99999+ RPM Fidget Spinner Toy //Cause I Can

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  • Giaco Whatever
    Giaco Whatever  6 months ago +1240

    On my Instagram I post stuff that don't make it to video. Like the spinner in water and stuff...

    • n n
      n n 2 days ago

      " 0'0
      00 I ? I . 0'?'9'0 9090 '90? 0
      IGiaco Whatever I

      SHIVAY LABS 5 days ago


    • Brandon Powell
      Brandon Powell 5 days ago

      Giaco Whatever ii

  • עידן הסקל
    עידן הסקל 12 hours ago

    Just imagine this much RPM fan on a huge 1 ton heatsink. And they (PCMR forums) said you need liquid cooling at best to reach 7GHz.

  • Spugget
    Spugget 14 hours ago

    RPM instead of MPH! thank you!

  • Bextrix
    Bextrix 22 hours ago


  • GDCassiopeia
    GDCassiopeia Day ago

    FUCKING FINALLY! someone who understands basic elementary school unit rates!

  • Prince khan
    Prince khan Day ago

    Feejit speener

  • The Lawless 1
    The Lawless 1 Day ago

    2:02 what? lol

  • UnicornMochi
    UnicornMochi Day ago

    Circle spinner

  • UnicornMochi
    UnicornMochi Day ago

    that is freaking fast...

  • Thug mumu
    Thug mumu Day ago

    Fidget spinner to the metal "Wanna fite me bro"

  • Deepak Basavaraju

    Bro careful !!!!

    With great power comes great responsibility

  • LegendaryAssassinZTX //LGDteam

    This is how bay blades were made

  • Athoomas
    Athoomas Day ago

    99999+ rpm 😂 it would be faster than a formula 1 car

  • Sky Games & Vlogs
    Sky Games & Vlogs Day ago +1

    Like if he should do 99999RMP fidget spinner VS items

  • Aiden McCafferty
    Aiden McCafferty 2 days ago

    spinners suck

  • textytone
    textytone 2 days ago

    video is loading and the shape of it is exactly Fidget spinner...wooooow

  • Sriram Ramesh
    Sriram Ramesh 2 days ago

    just imagine if they make a new overwatch charcter who has fidget spinners and a airblower or whatever and threw that at enemies

  • IamJiva
    IamJiva 2 days ago

    100 000 RPM - like turboreactive motor speed, but at 1 000 000 RPM it can damage even your life, construction not perfect, better to experimenting with simple plain bearing

    When I turned fast the wheel from a baby stroller made of plastic with a rubber tire and threw wheel on the floor, the wheel drove to the wall like "formula 1" and drove vertically by the wall up to the ceiling

  • vivek attaluri
    vivek attaluri 2 days ago

    Hey can I get the blue print or a diagram with dimensions I wanna make one

  • leoli12
    leoli12 2 days ago

    what is the machine you use to make it spin so fast

  • Harsimran Singh Baweja

    What the device he used to rotate the spinner called

    COUNTER STRIKER 2 days ago

    cause is a lettus

  • Carlos Eduardo Baldocchi

    Why does your load-bar is a hand spinner icon???

  • theicer213
    theicer213 2 days ago

    Little sad he didn't touch the spinner when he started speeding it up.

    For scientific reasons obviously

  • Niharika Christian
    Niharika Christian 3 days ago

    I m not believed

  • Counterattack
    Counterattack 3 days ago

    I thought your channel was decent. Oh wait, you clickbait your videos. Disliked.

  • George Howarth
    George Howarth 3 days ago

    Oh it blows out air ight

  • George Howarth
    George Howarth 3 days ago

    How tf does it spon like that wen he pokes it with sumfin

  • Jrise Breezy
    Jrise Breezy 3 days ago

    The Ultimate Bayblade

  • mumbai mac khan
    mumbai mac khan 3 days ago


  • Thisisareallybadusername

    Clickbait. 999999 RPM is like mach 1 or something

  • ethan woods
    ethan woods 3 days ago

    Rubberize the faces of the spinner, and include some ninja star style blades around the edge. Then get it spinning as fast as possible and drop it face down.

  • Lion Cop
    Lion Cop 3 days ago

    When you start spinning it, it becomes a stuka.

  • gold
    gold 3 days ago

    4:01 the fidget spinner :I'm gonna get you

  • Pink Floyd Stuff
    Pink Floyd Stuff 4 days ago

    99,999+ RPM would have destroyed the "spinner".

    VISHAL LAHARI 4 days ago

    Teri ma ki chut it's indian abuse bcos of its not for thumbs up time waste bore...✋✋✋

  • iridium248
    iridium248 4 days ago

    What have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU UNLEASHED?

  • Tom Jeffery
    Tom Jeffery 4 days ago

    First rule of bearing school: Don't spin bearings with compressed air because they can over-heat and explode!

  • Shay Cormac
    Shay Cormac 4 days ago

    Dude,will it explode if it spins to fast than it limit 😃

  • Jamie Lynne
    Jamie Lynne 4 days ago

    hold the right arrow key
    see a fidget spinner

  • gamer life
    gamer life 4 days ago

    That can hurt u bad be careful when it's in your hand

  • Abdou Der
    Abdou Der 4 days ago

    we are in 2017 while this guy is living in 3024

  • Nick Lucero
    Nick Lucero 4 days ago


  • wisecase 2
    wisecase 2 4 days ago

    diameter of the spinner?

  • Karvisen mopo
    Karvisen mopo 4 days ago


  • William Millard
    William Millard 4 days ago

    See you at the fidget spinner can cut paper

  • minions 2.0
    minions 2.0 5 days ago


  • Joseph Barcenilla
    Joseph Barcenilla 5 days ago

    99.999 rpm isn't fast at all, my cheap rotary tool can run 16,000...

  • Trizocbs
    Trizocbs 5 days ago

    loading icon is a fidget spinner

    SHIVAY LABS 5 days ago


  • Dang Breh
    Dang Breh 5 days ago

    If you have a fidget spinner and you're a man would you please take your man card and tear it up, you have now joined the ranks with the fags and homos.

  • Marko Crisostomo
    Marko Crisostomo 5 days ago

    Convert it to a beyblade

  • gali gang boy
    gali gang boy 5 days ago

    I will subscribe every one who have subscribe me just like my comment

  • xXL3g3NdLaloXx
    xXL3g3NdLaloXx 5 days ago +1

    Im confused, how does it spin if you glued the center piece to the spinner?

  • McDonalds Apple Pie
    McDonalds Apple Pie 5 days ago

    What the fuck did i expect

  • upplsuckimcool16
    upplsuckimcool16 5 days ago

    How the fuck you gonna look at a fidget spinner, ask "how fast can those spin" and then make ur own thing with a bearing in it that isn't a fidget spinner at all!?!?!?

  • DerpbushPurple 64
    DerpbushPurple 64 5 days ago

    Guys he didn't mean 99,999 he meant 99.999
    | (decimal in america.. Not Europe)

    And 33,000+ is over 99.999

  • Ben Ellis
    Ben Ellis 6 days ago

    How about u put rubber on the ends of the spinner then make 3 others then attach them to something to make a fidget spinner car

  • RandyPlays
    RandyPlays 6 days ago

    Wat why im not subbed😂😂

  • Sl0w Rapp3r
    Sl0w Rapp3r 6 days ago

    plz explain the distortion around the spinner...
    *cough cough ITHINKITSFAKE*

  • NegoXx rx rx
    NegoXx rx rx 6 days ago

    Puts on a death globe omg omg omg

  • Выталык мото


    ROGELIO SALDIVAR 6 days ago

    Can I have the fidget spinner that you made in your video the circle one please I don't have one

  • Ulrich Medez
    Ulrich Medez 6 days ago

    I had a blower thats so strong i had to put a metal fidget spinner my uncle made a metal fidget spinner i made it spin in the blower and basically it spinnes so fast i threw it in the sky and it floated not so long about like 10 seconds i threw it like a frisbee

  • CarlDaLord
    CarlDaLord 6 days ago

    What's with the club penguin sound effects??

  • crycore
    crycore 6 days ago

    did anyone notice on youtube videos with fidget spinners the loading icon is a fidget spinner xD?

  • miriam terezinha canal do agosto

    que lixo o meu gira 23 fucking horas

  • ass face
    ass face 6 days ago

    Test for how long it can spin
    it probably can for 5-6 days

  • Dominique Pierre
    Dominique Pierre 7 days ago

    dude that's dangerous :///////////// whyyyyyyyy. now would if u droped and is cut your hand up. then what

  • why RU knechtel
    why RU knechtel 7 days ago

    how fast does it have to go to go back in time?

  • DewsJaz
    DewsJaz 7 days ago

    Anyone noticed that the buffering icon changed to a fidget spinner?

  • LanceTG
    LanceTG 7 days ago

    1931: in the future we'll have flying cars

  • KakitaTatsumaru
    KakitaTatsumaru 7 days ago

    Clickbait fake title lacks a point after the two first nine.

  • Swaggify Pietroviski


  • Stanislav Setevoy
    Stanislav Setevoy 8 days ago

    99999 RPM? How many IOPS it have?

  • ExtraordinaryGamer
    ExtraordinaryGamer 8 days ago

    intense beyblade battle

  • A.R.P Production
    A.R.P Production 8 days ago

    r u Russian?

  • Shard The Mecha Sonic

    That reminded me of BeyWheelz

  • IntenseChocolate
    IntenseChocolate 8 days ago

    When people have way better shit than you.

  • QR Code
    QR Code 8 days ago

    The youtubes loading bubble is a fidget spinner...

    • QR Code
      QR Code 7 days ago

      probs the word fidget spinner is a trigger word to change the loading icon.

    • nineteenct
      nineteenct 7 days ago

      How did they do this I have to know

  • Mango Mangifera
    Mango Mangifera 8 days ago

    Oops, there goes my skin

  • mc4bbs
    mc4bbs 8 days ago

    Why are you not missing a finger yet? ;-)

  • James Dreemurr
    James Dreemurr 8 days ago

    sounds like an engine tbh

  • Fire puppies
    Fire puppies 9 days ago

    Can you use it to stop a dimension hopping president though?

  • Silver Playz™
    Silver Playz™ 9 days ago

    Lol. Pause the video and click in a part of the video which ist´n preloaded. See the magic!

  • Munib Messi
    Munib Messi 9 days ago +1

    You sound EXACTLY like Lemino

  • cool cat
    cool cat 9 days ago

    for gods sake, use some cooling oil while drilling!

  • Aqqib Shaikh ShaIkh
    Aqqib Shaikh ShaIkh 9 days ago

    bad videos

  • 하이리비스 TV
    하이리비스 TV 9 days ago

    저거 손에 닫으면 개아플듯

  • IAMJeff
    IAMJeff 9 days ago

    You see.. the spinner creates sparks while hitting the ground, put it simply its fast

  • manank patel
    manank patel 9 days ago

    that could kill someone

  • Afzal Adeen
    Afzal Adeen 9 days ago


  • Rowan Ross
    Rowan Ross 9 days ago

    did anyone of you guys see a spark?

  • Rowan Ross
    Rowan Ross 9 days ago

    it's going so fast so why don't you see if it can fly

  • Daniel Lyubchik
    Daniel Lyubchik 9 days ago

    the buffering symbol is a fidget spinner..

  • эскендер карабаш


  • Soul Reaper
    Soul Reaper 10 days ago


  • Zekka Zuero
    Zekka Zuero 10 days ago

    Arigato, Gyro.

  • Leia 的な人
    Leia 的な人 10 days ago

    wow!very nice!

  • Léa P
    Léa P 10 days ago

    I Have An Mini Fidget Spinner XD Il Can Still Spin It 100% end it's so mini

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