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    Speaker 1: Marathon kissing sessions are some of my favorite things to do
    with a guy, outside of read the bible, drink milk and play checkers and the
    usual. When it comes to kissing, everybody gets really nervous and
    frustrated. 'How do I breathe? When do I breathe? How do I turn? What do I
    do? Do I need to stop and take a break? What if my jaw hurts?' I'll tell
    you what to do.

    You can control a kiss so easily if you just put a hand here, a hand there,
    and if you need to stop and breathe, just pull away and use that
    opportunity as you're taking a breath to look in your partner's eyes. Make
    is real sexy. What you definitely don't wanna do is exhale through your
    mouth when you're kissing your partner because you're gonna blow a bunch of
    carbon dioxide in them. You might kill them.

    All right. You might not. You won't kill them but you might turn them off.
    You definitely want to exhale through your nose and, if you want to, inhale
    through your mouth and you guys are turning in the kiss. Oh, what's that?
    You wanna see? Well, OK. I guess it's the least we could do. Ready for a
    marathon? By the way, we both just inhaled there.

    Speaker 2: At the same time.

    Speaker 1: Yep, at the same time and, you know, that the thing that makes a
    great kiss is two people perfectly in sync. OK. Back to where we were.

    Speaker 2: What were we doing?

    Speaker 1: Oh, a marathon, making out. Yeah.

    Speaker 2: OK.
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    Austin Flemmons 22 hours ago

    Yo a cheerleader was staring at me when I was playing football ๐Ÿˆ and then I made it to the sideline she stared at me and I looked at her and was a instant relationship โคโคโคโค

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    Wolfie04 Day ago

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    Kyla Burgess 3 days ago

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    Kyla Burgess 3 days ago

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  • Kyla Burgess
    Kyla Burgess 3 days ago

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  • Tha Spinning Fan
    Tha Spinning Fan 4 days ago

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  • Nakaylah Smith
    Nakaylah Smith 5 days ago

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  • Mr.Roguec
    Mr.Roguec 6 days ago

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    Suheily Rivera 9 days ago

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    Suheily Rivera 9 days ago

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    Ronaldinho TheLegend 12 days ago

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    Selin KAPLAN Month ago

    Look I just had my first kiss ever and swear when it comes to real life you forget everything you watch . Hey I know that it might sound unreal vit trust me. And an advice please let the magic happen and be bold.๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

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    R.I.T.A .Z Month ago

    Your disgusting

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  • Flizz Overwatch & More!

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