This $250 ring could replace your credit cards, keys, and a lot of other everyday items

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  • Token is a fledgling hardware company that just introduced its first product: the Token ring, an identity ring designed to store your credentials and secure your privacy with a fingerprint sensor. Using just the ring, you can pay for goods, unlock your car, or ride the subway.

    The Token ring starts at $249 and is now available for presale. The first Token rings will start shipping in December.

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  • FullFledged2010
    FullFledged2010 53 minutes ago

    Precious ^^

  • Fazal Ansari
    Fazal Ansari 1 hour ago

    Well how to buy this ring

  • JustARandomDood
    JustARandomDood 4 hours ago

    I WANT IT SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anthony adams
    anthony adams 15 hours ago

    "end timez people the mark of the beast" is what strangers say when show up at my door step, i just tell no sir i dont believe in santa claus.

  • tyronrocks 12
    tyronrocks 12 17 hours ago

    I'm so happy about this just wish it was cheaper because I'm just 12 and have no money I now realize the only use I have for this is the door locks part and the passwords

  • PeggyChong
    PeggyChong 1 day ago

    And then you lose it

  • Danzan Mongol
    Danzan Mongol 1 day ago

    chopping it off is unrealistic, but some one uses it while the owner asleep or knocked out is realistic to me. also making it scan while being unaware is also possible

  • GlassyBiscuit 4 Gaming

    y'all know wtf is next... we gettin implants and 666 is fuckin coming

  • Pete HrapStick
    Pete HrapStick 1 day ago

    I m willing to believe a bunch of the stuff advertised but the auto fill password thing is kinda bs.

  • ASAP Mario Navarro

    a regular phone can do all this

  • Sandwich Punch
    Sandwich Punch 2 days ago

    I had this idea years ago but didn't have the money or knowledge to make it happen.

  • ordinarylover
    ordinarylover 2 days ago

    Greate, now you only have to worry about having that ring robbed...

  • Zynn Wong
    Zynn Wong 2 days ago

    Thefts here you come

  • osbely
    osbely 2 days ago

    I'm allergic to metal.

  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge 2 days ago

    Question: How does it shut down NFC functionality when removed, and how does it prevent an NFC miner from copying it if at all? For example, despite security, a modified car door opener sitting in a bag at an airport terminal can copy hundreds of credit cards per hour because the range of NFC is based on the powered device reading it. they can be put into NFC tags. Some are easily decrypted for use online. wouldn't this have the same vulnerability?

    The only thing I can think of is if the data is fully encrypted with the fingerprint scan and cannot be decrypted if copied to a tag. If that's the case I approve.

    best use would be locking guns so only the owner can fire.

  • Mr Chef
    Mr Chef 2 days ago

    MORE LIKE CONTROL YOU *proceeds to put on tin foil cap*

  • Marius Balaban
    Marius Balaban 2 days ago

    Pfff wankers!They make stupid rings with no value(for me),what the fuck?

  • The Continent of Hawaii

    "what if they cut off your hand with the ring on it"

    because people aren't going to wonder why you are carrying around a severed hand with you while you shop

  • Nilay Sadavarte
    Nilay Sadavarte 2 days ago

    "This $250 ring could replace your credit cards, keys, and a lot of other everyday items"
    That's right, I'll own nothing after spending 250$ on a ring!!!

  • Aaron Mac
    Aaron Mac 3 days ago

    Woah. Okay. This is really cool but I just lost my engagement ring so I don't think I trust myself...

  • aabbccddeeffgg1234
    aabbccddeeffgg1234 3 days ago

    and then the one who stole your ring also happen to be someone who has some capability in hacking, rip everything you got.

  • forest wow
    forest wow 3 days ago

    how safe would be their database security ?? that's the only question..

  • Lilibeth Cachero
    Lilibeth Cachero 3 days ago

    Can you do it for the fastpass band in Disney world

  • Jai Sookram
    Jai Sookram 3 days ago

    amazing!! if only it wasnt butt ugly, id love one

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    Science Insider 3 days ago

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  • Snazzy /Doomapuma\ Aj


  • DoorisJ
    DoorisJ 3 days ago

    My question is how does it know what information to transmit? Does it just throw every single NFC code it has at the terminal?

  • jazz Pandher
    jazz Pandher 3 days ago

    I ring ... thumbs up if you know where thats from.

  • 765 lb squat
    765 lb squat 3 days ago

    i wanted one until they said the battery only lasts 2 weeks. get the battery to last 3+ months and I'll get one

  • Peter Wood
    Peter Wood 3 days ago

    "Hence the Ident-i-Eeze. This encoded every single piece of information about you, your body and your life into one all- purpose machine-readable card that you could then carry around in your wallet, and therefore represented technology's greatest triumph to date over both itself and plain common sense."

  • Glorious Beaver
    Glorious Beaver 3 days ago

    imma just wait until its widely accepted in the world, kinda like smartphones

  • RememberYAD
    RememberYAD 3 days ago

    Just shake hand and steal money

  • Jasmin Ok
    Jasmin Ok 3 days ago

    does it scan patterns or does it understand depth? can someone just have a picture of someone elses fingerprint and use it?

  • Carlos Segura
    Carlos Segura 3 days ago

    We call it "token" the next generation payment system. stupid ass idea. Good luck trying to sell this garbage

  • Lotsa Bad Luck
    Lotsa Bad Luck 3 days ago

    Other people say *"Wow! That's so cool. I want one."* but I'm thinking "This is a HUGE security risk. It's not hard get someone's fingerprint or to intercept the wireless signals. Plus, what if something happens to change the fingerprint or if the finger is amputated?"

  • Steve Turner
    Steve Turner 3 days ago

    Mark of the beast... becareful of being conditioned.. Read your bible

  • Claire Heffner
    Claire Heffner 3 days ago

    Before it said that once you take it off it doesn't work, and it needs your finger print to work, all I could think was, I'm just gonna nail this to my finger.

  • zawser
    zawser 3 days ago

    now imagine if you lose it

  • ThatFancyMoos
    ThatFancyMoos 3 days ago

    We dont need this because we already have stuff it already does

  • Kelpo
    Kelpo 4 days ago

    Ring of laziness+3

    GAVIN LAWS 4 days ago

    Would if I cut their hand off?

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 4 days ago

    666 smh

  • MooBerry2009
    MooBerry2009 4 days ago

    this is looking like the mark of the beast, just saying

  • George W Bush
    George W Bush 4 days ago


  • raine starx
    raine starx 4 days ago

    Just fucking cut the arm of the person that wears that ring ya know.

  • DoodleBob
    DoodleBob 4 days ago

    Gonna replace someone's gold ring with this and then get the ring back in a month and they could keep the gold ring then I'm gonna steal their identity

  • Jiffu Cakes
    Jiffu Cakes 4 days ago

    Just mug someone and cut off their finger c;

  • Muhammad Afiq
    Muhammad Afiq 4 days ago

    just one single questions i wanna ask, it is rfid thiefproof

  • Sad Walrus
    Sad Walrus 4 days ago

    its ugly tho

  • Sir Marlon Brandon Rivera

    just another way to get robbed

  • Java Sea
    Java Sea 4 days ago

    It's all technologically advanced and stuff until you lose it

  • Bagas d'shadowyz
    Bagas d'shadowyz 4 days ago

    now thiefs have a reason to slice your finger...

  • Erick Sun
    Erick Sun 4 days ago

    Our phone can do all this. Why would I need this.

  • Najeeb Khan
    Najeeb Khan 4 days ago

    It's Lord of the rings

  • J. Vill
    J. Vill 4 days ago

    People commenting here, "what if your hand will be cut off?" The device has a body heat and pulse rate sensor. So?

  • J. Vill
    J. Vill 4 days ago

    People commenting here, "what if your hand will be cut off?" The device has a body heat and pulse rate sensor. So?

  • carl johnson
    carl johnson 4 days ago

    if someone cut u r finger with that ring??

  • Super Splashor TV
    Super Splashor TV 4 days ago

    im so sure im the only one noticing...


  • Arvin Villa
    Arvin Villa 4 days ago

    The creators managed to build this shit so they do have backup plans. Such as cutting hands etc.
    Products like these have researchers so don't comment edgy shits.

  • ItzNoodlez
    ItzNoodlez 4 days ago

    it got a tracker? cuz im about to lose that sht in seconds lol

  • Andrew Mathis
    Andrew Mathis 4 days ago

    or you can just use your phone...

  • Ariel Homapour
    Ariel Homapour 4 days ago

    It's like harry potters wand. 🙌🏼

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad 4 days ago

    0:47 'Ehm did somebody just order an Ejacu-Latte??'

  • Fernando Guzman
    Fernando Guzman 4 days ago

    i jUST wATCHED aN aD

  • Mr pxoto
    Mr pxoto 4 days ago

    Mark of the beast, anyone ?

  • Really Though
    Really Though 4 days ago

    There's gonna be a lot of robbers trying to make withdrawals holding severed hands, or hostages at gunpoint.

  • iMingles
    iMingles 4 days ago

    It's not going to be hard to steal money from this. Just carry a card machine and stand next to anyone with that ring in any public transport.

  • Bobo de gamer
    Bobo de gamer 4 days ago

    I would loose that thing before I even buy it

  • KNR
    KNR 4 days ago

    What sort of security does the ring have? As soon as people manage to transfer and decrypt the data, they'll have a shitload of information available.

  • hungrybearcircus
    hungrybearcircus 4 days ago

    The beast system is here. Resist.

  • Creep and Boom
    Creep and Boom 4 days ago


  • UsserError
    UsserError 4 days ago

    it's brilliant a $20 ring with a microchip in it and you charge $250 I want to own stock in the company.... I wonder if they rip off their investors too....?

  • Roach Spray
    Roach Spray 4 days ago

    We all getting an engagement ring

  • Hylian Hero Link
    Hylian Hero Link 5 days ago

    So stupid that ring costs as much as a smartphone but doesn't have a touchscreen. Just get a phone and you can do all this stuff and much more

  • Conor Malone
    Conor Malone 5 days ago

    Oh great, not it's going to feel as if I'm married 😑

  • MountainMash
    MountainMash 5 days ago

    fuck rings ,rather have phones,can't watch The Ring on the Token

  • thenotorious ong
    thenotorious ong 5 days ago

    But I want a toe ring.... 😞

  • MLGBilbo
    MLGBilbo 5 days ago

    is this a lotr rip off??.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    they can force you to um put the fingerprint

  • IzYawBoiDavid
    IzYawBoiDavid 5 days ago


  • Gail Phyllis
    Gail Phyllis 5 days ago

    that could of been my secret .😎

    SGT QAAS 5 days ago

    Until that much loved finger gets chopped up...

  • TheEightshot
    TheEightshot 5 days ago

    Shakes someone's hand, Now i have all your personal & phone details and all your money.

  • Vlad Влад
    Vlad Влад 5 days ago

    Take my money and give me this ring, I want to look cool )))

  • Lahking AyeSoul
    Lahking AyeSoul 5 days ago

    (Gets ransomed)
    Welp, there goes my life down the drain...

  • Paul Potts
    Paul Potts 5 days ago

    does it charge?

  • hexen TV
    hexen TV 5 days ago

    so someone can cut our fingers and hand now....

  • Monica Rama
    Monica Rama 5 days ago

    *loses ring finger*

  • Mcbubbly 007
    Mcbubbly 007 5 days ago

    everything is possible

  • Harambro 420
    Harambro 420 5 days ago

    The government owns you

  • Miles Pudge
    Miles Pudge 5 days ago

    I hope you guys know that this is not a new idea

  • J A M E S
    J A M E S 5 days ago

    We need a cock ring one too.

  • luffy gun
    luffy gun 5 days ago


  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 5 days ago

    I have no credit cards, bank cards, keys, or any accounts. This ring would be worthless to me. It is still interesting.

  • Pink  Ribbon
    Pink Ribbon 5 days ago

    New crime - Boy got finger cut off

  • FeelsYoshiMan
    FeelsYoshiMan 5 days ago

    That must be the "One Ring"

  • JoeAnim IDN.
    JoeAnim IDN. 5 days ago

    *it won't work for a marriage*

  • Giao Truong
    Giao Truong 5 days ago

    **loses ring somewhere**

  • Oshawott
    Oshawott 5 days ago

    Is there an on off switch cus that would make it last longer and more secure

  • Yawovi E.
    Yawovi E. 5 days ago

    "so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark on their hands or their foreheads. The mark is the name of the beast or the number of its name."
    Revelation 13 vs 17.
    I could see this coming really fast. Been in Europe and in Belgium in some clubs you can only get in if your an implant on your head which has a SIM card that has all your informations on it. It's easy to get. That's the future. 10 years from now, it would be the norm everywhere.

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