Why North Korea's threat may be the wake-up call China needs

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  • Blue Reaper
    Blue Reaper 2 months ago

    I don't want to sound like a warmonger, but I think war needs to happen with North Korea. Guy who puts thousands of people into concentration camps because their relative did something, is evil, and the world needs to do something about them. #Save The North Korean people#

  • Rina Moree
    Rina Moree 2 months ago

    I like China and North Korea

  • KPgames
    KPgames 2 months ago

    can you get some bitches that know what they talking about next time

  • Mo Bo
    Mo Bo 2 months ago

    It's simple: North Koreans had finally watched a chinese-made pirated copy of "The interview".

  • Deported Chaos
    Deported Chaos 2 months ago

    lol North Korea is killing its self and its so fun to watch 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 2 months ago

    I think you're crazy.

  • Pedro
    Pedro 2 months ago


    SUN FLOWER 2 months ago


  • simon neke
    simon neke 2 months ago

    They can get rid of him and always blame the CIA or the Mossad. Hahaha

  • simon neke
    simon neke 2 months ago

    lts better for the military elite to get rid of this guy than go down with him. They don't have a chance.

  • simon neke
    simon neke 2 months ago

    This guy has to go.

  • duc vu
    duc vu 2 months ago

    Fox news is fake.  China and North Korea are friends.  They support each other to survive.

  • Gary Pugh
    Gary Pugh 2 months ago

    snuff him out like a cockroach

  • One Man
    One Man 2 months ago

    See guys? This is what happens when you have strength. Trump was good for stepping up pressure on N Korea and threatening to attack. Now China sees how unstable and unreasonable Kim Jong Un is.

  • Billy McAuliffe
    Billy McAuliffe 2 months ago

    China can't shout to loud its vile human rights boiling cats and dogs alive to eat oppression of its people!!!

  • Buck Wild65
    Buck Wild65 2 months ago

    Kim jon un is so ugly women over in n Korea choose execution and starvation over sleeping with him

  • sh a
    sh a 2 months ago

    The CIA plot to assasinate Kim Jong Un is CRAZY ? Didn't the CIA try to kill Saddam, Gaddafi, Castro, Chavez, Arafat ? Oh wait... the funny thing is they succeeded with most of the ppl on that list... yet the idea that the CIA would try to assasinate Kim Jong Un is CRAZYYYYY... sure....

  • sh a
    sh a 2 months ago

    supposed expert on North Korea speaks: "NORTH KOREA IS RUN BY A CRAZY PERSON" nice one FOX, get a dumb delusional low IQ blond retard who lives in a glamour bubble to give her insignificant opinion about North Korea's leadership...

    The CIA plot to assasinate Kim Jong Un is CRAZY ? Didn't the CIA try to kill Saddam, Gaddafi, Castro, Chavez, Arafat ? Funny thing is they succeeded with most of the ppl on that list... yet the idea that the CIA would try to assasinate Kim Jong Un is CRAZYYYYY... sure....

  • Rob Watt
    Rob Watt 2 months ago

    sorry this war has got me angry. with all the things we have we still have a lex Luther. and I'm still trying to figure out this phone. I'm usually on my pc. anyway I really hope Kim jung-un Un will smarten up . threatening to blow up countries . this has got to stop. it's grown ups with big toys that can't handle them.

  • Richard Henry
    Richard Henry 2 months ago

    You spun what he said and I can not see it as a threat.

    more sanctions you have been doing it since 1959. The USA killed 100's of thousand of civilians.

    killing him with bio chemicals is not that wild just look at all the people USA did not like and they died months after meeting with the USA from cancer.

  • Johun Nar
    Johun Nar 2 months ago

    I would never trust Communist China. they are the main reason North Korea has this much pull and nuclear weapons. When the whole world decided to sanction boycotts against North Korea.......for the selfish purpose of getting North Korean natural resources at a very cheap price since their weren't any other competitors for it, China defied international calls for sanctions and continue to trade with North Korea! And now this same corrupt Chinese Communist Govt is trying to play the hero and peacemaker? Come on people, stop drinking the Chinese Communist Kool Aid! The China is a far greater threat than North Korea in the long term.

  • Greg M
    Greg M 2 months ago

    Litter North Korea with pamphlets and food.

  • Truthseeker
    Truthseeker 2 months ago

    Americans emotionally responding to fake news again, judging from the comments.

  • Edward M.
    Edward M. 2 months ago

    Whenever I hear "Supreme Leader," or "supreme" anything, I picture a deluxe cheeseburger and chocolate shake.

  • Edward M.
    Edward M. 2 months ago

    The Supreme Pudgy One shot himself in his fat foot this time. Let's collaborate with China and make this pig squeal - the world has had enough of this idiotic N.K. regime.

  • Furious Nightwolf
    Furious Nightwolf 2 months ago


  • Info Wars
    Info Wars 2 months ago

    I think them Chinese have figured out Americans are ready to boycott them. They got away with the dying rooms and mass forced organ theft but this guy is too damn much.

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz 2 months ago


  • xinglin jiang
    xinglin jiang 2 months ago

    notice that. this little boy 's eyes. he is afraid.

  • tonerton
    tonerton 2 months ago

    Cousin in the airport? I think that was Kim Jong Un's half brother.... really fox news?

  • platipot
    platipot 2 months ago

    Actually, the most reasonable, ethical and practical solution to North Korean madness is physical destruction of Kim. Yes - it does sound weird to those whose brains were poisoned over last 50 years by leftist and semi-communist propaganda of the West. But in reality, and it simple human little it is prerogative and obligation of this humidity to destroy the one, who kills his own people in mass. It is just that simple. There's no need for convoluted and idiotic qualifications of why he should not be touched. Throw with the human history hundreds of millions were killed and tortured well others stood by and watched. Sometimes with sadness, sometimes with despair and sometimes with glee. With respect to so-called "International laws" they are just that, agreements signed by politicians, in order to manually improve their own well-being. Kill the bastard wipe the floor with him, and to Korea's will become one. It will take generations, it will be painful, it will be costly but this is the actual, real way of bringing results. Everything else is just shitty babble off college educated idiots.

  • xoxak888
    xoxak888 2 months ago

    China thought North Korea will always be their satelite nations and be servitude to their command. But, not when North Korea has 100 nukes and ICBM. North Korea's message to China will be ,.." Give me 100 Billion dollar every years or you will face nuclear war". Until now, China thought it was US problem only. hahahaha.. now it is China problem too.

  • domenic salibio
    domenic salibio 2 months ago

    fuck them all

  • Mikey Gutterez
    Mikey Gutterez 2 months ago


  • Beau Salwin
    Beau Salwin 2 months ago

    Shouldn't the CIA be trying to assassinate Kim Jong Un?

    • deicide
      deicide 2 months ago

      if nk doesnt have a big brother, it'd no sweat.

  • Jimmy Mcintyre
    Jimmy Mcintyre 2 months ago

    fatboy is a lunatic and could do anything, he needs to be taken out of power!

  • Mr Bawbag
    Mr Bawbag 2 months ago

    I have diet Coke and Mentos in my house...In other words, my Nuclear Weapons Program is ten years ahead of North Korea.

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 2 months ago

    Fuck North Korea, fuck China... they are both our enemies.
    That said, our President Trump is going about things in exactly the right manner!!

  • Jacob Mendez
    Jacob Mendez 2 months ago

    ha that's how they assassinate him on the interview.

  • Berimbau capoeira
    Berimbau capoeira 2 months ago

    Wake up China!! Trump wants you to open your legs.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 2 months ago

    Great ..Iraq war number 2 instead of wealthy Arab states playing both sides now it will be China doing that

  • Long Phan
    Long Phan 2 months ago

    Trump used china to stop noko makes nukes, but actually trump want to control both noko and China by THAAD radar when it sets in soko. The big fish trump want is south China sea, if want to have a south China sea, trump must set up THAAD defense China and intercept missiles to hit ship carrier. China is getting stuck in the middle road between noko and USA, if china helps noko kim yong un, China will be failed promised to trump and world, on the contrary trump has reason to stop business with china and may be war with China. China under control by trump now.

  • sheldon sampson
    sheldon sampson 2 months ago

    Does that American bitch on the right think this is funny or something.. she needs to wipe that smile of her face? #serious situation?

  • Rob Watt
    Rob Watt 2 months ago

    to Japan leader with respect---here's my fortune for a cookie---you do not let a child play with a loaded gun . you must stop Kim jung-un. your friend a canadian

    • Michael Corrado
      Michael Corrado 2 months ago

      Rob Watt I thought all Canadians were perfectly fluent in English.

  • David Wallace
    David Wallace 2 months ago

    Who told this nut job, that was a great hair cut. We could wipe this guy out with ease.

  • Wei Wei
    Wei Wei 2 months ago

    well China is getting a new province

    • Quinn Lu
      Quinn Lu 1 month ago

      Pedro ……amnesia?

    • Pedro
      Pedro 1 month ago

      u calm down

    • Quinn Lu
      Quinn Lu 1 month ago

      Pedro dude clam down

    • Pedro
      Pedro 2 months ago

      i rather have a united powerful Korea without dirty chink intervention.

    • 박한사
      박한사 2 months ago

      So you'd rather NK to roam around free? Sending nuclear bomb threats?

  • Glen Crowell
    Glen Crowell 2 months ago

    Marie Harf? Oy vey.

    If the CCP becomes convinced that the US will take out Kimmie then there is a 50/50 chance they will do it themselves to keep SK from unifing with NK. The wild card is protecting Soul from harm while fixing the problem.

  • Bob Beckel
    Bob Beckel 2 months ago

    North Korea is the Democrats' dream state. We don't hear from the Democrats,
    except this bimbo, because they are mourning at the demise of another
    totalitarian state. Boo hoo!

  • Sky air
    Sky air 2 months ago

    I thought we didn't need china's help with anything. Now we need them to hold are hand when it comes to war?

  • Probin Grg
    Probin Grg 2 months ago

    Nothing different between indian and American people.. talk very fake like should give electric shock.

  • Probin Grg
    Probin Grg 2 months ago

    Trump want to kill xi jing ping???

  • Sammy Jackson
    Sammy Jackson 2 months ago

    it is truth south korea and c.i.a has team ready to kill kim that is the reason kim has double

  • charlie rana
    charlie rana 2 months ago

    Real enemy is China not a North Korea

  • Charles Butterfield
    Charles Butterfield 2 months ago

    North Korea is a puppet of China.

    We need to place high tariffs on imports from China. Tell China those tariffs will not be removed until China solves the problem of North Korea permanently.

    That way we win either way. With tariffs we get millions of jobs back and make large amounts of money from the tariffs.

    Let North Korea worry about what China will do to them

    • 阿煜王
      阿煜王 2 months ago

      Charles Butterfield do we also need to build a wall between NK-China

  • Marie Fremlin
    Marie Fremlin 2 months ago

    Almost sounds like he's setting up for a Jim Jones type mass suicide rather than give in.

  • John Harper
    John Harper 2 months ago

    I miss Fox News. Marie Harff is the Obama mouth piece that lied over and over again to our faces. Fox is loosing me.

  • happy cats
    happy cats 2 months ago

    If the US wanted him dead, he'd be Dead

  • m n0vak
    m n0vak 2 months ago

    NK is not the only country run by a crazy person.

  • Erin Taylor
    Erin Taylor 2 months ago

    Can we just attack them already. Now they're threatening China.

  • Joseph Louis
    Joseph Louis 2 months ago

    i think only this worldcan be touch to understand once world faillttes and this time come and flow usa and europe continent china.for the seconde time .

  • The Disabled Gamer
    The Disabled Gamer 2 months ago


  • Joseph Louis
    Joseph Louis 2 months ago

    what i can say what i can understand after 1and half year spending over them even they never belive any god. they got true gods favour kindneess over their history of their country . if war brings to put kill that kim jung it will be paid later this world itself.

  • Joseph Louis
    Joseph Louis 2 months ago

    when a person still alive a docter can treat more. when that person dies no one can do nothing . its too late when army approched to give opinon.

  • Kristi Russell
    Kristi Russell 2 months ago

    It was his half brother that they killed in the airport, the news should know that at least.

    • Shawn
      Shawn 2 months ago

      +Kristi Russell pretty sure that's what they said edit: nmd, they said "cousin". my bad :)

  • Bhebot
    Bhebot 2 months ago

    - “Divide and Conquer.”- sow intrigue.
     If China and North Korea's army is larger than America, seek to divide them, because once divided, they will be easier to conquer.

  • Gregory Shill
    Gregory Shill 2 months ago

    Great country with amazing achievements despite 30 years economy blockade by Western countries. The creepy sound is the symbol of bully by US. Shame on you American
    Shame on you

  • EBobby Sing
    EBobby Sing 2 months ago

    No matter what they say to each other, North Korea and China are BFF.

  • 1066gaz
    1066gaz 2 months ago

    For fucks sake get un with it.

  • iao69
    iao69 2 months ago

    You people really do not see it do you?
    Kim Yum Fatboy is going to be taken out by China either through
    assassination like Kim Yum Fatboy did to his half-brother or by
    military coup. I predict the latter. China can not afford to have
    nuclear peapons going off across their borders. The radiation would
    drift back over China. Not going to happen.

  • Polydynamix
    Polydynamix 2 months ago

    You believe that China is going to side with cuck trump over their long term ally? I wouldn't count on it.

  • The Old One
    The Old One 2 months ago

    Says the pekingese to the pitbull: "Blood will flow..."

  • Lil Bo _1129
    Lil Bo _1129 2 months ago

    world leaders with millions of lives they need to protect !!! can't go around and threat countries with nuclear warfare just doesn't happen you will die soon sorry dude but your acting like a asshole

  • s4mcrovv
    s4mcrovv 2 months ago

    Let me go 1v1 against Kim. I'll take care of the problem.

  • anonymous godzilla
    anonymous godzilla 2 months ago

    fake news .....

  • IzunaDestruction
    IzunaDestruction 2 months ago

    Oh Jesus, why you guys revived that useless teenager? She was embarrassing at the State Dept. and she took only 1 phrase and 2 seconds to insult the NK leader and throw any rationality out of the window. What a poor mind you invited on your show.

  • Jacobs_Rifles
    Jacobs_Rifles 2 months ago

    The North Korean's are great a clapping though. Must be the worlds best bunch of clappers.

  • coojsta69
    coojsta69 2 months ago

    the only wake up call china gets is the US military bases surrounding china and the missile systems being set up ....do you people really think this latest bullshit is about North korea lol

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    Propaganda, wrong wrong wrong. There's is no "wakeup call", China WILL NOT do what Trump says, so fuck off. Also South Korea will kick out THAAD which is there to spy on China.

    • Collin MacInnis
      Collin MacInnis 2 months ago

      Anonymous South Korea does not need the United States.. they may purchase second rate military tech from the states..
      they may have US forces on the ground.. but when push comes to shove.. who would win out on a arms race.. the North or the south?

      leaving all supporting influences out of it..

      we could sit here all day and argue the might of china or the states... as much as one can point a finger.. the other side can do the same..

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 2 months ago

      China said: get your weapons the fuck out of SK, and then NK will take down their weapons. The US said no. So the US is not sincere (duh only idiots thought that), and there will be no deals, only war.

    • Collin MacInnis
      Collin MacInnis 2 months ago

      Anonymous wow they can see aircraft flying in China.. see there is one problem there. its called how do you attack a super power.. send troops.. never work.. launch nukes and intercept theres? the world would plunge to choas so fast if any nation tried that..

      maybe China should put a option on the table to put thad on there soil.. seems the radar situation would be solved and they could observe the site

    • auot ukun
      auot ukun 2 months ago

      fortune cookies??

  • Jojongsa, 조종사
    Jojongsa, 조종사 2 months ago

    This idiot is probably just mike Myers redoing Dr. Evil all over again.

  • Gary Loger
    Gary Loger 2 months ago

    Talking shit to China.

    He won't see Christmas...

  • Brian M
    Brian M 2 months ago

    This North Korean guy is a total nutjob. It would be better for everyone if China was to take appropriate action here. It would be a diplomatic win for the USA if the Chinese military take out this guy once and for all. As far as saying that an assassination attempt is bizarre, it's not really bizarre at all so I can't understand the grins of the presenters. The US has a long record of trying to assassinate leaders they don't like. I just wish they can succeeded this time!

  • JMFSpike
    JMFSpike 2 months ago

    Kim Jong Fatty's paranoia is causing him to do stupid things. His days seem to be numbered. GOOD! It's about time.

  • YourHomieJesus
    YourHomieJesus 2 months ago

    North Korea is the Fuckin best

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz 2 months ago


    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 2 months ago

      Real news not on the menu, just propaganda.

  • tran minh tam
    tran minh tam 2 months ago


  • Geraldine B
    Geraldine B 2 months ago

    This suggestion isnt based on anything specific, but what if the "supreme leader" is dying? Maybe he is terminal, and that is why he is calling everyone out, and making this silly accusation that he will be poisoned and die months later, knowing he actually is going to die in a few months. Then their whole country would believe America did it; which would lead to God knows what. Like a said, just an unfounded theory.

  • 4nuk8r
    4nuk8r 2 months ago

    Chinese boil dogs that haven't done shit to them . . .
    can't wait to see what they do to a guy yaps about nuking them !

  • BrandonXCVI
    BrandonXCVI 2 months ago

    don't bite the hand that feeds you!

  • Fiska Waworuntu
    Fiska Waworuntu 2 months ago

    Nazi germany + north korea

  • Fiska Waworuntu
    Fiska Waworuntu 2 months ago

    Nazi germany & north korea

  • rosie her
    rosie her 2 months ago

    that fat boy just doesn't shut up!

  • Tristan Pol
    Tristan Pol 2 months ago

    Don't push that limit, you might want to take the precaution you want because you don't know what' is going on.

    Them planning to bail out causing much much much much destruction on its path

    • Tristan Pol
      Tristan Pol 2 months ago

      What would Kamehameha do? Throw a 7 ton rock at them?
      Nuclear banzai pilots?

      NEVER underestimate the North.... Winter is coming

  • Frank Rose
    Frank Rose 2 months ago

    China is gettin more and more powerful ! They don't pay none in exchange to the USA !!!! They need to be charge tax !!!

  • ingle50
    ingle50 2 months ago

    Why North Korea explains that Gutless CuckTrump obviously took Putin's dripping cock in his eager asshole

  • Opinion Matters
    Opinion Matters 2 months ago

    I don't think it would take much for NK to hit both China and the states...along with South Korea. How long does the world have to take a chance with this guy.

    • Tyler McNeil
      Tyler McNeil 2 months ago

      Not very long which is annoying as hell

  • john williams
    john williams 2 months ago

    leave him alone. he has done nothing wrong. his people love him. the western news is so bull shit. i know why America is doing this. them dirty jews want there banks there. the people there are hard working people. so lend them money on high interest rates. 3 country's to go. I'm from Australia. I'm not hiding. I'm with them. Russia is with them. and China is still with them.

    • john williams
      john williams 2 months ago

      Onee- Chan it's propaganda. look your not going to see what i see. good luck and god bless you

    • 박한사
      박한사 2 months ago

      john williams Watch the speech of Yeommi Park

    • john williams
      john williams 2 months ago

      Onee- Chan we don't talk about all the things we do to him. just what he wants to do to us. please look into it abit more

    • john williams
      john williams 2 months ago

      Onee- Chan doc made in the western world? so dumb buddy. so look at how our people want you to look at him. wow. propaganda mate.

    • 박한사
      박한사 2 months ago

      john williams America is a bad country, Thrump Is a bad person, but have u ever thought or seen what Kim has did to his people? I suggest u watch some documentaries on North Korea

  • Don-Fugn Worry-AboutIt

    Iran has NKs back now so they dont need China anymore

  • cliff owens
    cliff owens 2 months ago

    during the meeting of trump and China he probably said.... look, some old weapons, I'm gonna offload on this airfield! don't worry, I'll not fuck it completely!

  • G Sudla
    G Sudla 2 months ago

    north k must be right one the edge since the sanctions of meds have been disrupted

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