Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 Full Comparison (With Camera Test)

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  • Balasubramaniam Muthu Nallayan

    I am enjoying my S8

  • Ahmet Albayrak
    Ahmet Albayrak 2 days ago +1


  • Bojan Mitrovic Slash4Game

    why the heck thay not make stereo speakers anymore, so we geth live cinema like in old good times on dinosaur Nokia phones :D

  • Pelisown
    Pelisown 4 days ago

    4:20 When ur doctor called and said that you need to be circumcised in next day...

  • tournedo love
    tournedo love 5 days ago

    LG G6 top cam

  • Ed Louis Uy
    Ed Louis Uy 5 days ago


  • dain_ bramaged
    dain_ bramaged 5 days ago

    Really good informative video mate.

  • Tu Chenz
    Tu Chenz 5 days ago

    IP68, not IP67.

  • The Christian Gamer!

    Now, LG G6 has a better value.

  • Martin Zvarík
    Martin Zvarík 7 days ago

    LG G6 does NOT have LED NOTIFICATIONS !!!! It relies on always-on display, it sucks! Just bought it. WTF

  • Antiloopen Kanskje
    Antiloopen Kanskje 7 days ago

    I have used my S8 for 3 months, and it has four significant drawbacks: The curved screen makes it more fragiile, and when adding screen protection it usually reduces screen sensitivity unevenly throughout the screen. Some places you really have to push hard for your tap to be registered. Also, the bent screen makes the phone protection unable to protect all the phones edges properly in case of a fall. Secondly, S8 has the useless Bixby button which over and over again is accidentally pressed when I unlock my phone, and makes me do several extra taps to get me to the home screen. Thirdly, the fingerprint sensor should have been more accessible (lower), and fourthly the battery still can't survive an unusually active day.

  • Rick Scicluna
    Rick Scicluna 8 days ago

    From experience with both phones, I have chosen the LGG6 over the S8 plus. To me it's like comparing Tom Hardy is (LGG6) and Brad Pit is (S8 plus)

  • Rick Scicluna
    Rick Scicluna 8 days ago

    Had the s8 plus. Sent it back for the lgg6 and have to say that I am not disappointed. The LGG6 is far better.

  • rock rock
    rock rock 9 days ago

    plz help me ... i want to buy a phone whitch one is better s7edge or the LG G6

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M 10 days ago

    G6 would be my selection.
    Your presentation was most informative!

  • Ken & Edens Life Vlogs

    Absolutely adore mine!

  • 4g63mark
    4g63mark 11 days ago

    I really like this review video. I've seen a lot of these reviews but this really seems to hit on all the most important features. With that said, I still haven't taken my brand new S8 out of the box yet, but now I kinda wish I went with the G6. I like the sharp crisp pictures of the G6, along with the better battery life, the better HDR, the better speaker, the lower price, the wide angle secondary camera, the WAY BETTER finger print scanner, and the faster charging.

  • Derek Holland
    Derek Holland 11 days ago

    rockin a url shirt...nice!

  • Jayesh Suryawanshi
    Jayesh Suryawanshi 11 days ago

    Hi danny i own the s8 plus and according to me its much more better than the lg g6. I would like you to compare the oneplus 5 and the s8 plus and th lg g6

  • Jtaylor2306
    Jtaylor2306 11 days ago

    $350.00 cheaper for me right now. I am currently using a LG V20.
    I am wondering if the G6 is worth it. This V20 is fine and I have dropped it many times on every thing known to man, concrete, counter tops, wood, rocks, etc... And so far, not a scratch. Literally not a thing I can see.
    Please(knock on wood) don't come get me Karma! I was not bragging, promise. Lol
    Is a LG V30 version in the works, and is a release date out yet?

  • poppyflower333
    poppyflower333 12 days ago

    S8 is always at the forefront -_-

  • Ravz Gupta
    Ravz Gupta 12 days ago

    LG G6 camera is better

  • Michael Lin
    Michael Lin 13 days ago

    Good job on this video, I really like how detailed and in depth with your reviews. You just earned a new subscriber =)

  • Aditya Anand
    Aditya Anand 13 days ago

    LG G6 is cheaper than S8 S8 plus

  • Yvng Flame
    Yvng Flame 13 days ago

    LG G6 all the way
    S8 had it for a day and it broke

  • rcysi
    rcysi 13 days ago

    Just got the G6 and I love it!!😅😀.

  • Mo Ma
    Mo Ma 14 days ago

    S8 is ip68 waterproof and dust resistant

  • SocketByte
    SocketByte 15 days ago

    How the fuck 1080p is consuming less battery than 1440p? Maybe in games, because of less GPU usage, but regular usage? With lowering the resolution, you don't lower amount of displayed pixels, and that matters when it comes to battery life.

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 16 days ago

    No doubt S8 wins sorry but you don't even have to be a samsung fan to admit that, the specs alone are much better on the S8 on top of a superior display with much better color reproduction and more vibrant colors.

  • jacob frank
    jacob frank 17 days ago

    s8 the way to go

  • Monica Watson
    Monica Watson 17 days ago

    The s8 cos a lot and just has better camera and it a little bigger

  • Dominikiy Santorsk
    Dominikiy Santorsk 19 days ago

    i would pick the S8 for it has a better camera and it is faster than G6 in performance.. The issue is that i live in Brazil, and the prices here are fucking expensive!

  • Jasmine Halter
    Jasmine Halter 19 days ago

    I have the LG G6

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray 19 days ago

    I have both of the s8 sd835 usa unlocked and the g6 h870ds internstional version. I love both of them...😄

  • Susan Pfeifer
    Susan Pfeifer 20 days ago +1

    Very nice comparison.

  • salebasket
    salebasket 20 days ago

    LG G6 definitely...

  • biswadeep mondal
    biswadeep mondal 21 day ago

    Lumia 950

  • Droidz Hunterz
    Droidz Hunterz 21 day ago

    Cant wait to see the S9

  • Kaupo Viljat
    Kaupo Viljat 21 day ago

    g6 looks better

  • victor ahiaba
    victor ahiaba 21 day ago

    The G6 is the clear winner in terms of the photos you just showed here. Since you are an S8 fan...

  • jual jual
    jual jual 21 day ago

    LG G6 is awesome camera. Very sharp....

  • Luis Salinas
    Luis Salinas 21 day ago

    Does anyone know what theme or how to make my settings black like his at 3:30

  • Etienne Joubert
    Etienne Joubert 22 days ago

    "the s8 camera pictures look more natural" he says...too bad samsung use the over saturated colour in their dosplay ha! thats not natural so doesnt make sense

  • Etienne Joubert
    Etienne Joubert 22 days ago

    "the s8 camera pictures look more natural" he says...too bad samsung use the over saturated colour in their dosplay ha! thats not natural so doesnt make sense

  • Mayank Pandey
    Mayank Pandey 22 days ago

    One plus 5

  • AmirAli Tn
    AmirAli Tn 22 days ago

    Look at that S8 design... That S stands for sexy

  • neohanz
    neohanz 22 days ago

    LG G6

  • andres felipe
    andres felipe 23 days ago +1

    The s8

  • Daniel Yolich
    Daniel Yolich 23 days ago

    Great video. Very well spoken. You didn't leave a single thing out. LG all the way.

  • Vivek Karwa
    Vivek Karwa 23 days ago

    Honestly speaking Samsung display is gorgeous but i want a flat screen phone with minimal Basel lg have it but Samsung panel is beautiful 😣 i m so confused 😕

  • CptMorgan96
    CptMorgan96 24 days ago

    In terms of battery, which should I choose?

  • Merle Sotillio
    Merle Sotillio 24 days ago

    Love your explanation, but I had a lgg5, and it was a problem, do I think I might buy a lgg,6, I love the camera,. And since I'm into the entertaiment industry, I always take photos and videos. Looking forward to your next review.

  • Henry Gorena
    Henry Gorena 24 days ago

    Lg g6

  • Jeff Reynolds
    Jeff Reynolds 24 days ago

    Wife went from a Galaxy S6 to the LG. She said the wrap around glass on the S8 made things look weird to her and she appreciated the wireless charging and wide angle camera of the LG.

  • CaptDF97
    CaptDF97 24 days ago

    The G6 looks cheap as hell standing next to the S8. Also, the G6 screen looks yellowish, ew.

  • Balázs Ungvárszky
    Balázs Ungvárszky 24 days ago

    g6 is cheaper aswell, i want the g6!

  • jonas haus
    jonas haus 25 days ago +1

    i own my lg g2 for 4 years now. Always reliable and still running great. I dont like the samsung software and the edge to edge display so i ll go for the G6.

  • Frank Garay
    Frank Garay 26 days ago

    I bought the LG

  • Gambit
    Gambit 26 days ago


  • Gambit
    Gambit 26 days ago

    s7edge i get 6-8hrs screenon time

  • Lol Kay
    Lol Kay 26 days ago +1

    u forgot to mention s8+ has bigger battery

  • Foo Boob
    Foo Boob 27 days ago

    LGG6 you get more tech for your Dollar

  • Zach Gibson
    Zach Gibson 27 days ago

    s8 wins

  • simi glass
    simi glass 27 days ago

    Hey great video man !!!can you please do a comparison of the Moto z 2 play vs LG G6 thanks man

  • 27 days ago

    yea, but considering the price. LG G6 ftw.

  • The Rocket Brother PNW

    galaxy s8 looks better but g6 at least has glass

  • Mohsen Y
    Mohsen Y 29 days ago

    LG products are perfect

  • Joshua Colantuono
    Joshua Colantuono 29 days ago

    wait glass on the back? why would you want that!?

  • Curtis Che
    Curtis Che Month ago

    I love lg6 the video was great thks

  • Dragos Mihai
    Dragos Mihai Month ago

    just got the G6 today and I was massively dissapointed...I have an s6 and I've had an s4 before and I wanted something different and at first everything seemed ok, that's until you get to the camera. my over 2 year old s6 takes better pictures 8/10 times...they might not be so accurate but they look so much better...even the selfies look better...if you want I can post 2 pictures side by side for you to convince yourself...also I prefer the amoled screen over ips any day...the colors look so much more vivid...sure it's a good looking really fast (much faster than my s6) phone and the screen seems just the right size and shape but for me the camera is a deal breaker...but still if you're not that picky with your camera quality and just want the best bang for your buck the lg might actually be better

  • Daniel Wright
    Daniel Wright Month ago

    I've never been inclined to comment on a review video.. until today! Great job very informative, well done.

  • Sathish S
    Sathish S Month ago

    supper video I like it..........

  • Aguinaldo Simba
    Aguinaldo Simba Month ago

    Hey DANNY, how are you? Thanks for this video, you helped me a lot. I was confused to decide wich smartphone to buy. But I think now I have decided already. Thanks once again and keep doing these videos.

  • Andreas Johnsson
    Andreas Johnsson Month ago

    LG g6 is much cheaper

    HOLF HALEY Month ago

    what keyboards are those (wood)

  • Abdullah Arshad
    Abdullah Arshad Month ago

    Samsung is Samsung.. Best Phones <3

  • Nick Bryan
    Nick Bryan Month ago

    S8 is 10X times better and is the best smartphone in the world right now. But the wide angle camera lens on the G6 is incredible!

  • De De
    De De Month ago

    LG 6 for me. I hate distored Samsung curved screen.

  • Andi Dermawan
    Andi Dermawan Month ago

    i like LG

  • Salwa Muslimah
    Salwa Muslimah Month ago

    I am torn between the LGG6 and the Hauwei P10 plus.
    I am a photographer and sometimes my DSLR is too invasive for certain places. I have the LGG2 which i still own and worked perfect for the 2 years of my contract. I upgraded to the LGG4 which is AMAZING, all my friends and family who own the iphone7 plus, iphone 6 and Samsung S7 plus all love the LGG4 due to battery life, changeable battery and amazing phorography including the manual mode.
    However in December my G4 suffered the dreaded Bootloop but my G2 never did. I think it only affects certain devices. I am a bit wary about the G6 which I hope to upgrade to December 2017 when I upgrade. I managed to get a replacement G4 and since December it has worked fine. The only worrying thing is it is heating up again and as soon as I feel it get hot I turn it off and remove the battery and i think this is what caused the bootloop issue before my phone got too hot and I was silly enough to put it on charge and watch videos on you tube full volume and full brightness with a phone case. It got super hot and that's when the bootloop issue started. So now I am extra careful I don't use the device while it is charging at all. And I have a spare battery always on hand to swap out once I need more juice.

    Main reason I stuck with LGG4 is the battery can be replaced and I got a charger and spare battery on amazon for £14 and the camera Quality is still the best out there. The only other phone that rivals is the Hauwei P10 Plus.

    I used samsung S6 edge when I was waiting for my LGG4 replacement and I hated it! it was unnatural to hold and I kept accessing my messages and phone book by accident. The camera was terrible even on pro mode. I tried to take some night shots of street lights and the full moon and the quality was terrible! I couldn't believe how bad it was. And this is still an issue with the S7 edge.

    LG just need to sort out the bootloop and over heating issue and bring back another flagship with removable battery and keep the expandable battery and I am a loyal customer for life! I hope the bootloop can be resolved by the time I upgrade otherwise I am going with the Hauwei P10 Plus which has a huge battery and amazing camera.

  • john garcia
    john garcia Month ago

    I prefer Galaxy s8

  • Moid Azim
    Moid Azim Month ago

    G6 is better

  • Malik Elijah
    Malik Elijah Month ago

    I want g6

  • David Marte
    David Marte Month ago

    G6 is more feature rich! G6................

  • Dav U
    Dav U Month ago

    How about "dual sim"?

  • pooleo8
    pooleo8 Month ago

    i went with g6. i come all the way from the g2 and g3. not a fan of the curve g4 and passed on modular g5. im really disappointed with volume being moved from back and no IR.

  • TheMrHossk
    TheMrHossk Month ago

    LG 6 for sure, I think it does more with the camera, and that's what I want.

  • Asif.hussain 7376
    Asif.hussain 7376 Month ago

    nice lg 6

  • Jazz Fur
    Jazz Fur Month ago

    bad review
    when you review 2 phones you should highlight good ones
    i strongly disagree with what you say most of time, this is just a constructive criticism. bit bias review

  • 고려대학교 18학번 가고말테다

    s8이 확실히 기능이 더 좋고. lg는 좀..부족하다...

    화면 밝기도 lg왤케어둡냐?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • FunBooster
    FunBooster Month ago

    LG is good but you will always end up with some hardware issues, so no more LG for me.

  • Reageer Meneer
    Reageer Meneer Month ago

    I took the LG G6 for €550, while the S8 is around €700. I really like the phone and feel free to ask if you have questions.

  • eXquisite pepe
    eXquisite pepe Month ago

    lg needs to get rid of the ugly interface

  • Super Sic-o
    Super Sic-o Month ago +1

    yo homie rockin a url battle league shirt🔥🔥💯

  • # Stranger
    # Stranger Month ago

    I love G6 😘

    THE RAM Month ago

    g6 is a lot cheaper rn go for that

  • Procab
    Procab Month ago

    bro the fact that you have a url shirt on... subscribed

  • tenzin tseyang
    tenzin tseyang Month ago

    I prefer the G6 . Why?
    Because i am getting it for free 🤣😂🤣

  • Fatih Aydın
    Fatih Aydın Month ago

    0:43 adam ip 68 testini işeyerek gerçekleştirdi bravo.
    0:43 Why you pee on the phones ?
    -Because testing ip 68

  • MJ Zoom
    MJ Zoom Month ago

    Great review, which just helped me to figure out if it was worthwhile blowing the extra cash on the S8.

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