Does Water Swirl the Other Way in the Southern Hemisphere?

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  • The definitive answer about the direction water swirls in two hemispheres
    Sync the videos yourself:

    For the record Destin and I repeated the experiment 3-4 times each in each hemisphere and got the same results every time.

    The idea that water going down a drain or flushed down a toilet swirls in opposite directions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres has a long history. But few have ever done the experiment. Destin from Smarter Every Day and I performed identical experiments in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. What we found is the direction of water swirl in a toilet, sink, or bathtub is determined by other sources of angular momentum. However if the body of water is big enough, e.g. a kiddy pool, and left still for long enough (at least 24 hours), then the Coriolis effect is observable with water swirling counterclockwise in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere.

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    Gordon McGladdery did all of the sound design for the video. We used two songs from other artists (licensed of course). Derek split the first one up so it fades from video to video, and Gordon split the instruments up on the second one. There are violins on one video and percussion on the other for example. It's really neat.

    The neat earth animation at the beginning and the synchronizing timer was made by He also made still images of the earth from the top and the bottom.

    Thanks to Vanessa for filming in Sydney:


    There was a study performed at MIT years ago ( that explained the physics involved. We repeated some of these demonstrations, but on opposite sides of the globe…and in a way that can be easily understood.
    This site is a great resource on the Coriolis effect and ways people have gotten it wrong:
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  • Joel Marcy
    Joel Marcy 4 days ago

    I've got one for you all. If the spin has is in fact due to the equator, and the amount of pull based on how far or close you are to it, and you did one just by the equator, and one, say in Canada, than one should spin fast and hard, and the other slowly and lightly. Right? Anyone ever seen this tried?

  • Trevor Houser
    Trevor Houser 6 days ago

    would it spin on the equator

  • Shaswat Gupta
    Shaswat Gupta 6 days ago

    will definitely spend more time in the toilet 😉

    ANJOOM THAHIR 9 days ago

    Would this effect be visible in such a small scale ( hurricanes and cyclones are huge) ?

  • Chelsee T
    Chelsee T 10 days ago

    All right so what about a pool perfectly at the equator?

  • Jonathan Nadeau
    Jonathan Nadeau 12 days ago

    What happen on the equator (perfect equator)?

  • Nicolás Urquía
    Nicolás Urquía 13 days ago

    What if you're on the Equator? or right in one of the poles? Which would the effects be?

  • iTwez
    iTwez 23 days ago

    my toilet dosn't swirl, water is instantly pushed down from the front and back

  • QED
    QED 23 days ago

    Well at least Destin believes in a round Earth, but it's no coincidence he's done a number of videos on creatures and never once mentioned evolution. I wonder why...

  • chilisos93
    chilisos93 24 days ago

    And what happens right on the Equator?

  • Michael8 schumi
    Michael8 schumi 29 days ago

    wax on wax off

  • Destroyers 101
    Destroyers 101 1 month ago

    Then what will happen in the equator

  • UnBearablePun CSGO
    UnBearablePun CSGO 1 month ago

    What if you're exactly on the equator

  • Mister Dinner
    Mister Dinner 1 month ago

    Before I watch this, my theory is that since the equator spins the fastest relative to the north and south latitudes, water will swirl in patterns reminiscent of a boat traveling through water. Each side gets pushed in a different direction and with the amount of water present in the oceans, the speed of the equator relative to north and south latitudes is enough to make water swirl in opposing directions on each hemisphere.


  • Southern Hemisphere
    Southern Hemisphere 1 month ago

    Hello mates, I came here to learn about myself :V

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 1 month ago

    What happens at the equator?

  • Wes Netmo
    Wes Netmo 1 month ago

    is ewan mcgregor among the "other group of people"?

  • BeingJasonChong
    BeingJasonChong 1 month ago

    This is as concise as it can to describe the Coriolis effect direction of water swirls - but how does this effect the major ocean currents?

    Most text books on this subject states that the major ocean currents in the northern hemisphere (between America and Europe) are clockwise and in the southern hemisphere (between Australia and South America) are anti-clockwise - the exact opposite of the swirls as demonstrated in this video. Can someone explain?

  • Ranoiaetep
    Ranoiaetep 1 month ago

    Not sure if anyone else asked this question in the comments, but I'm wondering what would happen if the pool is placed right on top of the equator? Would it make a shape that is similar to an opposite "ɛ"?

  • ArtfulDawdger
    ArtfulDawdger 1 month ago

    Flat earth FATALITY

  • Miguel Zuñiga
    Miguel Zuñiga 1 month ago

    What if you're at the equator? Like exactly in the middle...

  • Lajos Winkler
    Lajos Winkler 1 month ago

    Yes, American toilets which waste a lot of water do give you an opportunity to show you this. Normal toilets have little water inside and use jet from a high placed tank to flush the waste.

    Also, you'd have to do this with a lot larger tanks in a sealed environment where there's no wind, and you'd have to do it lots of times for a statistics approach. This way, it's not scientific at all.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 1 month ago

      Its a demonstration of a phenomenon, the science was done elsewhere.

  • G3ØRGE
    G3ØRGE 1 month ago

    Do it on the Ecuator!!!

  • Burnt Gerbil
    Burnt Gerbil 1 month ago

    It's all a matter of perspective. One spins one way, the other spins opposite. Or does it?? Technically, they are spinning the same way relative to each other.

    Make a fist with your right hand, with your pointer finger, and point to the floor. Spin it to the right and you have clockwise. Now carefully turn your hand over so it points to the ceiling, and keep spinning. Is it going anti-clockwise? Turn it over again. Now it's clockwise, yet it's still spinning the same direction.....

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 1 month ago

      Correct, our perspective changes depending which hemisphere you do the demonstration.

  • SeanDaRyan
    SeanDaRyan 1 month ago

    but the earth is flat!!!!

  • Fubukiyo
    Fubukiyo 2 months ago

    So, what happens at the exact middle of the equator?! I MUST KNOW.

  • Creeperbrine007
    Creeperbrine007 2 months ago

    This video sounds a little bit distorted to me. I'm not a big fan of scishow and Hank, but the coriolis effect and the toilets' flush doesn't have that much relation. It's true that coriolis effect does affect the water bodies when it comes to hurricanes or cyclones, or a big stable perfect cylinder-shaped tube. However, in normal toilets that the average human being use isn't so large and "flat" and stable. Coriolis effect is so small. The earth rotates per day, but the water that swirl in the normal toilets spin much, much faster than that. The Coriolis force does impact the direction of the flow of water, but only minutely. Only if the water is so still that the effective rotation rate of the Earth is faster than that of the water relative to its container, and if externally applied torques (such as might be caused by flow over an uneven bottom surface) are small enough, the Coriolis effect may indeed determine the direction of the vortex, like in this video. However, this is not the myth tells. The common myth insists that the water flow from a flushing toilet swirl depending on the very hemisphere we're at. There's nothing wrong about the experiment, but there is some misinterpretation which you made about the myth and what Scishow said. P.S. No Offence.

    • Creeperbrine007
      Creeperbrine007 2 months ago

      and the viewers need to listen to the video . Literally Listen please. they said in the video that the other variables can adjust the outcome!!!

  • FraznoFire
    FraznoFire 2 months ago

    But Australia doesn't exist..

  • Martim
    Martim 2 months ago

    awesome video

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 2 months ago

    I saw a video where it was on the equator and the water went straight down

  • theodoros tsilikis
    theodoros tsilikis 2 months ago

    so if black holes are the hole and water is the galaxy what hehispere are they in?

  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar 2 months ago

    this explanation is truly the best, hats off to you guys.

  • Al Couz
    Al Couz 2 months ago

    What happens at the ecuador ? The water wouldn't turn ? (sorry for my english i'm french)

    GGGPPPOOO Empty 2 months ago

    Used this as my science project sorry, copied some ideas...

  • Ciley Myrus
    Ciley Myrus 2 months ago

    but.. what about the ECUATOR?

  • James Bouwan
    James Bouwan 2 months ago

    D'you called this science?

  • intiferino
    intiferino 2 months ago

    How does water rotate on the equator then?

  • CarthagoMike
    CarthagoMike 2 months ago

    did they just succesfully correct SciShow?

  • milesteghades
    milesteghades 2 months ago

    I like this channel, but sorry to say this experiment is crap and it's not even close to the scientific method or proof of anything..
    You haven't eliminated all the variables , the design of the drain, or other imperfections could determine the way the vortex forms and you had a sample of 1 in each hemisphere.
    The amount of likes you got for this failure just shows how people still don't understand basic scientific principles including apparently the protagonists of the 2 channels i am subscribed to..

    I love both your channels and i learned a lot from them, but this is not how you prove something.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 2 months ago

      We it is just a scientific demonstration.

      You also should read the description before commenting.

  • Sashik Pro
    Sashik Pro 2 months ago

    for Samsung s8+ it will be a full screen video

  • Jesus saves on car insurance

    It's not science to run one test and come to a conclusion. Thats not how science works.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 2 months ago

      Correct, but read the description next time.

  • Retro Player
    Retro Player 2 months ago

    What about on the equator?

  • Bob3D2000
    Bob3D2000 2 months ago

    No, you haven't eliminated all the variables:.

    Variables not eliminated:
    1. Overall geometry of the pools. These are flexible, plastic pools and their shapes could be different enough to affect the vortex direction.
    2. Macroscopic and microscopic surface variations. These can accumulate to give rise to a surprisingly strong effect. See chaos theory.
    3. Perturbations due to airflow across the surface. Self-explanatory.
    4. Perturbations due to vibrations from the floor (from for example, passing cars, etc.). This can combine with 1 and 2 to enhance the difference caused by those.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 2 months ago

      Cool, bye

    • Bob3D2000
      Bob3D2000 2 months ago

      1. So you really are suggesting that the shape of a container has no influence on the way a fluid flows through it! I was being sarcastic but you actually do? Bloody hell. You think these cheap, foldable, plastic pools are perfectly circular? Really? I know water swirls in a square sink; what's that got to do with it?

      I never said anything about friction adding velocity, you'd just made that up. You asked what mechanism could exert an unequal force and so I described the forces imparted on the water. Friction is a force.

      3. I never said it was a competition. How can the experiment be a fair test if in one location the pool is sheltered from outside winds and in the other it's exposed to them? A given location tends to have a prevailing wind (which is why all the trees on my street lean in the same direction). Hence, this variable isn't eliminated.

      4. A vibrator that moves up and down will move along just as well. Have you never used a plate compactor? It's nothing to do with a spinning motor. And why couldn't it be the same vibration over three days?

      None of this is complicated. You're replies are riddled with strawman arguments.  I don't know if you're being obtuse deliberately, but one way or the other, I'm done explaining these simple concepts; I have better things to do with my time.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 2 months ago

      1/ Both of the pools are circular and they were placed on flat and level surfaces. There is no difference in the shape of the pools. You do see vortices in a square kitchen sink.

      Friction would only slow the circular motion, it cannot add velocity as the pool is static with relation to the ground.

      3/ But the pool outside and the pool inside gave the same but opposite results. Why is it unfair, it wasn't a competition, just 2 scientific demonstrations.

      4/ A mobile phone has an asymmetric wheel spinning at a high velocity, this can impart a direction. Perhaps a vibration could effect the demonstration, but it would have to be the same vibration over 3 days.

      This is really a scientific demonstration of a known effect, they reduced as many variables as possible. Yes it wouldn't stand up to scientific scrutiny (ie sample size too small) but that has all been done previously under far more exacting standards.

    • Bob3D2000
      Bob3D2000 2 months ago

      1. The weight of the water is the force that causes it to flow into the hole. The water is therefore flowing over the plastic surface of the pool. If the pool's surface is uneven this could easily direct the vortex in one direction or another. The forces exerted by the pool are friction and the normal force to the water pressure. Are you suggesting that the shape of a container has no effect on the way water flows through it?

      2. Possibly, but not definitely and so this variable has nonetheless not been eliminated and the experimenters have not provided a discourse as to why the effects are negligible.

      3. One location was inside and the other was outside. Hardly fair. Did they move the pools to different locations?

      4. Have you ever seen your mobile move across the table when it vibrates? It doesn't take much if there's already some other offset (which is what I meant by enhancing 1 and 2). If, say, there's a wrinkle in part of the pool that makes that bit stiffer, such that an applied vibration causes that part to oscillate with a lower amplitude than another part, this could conceivably cause an imbalance in the way the water flows across these two parts of the pool.

      The point is this: whilst it may be true that the coriolis effect is indeed significantly more powerful than the combined effects of the variables I have described, this is not proven by the experiment. These variables may have been discounted - and if so the onus is on the experimenters to explain why - but they haven't been eliminated as there is nothing in the experimental design that does so.

      As an aside, note that the result found has a 1.6% probability of arising randomly.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 2 months ago

      1/ What is the mechanism, for the pool walls, to exert an unequal force into the water?
      2/they should cancel themselves out, after all it is chaos and there are a lot of water molecules in the pool.
      3/ Airflow is a possible variable, but considering they did the demonstration 3 times each over days that should be covered.
      4/I cant see how vibrations from the ground would cause a spin.

  • Space Guy
    Space Guy 2 months ago

    omg TANKS i needed this is school

  • MuhdZikry
    MuhdZikry 2 months ago

    man I like this!

  • life-of-sci
    life-of-sci 2 months ago

    I was at the equator in Africa and they did a demonstration where they put water in a funnel with a narrow opening, they blocked the opening with their finger - placed a wooden match stick on top of the water then let the water drain from the funnel. When they were on the North side of the equator the match rotated one way (counter clockwise) and when they stepped about 1-2 feet on the other side of the equator the match rotated the other way (clockwise). They did it again while straddling the equator and the match stick did not rotate at all. Amazing!

    That demonstration was amazing to me not only because of the rotation but because the actual equator is so narrow!

  • Ender586
    Ender586 2 months ago

    I am not convinced. If I had to guess, this was all just a coincidence. No matter how many times you try, if you are using the same-shaped pool (in a room with the same air flow, vibrations etc), it may always produce vortex of the same direction and still be completely unrelated to the Coriolis effect.

  • Rod Fell
    Rod Fell 2 months ago

    This experiment seems fairly sloppy and I wouldn't consider its results to be definitive.

    • Rod Fell
      Rod Fell 2 months ago

      The Coriolis effect is a well known phenomenon. That it can be demonstrated like this is not well known.

      The people who state that the coriolis effect is too small to be demonstrated like this say the swirl is caused the design of the basin/bath/tank. Just stating as fact that different pools can't affect the water direction is begging the question.

      I said Derek's experiment was sloppy and not definitive. I wasn't saying that the experiment hasn't been done elsewhere. I wasn't saying that the results were wrong.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 2 months ago

      So now you have 3 different experiments, at 3 different spots on the Earth, including MIT, all confirming the coriollis effect. If you searched you could find other places were this experiment has been attempted.

      This video is just a scientific demonstration of a well known phenomenon.

      Different pools cant effect the water direction, they haven't got a mechanism to add velocity to the water. The only thing the pool walls/construction could possibly do would be reduce the water spin by slowing the water velocity, which would make detecting motion harder.

    • Rod Fell
      Rod Fell 2 months ago

      They say they repeated the experiment 3-4 times. My assumption is they just emptied the exact same pools 3-4 times, so it's no surprise they got the same result. You can see they used a different pool in each hemisphere. If it was a properly constructed tank (as it was when MIT showed a counter-clockwise swirl in Boston), and the same tank was used in both hemispheres, and then the experiment was repeated using different tanks, the results would be definitive. Using two different kiddy pools was sloppy.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 2 months ago

      So your assumption is that, this is the first and only time this experiment has been conducted?

  • That One Weirdo
    That One Weirdo 2 months ago

    I would like to point out that, when a toilet flushes, it spews e-coli into the air. That is why I close the lid when done.

  • shimmer
    shimmer 2 months ago

    is this a re-upload??

  • Kevin Velez De Villa Mejia

    Noooooo!!!!! It's boring like this, it's alot alot alot more fun to get 2 phones or tablets and making it yourself lol 😂

  • De'Ja Nickle
    De'Ja Nickle 3 months ago

    Thx for syncing videos

  • ssundee85
    ssundee85 3 months ago

    i live in huntsville al

  • Landon Lovette
    Landon Lovette 3 months ago

    Glad they showed the clip from Long Way Down where they did it on either side of the equator

  • Yashas
    Yashas 3 months ago

    What if a hurricane moves from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere?

    • NocturnalDanger
      NocturnalDanger 3 months ago

      It is impossible to have a hurricane on the equator because there is no Coriolis effect, as you near the equator, the coriolis effect nears 0, so Id assume the hurricane would dissipate.

  • Herbert Ramirez
    Herbert Ramirez 3 months ago


  • 1chumley1
    1chumley1 3 months ago

    I wanted to see a nut-filled turd in one of those toilets.

  • Cameron Sipka
    Cameron Sipka 3 months ago

    this is amazing <3

  • po k
    po k 3 months ago

    Only one pool in each hemisphere doesn't prove anything. Thought I was on science channel :p

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 3 months ago

      Perhaps you could build the 3rd pool and prove it to yourself.
      Or look up this experiment which has been done many times for the same results in many different places on the Earth.

  • Michael Covington
    Michael Covington 3 months ago

    Piss green from the sci show can suck it

  • MDFlight
    MDFlight 3 months ago

    and they only needed to try this 10 times to get their desired outcome, pretty good tbh

  • Jacob chamberlain
    Jacob chamberlain 3 months ago

    What about at the equator?

  • Ryu Vincent
    Ryu Vincent 3 months ago

    this video could probably be the most beautiful video on YouTube just because of how entertaining 2 guys try to explain simple science (rocket science being the not simple one)

  • Chinese Communist Party

    recycled footage much?

  • Joel Shore
    Joel Shore 3 months ago

    It's interesting to note that at the level of a tornado, which is considerably bigger than a bathtub but still pretty small on the scale of the Earth, about 95-98% are said to rotate cyclonically (counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere), but there is that small fraction of anti-cyclonic tornadoes.

  • Bryce William
    Bryce William 3 months ago

    I literally heard the explosion of a flat earthers brain.

  • Naranbaatar
    Naranbaatar 3 months ago

    tell me about what will happen in the equator

  • jiří ledvinka
    jiří ledvinka 3 months ago

    What if huricane move from one hemisphere to another? Will it dissolve?

  • Lamanite Flarpleston
    Lamanite Flarpleston 3 months ago

    It bothers me that they only conducted this test once. There is a 25% chance that the clockwise and counterclockwise rotations were completely by luck.

    Edit: I just read the description and realized that they did multiple trials.
    Ignore me.
    I'm stupid

  • ArtStone
    ArtStone 3 months ago

    Now hang a pendulum from the ceiling and put a circle of wooden pegs on the floor to knock over

  • Antoon Veeve
    Antoon Veeve 3 months ago

    Thank you two guys for doing this.. excellent - myth busted!

  • G'Day Mate
    G'Day Mate 3 months ago

    i knew this years and years ago. just by thinking. i thought it was aways common knowledge that there are too many disturbances and eraddic forces/ turbulants in a toilet or sink to prove the corriolous effect

  • ChaosN
    ChaosN 3 months ago

    Flat earthers be like...

  • Mathias Reschauer
    Mathias Reschauer 3 months ago

    Have you heared about foucaults pendulum? it is tze complete same thing, just that its easier to measure it zhat way. I have seen one in the Deutsches Musdum in Munich. Fascinating.

  • Old Time Farm Boy
    Old Time Farm Boy 3 months ago

    Actually, water, hurricanes, tornadoes, etcetera, all turn in the same direction no matter what hemisphere they are in. It only appears different because of the perspective that humans see them in each hemisphere.

    The proof can be found using the index finger of each hand. Let your left index finger represent the northern hemisphere, point it down and rotate it counter-clockwise. Let your right index finger represent the southern hemisphere, point it down and rotate it clockwise.

    Now slowly, while maintaining its clockwise rotation, turn your right hand so that your index finger is pointing upwards towards the index finger on your left hand so that it assumes the perspective of someone in the southern hemisphere looking at the rotation. At that point you will clearly see that both index fingers are turning in the same direction.

    Rotation of water, winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes are determined by the earth's rotation in both hemispheres. They only appear different because of human perspective.

  • Maj Mat
    Maj Mat 3 months ago

    You'll have to go to the north pole and try it,see if it just dumps the water "or some other liquid that won't freeze" without rotation .

  • Deilson Peres
    Deilson Peres 3 months ago

    But Earth is flat :/

  • Official
    Official 3 months ago

    Veritasium are you interested in a collab?

  • Reyner Godoy
    Reyner Godoy 3 months ago

    thats obvious
    that's just a point of reference
    for example ( just an example i dont know what's the direction of the rotation )
    if you go to the north pole you will see it *spinning left*
    and if you got to the south pole you will see it *spinning right*

    but if you go to the north pole again and somehow become able to see the south pole water, in your perspective it is *spinning left and not right*

  • Kearvin Brix Alano
    Kearvin Brix Alano 3 months ago

    SO its true that the earth isnt flat??

  • valaram chaudhary
    valaram chaudhary 3 months ago

    this thing blown my mind

  • Faris Kazim
    Faris Kazim 3 months ago

    Flat earthers just passed out

  • Michael Kamat
    Michael Kamat 3 months ago

    Next time try to add the coloring before you unplug the pool

    THATONEBACCA33 3 months ago

    so this raises one question, what happens if you have a pool spilt through the equator 50/50 and drain it like that

  • Black Profile Picture
    Black Profile Picture 3 months ago

    proof flat-earthers are wrong

  • Dejan Kober
    Dejan Kober 3 months ago

    Just for good measure I would repeat this experiment few more times.

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 3 months ago

      Perhaps you could read the description

  • Omare Abadi
    Omare Abadi 3 months ago

    i love those videos <3!

  • pippaknuckle
    pippaknuckle 3 months ago

    So right at the equator there is no swirl?
    I remember being near the equator and thinking that sinks drained slower there.

  • sam hansen
    sam hansen 3 months ago

    i dont understand why the water nearest eh ecuator has a larger velocity and momentum than the water nearest the poles....

    can anyone explain it simply?

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 3 months ago

      The water at the equator has further to travel daily than water at the poles.

  • Ebony Maree
    Ebony Maree 3 months ago

    Stargazing Live Australia really could have used you, Derek.

  • Lachlan Hillard
    Lachlan Hillard 3 months ago

    1:50 I like how the American uses the metric system, yet the Australian uses the imperial system.

  • Rabik R
    Rabik R 3 months ago

    But Derek, earth is flat, your theory is invalid!

  • Fender Ignacio
    Fender Ignacio 3 months ago

    Still cool after a year 😎

  • K 6
    K 6 3 months ago

    Science is real...

  • Jared D
    Jared D 3 months ago

    Then it stands to reason that along the equator there would be no preferential direction.

  • Ayyy Lmfao
    Ayyy Lmfao 3 months ago

    These two fucked after

  • Liam Strand
    Liam Strand 3 months ago


  • Filip Wessman
    Filip Wessman 3 months ago

    It is about size. The bigger the pool, the bigger the Corriolis effect. If the pool gets to slow, other factors like micro currents, friction, air draft, the shape of the container etc will determine the rotational direction.

  • Stephen Kramer
    Stephen Kramer 3 months ago

    What does it take to PROVE something that is extremely subtle and sensitive to the factors that affect it? hmmmmmmmmm... Or, instead, what does it take to make something happen that confirms your pre-existing belief (that you actually know nothing about) so you can be happy and gay and make money making other gay people happy and gay about their pre-existing beliefs (that they actually know nothing about) so they can be happy and gay and make other gay people happy and gay about their pre-existing beliefs (that they actually know nothing about) so they can be happy and gay and make other gay people happy and gay about their pre-existing beliefs (that they actually know nothing about) so they can be happy and gay and make other gay people happy and gay about their pre-existing beliefs (that they actually know nothing about) so they can be happy and gay and make other gay people happy and gay about their pre-existing beliefs (that they actually know nothing about) so they can be happy and gay and make other gay people happy and gay about their pre-existing beliefs (that they actually know nothing about) so they can be happy and gay and make other gay people happy and gay about their pre-existing beliefs (that they actually know nothing about) ...

    • Kel Duck
      Kel Duck 3 months ago

      Hmmm, invent religion

  • 5Zaft Mohd
    5Zaft Mohd 3 months ago

    so what happens at the equator? it just falls down then?

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