Vin Diesel's Side of the Charlize Theron Kiss Story

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  • Cez rok
    Cez rok 11 hours ago

    Im pretty sure vin diesel works at a donut shop , the donut puncher

  • Marsha Lumley
    Marsha Lumley 20 hours ago


  • Marsha Lumley
    Marsha Lumley 20 hours ago

    Strong guy also

  • Marsha Lumley
    Marsha Lumley 20 hours ago

    Vintage Diesel !!!!!!!!!!!

  • cristian lopez
    cristian lopez Day ago

    well he wasnt supposed to get intimate with her in the movie...

  • Lacey Brossett
    Lacey Brossett 4 days ago

    Absolutely love vin! Would love love to met him one day. #3 on my bucket list.

  • Just AnAsian
    Just AnAsian 7 days ago

    0:40 omg that laugh is manly aaf godlike

  • หนังใหม่ 2017

    Vin Diesel's sames rambo

  • Sandy Longfellow
    Sandy Longfellow 10 days ago

    Shame. Liked them both. I thought they were both better than this.

  • Yanie
    Yanie 10 days ago

    Hum? what about the pacifier? aka one of my favorite childhood movie?

  • Anthony Sefo
    Anthony Sefo 11 days ago

    The rock made the movie big in fast 5, if he wasn't there, the movie wouldn't exceed

  • GoGomal 442
    GoGomal 442 17 days ago

    I'm sure he used to suck a lot of helium and his voice stayed 😂

  • May Malintad
    May Malintad 17 days ago

    I love vin diesel... he is a good man...

  • Shamus h
    Shamus h 19 days ago +1

    I enjoy the Furious movies, but I most definitely associate Vin with Riddick. That is his child and one of the greatest sci-fi franchises.

  • Paul Vicente V Curimao

    Well, he is the producer, so obviously, other than the earnings, he needs to be the ultimate produce and keep creating buzz for his movie. PLUS, I think he is completely crushing on charlize theron for like the longest time hahahaha

  • Sebastian Vazquez
    Sebastian Vazquez 23 days ago


  • Justine Flores
    Justine Flores 25 days ago

    Why does your biggest fan for fashion furious

  • porto belium
    porto belium 26 days ago

    Para mi él hombre mas sexy del mundo

  • Sander Lansberg
    Sander Lansberg 27 days ago

    I thought some Tom Cruise shit is about to go down

  • Yassine Roche
    Yassine Roche 27 days ago

    But reception carve door before isolate press size last.

  • Zeonezeone Zeonezeone
    Zeonezeone Zeonezeone 28 days ago

    فنان حلوو

  • Zeonezeone Zeonezeone
    Zeonezeone Zeonezeone 28 days ago

    فنان حلوو

  • Jay Murry
    Jay Murry 29 days ago

    I have all fast and furious and love them R.I.P Paul Walker

  • Ms B.
    Ms B. 29 days ago


  • Amanda Spears
    Amanda Spears Month ago

    Omg cmon ellen ....doesn't he make you want to be straight 😂 I mean I'm pretty sure I'd come back from the dead over vind

  • Truth Eaddy
    Truth Eaddy Month ago

    Looks like daddy y yankee

  • Zach Osborne
    Zach Osborne Month ago

    still haven't seen it and its my favorite franchise...

  • Wreck66fiesta
    Wreck66fiesta Month ago

    The movie sucks

  • Obsidious
    Obsidious Month ago

    Ellen seems upset that he's there.☹️

  • Liban Abduqader
    Liban Abduqader Month ago

    He angry when he forget his woch she ask you a woch and you dosent have now

  • Sulaiman Ali
    Sulaiman Ali Month ago

    He is drunk I guarantee that to u people 🙂

  • hendrik swiji
    hendrik swiji Month ago

    Mr. Vin You look very young from your age and your acting is the best

  • Akmal M❶❷
    Akmal M❶❷ Month ago

    Vin diesel is the best😍

  • Isha Shirsat
    Isha Shirsat Month ago +1

    I miss Paul :(

  • Suevah Manalocon
    Suevah Manalocon Month ago

    hope there would be a movie for him w/ Charlize Theron

  • Evelyn Elizondo
    Evelyn Elizondo Month ago

    Am I the only one that laughed when she said, Throng!

  • Ashley Yoon
    Ashley Yoon Month ago

    I just got exposed to the world of fast and furious... I just turned 13 so I'm so happy I found out about this series

  • Chucky Conan
    Chucky Conan Month ago

    vin is starting to come out his shell a bit more since the furious series you could see how much hes grown throughout the series in his interviews !!

  • lyndah wurnay
    lyndah wurnay Month ago +1

    His voice is soo deep💖❤

  • Tony Young
    Tony Young Month ago

    it's a shit franchise

  • Jahkeel4 Real
    Jahkeel4 Real Month ago

    "WHAT?!?!?!?!!!!" lmao hahahahaha Vin Diesel is so freaking funny

  • Aaliyah Rirao Vlog Channel

    i now that the final scene was the ice charger crashes

  • Alejandro Maldoando

    es mi idea o le gusta realizar sentadillas?

  • Steven Ocon
    Steven Ocon Month ago

    Vin diesel is starting to look like jerry springers old security guard steve wilkos... throw back of the week

  • Sarakaye Plummer
    Sarakaye Plummer 2 months ago

    Vin Diesel is amazing sweet man

  • barjees ali ansari
    barjees ali ansari 2 months ago +1

    overacting,,vin diesel

  • first name last name
    first name last name 2 months ago

    captain the decent thing to do is to take her to the next town

  • Jaymie 5.0
    Jaymie 5.0 2 months ago

    I ain't never nark on nobody!

  • Josh Jansen
    Josh Jansen 2 months ago

    If only Paul walker could be here! I guarantee you he smiling looking down at them and shaking his head, thanking congratulations you guys did it again!

  • linziejo newton
    linziejo newton 2 months ago

    I love vin he's so funny ❤️

  • Sophie Hazelwood
    Sophie Hazelwood 2 months ago

    if your not familiar from the series then you wouldn't understand that Vins character is not happy when she kissed him and is thinking letty letty letty

  • Gábor Szabó
    Gábor Szabó 2 months ago

    I know he has a family and he is like a masculin mofo in most of his movies but he is just gay(ish, and in both meaning, kind of) when he's giving an interview. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of his and like his attitude and positivity, but this always gets my attention.

  • Broadcast Urself 1437
    Broadcast Urself 1437 2 months ago +1

    johncena and Nikki to be see in the Ellen show

  • Ada Blecha
    Ada Blecha 2 months ago

    is he cute or what!

  • J.A.K Vlogs
    J.A.K Vlogs 2 months ago

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  • Mr. cat
    Mr. cat 2 months ago

    i dont like vin diesel

  • Tatsiana K.
    Tatsiana K. 2 months ago

    he said like donald dac))

  • Sara Ahmad
    Sara Ahmad 2 months ago

    love him so much he is kind

  • Michael Neill
    Michael Neill 2 months ago

    He is so likeable. I am a fan

  • Mahad ali
    Mahad ali 2 months ago

    i bet after the show he said good bye and smiled and all....and then entered his red rx7, reversed it in the driveway, mumbling to himself "stupid bunch of bullshit", did a burnout and went to the beach

  • trebledc
    trebledc 2 months ago

    I.think.his overreacting. billion dollar symptoms.

  • Charles Lincoln
    Charles Lincoln 2 months ago

    Obviously she wanted him to make love to her and didn't expect him to kiss her in character lol

  • Daniel Kautu
    Daniel Kautu 2 months ago

    how will Paloma reacts to the kissing scene..? Next minute, Vin breaks up with Paloma and starts dating Charlize. This is Hollywood

  • Juan Pineda
    Juan Pineda 2 months ago

    subscribe to faze rug

  • 赵文杰
    赵文杰 2 months ago


  • santclause1
    santclause1 2 months ago

    No wonder they went ta shit after the 1st one.

  • K_money 1304
    K_money 1304 2 months ago

    My gym teacher is vin diesels cousin

  • 112romasa
    112romasa 2 months ago

    he is the cutest!!!!

  • shantall josephs
    shantall josephs 2 months ago

    He aint being weird.. he is just being his true self.. being in fast & furious or any other movie.. being tough.. its called acting.. thats is his job.. and he does a damn good job at it if you ask me..

    being like this its kool too.. if you met him probably.. you would be so relax being around him.. because from what i see.. he looks like a pretty cool guy...

    #TEAMVIN.. ❤

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny Singh 2 months ago

    Is he high 👌

  • Hector Herrera
    Hector Herrera 2 months ago

    vin kinda diesel

  • DCMarvel UniversalAlliance

    He's not a sequel man? Ya... Okay.

  • Amy Narine
    Amy Narine 2 months ago +1

    everyone is forgetting about Paul Walker...RIP my love ❤😘

  • Mama Dlo
    Mama Dlo 2 months ago

    I love you Ellen

  • Chipo Jr Siamutwe
    Chipo Jr Siamutwe 2 months ago +1

    Disel....I just love this guy, his voice rocks

  • skipskipskip
    skipskipskip 2 months ago

    what a clown

  • Genesis Ortiz
    Genesis Ortiz 2 months ago

    His personality is so different from the movies!!!!😂 I love it!!!! 💕

  • Nynave Larison
    Nynave Larison 2 months ago


    CRAZY FSF 2 months ago

    and i thought dory was annoying enough

  • Celebrities Secrets Revealed


  • Kevin McDonald
    Kevin McDonald 2 months ago

    As someone said before, Vin is probably the most gay straight dude ever!

  • Amir Levine
    Amir Levine 2 months ago

    His Reactions 😂👌

  • FaZe Kaden
    FaZe Kaden 2 months ago

    I was watching this wall while watching fast and furious five

  • Преслава Ганова

    Vin is great 💗

  • Keep It Riyal
    Keep It Riyal 2 months ago

    so much love in him

  • Nina Francia Guerra
    Nina Francia Guerra 2 months ago

    Movement in my men bwahahahha

  • Arjun Bharadhwaj
    Arjun Bharadhwaj 2 months ago

    Dead fish/Movement in your men. Lol

  • Abel Mesgna
    Abel Mesgna 2 months ago

    ellen I love you for make children happy when you see their face they are very happy

  • FIGHTERx81
    FIGHTERx81 2 months ago

    Since I come from Germany / understand I understandably badly English, therefore my question is it possible videos with German subtitles to put online?

  • Airion Toney
    Airion Toney 2 months ago

    if you see him aign can you say sorry for Paul walker

  • Mano Piadeiro
    Mano Piadeiro 2 months ago

    eu queria ser dos estados unidos

  • Hom Tanks
    Hom Tanks 2 months ago

    he is great guy but in the movie..
    bruh you are dead

  • Greeny Squash
    Greeny Squash 2 months ago

    R.I.P Paul walker

  • Nicolene mc mullin
    Nicolene mc mullin 3 months ago

    is there more of him on the ellen show..and maybe a vid of paul walker when he was on ur show..awesome movie..missing paul walker..

  • Ayana
    Ayana 3 months ago

    He did the kiss perfectly! What Charlize expect? He's supposed to be frozen, he loved his wife!

  • Jason MMA
    Jason MMA 3 months ago

    It must have been awkward for him.

  • Marilu Arcila
    Marilu Arcila 3 months ago

    Vin great guy, love him.

  • Ambiro Loera
    Ambiro Loera 3 months ago

    I love his voice.

  • Dolly Ann Rios
    Dolly Ann Rios 3 months ago

    i really love him ..youre my groot.

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