Will a Levitating Gyroscope Spin Forever in a Vacuum Chamber?

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  • In this video I put a levitating gyroscope in the vacuum chamber to see if it will spin forever without any air resistance. This has been requested many times by my viewers, and I have always wondered what happens to a levitating spinning disk in a vacuum chamber. I show you how the levitation woks and I also give you some tips on how to do it if you get one of these levitating disks.

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  • The Action Lab
    The Action Lab  2 months ago +141

    Hi everyone! I wanted to mention a few things that I missed in the video. First, one of the main reasons it stops that I left out completely is called gyrsocopic precession. Meaning that gyroscopes will tip over due to gravity, but just very slowly. So, since the disk was not directly straight to begin with it eventually tips over. This could be the main reason that it stops so quickly and I didn't even mention it! Also, the magnetic friction I talk about in the video is not actually the base sliding, but more the magnetic domains shifting causing friction. And finally I didn't mention eddy currents because the shiny disk is actually plastic and the magnets are ceramic. But there are two metal washers on it that could have some eddy currents. This also adds in a damping factor. I always learn more than I knew to begin with from my own videos!

    • Lucas alves da silva
      Lucas alves da silva 6 days ago

      The Action Lab I can be wrong but I think that gyroscopic procession only occurs when the gyroscopic force loses its strength to the friction so the gravitational force slowly pull the spinning object down this is the precession, so in my opinion if there's no friction the precession don't occur since the gyroscopic force will hold the gyroscope in the upright position....

      Well I'm not a physicist so I may be wrong, if so please correct me

    • Ian Benetetti
      Ian Benetetti 11 days ago

      I think that it will spin forever

    • Gaylord Cockburn
      Gaylord Cockburn 26 days ago

      test how long it will spin in the dark

    • Stuart Wilson
      Stuart Wilson 28 days ago

      I don't think friction would come into it at all. Even if magnetic fields were shifting, when a field is formed it is a smooth curved field. It doesn't have any sticky spots like a surface. It is a just a nice smooth field. If the field weakened over time, then yes you called a reduction in magnetic domains. The rotation of the spinning body is what is keeping the top above the magnet fields, however there is some additional forces that are not in alignment with the opposing pole causing it to slow and MORE precession, more so than gravity alone.

    • Nindjako
      Nindjako Month ago

      uh..you do know that slowing down means deceleration right?
      Acceleration and deceleration are on the same line / use the same measurement.
      So i guess, depending on your first question, it could be negative acceleration.
      Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Anirudh Bharadhwaj
    Anirudh Bharadhwaj 7 hours ago

    It will stop

  • Fox Girl
    Fox Girl 17 hours ago

    I thinkit will stop

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Day ago

    da hora!

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  • Bharath Krishna
    Bharath Krishna 2 days ago


  • keith dunham
    keith dunham 2 days ago

    its not balanced very well , cheap toy , it will fall

  • Rotrolo YT
    Rotrolo YT 3 days ago

    Spin frvr

  • lazy kid sans
    lazy kid sans 4 days ago

    I be'leaf' it'll stop, but I can't explain why

  • Toyotamasterrace
    Toyotamasterrace 5 days ago

    Ultimate fidgetspinner

  • Technical Arnab
    Technical Arnab 5 days ago

    you are such a dumb ass and making videos to get view mother fucker

  • Technical Arnab
    Technical Arnab 5 days ago

    it will not spin forever

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  • hyusama
    hyusama 6 days ago

    Too unstable; chamber isn't perfectly flat... frictional magnetic forces?

  • Georg Wagner
    Georg Wagner 7 days ago

    Maybe it would act like a electric generator??

  • Fuser
    Fuser 7 days ago +1

    cany you send me one for free

  • Joe Norman
    Joe Norman 7 days ago

    Gravity still exists in a vacuum.

  • Theron Price
    Theron Price 7 days ago

    What? I think it stops spinning because of the remaining air in the chamber.

  • Taylor time
    Taylor time 8 days ago

    I think it keeps going

  • Kingseeker GAMING
    Kingseeker GAMING 8 days ago

    Technically, nothing will happen
    Since air doesn't have to do anything in Magnets
    Just like earth Magnetic fields

  • Deacon Smith vlogs
    Deacon Smith vlogs 9 days ago


  • Gurosama Bltch
    Gurosama Bltch 10 days ago +1

    my fidget spinner spins longer

  • Dorart 05
    Dorart 05 10 days ago

    no he's not gonna spin forever

  • Steven Ice
    Steven Ice 11 days ago

    Not sure how to tell in english but there is a so called friction loss which would lower the kinetic energy over time of the thing you're spinning. So in space for example it would spin for a very very long time (e. g. 1 billion years) but continuously losing it's spin impulse since theres no perfect vacuum in this universe - lol.

  • m4ti140
    m4ti140 11 days ago

    It's similar to the Earth-Moon system. The tidal forces exerted by the moon were enough to increase the Earth's rotation period 3 times since the Moon first formed.

  • Hardic Jajodia
    Hardic Jajodia 11 days ago

    Stop because of g

  • Caleb Henry
    Caleb Henry 12 days ago

    I don't think that i will spin forever

  • RoyalPheonix
    RoyalPheonix 12 days ago

    Magnets run out of magnetic power so no it wont

  • Robert Napier
    Robert Napier 12 days ago

    To make it float longer how about using a electric drill with an adapter to spin up and eject the gyro?

  • Bala Tech Tips
    Bala Tech Tips 14 days ago

    it will stop spinning

  • Deyer UnDestructible
    Deyer UnDestructible 14 days ago

    it will stop... there are many other forces ... like the magnets in it and under it, the Earth's gravity, the Moon's gravity, too...the Earth's rotation, the Earth's magnetic field, and if even we ignore all of this, it still won't be spinning forever, couse there isn't such thing as full vacuum... even in the space there are few particles in every 1cm² soo it will resist it and eventually sometime will stop

  • kelvin henry
    kelvin henry 14 days ago

    I think it will stop because of gravity I did not just copy youre answer

  • Believing Flat
    Believing Flat 14 days ago

    I do not agree with everything you are saying.I believe everything that is moving needs some type of energy source,to keep moving.

  • Mario Duran
    Mario Duran 15 days ago

    I think that it will stop because of the imperfections in the initial spin and delayed decompression that will intervene with the conservation of angular momentum. If the initial spin where to increase in speed, with a well balanced motion and the vacuum being applied fast enough, it could have a chance of spinning for ever.

  • Virucons
    Virucons 16 days ago

    It will stop cause of the physic laws

  • Archalexander 90
    Archalexander 90 16 days ago

    The future fidget spinner

  • Jasiah Haronga
    Jasiah Haronga 16 days ago

    fire in a vacum

  • NurfTurdTV
    NurfTurdTV 16 days ago

    I swear to god, this is the 5th time I see a new video from you, and check my notifications.. nothing. check yur video, I'm no longer subscribed x_x

  • CaptainHoly D
    CaptainHoly D 16 days ago

    I think it will stop because there are 7 more minutes left of the video...

  • TheDiamondGamer
    TheDiamondGamer 16 days ago

    it will not spin

  • Roshkin
    Roshkin 17 days ago

    It will stop from Eddy currents

  • Dutch Handrick
    Dutch Handrick 19 days ago

    It wouldn't be able to spin forever because eventually magnets demagnetize, so it would fall.

  • echo the cockatiel
    echo the cockatiel 19 days ago

    it looks like an alien device inside a alien display case amazing :)

  • Elemental Nova
    Elemental Nova 19 days ago

    I wont spin forever because of simple physics. When the top is spinning it is using kinetic energy, this kinetic energy is slowly running out. Sure air resistance is a factor to why is slows, but its not the only reason.

  • Sirmudkip III
    Sirmudkip III 20 days ago

    its gonna stop because even without air its in the middle of 2 conflicting forces (gravity and the levitation) it would have to be in inter galactic space for it to continue to spin indefinitely

  • desiguy55
    desiguy55 21 day ago

    it will stop, no perpetual motion.

  • Speedboost
    Speedboost 22 days ago

    The voice comes more out of one ear and It's throwing me off xD

  • Samuel Allum Greenfield

    but how about spinning it in zero g and in a vacuum? no friction and nothing to weigh it down unless its in a magnetic field

  • JarodDGAF
    JarodDGAF 23 days ago

    Do the roar in a vaccume

  • ukranaut
    ukranaut 24 days ago

    You sound a lot like George Bush sr.

  • UGot b8ed
    UGot b8ed 25 days ago

    They sell dildos on that website

  • billie crouse
    billie crouse 25 days ago


  • Ashish Negi
    Ashish Negi 26 days ago

    The Only force that would slow this top down would be the eddy current induced my base magnet.

    Lenz law

  • Joshua Gibbs
    Joshua Gibbs 26 days ago

    It will

  • Kelly Satterfield
    Kelly Satterfield 26 days ago

    magnetic "friction"

  • MLGflavio herrera
    MLGflavio herrera 26 days ago

    because of gravity

  • MLGflavio herrera
    MLGflavio herrera 26 days ago

    it wont

  • David Davids
    David Davids 26 days ago

    thanks for posting. some thoughts. i would guess, this toy makes use of something like a halbach array of neo-magnets in the base and a ring magnet in the spinner. as others have commented, there are several obvious factors that might increase slowing.
    if i had one of these, i would remake the spinner, with a lower center of mass and weighted rim, and make a 'launcher' to get it spinning. cheers

  • Apprentice
    Apprentice 27 days ago

    It will stop because any metal object will slow down under a magnetic field.

  • Ozzy games
    Ozzy games 27 days ago

    It Will stop because of the Ball bearing

  • Aden Xin
    Aden Xin 27 days ago

    It'll stop

  • Adventure Bro
    Adventure Bro 27 days ago

    I don't think it will because of gravity still pulling down on the gyroscope or whatever it's called

  • mookleela sathonkunlabut

    So you mean every year is longer than the last year ,and everyday is longer than the days before. Right?

  • Ahsan Mughal
    Ahsan Mughal 28 days ago

    Because it work with magnatic power not on air 😏

  • arnastu buttwehak
    arnastu buttwehak 28 days ago

    I think it'll stop because work is being done in the bobbing motion of the top, so energy is coming out of the system. Necessarily, this must come out of the spin.

    Ok, after the explanation, I don't entirely believe you. "There is still friction because the bottom magnet is moving" isn't convincing. I think the spin is bleeding off as a tiny induction current. But I wouldn't assert that with a high confidence level.

  • Xptechmike nosehairextractorguy

    The earth is also rotating which puts a stress on the axial plane and with each microsecond of stress there is a magnetic resistance. Other than that, there may still be quite a bit of air inside the box that your meter is not indicating.

  • Barry B Benson
    Barry B Benson 28 days ago

    What beyblade is that?

  • james palmer
    james palmer 28 days ago

    Gravity resistance is why it stops!

  • FunplayerGGPO
    FunplayerGGPO 28 days ago

    Sorry bud that's not the reason they stay in place. Better off just saying you don't know why, rather than making an assumption.

  • LeXx LeCryce
    LeXx LeCryce 28 days ago

    i think it dont spin for ever because there is a magnetic field "friction"

  • Unlimited with Sid 1298

    It's because of magnetic field interactions

  • Alessandro Porcelli
    Alessandro Porcelli 29 days ago

    A rotating object with axial simmetry (any sphere or ellipsoid or cylinder or whatever) won't radiate gravitational waves, also the CBR of all things is not that big of a problem, as it comes from every direction with the same intensity it won't actually make a difference. Of course you'd still have other effects which will make things problematic, such as the interaction with other bodies gravitational field introducing precession of the axis of rotation.

  • Bibasik7
    Bibasik7 29 days ago +1

    I don't think it'll spin forever, because of friction.

  • Mathias Klug
    Mathias Klug 29 days ago

    this stop, bycous eyou haven ´t full vacuum.

  • Tuna Alert GZ
    Tuna Alert GZ Month ago

    What's the angular momentum of the entire universe? If the universe is spinning it will never stop. Idk. ..

  • D00DManPerson
    D00DManPerson Month ago

    Keep up the great work dude, love your videos!

  • POVadventure
    POVadventure Month ago

    It stops because of eddy currents  form from the changing magnetic fields while it wobbles

  • Dais Flaque
    Dais Flaque Month ago

    It's called conservation of energy... duh...

  • Joshua C
    Joshua C Month ago

    Spin that thing with a Dremel.

  • Wat Lel
    Wat Lel Month ago

    i mean it will until something interrups it or the magnet loses its properties

  • Cube Army
    Cube Army Month ago

    yes it will stop because i know phisics

  • That Record
    That Record Month ago

    It wont because energy is neither created nor destroyed.

  • Bradley Denison
    Bradley Denison Month ago

    it will stop because of thermal dynamics. perdy simple

  • Angel Leiva
    Angel Leiva Month ago

    the video ends so I assume in stops.

  • Molb0rg
    Molb0rg Month ago

    4:31 it will stop because of induced current both in the spinning thing and in the base. Because of movements (side to side and that linear motion) of the thing and because of not even distribution of the field the thing has - thus rotating itself will induce currents.

  • Teren Essex
    Teren Essex Month ago

    it would stop because you can never pull a full vacuum. Even Nasa can't pull a complete vacuum with current technology. So it may spin for a very, very long time, but it would eventually hit enough air particles to slow it down enough

  • Shainy Desouza
    Shainy Desouza Month ago

    It will stop

  • Ahmed Dagher
    Ahmed Dagher Month ago

    it fall off because the vertical axis of the gyroscope wasn't stable so it wasn't spin in the horizontal axis so that lead to creating magnetic force resist the spinning

  • VinyJones
    VinyJones Month ago

    What about resistance of induced courant ?

  • ftg150
    ftg150 Month ago

    entropy bruh

  • Carlos Landaverde
    Carlos Landaverde Month ago

    my guess is it will stop because the magnet still wants to flip causing resistance to the top spinning.

  • Damien Baynham
    Damien Baynham Month ago

    the magnetic fields are still clashing and will slow it down

  • Solexx X
    Solexx X Month ago

    "Spinning object gives off gravitational waves"? Gravity is associated with mass not spin.

    • The Action Lab
      The Action Lab  Month ago

      +Solexx X gravitational waves happen when asymmetric masses rotate

  • maxious22
    maxious22 Month ago

    I think it will stop because 2 things. First Tax. In thermodynamics. Can't remember which rule. But in all things theirs a tax on the energy used. The inertia used is being drained by itself, the magnets and even the gravity of the planet. Yes an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an external force. And here there are more forces in play than just air.

  • Ayoub Abid
    Ayoub Abid Month ago

    your spin is weak

  • Awesome Stuff Reviewer

    it will stop because of eddy currents

  • poo why not
    poo why not Month ago

    WELL it will never be forever because magnets eventaully die!

  • Jacob
    Jacob"Jman" Settle Month ago

    Fall down

  • botinator
    botinator Month ago

    it will stop because bro i don't know

  • Harvey Harbicht
    Harvey Harbicht Month ago

    I'd think the magnetic fields also cause some "friction" (magnetic braking so to speak)

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