King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword - Movie Review

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  • King Arthur gets a retelling via Guy Richie! Does the mashing of these two unlikely worlds work? Here's my review of "King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword"!

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  • Yajie Liu
    Yajie Liu 2 days ago

    Jude Law's king is basically adult version of Boogie Man

  • fitzerman2834
    fitzerman2834 2 days ago

    Watching this review late but as far as midevil themed is really anything to do with the Witcher franchise books and games are great, I have not watched the polish tv show from the 90s but kinda interested to see we ever get a show or movie based in the witcher verse

  • Road 35
    Road 35 6 days ago

    This movie flopped
    Worst film in the production companies history in terms of income it spent to make, and income that brought in.

  • Joey Mcnamara
    Joey Mcnamara 6 days ago

    Go play some Runescape

  • condude05
    condude05 7 days ago

    I'm going to have to disagree w this one Jeremy. I hated this movie

  • Joseph Gutierrez
    Joseph Gutierrez 7 days ago

    This could've been a good movie if it was some type of trilogy.

  • Joseph Stealin
    Joseph Stealin 8 days ago

    Guy said the movie was 3 and a half hours long and he cut it down to what he wanted

  • Imperial Power
    Imperial Power 9 days ago

    This film was dog shit

  • Black Adam
    Black Adam 10 days ago

    I said the exact same thing about it being a He-Man movie ..lmao

  • Tae Ash
    Tae Ash 11 days ago

    this was not a good movie , started of pretty good but the writer sucked for this movie big time !they didn't put any originality what so ever in this film .

  • Tyler Lucas
    Tyler Lucas 12 days ago

    that initial dialog kept me from. continuing with the movie. wayy too annoying. i guess its not as sharp as sherlock holmes soo yeah .overall very weird. delivery.

  • francisco4ben
    francisco4ben 12 days ago

    watch the tv show Vikings that's where he comes from into this movie he is great and you will love the show

  • francisco4ben
    francisco4ben 12 days ago

    the early king arthur movie was great

  • francisco4ben
    francisco4ben 12 days ago

    this movie could have great but it skips to much and it's weird and its like an English drama movie where they talk back and forth like in snatch it sucks I hate them type of movie this could have been legend snatch was great but they took it to far with this movie way to far

  • Ak47
    Ak47 12 days ago

    the movie is quick and really intriguing don't get fooled by the damn critics. This aint BvS

  • VH3 Hazy
    VH3 Hazy 12 days ago

    I just saw the movie and I'm thoroughly surprised at how great it was, and the music was perfect.

    • Ak47
      Ak47 12 days ago

      Ya and the cinematography. Hire Those guys people!

  • Vic Vega
    Vic Vega 14 days ago

    Go into the movie understanding that this is a re-imagining of King Arthur. It works well on that level. I liked the CGI, I liked the cast, it had punchy dialogue and quips. I found it fresh and entertaining. I really don't give a damn what Rotten Tomatoes says, who cares?! Why do we need to worship at their ratings altar? If I 'm interested in seeing it, I go. I enjoyed it.

  • Boatman Films
    Boatman Films 14 days ago

    dude i am a monstratacular fan of yours but sometimes you just suck it up all through the tunnel ! this movie is at least buy on a blue ray standard! to be it is awesometacular though !!

  • Jenny Johnson
    Jenny Johnson 14 days ago

    Masters of the Universe comes out either 2018 or 19!

  • D.R.G ModdinG&GaminG

    MМMMy gf reаlly lоves this film. We found full moooovieеeе here =>

    YISAK TADESSE 15 days ago

    This movie was epic and the fight seen was awesome 9/10

  • Matthew Hawes
    Matthew Hawes 15 days ago

    Love the film

  • FatalFist
    FatalFist 15 days ago

    Gotta say, I trust opinions like yours and some other youtube critics rather than those trash sheep that want quality 110% of the time. Shame it just got panned left and right.

  • tom ster
    tom ster 15 days ago

    having read many comments of those who like this movie; ignorant knuckle draggers who as equally not well read. these types love slowing down to watch the carnage of a car accident or cheer on a street fight of strangers to them. bottom of the barrel people who have no idea there is an actual world around them.

  • T Z
    T Z 16 days ago

    spot on re: guy richie storytelling. altho i think since revolver > snatch

  • Batz Otacon
    Batz Otacon 17 days ago


  • Great Videos
    Great Videos 18 days ago

    I saw the movie.. it's great... I m a huge fan of Guy Ritchie's work... Love from India !

  • Fun Time Garden Angels

    King aurther is my 2nd favorite movie

  • The Spark
    The Spark 19 days ago

    Transformers sucked ... liked the 4 first at different levels but this last one was horrible.

  • Adam Fix
    Adam Fix 19 days ago

    I'm writing my own take on the King Arthur Story for National Novel Writing Month. I took my notebook to see this movie. As an action adventure fantasy movie, I'd say that its just average. But as a King Arthur movie? Well, lets just say that the only note I managed to make throughout viewing this film was WHY?!

  • Truthguard
    Truthguard 19 days ago

    It's a shit movie

  • Damien Bradshaw
    Damien Bradshaw 20 days ago

    It was better than Transformers. That's for sure.

  • protato911
    protato911 20 days ago

    I watched it and to be fair though not the best Arthurian Legend adaptation ever it's still very good and probably the most fun one out of the bunches. I hope this one will get a director cut in the future cause I wish it's a bit longer so it's less choppy in some parts of the movie. Overall good movie and amazing use on soundtrack, the best so far this year.

  • suman rao
    suman rao 20 days ago

    Dint know about reviews... Watched the movie ...
    I think the way GUY showcased was FAB .. thoroughly enjoyed...
    Later checked the ratings online & was SHOCKED ... how could thy rate it so low.....

  • Clifford Akoto
    Clifford Akoto 21 day ago

    it suks

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James 21 day ago

    Guy Richie was the wrong person to direct this movie. His style did not suit this movie at all. Film was bland as hell.

  • Brian Fortie
    Brian Fortie 21 day ago

    Evil uncle kills father. ..hmm... lion king, prince Caspian.

  • Marlina Basir
    Marlina Basir 21 day ago

    this was a good movie.way better than transformers.Lousy ending.And I'm sick of optimus always saying he is optimus many missing links in the movie

  • ShireenPlays
    ShireenPlays 21 day ago

    Anyone else going to Jeremy's reviews one by one, just to see what he has to say?

  • X HalYclon X
    X HalYclon X 22 days ago

    LORD OF THE RINGS, NOTHING WILL EVER COME CLOSE, besides maybe game of thrones but still probs not

  • tina baker
    tina baker 22 days ago

    the movie was great I don't understand all this hate

  • nib95
    nib95 23 days ago

    I felt this movie was snubbed by critics. The IMDB rating (7.2) is closer to it's true merit imo. It joins Tron Legacy as one of the more underrated movies I've watched in recent times, despite me 9/10 times agreeing with Rotten Tomatoes.

  • iulix max
    iulix max 24 days ago

    1 worth !!!!dog shit!!!

  • Seven
    Seven 24 days ago

    This movie is 5x better then Transformers the last knight and that's a fact

  • montana maxx
    montana maxx 24 days ago

    I think it was good..charlie took command of arthur..i think box "office-wise" it was hurt by politics not the movie itself

  • Zaron Black
    Zaron Black 25 days ago

    optimus prime using Excalibur . hahaahhahahahahahahahhahahahah that did not happen at all

  • Ayodele Chrysolite Awolalu

    I think we all are just getting so used to seeing movies over the years, nothing really catches our fancy anymore. So a movie has to really really go out of it's way to do something extraordinary to be loved. But if you watch this film with as little sentiments as possible, you will definitely enjoy it. Yeah, bad CGI, Some parts felt cut off..but all in all, it was an entertaining movie. I'm from Nigeria, and I loved hearing that Irish (not sure though) accent I got used to in Witcher 3.

  • Damion Mascoe
    Damion Mascoe 25 days ago

    Movie Terrible Fu ucking Awful!!

  • Evan Green
    Evan Green 25 days ago

    Sorry dude, but this film was magnificent. Watch it with subtitles...the English accent, fast talking and quick editing made it difficult to comprehend. Also, don't watch it when you're tired lol

  • Maria Charitou
    Maria Charitou 26 days ago

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  • Niokolay Dimitrov
    Niokolay Dimitrov 26 days ago

    The king at the start was a f... idiot! He knew that his brother is a traitor and still he did not nothing, our hero everyone.

    • Niokolay Dimitrov
      Niokolay Dimitrov 26 days ago

      This is at the start of the movie, so it is not a major spoiler.

  • 2809kev
    2809kev 26 days ago

    The best part of this review is the fact that Optimus Prime doesnt touch excalibur... Markie Mark is the last knight. Hahahaha!

  • mjprelic
    mjprelic 26 days ago

    Dont't watch this movie and expect to see great characters. I didn;t care for anyone because its those fast no substance kinda movies. 5 out of 10 for me

  • TarZ
    TarZ 26 days ago

    The edits double teamed this movie like it was Mia Khalifa

  • Jotaro-Kujo
    Jotaro-Kujo 26 days ago

    This movie resembles wonder woman a lot, don't you think? especially that last fight with this hellish skull or armored overpowered guy.

  • Brenton Griffith
    Brenton Griffith 28 days ago

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  • willyburger
    willyburger 29 days ago

    Wow. ADD + meth + crack + Adderall = annoying.

  • Zyra L. F.
    Zyra L. F. 1 month ago

    Why are captions only in Russian? Fix please. You got me with He-Man. Conan movies, Centurion, Monty Python Holy Grail, Spartacus series...

  • Yunus Rahman Abimanyu

    Кing Аrthur: Lеgеnd оf thе Swооооrd mоviее hееееre =>

  • Ken Burke
    Ken Burke 1 month ago

    One of the problems I have with the movie is the characters' wardrobe - they look too fancy, like they stepped out of Hot Topic or something!!!

  • Hipst3r
    Hipst3r 1 month ago

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  • SCUMBAG 5150
    SCUMBAG 5150 1 month ago

    King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword is a P.O.S it flopped big time, made no money. Any1 that likes this movie will like a movie about taking a shit and watching paint dry.

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 1 month ago

    I really like this movie it was a really fun experience.

  • Yajie Liu
    Yajie Liu 1 month ago


  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim 1 month ago

    Feels like a Simon Pegg style movie. The editings and dialogue reminds me of Hot Fuzz. The way the camera goes to one guy and then the other, one by one throwing out witty sentences while the tension boils.

  • Icy Gaming
    Icy Gaming 1 month ago

    ТTTThis is theeе niccсeist mоvieee i ever sее!!! I advisе еvеrybоdy toooo watch it :)

  • Bash Mahdawi
    Bash Mahdawi 1 month ago

    King Arthur reminded me of "Dredd" in that the movie had great action sequences, amazing dialogue, epic casting, superior directing ... yet I will never get to see a sequel. feelsbadman.jpg

  • Gleidston Filipe
    Gleidston Filipe 1 month ago

    The production design of this movie was on point too. Every real thing that you see looks perfect. Everything. The CGI though, like he said, some looked super good, and some other looked straight up terrible. This would have been awesometacular to me if it weren't for the CG overload and poor cutting of a couple fighting scenes. But I still like it very much. It's super well made.

  • Humaysha Khan
    Humaysha Khan 1 month ago

    This movie had awful ratings and I thought aww man, I'll just have to watch it at home when it comes out, but then Jeremy approved it and I went straight to the theatre. I absolutely loved it and would rewatch multiple times!

  • Valkry San Muhammad
    Valkry San Muhammad 1 month ago

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  • J M
    J M 1 month ago

    Agreed about the 3 hour movie, honestly wish they split it into two movies, it had a lot of potential but it felt so rushed and crunched down like a crushed can.

  • Chinaman 247
    Chinaman 247 1 month ago

    Saber's better

  • GeekGoddess
    GeekGoddess 1 month ago

    Honestly this movie was so great ! It was really epicness in a nutshell. The story is okay, but I don't think that's the point. You should see this movie only for the incredible action sequences !!

  • Jack J
    Jack J 1 month ago

    I liked the Clive Owen one but I'm a big roman fan so

  • Jordan Venning
    Jordan Venning 1 month ago

    King author was a fucking terrible movie

  • Nucleogenman
    Nucleogenman 1 month ago

    This movie made me want to cut myself, what a fucking mess.

  • Josh Hansen
    Josh Hansen 1 month ago

    oh Jeremy... this is awesometacula if ever there was one!

  • Milkman69ner
    Milkman69ner 1 month ago

    If you listen to rotten tomatoes. You're a fucking moron

  • Dirus Nigh
    Dirus Nigh 1 month ago

    Favorite medieval fantasy.
    The Black Company by Glen Cook.
    I love the gritty sword and sorcery style he has. Very much a man who grew up with Conan, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, and other older fantasy writing. Cook has a short to the point style that can let your mind fill in the rest.

    Garret PI, also by Glen Cook.
    Garret as pretty much a noir detective that lives in a large fantasy London. Sam Spade in Waterdeep, or Middle Earth. The writing punchy. You have a sense of the larger would Garret lives in just through the background of the story.

    Malazan Books of the Fallen.
    Steven Erickson built a world that is believable. You can feel the weight of it's history through the writing. It's brutal and epic.
    Erickson is an anthropologist, and archaeologist by education, he used those skill to create a world with it's own mythology that can be felt under the readers fingernails.

  • Dirus Nigh
    Dirus Nigh 1 month ago

    I liked this movie. I thought it had a fresh take on medieval fantasy by mixing it up with Guy Ritchi's crime hist style.
    However I felt that the Arthurian story that it was welded onto was a detriment. If it did not have the Arthur story in it it would have been better.

  • Janice K. Dunn
    Janice K. Dunn 1 month ago

    King Arthur Legend of the Sword || (2017) || F u l l M o v 1 e|| AVAILABLE ONLINE - Movie ??
    Watch Now?

  • Sheer Ice an' Cold
    Sheer Ice an' Cold 1 month ago

    game of thrones

  • Adam A.
    Adam A. 1 month ago

    Sad to see the movie "flop", fantastic film! Awesome movie from start to end, 9/10.

  • Tyrant-Den
    Tyrant-Den 1 month ago

    I'm just saying: I would be into a King Arthur cinematic universe.

  • Dr_ Wayne State
    Dr_ Wayne State 1 month ago

    this movie sucks .... really i had a headache after watching t

    • Evan Green
      Evan Green 25 days ago

      stop drinking so much alcohol then

  • sabirsal
    sabirsal 1 month ago

    liked this movie. It was good. cool villain fight.

  • Zhao Chuxin
    Zhao Chuxin 1 month ago

    Kingdom of Heaven (2005) !!!

  • Nyum Nyum
    Nyum Nyum 1 month ago

    it was awesome..really really awesome

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James 1 month ago

    Season 1 of Spartacus

  • Carlos Rojas
    Carlos Rojas 1 month ago

    absolutely loved this fucking movie. plan on buying it.

  • Shadow07Warrior1989
    Shadow07Warrior1989 1 month ago

    That intro........ LAWL!!!!!

  • Maseofbass
    Maseofbass 1 month ago

    I like your alcohol rating at the end lol

  • cerealkillerpsycho
    cerealkillerpsycho 1 month ago

    My sister and brother loved this movie. Don't listen to the movie critics.

  • AWDTH1111
    AWDTH1111 1 month ago

    Someone must have roofied your drink. This movie was total horse shit...

  • Tami Hodges
    Tami Hodges 1 month ago

    This movie was awful. The script was awful with no sense of tone, pacing, character. The direction felt like Guy Ritchie had great ideas for two scenes and had to build a film around them. The entire color tone was gray, leaving me bored looking at the movie. I don't care about CGI unless it is truly praiseworthy, but here it is awful. Jude Law gave one of the worst performances of a villain I've ever seen. Him yelling the word no will probably end up on a compilation at some point for how deviated it is from reality. To be honest, I think it deserves the 27% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Stephen Drawdy
    Stephen Drawdy 1 month ago

    just saw the movie was actually fucking sick it sucks it launched with some other big movies cough cough.....covenant

  • Fred PvP
    Fred PvP 1 month ago

    awesome movie it was super fun

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