What Ambulances Will Look Like Under Trumpcare

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello is finding alternative uses for ambulances in case Trumpcare deems them useless.

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  • Berial92
    Berial92 5 days ago


  • cyndie26
    cyndie26 7 days ago

    3:17 ...or have a green screen.

  • Riley Steidel
    Riley Steidel 10 days ago

    My dad had some of that Gin.

  • William Bowles
    William Bowles 13 days ago

    Crusher 2020!

    (but who will be it's running mate? bulldozer? steam roller? wrecking ball?)

  • Lore Mertens
    Lore Mertens 14 days ago

    Peeps, honor It looks like truly way-ouw rocket !!

  • sean su
    sean su 17 days ago

  • StickyIky
    StickyIky 17 days ago

    Wtf how can audio break up! What kinda conf call is this... Its easier to comms with circus animals than setting conf call here?

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 18 days ago

    Move to CANADA🇨🇦!

    We love to have you here Stephen Colbert! ♥️♥️♥️♥️⭐️🌟

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 18 days ago

    Yeah, colbert you pathetic weakling you need an ambulance

  • Cody King
    Cody King 18 days ago

    Now The Mooch can't Smooch The Douche.

  • Haze Haberdasher
    Haze Haberdasher 18 days ago

    77% alcohol. For reference standard everclear is 75.5%. You aren't even supposed to drink that without mixing it because of how strong it is. Jesus....

  • Lisa Feisthome
    Lisa Feisthome 19 days ago

    When does he talk about the "ambulances"? Thx Btw, I'd move to Canada in a heartbeat 👍😍❤️

  • A.MuzeM Blackwell
    A.MuzeM Blackwell 19 days ago

    and I'd just spammed a Gargle-blaster to some Tweeps.
    How about the name, "BLACKWELL"? / GRANT? Oh it just gets better.
    retrovertigo'd to Grandaddy and the song "Duke of Earl"/// Oligarchy? Ok
    as words matter, some nerds better start checking TIMESTAMPS and PROFILES,
    because they be my munchies now...
    as WORDS matter...
    Know your chain of command.
    and your sailors.. Buckaneers (Prince) Pirates, Sailors, Squids, AIRDALES *ahem* of the Blackwells, I'm the first FEMALE of us since before Trafalgar.
    I just found the HMS Galatea in the 1800s and people fighting over their "Aunt Fannie" who was MY Great GRANDMA.. from UK.
    By those laws, they have to get me BACK HOME
    spoiler alert.. ET is probably about a custody battle over a hairless cat.
    bazinga n shit.
    Currently catching up on "People of Earth" and
    slamming HBO for that "What if the South Won" BAD IDEA>..

  • A.MuzeM Blackwell
    A.MuzeM Blackwell 19 days ago

    Let me guess before I play it..
    A garbage truck with body bags attached?
    ... with GOD knows what in the IV. Saline was 150$ when I was in the Navy.
    eventually, after that McCain-brand, US Navy-issued MISCARRIAGE, they finally sent that bill to a shrub in DC.
    now... ugh

  • Calvin Cooley
    Calvin Cooley 19 days ago

    MARK DICE RULES! ! ! !

  • MC799 Videos
    MC799 Videos 19 days ago

    Colbert 2020

  • Ken Grassa
    Ken Grassa 20 days ago

    The mentally ill liberal is against America and all patriotic people it scares them to see America become strong again go America become strong again fuck the mentally ill liberal

  • Leo L
    Leo L 20 days ago

    That budget guy is turning into a R2-D2

  • Ryan Jasper
    Ryan Jasper 22 days ago

    Lost all respect for Steven... sad that you can't find anything else in the world to talk about but Trump.
    I use to think you were some what fair, now you just look like a immature child that didn't get what he wanted. Sad to see this same garbage week after week. Use to be good and fun to watch... now it's just sad.

  • michael perry
    michael perry 22 days ago

    lets use useless ambulances for beer delivery

  • Gorilla Jones
    Gorilla Jones 22 days ago


  • Isaac Kotlicky
    Isaac Kotlicky 22 days ago

    model 10 crusher is a shoe in. It's also made by Russia.

  • Cellette Gipson
    Cellette Gipson 24 days ago

    He hates niggas especially those that had any association with President Obama. I use that. Word because he would if he could. Very ugly word doesn't fit her at all but that word fits their vocabulary whenever someone is black.if anyone looks like a more classified person for that job it's her.

  • Mark LaPolla
    Mark LaPolla 25 days ago

    Comedy gold. Jon Stewart is kicking himself.

  • Mark LaPolla
    Mark LaPolla 25 days ago

    Trump is draining the swamp into his own pocket.

  • Frank Reading
    Frank Reading 27 days ago

    Model 10 Crusher from predisant!

  • marishana meyer
    marishana meyer 27 days ago

    Sarah huckabee sanders looks like a man.

  • Avery Mcguire
    Avery Mcguire Month ago +1

    Gotta say, that is one nice rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever.

  • Capricious Men
    Capricious Men Month ago

    Crusher 2020!
    Time has come to smash!

  • Nick Coltrane
    Nick Coltrane Month ago

    Bombay Sapphire actually has 47.5% alc/vol

  • Leury Rojas
    Leury Rojas Month ago


  • mriddley
    mriddley Month ago

    no don't recall that gin let us in America have it we're gonna need it to get through this presidency

  • G McCue
    G McCue Month ago

    Is it a problem that as a 13 year old I love Hotel California???

  • JCI1990
    JCI1990 Month ago

    nazi socialist propaganda alert. To prevent brain washing, change it to a Non S.Colbert video on youtube.

  • Mateo Perez
    Mateo Perez Month ago

    Darnass twin I think sex rewult carve

  • midnite dip
    midnite dip Month ago

    This guy is a fucking loser !!!!!his ratings are shit .ARENT YOU FUCKING LIBERALS TIRED OF BEING KNOWN AS COWARDS.What a disgusting choice you've made in life.

    • Jib Jith
      Jib Jith Month ago

      midnite dip
      All the right did last year was bitch about the dangers of challenging Putin and letting in refugees. I'll admit we're the stupid violent party, but you're the racist cowards.

  • Dracorlock
    Dracorlock Month ago

    Model 10 Crusher For President!!!!

  • Dracorlock
    Dracorlock Month ago

    1:43 - 1:53 I pretty much died

  • Amit Singh Parihar
    Amit Singh Parihar Month ago

    Love this show, although there IS something called too much alcohol. Otherwise you can just start buying ethyl alcohol with flavor packs. And if you'd like to try 100% alcohol, make sure you get your matters in order before you do

  • FDC 1
    FDC 1 Month ago

    President Assclown's adninistration in another demonstration of pure incompetence. " This is going to be a disater. " He should have been President Stumped's campaign advisor. Like a well oiled machine. Oh man the hits just keep on comin'.

  • Angelo Cavallo
    Angelo Cavallo Month ago +1

    If one show has to be canceled it should be his show but he's got no respect for the country or for himself people should stop watching the show

  • Hermes Mercury
    Hermes Mercury Month ago

    I see ETs.

  • moom11_1
    moom11_1 Month ago

    Model 10 Crusher is my nickname

  • Neftali Rivera
    Neftali Rivera Month ago +1

    Model 10 Crusher 2020 ~ Making America Flat Again.

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker Month ago

    Thank you 'murica! late night comedy has never been so awesome! The world loves laughing at you dumbasses lol

  • Rellko
    Rellko Month ago

    Oh, look, the eagles are coming.

    Oh, I'm sorry, was this not the comment section for "Lord of the Rings references"?

  • Patrick  Whiting
    Patrick Whiting Month ago

    Does anyone else find the pianist really annoying? He keeps saying unimportant things like "yeah haja" while im trying to watch...

  • novafire
    novafire 2 months ago

    i hope snl depicts her as a man xD

  • Landmine Vg
    Landmine Vg 2 months ago

    We understand you don't like trump... please stop obsessing its not funny anymore

  • ?
    ? 2 months ago

    2:48 there was still a patient in the back

  • ?
    ? 2 months ago

    Trump is such a stupid racist cowardly cunt

  • Marshall Culver
    Marshall Culver 2 months ago

    all jokes aside we have to vote him out in 2020. Don't forget that everybody.

  • One Night On YouTube
    One Night On YouTube 2 months ago +1

    "0B4M4'5 5PI35 4 K1LL1NG OU4 COUNTRY"

  • James Lawrence
    James Lawrence 2 months ago

    Funny thing is I was drinking Bombay Sapphire while watching this.

  • Shaquel Ahem
    Shaquel Ahem 2 months ago

    f uka trump

  • Marlon Moller
    Marlon Moller 2 months ago

    dang burning video truly sounds strongmy"cutebeauty !

  • Cj Blackcrows
    Cj Blackcrows 2 months ago

    fuck your dumpcare u fucking silverupyorassspoon u aint no ones president except to chumps ...president chump

  • Allard Freichmann
    Allard Freichmann 2 months ago +1

    Let's get health care for all. And put the orange ape in jail.

  • Tom Headen
    Tom Headen 2 months ago


  • Jordan Counts
    Jordan Counts 2 months ago

    The joke about the call being more productive than most office calls had me laughing too hard.

  • Graeme Fraser
    Graeme Fraser 2 months ago

    Stephen, we will welcome you to Canada ANYTIME!

  • Danielle Downer
    Danielle Downer 2 months ago

    OMG that call did NOT happen 😂

  • Patrick Béland
    Patrick Béland 2 months ago

    You're welcome here anytime Stephen !

  • Mikurunrun
    Mikurunrun 2 months ago

    I was saying Don nooooo d

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago

    This dudes a fucking faggot. You aren't funny find some new jokes. Or just hang yourself on live television that would be a lot more funny

  • UKpowerunleashed
    UKpowerunleashed 2 months ago

    Is Bombay sapphire an Indian brand? Coz I can tell that in India, the light beer contains 12% alcohol instead of 4-5% and it's AWESOME!

  • Wrath Berries
    Wrath Berries 2 months ago

    Why do Mick Mulvaney's eyes look like that? He looks like he's been through a poor photoshop job, perhaps to hide his real, reptilian eyes?

  • Princess Ariel
    Princess Ariel 2 months ago

    YOO ETIKA DRINKS BOMBAY...Even named his cat after it...(now is Christine's cat)

  • Soldier Slim
    Soldier Slim 2 months ago


  • Aditya Rao
    Aditya Rao 2 months ago

    I'm not a huge Trump fan, and I do find Stephen Colberts jokes sometimes funny, but Colberts an overall moron who needs psychiatric help at a high level.

  • edstirling
    edstirling 2 months ago +1

    MODEL 10 2020!

  • Jean Loup T
    Jean Loup T 2 months ago

    Steven, you are welcome to Canada ;) We can always use someone with a head on his shoulders.

  • Davis Mac
    Davis Mac 3 months ago +1

    Stephen Colber's planned reactions are remarkable. I love the middle!

  • Adub Htown
    Adub Htown 3 months ago

    she was Obama in a wig 😂😂

  • DawnCrystal tony
    DawnCrystal tony 3 months ago

    Too much political correctness. Care to get out of it a bit?

  • paazbra
    paazbra 3 months ago

    Misleading title.

  • PeachesCourage
    PeachesCourage 3 months ago

    I know this is out of context here probably . However I've been wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a charity for those of us who normally could not? 5-10 cents a day for a general charity to help people who need food, clothes etc?  I''m just hoping someone on this site sees this and would like to ?  I'm elderly and would not be able to really and no car too

  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird 3 months ago +1

    Colbert is on Fire these days!

  • Eddie
    Eddie 3 months ago

    Model 10 for President 2020

  • Tokey Ferris
    Tokey Ferris 3 months ago +1

    we all know she was fired over race and not letting trump grab her by the p****

  • Bones
    Bones 3 months ago


  • Austin Dash
    Austin Dash 3 months ago +1

    I blame trump supporters for putting that bastard in charge

  • Aerys II Targaryen - The Absolute Mad-King

    1 - a small guy
    2 - a fruit

  • Switchup
    Switchup 3 months ago

    Colbert should be grateful for Trump, he's the only reason people watch his show

  • Jessica Seed
    Jessica Seed 3 months ago

    if it was not for Trump your rattings would fall

  • Terry Costilow
    Terry Costilow 3 months ago

    correct me if im wrong but wasnt trump elected president of the United States of America by the majority of Americans thats right. so the minorities want to run the country and ignore the majority intrest interesting to see how that would end. so you thing the minority can protest pretty loud wait till the majority get started. SORE LOOSERS.

  • Terry Costilow
    Terry Costilow 3 months ago

    you really should stop you sick bastards are starting to get old. how many people wake up every day with trump on their minds hes making so many careers its unimaginable how hes helped amrerica so far. every channel every news commentator every comedian. i will retire 5 years earlier than i expected thanks to the trump effect on the stock market. hip hip hooray for trump. and what has colbert done for me oh he made me laugh. ha ha.

  • Armando Diaz
    Armando Diaz 3 months ago

    I love Trump but I have to admit this is pretty funny. Glad he's our president though, he's already #MAGA!! look at all of those happy united people in the audience

    TRUCKER MEPHISTO 3 months ago

    What an Idiot looks like " Colbert "
    Care less about the Trump jokes I just don't like Colbert he's just not funny to me.. Now what would be funny if Colbert got hit in the face by a brick then I would laugh so hard snot would blow out my nose..

  • Umeriw Aeoket
    Umeriw Aeoket 3 months ago

    every time I need to pee I always say I'm off to drain the swamp. At least I'm actually doing it instead of being on the opposite end #trumpgoldenshowers

  • Mireya Garcia
    Mireya Garcia 3 months ago

    this guy is an opportunist and a disgrace, no morality, no remorse, no nothing zero, nada

  • Drake Dragon
    Drake Dragon 3 months ago

    Less fucking ambulance....Best !@#$ thing ever....

  • Drake Dragon
    Drake Dragon 3 months ago

    Nice crusher...tvclip.org/video/mKc08iYhW9A/?t=2m49s

    Although explosions would have been nice.

  • Bucky Pinata
    Bucky Pinata 3 months ago

    Yawn...Lib Dems crying wolf again...just like in 2016....just guarantees another Repub President in 2020.....

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick 3 months ago +1

    our country is run by incompetent buffoons

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 3 months ago


  • Sarah Willson
    Sarah Willson 3 months ago +1

    Its the President Trump show, co host tonight is Colbert.

  • Evipicc
    Evipicc 3 months ago

    Why do all late shows have some sideshow jackass adding useless annoying commentary on the side with a mic they shouldn't have?

  • Kiel McCartney
    Kiel McCartney 3 months ago

    Big Jazzy finish

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