Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself: The Daily Show

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  • alex c
    alex c Day ago

    IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP KNOWS THERE IS NO REASON TO PAY FOR THIS! He knows the evil powers here are using HAARP to shoot particles directly above the machine into our ozone layer that causes it to bubble where particles are hit and creates a thinner layer for sun rays to pass threw heating our earth rapidly!!!!!!! THEY ARE CAUSING THE GLOBAL WARMING!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!! these coments make me loose all faith in man kind. You're all worried about robots taking your job when non of you realize its harder to make a robot as smart as a human, its easier to make a human as dumb as a robot. AND NON OF YOU REALIZE YOURE PROGRAMMED, AND YOURE FOLLOWING THERE COMMANDS EVERYTIME YOU IGNORE CLEAR FACTS LIKE I JUST GAVE YOU AND DECIDE TO RANDOMLY INSULT ME, perhaps on my use of capitals for example - well thats to get your attention moron- or how about "me not taking my crazy pills" - well you're a fucking moron HAARP exist and you need to take the crazy pills for ignoring clear fucking evidence you puppet- or how about ANY OTHER RANDOM FUCKING THING YOU CAN SAY? SAY IT? instead of just appreciating the spread of knowledge you suppress it. TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger 2 days ago

    The Earth would be greener if it were not for the trash the Media outlet producing such rubbish, were they to be forced to shut down. All the intellectual chimps hosting such shows should move back to their grass huts.

  • Dragon emperor
    Dragon emperor 4 days ago

    I don't believe this...i seriously dont believe this...this guy just doesn't respect the planet...even after being teased by almost everyone for his poor decision he doesn't even care. When Everyone all around the world thinks of him as an idiot he thinks that he is far more superior to them...and when everyone was cheering for him he thought everyone was laughing at him?
    "I was selected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh".
    Yea well whatever but Pittsburgh in the end is on planet Earth u dumb retard.
    This guy is just a complete and a total idiot.

    MIGGI RAE RAQUINEL 4 days ago

    Im not a fan of trump but the paris agreement is useless because we can help the planet without it

  • Scotty Scott
    Scotty Scott 7 days ago

    Trump people have been laughing at you for yrs. your a fool , if you want people to stop laughing, take your dumbass home and stay out of politics only an idiot doesn't believe in global warming and you really fit that you are a dumbass idiot take your dumbass son & son in law go back to that stupid TV show ,and by the way it's now been made public that your not a billionaire, not even close, you have a lot of money but not even one billion come clean trump ,you lie about everything, trump, YOUR FIRED

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 10 days ago

    Trevor Noah, is the worst.. He's as funny as a fucking heart attack.

  • TT Smasher
    TT Smasher 12 days ago

    Fuck this country, shame as fuck.

  • Santafade Studio
    Santafade Studio 12 days ago

    damn he said screw PARIS! but its the love city how can you say fuck Paris ?

  • syed azhar syed ibrahim

    2 things....
    1. When Trump announced US is pulling out of Paris accord, there were wide ranging cheers from the audiences. Trump is crazy and he has many-many friends with similar views.

    2. When US signed the Paris Accord, the world claps in the spirit of camaraderie.The world didn't laugh.......but now we are laughing because we could not fathom a great country who commits suicide because they still cannot grasp the threat and danger of climate change.

  • Play Man
    Play Man 15 days ago

    for the record I used to not laugh... now Trump's Twitter became my favourite funny Twitter... Stay covfefe bros

  • Karl Svoboda
    Karl Svoboda 16 days ago

    Trump is an asshole. Obama needs to get the fuck back in there and Trump needs to get his stupid ass impeeched.

  • Berto's blok diaz
    Berto's blok diaz 18 days ago

    Do you love me now :D

  • Dawood Ashrati
    Dawood Ashrati 19 days ago

    I don't understand AZ soon Trump say those other politician aplod. Aplod 4what? I don't get it.

  • Madichonchon
    Madichonchon 20 days ago

    To Donald Trump, and I quote Rihanna,"MAN FUCK YOUR PRIDE! Just take it on back, take it on back." Because god dammit America does not have the reputation to disagree with other countries rn. WE NEED THEM!

  • Kayla Andreacci
    Kayla Andreacci 23 days ago

    He gets more claps then Donald Trump talking😂😂😂

  • demonic masters
    demonic masters 24 days ago

    god trumps a dipshit

  • Oren David
    Oren David 27 days ago

    This host talks too much, I don't like him.

  • Theodor Persson
    Theodor Persson 29 days ago

    I have been laughing at you since you accepted this monkey -man wanting to be in goverment.

  • Aaron Weaver
    Aaron Weaver 29 days ago

    The more attention the Donald gets the oranger he becomes. He's like a jersey version of hulk

  • AlphaPrime
    AlphaPrime 29 days ago

    That speech was so absolutely stupid, I actually almost tried to punch him through my screen.

  • am3rican p3nguin
    am3rican p3nguin Month ago

    Q: "At what point do they start laughing at us as a country?"
    A: When you were elected president.

  • Barry Manilow
    Barry Manilow Month ago

    Is there anyone here capable of explaining, in finite detail, how robbing American tax payers of trillions of dollars is going to save the planet? All the high-ranking dirt bags of the world, including the pope, are calling for a global government. Trump is the fly in the ointment, so he is being demonized by the media perpetually.

  • Eric Manso
    Eric Manso Month ago

    Holy crap he does sounds Eric

  • valery tozer
    valery tozer Month ago

    so much for america being great. one would think that a thing like this would be "VOTED" for bye "ALL" americans. I wounder what the results would be? trump was speaking for him self.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    From the Leftwing media, leftwing of both houses of congress and establishment republicans. Fuck you people of america. We promise were with you and on your side but we on the left have repeatedly lied to you both from the oval office and both houses of congress, we along with obubba lied through our teeth about obubbacare and left you with an outta control premiums and deductibles that will spin completely out of control eventually and we establishment republicans have lied to you about repeal and replace for 7yrs and had nothing in the wings that was anything more than obubbacare light apparently we want to be repealed and replaced by tea parties in our place. That should tell you how stupid we are. Finally we the leftwing fake media are asking to please stop watching, reading or listening to us unless you enjoy being lied to. We've made it obvious that we do not respect your intelligence since even before electing trump although we know we made it quite obvious that we've been lying to you back when we outwardly supported leftwing socialist communist regimes and loved the government controlled run media known as pravda, hell we weren't even paid here in america to lie to you we did it naturally. How stupid are we?

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      There we complained of our own side something you on the chickenshit millennial anal fart leftwingers never do.

  • Wheatley
    Wheatley Month ago

    lmfao shit you not it started thundering outside as soon as Trump announced withdrawal

  • Robin Mathew
    Robin Mathew Month ago

    the disgusting part was people applauding when he annouced that he was withdrawing the u.s. from the climate agreement

  • Josh B
    Josh B Month ago

    Remember when Donald Trump wouldn't let Americans use solar cells or wind turbines? Oh, that didn't happen? The Paris Accord is a fucking joke. Americans are the problem. None of you fuckers will change your lifestyle for climate change. You're a bunch of hypocrites. Relying on someone else to make you do something. Do it yourself you fucking babies. Or shut up.

  • Gayle Day
    Gayle Day Month ago

    tRump, they are laughing at you!! you are NOT representing America. You are just jealous of Obama.

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light Month ago

    and the sadest parts is when people cheer for him while he makes the announcement

  • imlatiff
    imlatiff Month ago

    As if man can fuck earth up. Fucking libtards

  • shaughnessy mcdermott

    i wish trevor noah would make jokes and not make a political points

  • Lonewolf953
    Lonewolf953 Month ago

    Yes Trump, you are right, countries are laughing at you because you signed an agreement that they also signed...

  • U K
    U K Month ago


  • Hey Thats pretty good!

    But climate change is fking normal it has happened in earths history and it will continue to happen

  • brooke trout
    brooke trout Month ago

    F--K Earth? or maybe Trump ment to say f--K fake science.

  • Amir Sameer
    Amir Sameer Month ago

    🙄😩Trump is sooo stupid🤤 and it's a fact any one who disagree is stupid too I'm not American when I see him I say thing God I'm not 😏

  • die 3erbande
    die 3erbande Month ago


  • Chabelly Valle
    Chabelly Valle Month ago

    I'm praying for impeachment, but then realize someone more close minded is next in line. Oh lord have mercy on our souls. 😂😂

  • Tam MI
    Tam MI Month ago

    This is so sad...even China is starting to pay attention to climate change....

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago

    Is he the leader of the country that is presumed as the best democracy? He is the leader of the country that is presumed as the nation blessed by God ?. The nation has the presidents they deserve.

  • Kacey Thorps
    Kacey Thorps Month ago

    TRUMP is such an IMBECILE!!!!!

  • legion lowrey
    legion lowrey Month ago

    Liberal tears.

  • Link of Hoenn
    Link of Hoenn Month ago

    Our image has been ruined by our moronic president and the only way to fix that is to have this moron out of office which could happen soon because of political unrest here.Money isn't worth anything if earth is gone we need to get that through this morons skull

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest Month ago

    And this agreement will force murrica to bomb Iraq again, congratulations.
    What? You didn't knew that murrica bomb only for sake of prices, that without bombing oil would cost 5$ per barrel? Because the world easily can dig WAY more oil than it's allowed to burn.

  • Ryan Shackleton
    Ryan Shackleton Month ago

    Remember when "comedians" were supposed to be funny?!?

  • Lazy2Bur K
    Lazy2Bur K Month ago

    Wasn't the earth supposed to end like 20 years ago?

  • Isaac Walker
    Isaac Walker Month ago

    the fact he had to pause for every second word

  • Mad Drawer
    Mad Drawer Month ago

    I like trump. I mean he isn't perfect, but he is better than hillary. The media has twisted his image so much, it's disgisting. He has donated to multiple charities. Also the wall he wants to build? There already is one. He just wants to re-enforce it. Also people call him rascist, but he really isnt. Not even against mexicans. He is re-enforcing the wall to keep people from crossing ILLEGALLY on either side, and deporting the illegal immigrants back to thier homelands. He is already doing a lot to improve the government and how it runs, and he is diligently working on the economy.

  • Chanel Bresnick
    Chanel Bresnick Month ago

  • Vignesh Kumar
    Vignesh Kumar Month ago

    He doomed America

  • Mr.FinPC
    Mr.FinPC Month ago +1

    Your a gay salty nigger

  • Landon Calrissian
    Landon Calrissian Month ago

    Liberals should be skinned alive and have their hides deep fried for the poor as pork rinds. Science has not yet figured how to turn your innards into chitlins, but give it time. They'll figure out a way. To make cannibalism the fault of whites.

  • Ptxlover Arygirl
    Ptxlover Arygirl 2 months ago

    Other countries started laughing at us on January 20th, 2017.

  • Jose B Rios
    Jose B Rios 2 months ago

  • Michael Hujsak
    Michael Hujsak 2 months ago

    I love this show. But what jackass has to blast the end music to the point where it's painful? I listen with headphones, and if I let these clips get to the end they are cripplingly loud. Why? Were we not paying enough attention? Or am I just being punished because I like your show? Seriously, cut it out. We are past the era of blasting commercials loudly, aren't we? There are laws about this type if crap for cable and broadcast tv. If your point is worth hearing, volume shouldn't be an issue. Stop damaging my ears please.

  • Tristan Coolee
    Tristan Coolee 2 months ago

    That's actually pretty smart 🤓

  • Henry Simpson
    Henry Simpson 2 months ago

    I think Trump should be required to pull all furnaces out of his properties and install coal fired furnaces. They should be monitored daily and he should pay fines of $1 million a day for every one that fails to meet health standards.

  • Henry Simpson
    Henry Simpson 2 months ago

    The orange dummy doesn't realize that the US in in the agreement until 2020 no matter what he says.

    RHYTHMGAMEGAWD 2 months ago

    I fucking hate Donald Trump.

  • Jesper Vernout
    Jesper Vernout 2 months ago

    beyond biased

  • alex sanchez
    alex sanchez 2 months ago

    Fuckin libtards, here's a summary if every one's words and that unfunny fucktard Trevor Noah, unproven fear mongering followed by more fear mongering, fuck Trump supporters (well, fuck you too) they're a bunch uneducated hicks (I'm probably smarter than you'll ever be bitch), and everything in between. You know little next to nothing but that doesn't stop some of you retards from making fun of his skin color or comparing him to some black has been who accomplished nothing and now you face the horrible reality that you shitheads lost by insulting anyone with beliefs different from yours.

  • Husna K
    Husna K 2 months ago

    Happy Father's day! 😃

  • felinekj
    felinekj 2 months ago

    The whole world is already laughing at you Trump. That was happening as soon as the shock whore off. And us the poor people that live here are hanging our heads down in shame of how this whole thing happened. You could not get impeached fast enough! And when u go to jail I hope that someone helps u feel as "SCREWED" as the American people feel everyday, with every stupid and horrendous decision you make! And I want to know who the A$$H0l3s in the audience were that were clapping to this announcement. Who? Some dumb a$$ folks that don't believe in climate change or just the greedy friends of Trump that sure as hell don't want to spend money fixing their businesses as not to pollute our world every day. The greedy never seem to look past their own selfish gains above everything else. Even the state of the world for their grandchildren, and great grandchildren really does not matter to them. Its all about how much wealth and power they can have for themselves.

  • Georgia Peach
    Georgia Peach 2 months ago

    Global warming is a hoax.

  • Biggy S
    Biggy S 2 months ago

    "President Donald Trump". Seriously ? I think we need to take a look at the dna pool.

  • Reus 11
    Reus 11 2 months ago

    Trump is so retarded, he doesn't have no reasons for why he's doing that, #Thestupidestpresident

  • Ser Arris
    Ser Arris 2 months ago

    Elected my ass!

  • Molly Feighny
    Molly Feighny 2 months ago

    i love how he paused for the applaud

  • Froze Four
    Froze Four 2 months ago

    pfff it probably to late the world is about to end

  • Vinicius Ribeiro
    Vinicius Ribeiro 2 months ago

    fuck Trump

  • Marly -LovesAnythingYG-

    and someone's clapping?! hah!!!

  • Brian Briggs
    Brian Briggs 2 months ago

    Thank god he did!

  • antonio olvera
    antonio olvera 2 months ago

    Well the rest of the world is laughing at us because of this Dumn president

  • antonio olvera
    antonio olvera 2 months ago

    This president is a nightmare, getto as fuck omg earning money as a president just to be a clown, very sad for Americans

  • Ar Karr
    Ar Karr 2 months ago

    Such a shame... Trevor Noah was an amazing comedian before taking over the daily show. I'm loosing respect every single day with how sheepish he has become... He said he always wanted to be black, well guess who's upper class white?!

  • Sean Azzie
    Sean Azzie 2 months ago +1

    someone should tell Trump that everyone is already laughing at the USA

  • Perry Quandelacy
    Perry Quandelacy 2 months ago

    Chang your bull shit show title... John Stewart made this show

  • first name last name
    first name last name 2 months ago

    climate accord =more taxes more laws more expenses more poor people

  • amorn911
    amorn911 2 months ago

    Daily Show sucks!

  • Landon Calrissian
    Landon Calrissian 2 months ago

    How easily these arguments fall apart under the tiniest bit of scurtiny. You may demand some empiricism, for me to site sources. Look to this comment section. Look at the arguments of those sanctimonious enough to call themselves your ally. You silly, silly, liberal fuckwits. I honestly pity you.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 2 months ago

    your an idiot.

  • Jonas R
    Jonas R 2 months ago

    Trump is like the popular kid that no matter how much people admire him, he is so scared to lose his popularity that he always makes fake enemies of real innocent classmates for the rest of the class to hate... it's disgusting...

  • Dean Basilio
    Dean Basilio 2 months ago

    Potato Head do you have anything to talk about? I guess you have exhausted all your fucking jokes on how you became a comedian from Africa!!!

  • Samah Sparkfly
    Samah Sparkfly 2 months ago

    even if you don't believe in global warming , nature is exploited ,it's soooooo visable ! 😲😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵WTF !

  • Pacer
    Pacer 2 months ago

    This monkey is still alive

  • Vitor Matheus
    Vitor Matheus 2 months ago

    Wow the News here in Brazil don't tell us about all these things ... It is not going to affect only the USA, but the whole world .

  • JupiterMoon
    JupiterMoon 2 months ago +2

    Hate this sub-humanoid moron Trump so much. White trash, redneck Christians with low IQ put him there and now we all have to suffer.

  • Awkward Fangirl
    Awkward Fangirl 2 months ago +5

    Trump be like : why should i care about the earth? Im from America, not from Earth. Earth is where all the immigrants are from🙄

  • hosam mohamed
    hosam mohamed 2 months ago

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  • Joe Neumeister
    Joe Neumeister 2 months ago +1

    We as the people of this once great country, need to get an official petition going online to get this POS out of office..... NOW!!!!!!! So sick of the lies!!!! It's time for him to be fitted with a pair of cement shoes!!

  • banuham abeed
    banuham abeed 2 months ago

    I understand how cool (and admittedly easy) it is to poke fun at Trump, but I am continually amazed at the complete lack of substance. The climate is certainly changing, who can argue with that? Its raining today - it wasn't raining yesterday. What evidence can you share that this is caused by human action? Further, what proof can you share that any actions taken by humans could possibly prevent the climate from changing? Finally, what specific section of the Paris agreement is going to prevent the climate catastrophe that hasn't even been defined? I eagerly await an intelligent response.

  • YX Lau
    YX Lau 2 months ago +2

    "But Trump doesn't live in the world, Trump lives in America." this is so true he's such a conceited and ignorant person

  • Silverfish _
    Silverfish _ 2 months ago

    i dont know what it is but this guys voice just pisses me off like bud what is your accent are you british,australian or squeaky toy i just dont have a clue and its bothering me

  • MegaRoFLL
    MegaRoFLL 2 months ago

    fuck trump
    fuck trump supporters
    fuck trump trollz
    furthermore tho, FUCK USA

  • NakedAvanger
    NakedAvanger 2 months ago +4

    Let the ignorant retards stay ignorant, *the climate is changing for the worse weather you believe in it or not*

  • BB
    BB 2 months ago

    Not a Trump fan but I am a comedy fan and Trevor Noah IS NOT FUNNY. Seriously, this guy just sucks.

  • Farhanking7862
    Farhanking7862 2 months ago

    the last joke was gold

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