This Girl Thinks The Earth Is Flat

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  • Vernisa Vilardo
    Vernisa Vilardo 5 minutes ago

    i vote for her to go off the earth

  • Pippa Bennion Lewis
    Pippa Bennion Lewis 3 hours ago

    Tal yeah it looks like the batman sible pno harm it just reminds me bout it

  • Liza Koshy Fan
    Liza Koshy Fan 3 hours ago

    She said the airplane will fall but um... I thought gravity wasn't a thing?😐

  • Paws n Claws716
    Paws n Claws716 7 hours ago

    Push her over the ice wall

  • Jena 1231
    Jena 1231 10 hours ago

    Schimitty schimitty xD

  • Logang 4 life
    Logang 4 life 10 hours ago +1

    she needs to go back to go back to pre-k.

  • dash farrell
    dash farrell 10 hours ago

    yeah like the illuminati will care if we think the is round dumbass

  • rayray 44
    rayray 44 10 hours ago

    I nominate her

  • Christasockey Forg
    Christasockey Forg 11 hours ago +1

    Like me if this girl should "fall of the edge"

  • annika Piwowarek
    annika Piwowarek 16 hours ago

    Aeroplanes don't fall because there is a thing called gravity that is real but her stupid little mind thinks it is not

  • Symone Love
    Symone Love 17 hours ago

    Wtf did I just watch lol

  • Lucas Firestone
    Lucas Firestone 19 hours ago

    And why would iluminaty wanne make us believe that the earth is round

  • amber gordon
    amber gordon Day ago

    the earth is obviously round does she have an education? did she go to school??

  • Pyro Matrixx
    Pyro Matrixx Day ago

    The earth is flat

  • Jasmin Khan
    Jasmin Khan Day ago

    That's just dumb

  • Crystal Richardson

    F- for her... science rules what is she talking about? Planes don't fall off the world. If she thinks people fake space trips why don't she go on one 4 her self? How did she pass science!!??

  • Jasmine Gonzalez

    The "Smchitty" Is Speaking Gibberish... Why Life. xD

  • Kawaii Cookie
    Kawaii Cookie Day ago

    I just almost feel bad for her, she just must 100% have a mental disability.

  • Asia Bush
    Asia Bush Day ago

    Gravity is not a thing
    Tal:* pauses video * im done I quit YouTube

  • Johnny Chingas
    Johnny Chingas Day ago

    I bet she is easy to utilize.

  • 24Amanda Johnson

    If lying is a sin then you are committing a lot of sins in this video.

  • Lila Hook
    Lila Hook 2 days ago

    TBH wasn't the theory that the earth is round was thought up by columbus in 1792, because if the earth was flat like on maps we would fall off the world. Also The Reason The Planes Could Not Possibly Fall Off The Earth Is Because WE HAVE AN ACTUAL THING THAT SUROUNDS US CALLED AN ATMOSPHERE, and gravity actually makes sure you're alive not floating to space and burning in the atmosphere, Schmitty. Honestly Right Now I Want To Fill Her Up With Helium And See How Much She Thinks The Earth Is Round Then.

  • Raging Walnut
    Raging Walnut 2 days ago

    She said that airplanes would fall of the edge of the earth, but she also said gravity does not exist so how would the airplane fall if the edge

  • 14Christopher14 Mora

    this girl

  • brandon maldonado
    brandon maldonado 2 days ago +1

    flat earth society members :1 iq -100000000

  • kathyallemand
    kathyallemand 2 days ago

    i dare her to go back yo school

  • Typical Panda
    Typical Panda 2 days ago +1

    The earth is round

  • Kahlia Mae
    Kahlia Mae 2 days ago

    Umm.. The earth is an oblate spheroid

  • Rebekah Monk
    Rebekah Monk 2 days ago

    Tal: eho nominates her to go off the edgeMe:*hand shoots up in the air*

  • Belinda Major
    Belinda Major 2 days ago

    She is dumb

  • timetravelgaming stan

    Wow she is soooooooooooooooo stopid

  • Jessica Brooks
    Jessica Brooks 2 days ago

    That girl is a idiot 👿👿😱😨🤥

  • JacksonK Vlog
    JacksonK Vlog 2 days ago

    I give her a " whatever comes after F" minus

  • neta shahar
    neta shahar 2 days ago +1

    טל אתה ממש חתיך !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clare serrato
    clare serrato 2 days ago

    why can't you just go to space and learn that all your saying are motherfucking wrong

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 2 days ago

    We all were born sinners ^^

  • Brooke unicorn
    Brooke unicorn 2 days ago

    I nominate her to go off the Edge

  • Madeline Brackley
    Madeline Brackley 3 days ago

    did she go to school like at all?

  • Tiffany Coward
    Tiffany Coward 3 days ago

    She is the dumbest person in the world shutup girl

  • Brooke Piccone
    Brooke Piccone 3 days ago

    Me: if the world was flat than cats would take over the world and push everything off it


    Tal: *holds up a cat*

    Schmitty: aww a puppy!

    2:27 I'm dead

  • hashem alzew
    hashem alzew 3 days ago

    this girl is the weirdest girl in the ROUND world

  • Kate Calub
    Kate Calub 3 days ago

    No way did she make me believe the earth is flat! This girl is obviously uneducated in science, and if she still insists then she should go into space and see for herself!

  • David Gomez
    David Gomez 3 days ago

    she is so stupid

  • tomdome potter
    tomdome potter 3 days ago

    The earth is no flat because there is mountains and hills and if there was no gravity then we would all be floating so get rekt

  • Amy Dunlap
    Amy Dunlap 3 days ago


  • go bla
    go bla 3 days ago

    o hell naw I don't believe the earth is flat it's a sfier

  • DragonBallFreak
    DragonBallFreak 3 days ago

    Schmitty: "Gravity is not a thing."

    Issac Newton: "Well that's my research thrown out of the window."

  • Ηλέκτρα Κυπιρτίδου

    That girl has a f*cked up mind exactly like her face.

  • Thomas Geromo
    Thomas Geromo 3 days ago

    Haha wtf the world is flat

  • Little Reindeer
    Little Reindeer 3 days ago

    B- the earth is a ball

  • Aryanna Dawn
    Aryanna Dawn 4 days ago

    IF thE 3aRtH was FlAT, gRAvIty wOUld NoT eXIst.

    Well, there goes my faith for humanity. Bye! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • ice bear
    ice bear 4 days ago

    She Should Take a Look How Flat Her Brain is

  • Alexis Dolan
    Alexis Dolan 4 days ago

    She's such an idiot it makes me mad 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Alexis Dolan
    Alexis Dolan 4 days ago

    Wow... Round earth believers? Idiot.

  • Fuarian
    Fuarian 4 days ago

    If the Earth is flat and there's a dome above the disc then why do we launch rockets?

  • zedri whaley
    zedri whaley 4 days ago

    If gravity is not a thing why when u jump u fall back down...ROASTED

  • JJHubGaming
    JJHubGaming 4 days ago

    She's hurting my I.Q

  • FilthySalad
    FilthySalad 4 days ago

    please arrest and execute flat earth cunts

  • Hayden gonzalez
    Hayden gonzalez 4 days ago

    I give her a F-

  • GD
    GD 4 days ago +1

    I think Schmitty lost her brain cells through birth or something.

  • Irfaan Baksh
    Irfaan Baksh 4 days ago

    Stupid gril

  • Alexander Siverly
    Alexander Siverly 4 days ago

    I'm younger than her and I know the earth is a SPHERE! She's an IDIOT.

  • Scorched Rose Arts
    Scorched Rose Arts 4 days ago

    well, she's not entirely wrong. SOME of us are satanists.

  • Blu BoX
    Blu BoX 4 days ago +1

    I don't know what to believe anymore

  • jana aiman
    jana aiman 4 days ago

    ..... DID HE JUST SAY I LOVE U, 💋 ?!?!!?!?!!?

  • Alex's Amazing Playlists

    She is soooo dumbest person ever LOL

  • CobbleMaster20
    CobbleMaster20 4 days ago

    Ya know......... Ya know I just want to go to her house and slap her.

  • Missing Link
    Missing Link 4 days ago

    You don't have to be so mean I believe the earth is flat

  • Galaxy PoisonFoxy
    Galaxy PoisonFoxy 4 days ago

    Wow she is a atupid peraon

  • Onagh Parker
    Onagh Parker 4 days ago

    can someone tell me why her eyebrows are shaped like the batman logo?PLEASE?!

  • MC
    MC 5 days ago

    What shape would it be if it was flat tho? Circle? Because if we go AROUND Antarctica then wouldn't it be in the center of the earth? And if we all keep together by a huge wall of ice, wouldn't that have melted...ages ago, maybe? I mean if not then it should be melting right now. I love watching this series because it's halarious😂I've watched it about 10 times😂

  • Bartek Launay
    Bartek Launay 5 days ago

    She's awesome. Glad u can share this video. Just research Flat Earth not Flat Earth Society coz that one belongs to Nasa/Government.

  • Evan White
    Evan White 5 days ago

    the earth is not flat

  • Jasmine Lightburn
    Jasmine Lightburn 5 days ago

    I was laughing soooo hard I was crying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Corrin w
    Corrin w 5 days ago

    Bruh I'm a christian and I believe the earth is roud

  • Corrin w
    Corrin w 5 days ago

    What about the astronauts who have been to space and seen the round earth! The sattelite images ya ding dong

  • Lara Gorčenko
    Lara Gorčenko 5 days ago

    4:15 me

  • Jaydine Acevedo
    Jaydine Acevedo 5 days ago +1

    Bruh any one that's been around the world (like me) has noticed that the plane has never gone upside down when it supposed- ably goes under Antarctica we would feel like we were upside down because the land would be over us not under us and that's why the Earths round

  • j V
    j V 5 days ago

    2:28. iam dying...:)

  • Arty Cookiez
    Arty Cookiez 5 days ago +1

    The Earth Is WARPED. Not FLAT or ROUND.

  • TricoFudgestix
    TricoFudgestix 5 days ago


  • Sans_Plush_ Plush
    Sans_Plush_ Plush 5 days ago

    Know I will un sob to you

  • Alex Maxwell
    Alex Maxwell 5 days ago

    Why is she so stuiped

  • Sarah Hartounian
    Sarah Hartounian 5 days ago

    SHMITTY: ......

    7DAYZ VIDEOZ 5 days ago

    Give me more then 4,000 gallons of bleach, or more Tal Fishman.

  • A Stupid Pepe
    A Stupid Pepe 5 days ago

    "The plane would fall off the edge." Um actually, there's something called the Earth's atmosphere and if the plane stays within that, no one is gonna "fall off the edge" expect your stupidity.

  • Dolan Dobe
    Dolan Dobe 5 days ago

    "Raw satinist raw fu*ing satinits" 😂

  • Knicksboy 07
    Knicksboy 07 6 days ago

    I promise she made up the flat earth society

    what benefit would the illuminati get from us believing the earth is round

  • Onagh Parker
    Onagh Parker 6 days ago

    an F

  • hero gamer
    hero gamer 6 days ago

    Wow she tries to roast him

  • Branwe Davies
    Branwe Davies 6 days ago

    Don't go billing her please, she might be weird but stop bulling her

  • Amelia Holmes-Anderson

    This girl is the only person in the flat person society

  • Heather Oberdorf
    Heather Oberdorf 6 days ago +1

    She's fuckin stupid

  • Vinh Tran
    Vinh Tran 6 days ago

    I dont feel the huge wall of ice. I cant even feel earth is spinning either. Its imposible

  • Vinh Tran
    Vinh Tran 6 days ago

    Pretty boy i used to love you but after this one.

  • Laura Dimitriadou
    Laura Dimitriadou 6 days ago

    I watched the part when she roasts him before this

  • Khang Hồ Duy Nguyễn

    There is a community called The Flat Earther.

  • ghaffar oumhani
    ghaffar oumhani 6 days ago

    her parents 100%👌oscar nominations best parent

  • Anual111 Woon
    Anual111 Woon 6 days ago

    Does this girl even go to school? XD

  • Jackie Hunt
    Jackie Hunt 6 days ago +1

    B*#'h what the F_^$ school did u go to. Like what the F_&$ would make u think the earth Is flat. Who F_^$ing hypnotiz u to think this
    S%_t. Have you ever heard the story of Columbus. B ecause you can't just float across the world you would have to either take a plane which were not invented, or take a boat. He took a boat. He thought that he was just going to float across to India he thought he was going around the world cuz he might have thought the Earth was flat. He went to the Caribbean cuz he was stupid and the Earth was not flat you were stupid to.

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