79 7 months ago


  • Mr Wheels
    Mr Wheels 7 months ago

    Wigwam Warren is full of shit. CNN is fake new and Van Jones is a racist.

  • Michael Ehmann
    Michael Ehmann 7 months ago

    This is all coming from the same woman who kept her mouth shut during the primaries and could've actually made a difference by supporting Bernie Sanders. It's a little too late so don't act like you're fighting for the middle class anymore when you miss your true chance

    • Keith noir
      Keith noir 7 months ago

      Michael Ehmann you really think she would have made a difference in the dems nommation? they had it lock and key for years.

  • Björn Jensen
    Björn Jensen 7 months ago +1

    Yeah let's cut the bs

  • Awurabena1
    Awurabena1 7 months ago +1

    I wish Pocahontas was this VICIOUS with Wells Fargo they would not have made off like a bandit. Like she was the cop on the beat for six SOLID years with Deutsche Bank.

  • Jacob Sigler
    Jacob Sigler 7 months ago

    Shame on Trump for not getting rid of the communistic department of education/indoctrination.

  • Tina Grace
    Tina Grace 7 months ago +6

    A standing ovation for Elizabeth Warren!!! Save us!!!!!!!

  • Lovelife Fact
    Lovelife Fact 7 months ago +2

    This bitch is so dumb wow 😳

  • Garrett W
    Garrett W 7 months ago +1

    Goofy is at it again

  • OneEyE Monster
    OneEyE Monster 7 months ago

    Dumbing down our youth and putting them in dept for life from the pass 8 years wasnt exaclty edumacational...ya fucken CUNT.

  • YouTube Politics
    YouTube Politics 7 months ago +2


  • Hamza Ajmal
    Hamza Ajmal 7 months ago

    Kudos to CNN for posting these videos. Down with fat cat "swamp" billionaire republicans

  • phlezk
    phlezk 7 months ago +1

    love her

  • abc
    abc 7 months ago +21

    Bernie/Warren 2020

  • Raptor
    Raptor 7 months ago +2

    Got to love the drumf fanboys attacking Warren when she's trying her best to make sure ordinary working Americans do not get cheated by this administration. Keep fighting against your own interests morons.

    • ThrummerOfLove
      ThrummerOfLove 7 months ago

      Nawww... She's just pointlessly grandstanding like the political whore that she is.

  • Leonardo di C3PO
    Leonardo di C3PO 7 months ago +1

    Elizabeth Warren thinks the Education secretary does every job at the Department of Education.  Someone should tell her that there are staff that work there.  The Secretary is there to create and implement objectives for the department to achieve, not make collection calls on student loans or conduct low level compliance reviews with universities.  It makes sense that Warren doesn't understand what executives actually do, since she also doesn't understand what Senators are supposed to do.

  • Abdullah Tameme
    Abdullah Tameme 7 months ago

    National security

    Does immunity include perpetrators of the events of September atheist Do if Kanu princes of the Saud Does immunity includes all those Americans who died in the bombing incidents (the main reason was that they reprisals because they believe that the United States had killed King Faisal) Does immunity include Al Saud, who Americans have been killed inside and outside the United States (yes they are the sons and grandsons of King Faisal and with the help of sons Prince Assistant)

  • MustardSeedish
    MustardSeedish 7 months ago +1

    An open socialist questioning an anti-Common Core Education Secretary pick. This is obvious news.

  • CJC Effect
    CJC Effect 7 months ago +1

    Man she really seems like the perfect pick for education secretary... Warren said she looks forward to the next round of questions. I don't look foward to the next four years. smh

  • Shaun
    Shaun 7 months ago +102

    Elizabeth Warren has bigger balls than most of the guys in that room.

    • Tony Boggs
      Tony Boggs 5 months ago

      Yeah, to say something this stupid, you have to have big balls

    • Leonardo di C3PO
      Leonardo di C3PO 7 months ago

      +Keith Noir  Neither Warren nor you understand the job of Secretary of Education.  The only think that's fragile is your grip on reality.

    • KatchouroBlade
      KatchouroBlade 7 months ago

      +Rick Evans She deserves to be ridiculed. 

      She rode Hillary's coattails during the campaign - when many loony lefties thought she stabbed Beach House Bernie in the back.  All I saw her doing throughout the campaign was dishonestly call Trump a racist and a sexist, lying to the American people like she lied about her Native American roots to further her career in the safe and undemanding environment of academia. 

      To quote the Donald "She's a goofus with a fresh mouth who has done nothing".   

    • Jan Kocbek
      Jan Kocbek 7 months ago

      +Rick Evans She equates business 'university' with real educational university, how is that for fucking stupid. Go browse reddit fucking loser

    • Rick Evans
      Rick Evans 7 months ago

      Four insults and no substance. No wonder...

  • Cali Sam
    Cali Sam 7 months ago +12

    Thank you CNN, you guys do an awesome phenomenally remarkable job. I trust your news its the most reliable source out there. Thank you, keep up the exceptional work.

  • Mr.Penguin
    Mr.Penguin 7 months ago +5

    Warren ripped her a new one

  • Thomas Mouser
    Thomas Mouser 7 months ago +4

    CNN should take the time to read the comments haha your "news" organization SUCKS

  • Hadley Pleasanton
    Hadley Pleasanton 7 months ago +4

    Fauxcahontas, the fake red Indian, is goofy. She should be drug tested for peyote consumption. 😉

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 7 months ago

    LMAOO "swindlers and crooks are out there doing backflips....." ??

  • The Relik
    The Relik 7 months ago +20

    Elizabeth Warren for President !!!!!!!

    • abraham lincoln
      abraham lincoln 7 months ago

      The Relik You can take Dave Chappelle's career with that one comment.

  • HanS A
    HanS A 7 months ago +2

    This bitch needs a big dick quickly.

    • Keith noir
      Keith noir 7 months ago

      HanS A ever hear of checks and balances? It's a key part of our democracy. you don't just get a free pass to do whatever you want, no one should.

    • HanS A
      HanS A 7 months ago

      Keith noir it actually makes me sad, very sad. What a sore looser, out for blood after loosing to republicans. This witch sole purpose now is to make republicans life miserables as long as she gets to talk. Pathetic

    • Keith noir
      Keith noir 7 months ago

      HanS A why does that make you happy?

  • Engineer the Empire
    Engineer the Empire 7 months ago +2

    BRILLIANT - THE DUMPSTER FIRE is starting to smell even MORE like SHIT!

  • Fardang Malachoir
    Fardang Malachoir 7 months ago +1

    The first step to fixing education is to re-segregate our schools. It never made any sense to put blacks and whites in the same classroom. This has led to nothing but problems and attempts at reform to solve the problem. The only reform that is needed is segregation, and then everything else will work itself out.

    • Star Wizzy
      Star Wizzy 7 months ago

      Fardang Malachoir dumbass you belong in the zoo.

  • Kim Boom Joong
    Kim Boom Joong 7 months ago +1

    Gas all Russians

  • Liberty Doctrine
    Liberty Doctrine 7 months ago +12

    Warren is just another cowardice fraud just like Bernie.

    • James Brown Jr
      James Brown Jr 7 months ago

      Liberty Doctrine. bernie Sanders is a traitor he support Hillary Clinton..!

  • Get IT J
    Get IT J 7 months ago +66

    Got to love Elizabeth Warren, she breaks them down to a numb!

    • cingularfanboy
      cingularfanboy 5 months ago

      Elizabeth Warren lied to University of Texas Law School, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Harvard Law School saying she was Cherokee to take advantage of Affirmative Action and minority benefits. This has been disproven by genealogists

    • swavage415
      swavage415 7 months ago

      duncecap for you

    • Nathaniel Cromartie
      Nathaniel Cromartie 7 months ago

      Minnie-Ha-Ha in action. Somebody had better hide her Peyote before she OD's.

      HTHAMMACK1 7 months ago

      Devos is an incompetent douche who is completely unqualified for this job and she got owned.

    • KatchouroBlade
      KatchouroBlade 7 months ago

      Warren is pushing her own agenda and ambition over the welfare of the country ... horrible selfish woman.

  • Derek Bao
    Derek Bao 7 months ago +2

    I use to like Warren but shes becoming a regressive sjw its sad we had to pick from her and Scott Walker in Massachusetts.

    • Derek Bao
      Derek Bao 7 months ago

      +WunderGecko your profile picture says it all lizard brain. Actually thats a insult for lizards.

    • WunderGecko
      WunderGecko 7 months ago

      lol. your profile pic says it all. SJW it the only thing people like you can shout when confronted with truth.

  • Buck Futter
    Buck Futter 7 months ago +34

    Pocahontas should stop whining like a 5 year old

    • KatchouroBlade
      KatchouroBlade 7 months ago

      What was it that Trump called Pocahontas ?  An 'incompetent goofus with a fresh mouth' ... he was right, she's awful.   She also needs to stop acting like a teething toddler and accept Trump as her president and all his picks.

    • Buck Futter
      Buck Futter 7 months ago

      +ShakinJamacian get out of our country. TRUMP PENCE 2017

    • monkeygraborange
      monkeygraborange 7 months ago

      Elizabeth Lieawatha Warren is just shitting in her pants that *real* education reform will not only deprive frauds like her of their $350,000 annual salary for "teaching" one class, but that colleges will no longer be factories for liberal brainwashing techniques designed to castrate white men into thinking they're eunuchs, convincing black people that they're living under slave conditions, and scrambling the minds of all women!

    • Buck Futter
      Buck Futter 7 months ago

      +Edgar Jimenez I'm going to put a wall around you. BLOCKED. Mexican loser.

    • Buck Futter
      Buck Futter 7 months ago

      +Edgar Jimenez also Hillary has experience in government but she handled it pretty poorly. I'd rather have someone who has no experience than someone who has and do it poorly consistently. Go back to Mexico and come to our country legally you twat.

  • Mr. Mickey
    Mr. Mickey 7 months ago +8

    Pocahontas challenges - Pocahontas fails

  • Bella
    Bella 7 months ago +4

    Warren is a nasty woman!

  • OasisofSpirit
    OasisofSpirit 7 months ago +23

    This BITCH and CNN need to be shut down!

    • Monster
      Monster 7 months ago

      Nice, keep parroting your thoughts, you drone.

    • James Brown Jr
      James Brown Jr 7 months ago

      OasisofSpirit. trump End the fed and CNN..!

    • Björn Jensen
      Björn Jensen 7 months ago

      Well first thing is to not view the content CNN publishes.

    • James Brown Jr
      James Brown Jr 7 months ago

      OasisofSpirit. fake news fake bitch

    • Engineer the Empire
      Engineer the Empire 7 months ago

      товарищи Российской Федерации: STOP

  • Petrida Ijumba
    Petrida Ijumba 7 months ago

    the entire cabinet is going to be on holiday leaping more when the labourers toil

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