How To Meditate For Beginners - A Definitive Guide

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  • Here's an easy to follow guide that covers exactly how to meditate for beginners. In this comprehensive guide we will cover exactly: where to meditate, how to meditate, what to do with your mind, how long to do it for, and even how long before you start seeing benefits.

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Comments: 971

  • BattyMaddy
    BattyMaddy 4 hours ago

    What are the benefits of meditation?

  • Mahad Shaikh
    Mahad Shaikh 1 day ago

    I don't think I really need this because after doing almost 10 mile a day walks for a month even though I was technically being dragged to do it I have noticed that my energy levels have skyrocketed and now that I have no one pushing me even though I am drastically more energetic than before I feel it's slowly going away so hopefully this is a way to retain it and move to the next level

  • Stahpitt
    Stahpitt 1 day ago

    Meditation is all about becoming indifferent to your thoughts, disconnecting yourself from the "now" so that you can achieve mental calmness. I like to choose the opposite approach, you let your mind race as if you're sprinting for your life. Think of everything all in rapid succession. This drains the temporary stores of dopamine in the brain and gives you the ability to simply relax your mind as if you've been holding a huge weight that you finally get to drop after holding it for far to long.

  • rob theberge
    rob theberge 2 days ago

    Tryed it. felt better! :D

  • Paolo Lembo
    Paolo Lembo 2 days ago

    Thanks to this video, I finally have become happy. For years I’ve been trying to find this feeling I have. This video saved me

  • Soroosh Expert-Accountant

    love it man

  • Concon vaf
    Concon vaf 3 days ago

    So basicly I do nothing and only focus on breathing???

  • Al. Fred
    Al. Fred 3 days ago

    i cros my legs and my blood stops circulating on my feet an the hurt like hell

  • Rashi bhakuni
    Rashi bhakuni 4 days ago

    does divya drishti works

  • som_1 u dont kno
    som_1 u dont kno 4 days ago

    Can you listen to relaxing rhythms while meditating?

  • Franz Bl
    Franz Bl 5 days ago

    Fml.. It actually works 😳

  • Julius The Martial Artist

    Do I exhale through my mouth or nose?

  • canadian01978
    canadian01978 6 days ago

    sounds borinnnnnggggg

  • Toan Nguyen
    Toan Nguyen 6 days ago

    Anyone else notice 2 the at 2:50?

  • Michiel Idema
    Michiel Idema 7 days ago

    i cant sit like that im screwed.

  • Saadeh Jallad
    Saadeh Jallad 7 days ago

    The legs and feet position is the hardest for me

  • Malesela James
    Malesela James 7 days ago

    What do you think of as you meditate? a word or topic or what?

  • Mythix
    Mythix 8 days ago

    Do you have to do it at the same time everday? For example everyday at 8 pm or does it not matter?

    • Red IMO TWOM
      Red IMO TWOM 4 days ago

      Mythix nah, it doesnt matter, you can do it anytime you want

  • Francis Manuel
    Francis Manuel 8 days ago

    My back and legs hurt when I sit I can't focus please send help

  • LightRedefined
    LightRedefined 9 days ago

    So improvement pill, I meditate for thirty minutes a day fifteen in the morning and fifteen at night. I am curious as to what role music plays in the process. Whenever I listen to music my mind wanders a lot. Is this counteracting the mindfulness that meditation gives me, and if so should I stop listening to music?

  • aj j
    aj j 9 days ago

    I can't sit on the floor with crossed legs. Too inflexible. So I always sit on a chair.

    • aj j
      aj j 9 days ago

      Improvement Pill Yeah, exactly. Thanks for answering btw!

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 9 days ago

      that's fine, as long as you're focusing on your breathing

    VICKPLAYS 10 days ago

    Best channel on YouTube!
    I've began doing the things which u told from Meditation to NoFap.
    I 100% believe that it would eventually make me a better person.
    I just want to say a Big thank you for creating such a content which helps thousands of people everyday. ☺

      VICKPLAYS 9 days ago

      sure! 🙂

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 9 days ago

      I'm glad I could help! keep up the habit and you will definitely see results!

  • Arash snai
    Arash snai 10 days ago

    I'm starting tonight

    SPARTAN II 10 days ago

    i just started for 10 min to metitate and it were the fastest 10 minuntes in my whole life.

  • MrBlodhund
    MrBlodhund 12 days ago

    Can I listen to music while doing it?

  • CoolCat Gamer1357
    CoolCat Gamer1357 14 days ago

    It's very hard to meditate in a house with guests, the total number of people adding up to 7 people but I managed for ten minutes tonight! My goal is ten minutes before I go to bed every night and maybe in the morning too!

  • Loreptile97
    Loreptile97 16 days ago

    I started meditating for the first time today with this video, but unfortunately, I'm disabled and I cannot cross my legs, is there another way of positioning them? Is this a problem?
    Thanks in advance

  • Skydog07
    Skydog07 17 days ago

    Would anyone recommend apps like headspace? it's helped me get into meditation, I think.

  • Tanay Sinha
    Tanay Sinha 17 days ago

    meh, do not meditate for a purpose, do it just because you want to.... like breathing...if you're too attached to the result of it than you will miss the essence of it...
    Meditation has no purpose!!

  • RealFlyGuy45 sjs
    RealFlyGuy45 sjs 18 days ago

    what is the difference between sleeping and meditation. what exaclty are we doing. is your mind really doing something I don't understand the meaning.

  • Bull Moose
    Bull Moose 18 days ago

    i started 7 days ago. been doing 10.minutes a day awesome

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee 18 days ago

    Just tried meditating for five minutes (plus 20 seconds to fix myself into the correct position) after watching this video; going to start doing it each day for five minutes upon waking up. Was actually really difficult, as I had a little trouble sitting comfortably and breathing deeply simultaneously, and as you said, my thoughts kept drifting, usually to unpleasant subjects (which is actually part of the reason I want to start meditating).

    Gonna keep at it; wish me luck!

  • Tonisha Hampton
    Tonisha Hampton 18 days ago

    Thanks so much! I've been meditating daily for months and I have still felt like I was missing something. I see now that I'm not, it's just the process. This totally cleared up some fogginess! Namaskrum. 😀

  • prasad chinchwade
    prasad chinchwade 19 days ago

    can I use ear plugs for peace

  • Kenny Rodger
    Kenny Rodger 19 days ago

    Are there any insight gains through this form of meditation? Your listed benefits seemed to be geared towards your daily life.

  • Prashant Vyas
    Prashant Vyas 20 days ago

    3:19 should aaaiiiiiiii😏

  • MrWnw
    MrWnw 21 day ago

    I find it hard to sit straight. I always end up with my back benched like a bowl (hope you get it). It's really uncomfortable or maybe it hurts little bit to sit straight for 10 min. Any advice please?

  • pipos 31
    pipos 31 21 day ago

    i actually tried to meditate after this for 8 minutes And im thinking of making this my habit,thanks😊

  • H H
    H H 21 day ago +1

    I found that in addition to meditating, it is important to constantly (or at least consistently) monitor your thoughts while you are thinking, and choose positive and neutral thoughts, while eliminating negative ones.

  • Gustavo Gomes
    Gustavo Gomes 22 days ago

    Meditation makes me feel weird and tired, what to do ?

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang Nguyen 24 days ago

    what's about the environment to meditate ?? everything around is always busy and noisy

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 24 days ago

      start off in an area that's quiet. Eventually as you get more advanced, you should be able to meditate anywhere

  • Millie Evans Fan Art
    Millie Evans Fan Art 24 days ago

    Do you know what the benefits are?

  • koushik kumar
    koushik kumar 24 days ago

    In india people meditate for a 100 or 200 years they dont feel hungry beacuse being hungry becoms an habbit

  • Francis Njuguna
    Francis Njuguna 25 days ago

    I feel fresh and can do anything

  • Francis Njuguna
    Francis Njuguna 25 days ago

    I just mediated it was awesome feeling.

  • Flores Rivas
    Flores Rivas 25 days ago

    "Its best not to meditate on a bed, because you can fall asleep". Ha. You misunderestimate my suffering

  • MikusLove Soul
    MikusLove Soul 25 days ago

    I want to meditate like piccolo.

  • Rich Piñata
    Rich Piñata 25 days ago +2

    After almost a year of meditating one hour everyday, I've learned:
    *Meditation is the best way to stop an addiction. Personally it's mindlessly browsing YouTube and watching Porn. I've learned that it's just random thoughts in different shape controlling you, trying to convince you. If you meditate long enough you'll notice that urges come and go. And the longer you sit through this hell of thoughts, the less the urge becomes. Which brings me to the next point on productivity:
    *You can't focus if you think about your addictions all the time. Obviously. You won't be affected by them if you don't give in for a few days. That's why I meditate everytime I feel the urge creep up, so I can process it. So boost your focus by doing nothing for long periods of time, instead of feeding your mind with impulses.
    I'll visit a Vipassana retreat in August. I'll try to sit through the full 10 days, and share my insights.
    I'm on my way to a more productive life, by removing the nonsense with meditation as a tool. I highly encourage you to do the same.

  • Hive Atlas
    Hive Atlas 26 days ago

    Can you listen to peaceful music to mediate and successfully do this? I'm wondering because I can play a peaceful youtube video and leave it on for 10 or 20 minutes. When the music is done playing I know that the time is up. So the music helps me relax but also works as an alarm.

  • Digitalizedx
    Digitalizedx 27 days ago

    How to get over her please

  • Viscae Somnus
    Viscae Somnus 27 days ago +1

    I tried it today, right after I found this video. And I'm pleasantly surprised, how quickly the 5 minutes went by. It wasn't as bad or boring as I expected. Definitely will do this daily. :D

  • wildfyah
    wildfyah 27 days ago

    I get distracted easily. 😣

  • Libya Vip
    Libya Vip 28 days ago

    i'm so happy to found this cahnnel

  • Harsh Jain
    Harsh Jain 28 days ago

    Sir I like your videos but when I do mediation bad things come in my mind .
    Sir can u help me to remove this things from my mind

  • Prateek Aher
    Prateek Aher 28 days ago

    Hello Improvement Pill,
    Here's my question,
    Should I start meditating right after I get off the bed in the morning or should I brush my teeth, take a shower and then sit for meditation?

  • Lapát Jani
    Lapát Jani 28 days ago +1

    What if I meditate every day for say 10 minutes but different time each day? Does it affect its positive effects in a negative way? For example if I meditate in the morning and next day I meditate afternoon and such?

  • Blank
    Blank 1 month ago +1

    How does meditating help

  • angelica ak
    angelica ak 1 month ago

    great video!

  • Swati Goswami
    Swati Goswami 1 month ago

    dude u were the best tutor for meditation....u actually outlined only imp. things rather than wondering viewers clueless.....thanks btw.....m pretty sure it will work alot 4 me

  • Unnati Ü
    Unnati Ü 1 month ago

    Q. Could you please.. make a video on getting rid of some smaller addictions like TV & stuff?

  • want some come get some

    thanks bro for this infomation

  • Lena Robins
    Lena Robins 1 month ago

    hi I just subscribed, already watched 3 different videos in a row! Extremely helpful. Idk if this sounds lame but could you possibly make a video on getting over a severely emotionally crushing relationship? It's been haunting me for a few years now :-( I just want to feel better, and start enjoying life again. Thanks

  • KA Boozle
    KA Boozle 1 month ago

    I am just starting but here's a tip that I have found helpful to keep your attention focused on the breathing: make a vowel sound in your head (you don't have to say it out loud but it helps in the beginning). On the inhale I say "oooohm" in my head and on the exhale "raaaah". The theory is that because vowel sounds kinda sound like white noise they make it easier to stay focused because white noise tends to drown out other thoughts (and sounds).

  • Asbert
    Asbert 1 month ago

    it's ok to meditate hanged upside down? (sorry for my English)

  • MrPastige
    MrPastige 1 month ago

    I dont see the point in sitting like this though

  • Mae Saguil
    Mae Saguil 1 month ago

    I love you so much. Thank you for making these amazing videos. You have saved me.

  • Sidney Corral
    Sidney Corral 1 month ago

    You should collab with Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).

  • ahmed ahmed
    ahmed ahmed 1 month ago

    man I just love adore u

  • luis aguilar
    luis aguilar 1 month ago

    my first meditation was like 40 mins no joke. and it worked!

  • Abdallah Elsharkawy
    Abdallah Elsharkawy 1 month ago

    ok so I sat down crossed my legs normally my hands over my knees because I had an itch so I put my hands on them to not feel it after a couple of complete failures I managed to clear out my mind even from the breathing process but I very felt the world around me and I didn't get to the medetation mode any one knows why??

  • Senpie Sensie
    Senpie Sensie 1 month ago

    I just can't clear my mind

  • Harijs Mencendorfs
    Harijs Mencendorfs 1 month ago

    hey, hope you still would check comments, but I got a question.

    What do you think about meditating under effects of cannabis? I have never meditated in my life but I think it was kinda similar when I was high. I was thinking a lot about breathing and heart beat.

  • Omega Squad Teemo
    Omega Squad Teemo 1 month ago

    I have been meditating since i was 14, not everyday but it helped me allot so i highly recommend it ^_^

    • Omega Squad Teemo
      Omega Squad Teemo 5 days ago

      YourDead-UN4 i can't not laugh when i get raged at with 3 different languages

    • YourDead-UN4
      YourDead-UN4 5 days ago

      Omega Squad Teemo u meditate since 14 and ur main teemo 😂😂😂😂🐸

  • Mailboxarsons
    Mailboxarsons 1 month ago

    What I do for the itches and other sensations to fidget is to tell myself "I don't feel this when I'm not meditating, so why would I feel it now?". Seems to help and once you reach the deep meditation/ sleep paralysis state you won't feel anything anyway.

  • taehyung's precious laugh

    should you meditate in a silent room?

  • DauntlessPT
    DauntlessPT 1 month ago

    you think this will help me with my borderline personality? And also to have better Control on my emotions?

  • Ben Lyman
    Ben Lyman 1 month ago

    " . . . like a pretzel . . . "

    -Improvement Pill

  • dung nghiem
    dung nghiem 1 month ago

    Can someone give me an answer about:
    1) how long meditation give me usefullness such as: less negative thought, be positive,..
    2) if I intterupt meditation (for 30s or 1 minute) then continue, does it impact the whole process?

  • Andy Fantastic4s
    Andy Fantastic4s 1 month ago

    my friend meditated for 28 hours non stop he died

  • Nakul Handa
    Nakul Handa 1 month ago

    I think I might try out some simple meditation daily, so that I can steer away from the negative thoughts that I sometimes tend to have. Who knows maybe I won't be as negative anymore if I trying making meditation a habit.

  • Andrea Seferi
    Andrea Seferi 1 month ago

    Is it ok to meditate on a bed because that way my legs dont hurt?

    • Andrea Seferi
      Andrea Seferi 1 month ago

      No,I mean in the meditative position, just if it's ok that you are sitting on something soft and your feet are drawn a bit inside the bed while there's a difference when you meditate on the ground that this doesnt happen. Is that ok? like the same thing? and thank you

    • Improvement Pill
      Improvement Pill 1 month ago

      that's fine as long as you're not laying down

  • Macbeth A
    Macbeth A 1 month ago

    try not to focus too much guys , you might ending up with the summoning Satan :D :D

  • Unknown Man
    Unknown Man 1 month ago

    i went through avatar state

  • Yoko Yamashit
    Yoko Yamashit 1 month ago

    im here because of biokinesis xD amber eyes here i come

  • Aaron Dcruz
    Aaron Dcruz 1 month ago

    what about external distraction?

  • Wako Griffin
    Wako Griffin 1 month ago

    just starts meditating "Wait so terminator meditates?" and I was then like "WOW My mind drifts so easily stop thinking" So I had to say "In...Out...In...Out" along with my breathing so I wouldnt get distracted

  • Deepen magar
    Deepen magar 1 month ago

    what are d benefits of meditation u realised?

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode 1 month ago

    Do I go hummmmmm

  • Frank Lopez
    Frank Lopez 1 month ago

    Will meditation aid in the following:How can I lower tension ?Tension as in the muscles in my scalp being very tight due to emotional stress that has caused insomnia and depression?

  • ravi kiran
    ravi kiran 1 month ago

    hi houldi try block the thought or let the thoughts flow

  • Jorge Ferreira
    Jorge Ferreira 1 month ago

    what about 20 minutes, 5 times a day?

  • Broccoli Über Alles
    Broccoli Über Alles 1 month ago

    i used to do this for almost a year, but i lost my streak for almost a month now :/
    time to go again

  • fariha rifayh
    fariha rifayh 1 month ago

    i can't criss-cross my leg

  • Morning Awesome
    Morning Awesome 1 month ago

    How to spend time: meditate; how to meditate: this video

  • guy
    guy 1 month ago

    he spelled breath wrong. its breff

  • Ultra T
    Ultra T 1 month ago

    I am watching this Video and the next Video is about "10 Reasons you should NEVER meditate."
    What xD?

  • Patrick Johansson
    Patrick Johansson 1 month ago

    lol who else has the video "10 reasons you should NEVER meditate" in the side bar?

  • Milos Vw
    Milos Vw 1 month ago

    What about music?

  • Mr. Alpha
    Mr. Alpha 1 month ago +2

    Wow... I got an advertisement about meditating before this video began... 😱

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