Juanpa Zurita Vine Compilation 2016 | Best Juanpa Zurita Vines

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  • samuel little
    samuel little 1 day ago

    Song at 4:17

  • Elizee Gaming
    Elizee Gaming 1 day ago

    when you dont have friends and you need to tag 3 friends so youre tag "me,myself and i

  • Thoa Mai
    Thoa Mai 1 day ago

    What name song 5:12

  • Agustin Molina
    Agustin Molina 1 day ago

    Name of the song? 5:20

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 2 days ago

    The one about waking up before your friends is so true! I always wake up so early...

  • Manuel Porras Calva
    Manuel Porras Calva 2 days ago

    What is the name the song 1:02 / cuál es la canción del minuto 1:02

  • Marisela Encinas
    Marisela Encinas 2 days ago

    can you give me your phone number

  • Dueberry
    Dueberry 3 days ago

    Juanpa zurita and lele pons ar great together

  • Fornaxicated EXO-L
    Fornaxicated EXO-L 3 days ago

    Wahhhh, what's the song in 2:10?

  • Mia The Cutie Your Majesty

    Parise for Latin mom's I get it because I am Latin😂 flip flops

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose 5 days ago

    boooiiiiiiiii mums love throwins flip flops..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im dyin!!!

  • Mariah Saldana
    Mariah Saldana 5 days ago

    your not that funny

  • Jayde lambert
    Jayde lambert 7 days ago

    who likes juanpa

  • Kevin Castillo
    Kevin Castillo 7 days ago

    1:04 song

  • Pertilyne's life
    Pertilyne's life 8 days ago

    10:00 I speak French lol whenever my friends ask me to tell my other friends to say bad stuff I say my "hey there how's it going bye have a nice day," then I tell them to pretend to be offended by me on purpose😂😂😂 XD

  • justin fabiculanan
    justin fabiculanan 13 days ago

    What is the song at 6:44 pls answer 2017 haha

  • justin fabiculanan
    justin fabiculanan 13 days ago

    What is the song at 6:44 pls answer 2017 haha

  • Kuro Yuki
    Kuro Yuki 14 days ago

    i love lele pons and juanpan😍😍😍

  • Kuro Yuki
    Kuro Yuki 14 days ago

    i love juanpan because he cute😍😍😍

  • Sumaiya Israfil
    Sumaiya Israfil 16 days ago

    what is the 4:15 song?

  • Gaming with me
    Gaming with me 17 days ago

    song at 5:20?

  • Tamena Evans
    Tamena Evans 18 days ago

    at 8:17 that me in real life i am scared of the dark

  • Droopy Pigy
    Droopy Pigy 19 days ago


  • Julia 101
    Julia 101 19 days ago

    what the song called at 2:10?
    plz tell me

  • Starbucks delicious
    Starbucks delicious 19 days ago +1

    when your supposed to be asleep but your on your phone. that's so true

  • Not The Triggerman
    Not The Triggerman 20 days ago


  • LanceIsWeird
    LanceIsWeird 20 days ago

    I love his raspy voice like EAT ME

  • Morgz
    Morgz 22 days ago

    OH MY GOD 6:55-6:59 LMAO

  • Alejandra Ayala
    Alejandra Ayala 22 days ago

    Has videos normales de retos o cosas asi😣😣

  • Jelise Francis
    Jelise Francis 22 days ago

    he's so hot

  • Claudia Van Der Winden

    he's so funny

  • Gabriela Orellana
    Gabriela Orellana 23 days ago

    im latina

  • Gabriela Orellana
    Gabriela Orellana 23 days ago

    i agree 11:17

  • Miles Hii
    Miles Hii 24 days ago

    4:13 song's name?

  • Andres Pruneda
    Andres Pruneda 24 days ago +1


  • Ellie and Annie BFF'S always

    Find the difference


    Did you find it

  • ZarKLeftys
    ZarKLeftys 24 days ago

    When ou spell brake wrong

  • SuNsHiNe *
    SuNsHiNe * 25 days ago

    4:26 song??

  • Rhonda Rodriguez
    Rhonda Rodriguez 25 days ago

    your cute

  • Nessa G
    Nessa G 25 days ago

    Juanpa is so cute

  • Baljinder uv
    Baljinder uv 26 days ago

    what music is it???

  • Lisa Dosil
    Lisa Dosil 27 days ago

    6:55 lol

  • Alejandria Sanchez
    Alejandria Sanchez 28 days ago

    song at 3:48 please!

  • Darlene Bonilla
    Darlene Bonilla 28 days ago

    we love you jaunpa

  • Baby Gurll
    Baby Gurll 28 days ago

    7:38-7:42 that's me 😂😂

  • Abbey Darlington
    Abbey Darlington 29 days ago

    0:30 what song???

  • Claire Watson
    Claire Watson 29 days ago

    Who is the other person at 0:59?

  • Cameiya Newell-Owens
    Cameiya Newell-Owens 1 month ago

    your hot

  • Flowerclover AJ
    Flowerclover AJ 1 month ago


    My face when my friends doesn't know how to grammar

  • Kearstin Vaughn
    Kearstin Vaughn 1 month ago

    8:18 relatable

    ROBLOX LOVER 1 month ago

    omg is it just me or is he SO CUTE

  • The Nastya Walker
    The Nastya Walker 1 month ago

    4:27 rip headphones users

  • Kori middendorf
    Kori middendorf 1 month ago

    Juanpa is soooo cute

  • Eli Pb.
    Eli Pb. 1 month ago

    What is the song the time 4:59

  • Alejandra Osorio
    Alejandra Osorio 1 month ago

    Shiny glitters I know right

  • chama bahi
    chama bahi 1 month ago

    Cute pretty beautiful the eyes wooooow😵

  • olga contreras
    olga contreras 1 month ago

    The worst thing that happens to a Hispanic is a chancla. Believe me. Also our favorite thing is a tortilla.

  • Terrell Tyler
    Terrell Tyler 1 month ago

    His eyes are pretty and he is perfect

  • Jaden Garfield
    Jaden Garfield 1 month ago

    Could someone please tell me the name of the song playing at 3:46?

  • awosome kids of all
    awosome kids of all 1 month ago

    that guy at 0:00 with the green hat looks like ijustine !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • weirdly sleeping
    weirdly sleeping 1 month ago

    8:06 ohh noooooo hahahahahahahaha

  • yair garcia
    yair garcia 1 month ago

    What is the second song 41

  • Shukz Abdi
    Shukz Abdi 1 month ago

    african dance😲😲😆😆

  • Haba Haba
    Haba Haba 1 month ago


  • It just Shadow
    It just Shadow 1 month ago


  • giselle rodriguez
    giselle rodriguez 1 month ago

    he is so cute

  • Love Family
    Love Family 1 month ago

    he so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • ZeeCanadian Gamer
    ZeeCanadian Gamer 1 month ago

    He is to precious we need to protect him

  • Penny Rose Knows
    Penny Rose Knows 1 month ago

    I love you and lele

  • katherine-Elpida Kafki
    katherine-Elpida Kafki 1 month ago +1

    he is sooooooo hot!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • maron fafa
    maron fafa 1 month ago

    hi Juanapa I love you and I like all your videos

  • Fani Arellano
    Fani Arellano 1 month ago

    porque vergas hablan en inglés si Juan Pablo es Mexicano

  • Donna Todorova
    Donna Todorova 1 month ago

    he's so funny and hot lol😍😂

  • sophie isis
    sophie isis 1 month ago

    I ❤ HIM, btw im in 2k17 and he isnt hamging out with logan as much

  • Yusuf Elshamy
    Yusuf Elshamy 1 month ago

    The one about how it's like when you close the lights but think someone's chasing you is sooooo trueeeee

  • Christopher 1626
    Christopher 1626 1 month ago

    Where did that water come from???

  • Angie Walker
    Angie Walker 1 month ago

    7:38 is me with my mom XD

    • Angie Walker
      Angie Walker 1 month ago


  • Shyla Webb
    Shyla Webb 1 month ago


  • Shyla Webb
    Shyla Webb 1 month ago

    2:04 is so me my bff makes new friends or gets a boyfriend and I'm like nooo

  • Life As Lucy
    Life As Lucy 1 month ago

    My fav is 3:39

  • Jashell Jones
    Jashell Jones 1 month ago

    10:51 the song tho

  • kitty Rivera
    kitty Rivera 1 month ago

    he is so cute 😄😘

  • Aggelos Poulis
    Aggelos Poulis 1 month ago

    0:27 song plz????

    NOORALDEEN IQ 1 month ago

    i think he is gay

  • Dusty Toast
    Dusty Toast 1 month ago +2

    I am going to learn his language so I can know what he is saying

  • Theresa Ross
    Theresa Ross 1 month ago

    your cute

  • abril ugalli
    abril ugalli 1 month ago

    Juanpa es hermoso 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  • Spicy Noodle
    Spicy Noodle 1 month ago


  • Daniela Pelaez
    Daniela Pelaez 1 month ago

    never mess with angry latina woman then your dead

  • GalaxyGirlGaming
    GalaxyGirlGaming 1 month ago

    0:01 hes so cuteeee

    YOLO CEZZAR 1 month ago

    10:09 WHERE HE COME FROM 😂😂😂

  • ana macias
    ana macias 1 month ago

    como se llama la cancion 0:56

  • Niecy2cute/NieceyDaBae
    Niecy2cute/NieceyDaBae 2 months ago


  • Alondra Manzano
    Alondra Manzano 2 months ago

    02:49 is wrong not all girls are afraid of sport balls

  • Alondra Manzano
    Alondra Manzano 2 months ago

    Melanie Romero yeah you are so right😊

  • Emma Edwards
    Emma Edwards 2 months ago

    I think he is so hot the boy with the cutest hair so hot marry me now

  • Hazza Styles
    Hazza Styles 2 months ago

    Cómo se llama la canción del minuto 5:11

  • Hazza Styles
    Hazza Styles 2 months ago

    Cómo se llama la canción del minuto 2:25

  • starlord GaMeR
    starlord GaMeR 2 months ago

    what's the song at 0.27

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