Zoo Animals Attacks 😱 [Epic Laughs]

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • Dangerous animals! Be grateful for the glass!
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    Epic Laughs prepared for you a video of Zoo Animal Attacks , check it out!
    So there you have it! Zoo Animal Attacks .

    Горилла ребенком атака в Далласе зоопарке

    Альбина Соболева

    Нападения Сильвербэк Gorilla После Маленькая девочка Фунты груди - разбивает три дюйма стекла видео

    Марта Титова

    Zoo Animal Attacks ★ When Dangerous Animals Don't Know What Glass Is ! [SV Life]

    SV Life

    Акула пробила стекло аквариума

    Best Video

    Злой Сильвербэк Горилла стекло атакует!

    Альбина Соболева

    Нападение животных на людей в зоопарке. / Zoo animal attacks.


    Белый медведь попытался съесть малыша. Polar bear wants to eat baby.

    Klepa MacLeod

    Белый тигр атакует

    Evil Hamster

    Lion cub - Lion tries attack baby - Zoo animals


    ZOO DIERNTUIN SINGH IRENA animals attack family 2017


    Tiger try to attack in Sri Lanka Zoo

    mohamed amjath

    Lion trying to attack baby at zoo HD

    Viral N Vast

    Omaha Zoo Silverback Gorilla Flying Attack Again!

    Break Clips

    Boston Zoo Gorilla Attacks!

    Mark McDonald

    Tiger attacked the man in Alipore Zoo, Kolkata

    somnath Banerjee

    Baboon at Bronx Zoo Attacking

    Mostly Animal Videos

    Polar bear charges 5 year old boy at zoo

    Gorillas Attack!! Silverbacks Set up & Double Team Zoo Visitors Window- Tatu & Kijito

    Amanda Briggs

    Gorilla Gets Mad

    Andy Neal Jym Junky Strength

    Zoo Animals: Tiger try to attack at the zoo

    Zoo Animals

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Comments: 2 996

    STENSEL 3 hours ago

    почему стекло не лопается? я долго ждал разбитого стекла

  • fearnonethis101
    fearnonethis101 8 hours ago

    Hmmm with this video im gonna look at the comment section

    Yes it never fails to amuse me. XD

  • Ilkin Azeroqlu
    Ilkin Azeroqlu 16 hours ago


  • sergey marvel
    sergey marvel Day ago

    Жалко животных((Sorry for animals((

  • DaVinci __
    DaVinci __ Day ago

    feel bad dor the animals

  • Cringey Kpoper
    Cringey Kpoper Day ago +1

    It's all fun and games until the glass breaks...

  • Cringey Kpoper
    Cringey Kpoper Day ago +1

    The Gorillas booty is WAY BIGGER than Kim K's booty lol (just sayin)

  • Tegan Rose
    Tegan Rose Day ago +1

    Love the animal's .😇😊😉😉🙂😀😎👭🤗

  • Jaha You
    Jaha You Day ago

    Dont FUCK with animals in A Cage. They might GET out

  • أسماء ابي بكر

    ياربي واحد خبيث 😳😱1:49

  • borra mohan reddy
    borra mohan reddy 3 days ago


  • Basil Malek
    Basil Malek 3 days ago

    It's not funny, it's a nonstopping tease for the poor animals. Wake up people! There are billions of ways to have fun by not exploiting other sentients >:(

  • Agnieszka Trusz
    Agnieszka Trusz 4 days ago

    From this vid I can firmly state that humans are the stupidiest species over the globe with no remains of instinct of self-preservation nor common sense - just a bunch of idiots remaining alive thanks to technology (otherwise the stupidest ones would have already got killed due to a natural selection).

  • t100base
    t100base 4 days ago

    animals do not like adult white folks.

    MRTEN 5 days ago

    It's 11 am why am I already watching this shit lmao

  • aiha4321
    aiha4321 6 days ago

    Sadest video on YouTube 😢

  • Juha Virtanen
    Juha Virtanen 6 days ago

    how is this supposed to funny....

  • Andreas Andrew
    Andreas Andrew 7 days ago

    In my mind just keep saying what if the glass broke down omg i can't imagine that

  • Diman Dimanich
    Diman Dimanich 7 days ago

    Some idiot human laughter in the majority. Really want to remove the glass ... :)

  • LBM Turbo
    LBM Turbo 7 days ago +1

    peoples=animals !

  • Football muz
    Football muz 7 days ago

    5.15 the lion wants to play

  • SilentWolf210
    SilentWolf210 7 days ago

    The gorillas were were anoyyed because its a no smoking zoo but tyeu still smoked his bboy harambe

  • Rupak being
    Rupak being 8 days ago

    Remove the galss then see who will laugh.

  • goku the destroyer
    goku the destroyer 8 days ago

    They're depressed to have such a small space

  • Mia 2 slay
    Mia 2 slay 8 days ago

    I love how people just think that just cuz you at the zoo that the animals can break the glass and eat you ass

  • cr7raposo
    cr7raposo 8 days ago

    ok, agora tira o vidro .

  • Cathrine B love
    Cathrine B love 8 days ago

    Poor animals they deserve to be free and not sit in a cage :((((

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 9 days ago

    God ! I see really stupid people and retarded childrens...

  • Adeum Deus
    Adeum Deus 9 days ago

    No wonder people get into trouble out in nature. "She's just coming over to say hi!" Bitch, if that glass wasn't there, even that captive-raised bear/cat/croc/etc. wouldn't hesitate to rip you apart. They are predators first and foremost, and need to be respected as such.

  • Asley Stewart
    Asley Stewart 9 days ago

    set them free

  • DJ Carter
    DJ Carter 9 days ago

    Imagine if the glass broke

  • Claudia Ansel
    Claudia Ansel 9 days ago

    Literally, all the Gorillas 🦍 are saying
    You kill Harambe, I kill you! (Sorry might of spelt it wrong)
    And their saying
    Get that fucking camera out of my face!

  • Uno Dos
    Uno Dos 9 days ago

    Just one of those glass enclosures need to break, so we can really make this video a 10.

  • Fire Lands Studies
    Fire Lands Studies 9 days ago

    poor animals They serve as a show for those fucking assholes

  • Fire Lands Studies
    Fire Lands Studies 9 days ago

    all these people are fucking imbecile

  • Sam Mas
    Sam Mas 9 days ago


  • kelice Tee
    kelice Tee 10 days ago

    This video shows that animal cannot see glass

  • Anomity 1
    Anomity 1 10 days ago

    I don't know about you but I found the video hilarious.

  • David White
    David White 10 days ago

    Stupid ass people.

  • ThePolarBear
    ThePolarBear 10 days ago

    Yes we all know how funny it is to see people being mauled to death

  • DaveMaxim
    DaveMaxim 10 days ago

    Stupid , unresponsive Parents, pisses off!!! I dont care its covered glass, if you want put yourself In front of those animals for Lunch and trust the protection glass, go ahead, but don't risk you kids, you morons!!!

  • women are property
    women are property 10 days ago

    Ive always been sad for animals in cages

  • Ichhabechris
    Ichhabechris 10 days ago

    This video highlights a huge problem but everything is funny right

  • WilliamWallace Of the US

    Half of these animals were just saying piss off

  • arun s
    arun s 10 days ago

    name of place ?

  • kiran mayee
    kiran mayee 10 days ago

    hats off to the zoo staff who has arranged those glass house around the wild animals and gave safety for the visitors.

  • ashish verma
    ashish verma 10 days ago

    Never turn your back facing big cats. They'll attack for sure.

  • Louise Ashlee
    Louise Ashlee 11 days ago

    I can't wait for the day all zoo's are closed down.
    This is so wrong.

  • Lord Maxwell
    Lord Maxwell 11 days ago

    People that go to zoo's and taunt animals are the lowest of the low, well that could be said about people who go to zoo's anyway. Fat lazy assholes walking around with a hotdog or ice cream.

  • Nanda Shah
    Nanda Shah 11 days ago


  • regina simpson
    regina simpson 11 days ago

    People please think about the zoos that have state of the art habitats and breeding programs to build up a endangered species numbers. Or save the animals from poachers. Or like i said to someone else in this thread about a certain lil hippo ,who if she had been born in the wild, would have died because she came early and was weak and therefore the mom didn't want her so the zoo and the Childrens Hospital stepped in and now shes 421lbs and has been introduced into the exhibit with her parents.
    If the zoo follows guidelines set in place and provides a decent or better environment these animals have it way better than their wild counterparts.

  • 》7 《
    》7 《 11 days ago

    ถ้าสมุดกระจกเเตก พวกมึงจะฮาไหม

    KERLIM CRUZ 11 days ago

    Olha o stress desses bixos pecado

  • Dinithi Wathsala
    Dinithi Wathsala 11 days ago

    poor animals.. ppl have fun caging these innocents😟.. you laugh at your soul not at that cheated caged prisonned animals..

  • Dolok B
    Dolok B 11 days ago

    Soon they figure it up to get rid of those glasses

  • Autumn Officer
    Autumn Officer 11 days ago

    seriously? they arent playing with you, theyre trying to EAT you. especially the little kids. theyre literally a perfect meal for one lion.

  • Kelsie Abdalrazaq
    Kelsie Abdalrazaq 12 days ago

    It's hilarious that these poor animals want to maul your small children. People suck.

  • DragonXxSlayer Yt
    DragonXxSlayer Yt 12 days ago

    apparently half of the people in this comment section are animal activists

    GIRANTE 12 days ago


  • Riot010 Rdam
    Riot010 Rdam 12 days ago

    by some people i hope they break out..

  • Diogo FFS
    Diogo FFS 12 days ago

    i like to see the animals with a close look on the zoo but they don't deserve the zoo... they deserve freedom!

  • adri1Videos
    adri1Videos 12 days ago

    Fuck the human

  • T Shak
    T Shak 12 days ago

    1:57 im more scared of that thing than all other animals...

  • Zedlika Yato
    Zedlika Yato 12 days ago

    If I saw a animal come at me at the zoo and break the glass or crack it a little I FUCKING PUSH EVERYONE IN MY WAY

  • David Houma
    David Houma 12 days ago

    It's amazing how only caucasians find it entertaining to do this in front of a glass wall at the zoo.

  • naza bayraktar
    naza bayraktar 12 days ago

    bi cam kirilsa sonu siz dusunun😳

  • Tyriffix _
    Tyriffix _ 13 days ago

    I wish all the animals got out and did what was needed to be done

  • BlueAgain007
    BlueAgain007 13 days ago

    I would be annoyed af if I were the animals behind the glass. "Fuck the humans, I would say"

  • YO -KUN
    YO -KUN 13 days ago


  • mat al
    mat al 13 days ago

    Well how would feel if someone was looking at you all day every day

  • Aurore Cassagne
    Aurore Cassagne 13 days ago

    free them #stupidhumans

  • PrattstAr Prattstar
    PrattstAr Prattstar 13 days ago

    I pray for the end of world. Ppl make me sick

  • Leon Lucario ConfirmHD

    wie süß

  • Dae Dae
    Dae Dae 14 days ago

    @1:45 hilarious

  • Zeynep Ergin
    Zeynep Ergin 14 days ago +1

    Bunu kim yaptı Dlkdkdkdkdk

  • James May
    James May 14 days ago

    All fun and games till the glass goes away

  • kieron Bell
    kieron Bell 14 days ago

    1:03 the ape was like is anyone around? Bangs on glass and runs lol

  • davide rambotti
    davide rambotti 14 days ago

    All I can see is just a bunch of fart-ass people

  • Survivalist
    Survivalist 14 days ago

    I know you shouldn't taunt animals period, but the only real dumbass I see is the one at 3:10. There's walls there for a reason.

  • sirpa hannele Ervasti
    sirpa hannele Ervasti 14 days ago

    I love you are best in hole Worlds

  • VamosJunge
    VamosJunge 15 days ago

    No one died. Where are the epic laughs?

  • James Pitt
    James Pitt 15 days ago

    The poor things haven't seen their real habitats before and they aren't even sure what they are.

  • Ashley Marks
    Ashley Marks 15 days ago

    lol the monkey wanted to prank them 1:04

  • Mr.shohel Mr.shohel
    Mr.shohel Mr.shohel 15 days ago

    Excellent Decoration,,,

  • Alex J
    Alex J 15 days ago

    More like zoo animals attack glass

  • Avaraid HD
    Avaraid HD 15 days ago

    Die meisten der Tiere wollen einfach nur in Ruhe gelassen werden.

  • Marie Griffith
    Marie Griffith 15 days ago

    why so many tigers just eave them alone people they do not like it

  • ZombifiedDuder
    ZombifiedDuder 15 days ago

    This shit would be so scary.
    I don't trust that glass ONE BIT.
    I think I'm just gonna stay away from zoos.

  • Shoumiyan Velaventhan
    Shoumiyan Velaventhan 15 days ago

    4:47 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Luca Skibinski
    Luca Skibinski 15 days ago

    Was sind das für Spassten ?
    Die provozieren die Tiere ja auch

  • Leopold Stotch
    Leopold Stotch 16 days ago

    I wish the glass walls would disappear the moment the animals attacked and natural selection would run its course all over these "consumers".

  • WarriorCult TV
    WarriorCult TV 16 days ago

    very sad

  • mario977pl
    mario977pl 16 days ago

    Smart wild animals vs stupid people

  • RC Robymar
    RC Robymar 16 days ago

    People who visit zoos and aquariums are so stupid.

  • zi paris
    zi paris 16 days ago

    These poor animals.

  • udrzba db3ba
    udrzba db3ba 16 days ago

    každý deň sa s ňou stretávam a vždy ma prekvapí - nekonečná ľudská blbosť!

  • Simone Mckenzie
    Simone Mckenzie 17 days ago +1

    I swear these gorillas think they are so sketchy

  • Simone Mckenzie
    Simone Mckenzie 17 days ago +1

    I swear that girl sounded like a parakeet when the alligator went at her

  • Simone Mckenzie
    Simone Mckenzie 17 days ago +1

    Lmao that gorilla rlly thought he was slick, trying to look away and then hit the glass like bch we see u

  • PrimeministerAus
    PrimeministerAus 17 days ago

    Humans are cunts....

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