LG G6 Durability Test - Scratch BURN and BEND tested!!

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    Will the super large display of the LG G6 make the phone weak?! There is only one place on YouTube to find the answer. With the real to life durability tests, Ill walk you through each and every aspect of the phone and tell you what to watch out for as you decide whether or not to own an LG G6. Is the LG G6 made from real metal? Is the back panel glass? What part might break first on the LG G6. Ill answer all those questions and more during this durability test video.

    HERE IS THE FULL LG G6 TEARDOWN: tvclip.org/video/KX0nd8VwiVw/

    Cell Phone Replacement Parts: goo.gl/8e9zgI
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    The Lens I used for this video: amzn.to/1QOXDw2
    And this Metabones adapter: amzn.to/2iZ67Ty
    This is the drone I use: amzn.to/2joH00G

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  • Hells favorite angel mike


  • 1Berto
    1Berto 3 days ago

    shit that sound XD

  • Yago true
    Yago true 3 days ago


    VIVEK KUMAR 3 days ago


  • Udit Goyal
    Udit Goyal 3 days ago

    Sir please do a similar test with LG Q6

  • Allen Fencer
    Allen Fencer 5 days ago

    pls give me this scratched phone i would still use evn if it is damaged

  • Ashwin Karthik
    Ashwin Karthik 5 days ago

    can i adopt that poor phone?

  • Devonian Wrighton
    Devonian Wrighton 5 days ago

    There is a class-action lawsuit targeting two of LG's flagship devices, the G4 and V10. The suit (PDF) complained of a well-known bootloop issue that either bricked the devices or slowed them to a snail's pace—all to the backdrop of warranties or LG failing to fix the problem. After we published the story, many Android fans were wondering why other LG phones that suffered the same issues were not included in the original lawsuit.

    Wait no longer: the Southern California federal lawsuit has been amended to now include the Nexus 5X, and the LG G5 and LG V20. The updated lawsuit covers every high-profile LG phone from 2015 and 2016. Mind you i really liked my V10 in 9 months bootlooped bricked I'll have to wait for another manufacturer to have a quad dac amplified headphone that can hit the road jack i wont buy lg no more even the repair/replace they cant get right extended 2 year warranty i've been there done that.

  • adegbenro agoro
    adegbenro agoro 6 days ago

    Does it bootloop,?

  • Zestypanda
    Zestypanda 6 days ago

    Why don't you set your fingerprint before scratching the sensor?

  • Animal Silhouettes
    Animal Silhouettes 6 days ago

    LG q6

  • Truths of life
    Truths of life 7 days ago

    Please test the lg q6

  • Cricu Cristian
    Cricu Cristian 7 days ago

    My g6 got some fine scratc hes on the back from keys, the camera..

  • Cukierek yt
    Cukierek yt 8 days ago

    Polska xD

  • K7aloha Dinneen
    K7aloha Dinneen 8 days ago

    I've had my G6 for almost 2 weeks Absolutely LOVE IT!!! AWESOME. I put screen protector and a tech 21 case on her... Sexy!

  • David Gossett
    David Gossett 8 days ago

    This just feels weird to watch... "well, I got myself a brand new phone... time to get the knives...." O.o

    TANMAY MALIK 9 days ago

    that metal scratching sound so creepy😈

  • Femmè82
    Femmè82 9 days ago

    I die a little inside when watch expensive phones being dropped scratched etc... such a waste

  • Sebastián Demaría
    Sebastián Demaría 10 days ago

    At 400 is the best phone we can buy UNDER 600.

  • dhiraj sharma
    dhiraj sharma 10 days ago

    Please do a review for Honor 8 Pro

  • pokruszony czopek
    pokruszony czopek 10 days ago

    Hey there!
    I've personally bought G6 a month ago after really long search and hours of watched reviews.
    It's a truly great phone! I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Wisley pinheiro
    Wisley pinheiro 11 days ago

    Of all the devices that passed resistance tests, I think it was the most resistant.

  • BlueRockEye
    BlueRockEye 11 days ago

    That's my favourite phone

  • MrCtrigger76
    MrCtrigger76 13 days ago

    man watching this made me cringe lol

  • GrimCZ
    GrimCZ 14 days ago


  • Indri P
    Indri P 14 days ago

    This video is seriously painful to watch

    SR EMON 15 days ago

    Give me all of these phones. That you never broke 😛😛😛

  • Ahmed Nawaz
    Ahmed Nawaz 16 days ago

    So why he made the video of it

  • Ahmed Nawaz
    Ahmed Nawaz 16 days ago

    But honor 6x is not a flagship phone

  • mike virdiramo
    mike virdiramo 16 days ago

    Wow thank you for that !

  • janebell
    janebell 16 days ago

    This hurts my soul...

  • Mark Lennon
    Mark Lennon 17 days ago

    haha! nailed it like a G6

  • AgainstTheCurrent
    AgainstTheCurrent 17 days ago

    the lag issue makes me don't wanna buy it i don't know if its true tho :(

  • Novix
    Novix 17 days ago

    Watched on my computer while looking at my G6

  • Ahmed Nawaz
    Ahmed Nawaz 18 days ago

    Plz make a video on samsung galaxy c5 and c5 pro

    • hinimee
      hinimee 16 days ago

      Ahmed Nawaz He only does Flagships or popular phones

  • Baba ki jaabpi
    Baba ki jaabpi 19 days ago

    dud vry poor cqalty my phon was broken backside

  • Saitha Wils
    Saitha Wils 20 days ago

    I ripped the wireless charging pad while I was fixing it. Do you know where I can find one?

  • J- Khalid
    J- Khalid 22 days ago

    still better than s7

  • chris44gy
    chris44gy 22 days ago

    like a what ? ^_^)

    TTX XXT 23 days ago

    gorilla glass 5 is s8 and lg g6 has gorilla glass 3?

  • Pascal Vogler
    Pascal Vogler 23 days ago

    + Its looks Fly! Like a G6! Hilarious. :)

  • Kai You
    Kai You 23 days ago

    I would pay a lot to have a phone with a shatterproof display thats prone to scratching. We all use screen protectors anyway. Scratching isnt a primary concern. Its shattering

  • Games & Tech
    Games & Tech 23 days ago

    Watching in my brand new g6

  • Fuldark Lighty
    Fuldark Lighty 24 days ago

    i almost got bend my phone while watching u bending the g6 urgh

  • Subha Das
    Subha Das 24 days ago

    I have no money to buy a flagship and you are ruining them all 😥

  • amin mobina
    amin mobina 25 days ago

    با سلام غریب دوسال بود با ال جی جی4 کار کردم محشر بود با اینکه برد سوزاند و حتی تاچش کلا به علت سایه انداختن عوض شد لکن از ال جی 6 بهتر بود روانتر ودوست داشتنی تر دو روز جی 6 خریدم سه بار رفتم گارانتی به محض راه اندازی و ورود دیتا هنگ میکند که اصلا در جی یک بار هم اتفاق نیافتد نا امید شدم مونده رو دستم نمایندگی هم فلش رده حل نشده چه کار کنم.. آخه دوستار ال جی هستم.راهی هست راهنماییم کنید 2000000 پول دادم.

  • pichipichi30
    pichipichi30 27 days ago

    i feel sad for the phone 😥

  • Global Adventures
    Global Adventures 28 days ago

    Could you do a break down of the LG V20?!?

  • the baka bros
    the baka bros 28 days ago

    My phone came with screen protector applied and a flat earpeace

  • Jose Ramon Mera Gonzalez

    Nice durability review, it was flawless, tone of voice was on point, but fuck your bad jokes 😂

  • Claudiu Cojocaru
    Claudiu Cojocaru Month ago

    This is almost too painful to watch LOL... well it's in the name of science I guess :P

  • Rajendran Dilshan
    Rajendran Dilshan Month ago

    do it for honor 8pro

  • ilCuriosoneDelWeb
    ilCuriosoneDelWeb Month ago +1

    Although the G6's pixels turned off two seconds earlier than the average, however, they seem to have come back very fast

  • Traycel
    Traycel Month ago

    Aaaaahhh stop with the dbrand ads, they are everywhere...

  • Eliseu Coracio
    Eliseu Coracio Month ago


  • SAMUEL McKee
    SAMUEL McKee Month ago

    Go to my YouTube channel

  • Paul Vega
    Paul Vega Month ago +1

    So after having my G6 a few hours I found I somehow scratched the camera lens bad. A serious flaw.

    • Gal
      Gal 10 days ago

      Black color? Seems ti affect only black color G6.
      Anyway, it's not the glass.. it's a coating and you can remove it. Reddit it.

  • Practical Guy
    Practical Guy Month ago

    Did the back ever heal from the scratches you did to it? The G6 is supposed to self heal.

  • luzine Oliveira
    luzine Oliveira Month ago


  • Valcerus
    Valcerus Month ago

    What happens with the phones after he's done.

  • Timo Sailer
    Timo Sailer Month ago

    Also sowas dummes und behindertes hab ich selten gesehen, wie am arsch muss man sein um sowas zu machen?
    Von Morgens bis Abends gehörts du geschlagen!!

  • counterstrikemilitia

    That breaking bad reference though 😂

  • your moon
    your moon Month ago +1

    This is good phone, even better after seeing this video

    DCHTOWN1 Month ago


  • شيفا SHIVA
    شيفا SHIVA Month ago


  • ישי ע
    ישי ע Month ago +1

    I think it's quite odd that lg is closer to the "flat pice of glass phone" more than apple isn't that apple view of the future?

  • Yeeleng Moua
    Yeeleng Moua Month ago

    Can you have me?

  • paul foster
    paul foster Month ago

    great video Jerry thanks... wish I had watched it before i got a small scratch on my screen. Any suggestions for repairing that scratch?

    New BELK folio case arrived today so going forward not expecting any problems.

  • Sébastien Beaudette
    Sébastien Beaudette Month ago +1

    i love your video thanks a lot. you buy the phone?

  • Big Bad Godzilla
    Big Bad Godzilla Month ago

    You love to destroy

  • Jet Lag
    Jet Lag Month ago

    3:37 rip head phone users

  • Bharat kumar Baberwal

    what about LG g7 durability test ?

    GENGYAO LIU Month ago

    hey nice video, I hope you can do a Sony Xperia XZ Premium one, looking forward to it.

  • Elisa L T
    Elisa L T Month ago

    durabilidad y las caidas tambien es esta rango de resistencia eso falto.

  • Emmanuel Rosado
    Emmanuel Rosado Month ago

    You should make a headphone jack comment compilation video.

  • Steven Pagan
    Steven Pagan Month ago

    how's the gps on it compared to the LG v20?

  • mohd sattar
    mohd sattar Month ago

    lg g6 vs s7 new mobile

  • Keyan Gybran
    Keyan Gybran Month ago

    drop test would be more useful

  • Athal Kotiyai
    Athal Kotiyai Month ago

    fucking idiot

  • Juan Cabeza
    Juan Cabeza Month ago +3

    I LOVE MY G6!!! Thank God I chose this over the S8!!!

    • TheLast Animal
      TheLast Animal 6 days ago

      Juan Cabeza me to lol the s8 looks cool but also look like it would brake easy

  • John Narotov
    John Narotov Month ago

    xperia xz premium durability test..

  • Greg Tziatzias
    Greg Tziatzias Month ago +11

    LG is a good company

      JRFERMM 27 days ago

      Not for cheap phones (Or Grocery Store Phones) Plainrock124 destroyed LG cheap Phones, and Alcatel it's always better than the LG.

    • Anzar Mohammed Shereef
      Anzar Mohammed Shereef Month ago

      Greg Tziatzias G6 wont bootlap. LG made sure of it.

    • Ali Mirza Mohsin
      Ali Mirza Mohsin Month ago

      Greg Tziatzias Maybe! until you get ignored if your phone bootloops.

  • Richard Maxwell
    Richard Maxwell Month ago

    Yeah lets hold a lighter up to the screen.

  • Richard Maxwell
    Richard Maxwell Month ago

    How many people freaking scratch a phone with a damn utility knife. WTF

  • FantaStic Video
    FantaStic Video Month ago

    Life's Good yeaaa😁

  • misby
    misby Month ago

    LG is shit.

  • Tredon Aldridge
    Tredon Aldridge Month ago +2

    lol when you peeled off the plastic off of the side, I checked my phone... I had plastic on it for 3 years. I didn't know because I have a case lol

    • Work Out
      Work Out Month ago

      Tredon Aldridge Dude, the phone has not even been out for 1 year.

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas Month ago

    2:38 better than so many phones that had the camera protrude out

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas Month ago

    ahhh this is like watching phone torture

  • Kihyun's Nipple
    Kihyun's Nipple Month ago

    Wait... am I the only one who got a brand new G6 with a screen protector on it that holds up to all shit?

  • Mitsuke Shukira
    Mitsuke Shukira Month ago

    ZTE Nubia Z17 pleaaase :D

  • Sarim Khan
    Sarim Khan Month ago


  • Paco Bosina
    Paco Bosina Month ago +1

    Do zte zmax pro

  • Jami
    Jami Month ago

    Have you done Huawei p10 test

  • Roman Jr
    Roman Jr Month ago

    can I have that phone plz

  • Kenny Cee
    Kenny Cee Month ago

    lols am happy lg finally made it to your choice😂🙌

  • Freeeak!
    Freeeak! Month ago

    3:35 - 3:53 I skip that part. That shit hurts my goddamn ear!

  • Hey Coleen!
    Hey Coleen! Month ago

    my soul keeps hurting as he continues scratching the phone 😢

  • Royce Ardery
    Royce Ardery Month ago

    the camera lenses sucks.... cold water caused it to shatter...

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