Call of Duty: WWII Official Ardennes Multiplayer Map Flythrough - E3 2017

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  • This German encampment site is built for short- to medium-range engagements.

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  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith Month ago

    That's a good looking map .
    I just like story mode and zombies but wow , good one!
    I do not like war but I like history and studying WWII ...
    Cod WAW was my favorite... I'm gonna get this one and I hope they make it like WAW , with these visuals and new stories told .

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith Month ago

    Zombies ...?

  • N.O.X Cooperative
    N.O.X Cooperative Month ago

    Cool, looks nothing like the Ardennes.

  • Christian Olsen
    Christian Olsen 2 months ago

    everything i've seen from this game has been super underwhelming

  • ChoppingblockNJPS
    ChoppingblockNJPS 2 months ago

    wolfenstein is more accurate than this game

  • Sulayman Islam
    Sulayman Islam 2 months ago

    call of duty needs a new engine

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 2 months ago

    nice map

  • Maxfosho
    Maxfosho 2 months ago +1


  • swagata sarkar
    swagata sarkar 2 months ago

    WAW remastered?

    nevermind I think it will be great

  • Alican Alkan
    Alican Alkan 2 months ago

    toujane Marmara st mer. burgundy more more multi map

  • Damodar626
    Damodar626 2 months ago

    lol we make this game for the fans but makes every map for the stupid pro players so they can have their 3 lane bullshit and small maps

  • Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts 2 months ago

    So many people mocking this map because of its size but you all know it's not about the size it's about the design relative to the game mode and number of players

  • UltimateHenryLong
    UltimateHenryLong 2 months ago

    at this stage I feel people just want cod to die. it's really pathetic how people can complain about the lack of swastikas when the reason is they want don't want to be censored from germany

  • Andy Wong
    Andy Wong 2 months ago

    Size does matter!

  • David Digi
    David Digi 2 months ago

    So you can play as the Germans and kill the US, but a swastika is too horrible??

  • David Digi
    David Digi 2 months ago

    I want a game about us slavery where the slaves are white next.

  • Rogue CIA agent Poseidon

    Great now every game with a snow map remind me of uncharted

  • Dill Pick
    Dill Pick 2 months ago

    In terms of just sheer action, COD can't compete with Battlefield if it keeps making little maps like this that you can cross in 15 seconds. It just limits the gameplay options for the players.

    In BF you have massive, destructible, diverse environments where even the smallest maps still take nearly 2 minutes to travel from end to end. We're dealing with consoles now that are reasonably powerful machines, but it seems like COD isn't doing anything to really take advantage of it. I honestly don't see much of a reason why this game couldn't run on a PS3.

  • James Fether
    James Fether 2 months ago

    Didn't know the land in Germany was so small!

  • Alec Gervasi
    Alec Gervasi 2 months ago

    Makes small map.... "Wow battlefields maps are so much bigger than this crap". Makes big map...."Wow look at them try and copy battlefield". You know its da truth

  • CardinalGamer
    CardinalGamer 2 months ago

    Ok so this map is like a 3v3? Fast paced WWII battles is not the Call of Duty I was hoping for.

  • ಠ_ృ
    ಠ_ృ 2 months ago

    I love to hate on Call of Duty just as much as the next guy, but... this actually looks pretty good. I could probably find some childhood nostalgia playing this.

  • Jeyci Ruiz
    Jeyci Ruiz 2 months ago

    Congratulations you just triggered another flashback

  • Smart _
    Smart _ 2 months ago +3

    There was swastikas in World At War, why can't there be swastikas in this game?

  • Cody Goon
    Cody Goon 2 months ago +1

    I haven't played a COD game since BO2 and I couldn't be happier. I'll be getting this tho because of the single player, The multiplayer looks like crap.

  • BigBoss24mgs
    BigBoss24mgs 2 months ago +1

    nice! i allways wanted a cod2 remaster... wait

  • jondi23
    jondi23 2 months ago +1

    How about a civil war game next. Since we never had one

  • dvxAznxvb
    dvxAznxvb 2 months ago


  • Tyler Hobbs
    Tyler Hobbs 2 months ago +1

    Stop censoring and manipulating history please

  • KingSlayer
    KingSlayer 2 months ago +1

    This is not WW2. This is some made up BS!

  • RoboJules
    RoboJules 2 months ago +1

    I actually find it really offensive NOT to have any swastikas in a World War 2 game. History is history, and it's not to be trampled over by any sensitivity.

  • Rom Jaikat
    Rom Jaikat 2 months ago +1

    Let's face it, this game is crap.

  • Thegreat Omero
    Thegreat Omero 2 months ago

    is there any way that we get sentrygun in this game?? i really like that machine.

  • Tyler Brock
    Tyler Brock 2 months ago

    lol activision thinks trying something new is changing the theatre of war instead of level design. rat maze levels once again, yawn.

  • Harry Morgan
    Harry Morgan 2 months ago

    same old crap

  • Патрик Стар
    Патрик Стар 2 months ago

    Music reminds me Front Mission 5

  • Nacho Kinda People
    Nacho Kinda People 2 months ago

    I literally left CoD for Battlefield around MW2. I'm a long time Battlefield fan and even I can respect CoD for what it's trying to do by reverting back to what they were (I'm actually looking forward to this CoD). All these hate comments from "Battlefield fans" are probably kids who didn't know what Battlefield was till Battlefield 4 or 1.

    EDDY VD. BERGH 2 months ago

    Use COD1 & COD2 Maps to plx

  • spqninjapl
    spqninjapl 2 months ago

    Maps looks nice but very small.

  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime 2 months ago

    thank god for battlefield 1

  • moabpanda01
    moabpanda01 2 months ago

    I didn't know Ww2 battles were that small back in the day....

  • Oliver Parker
    Oliver Parker 2 months ago

    People always have something to complain about. "Ooo there are no Swastikas! OMG This is so not true to history." They're putting it in campaign, so stop whining. Also, stop comparing this game to Battlefield 1 because these two games should not be compared. Jesus.

  • sultan al fahim
    sultan al fahim 2 months ago

    No gore in multiplayer confirmed

  • Give Me A Smile
    Give Me A Smile 2 months ago


  • Yusuke Urameshi
    Yusuke Urameshi 2 months ago +2

    Man i grew up playing call of duty 1 and 2 those world war 2 moments i felt inloved with the series for me it was the best shooter experience ever i dont know where they did wrong with this franchise then the trailer for Battlefield 3 came it looked amazing and i gaved it a i couldnt never put my hand on a COD game cuz BF is to amazing !!!

  • Sleight of Hand
    Sleight of Hand 2 months ago

    what a mediocre map

  • valen tino
    valen tino 2 months ago

    finally... back where it should belong.. n now just give me cpt.price!! :D

  • josip duvnjak
    josip duvnjak 2 months ago

    small maps !!! again !?

  • Abbadon380
    Abbadon380 2 months ago

    after seeing this trailer all i can is MEH

  • jrichmond75
    jrichmond75 2 months ago +1

    Hate that they can't even put the swastica.

  • nodnarb power
    nodnarb power 2 months ago

    infinte warfare is better then this

  • The joke guy
    The joke guy 2 months ago +11

    The historical inaccuracy is strong in this one

  • paweł Werner
    paweł Werner 2 months ago

    ps3 version?

  • Cee-P
    Cee-P 2 months ago

    I made a video of the MP40 on WW2 vs WAW check it out.

  • Abram Anguaino
    Abram Anguaino 2 months ago

    is this origins?lol

  • Good ole Jess
    Good ole Jess 2 months ago

    stop censoring history

  • Jake the Snake
    Jake the Snake 2 months ago +5

    After playing Bf1 Cod maps and graphics just look like a joke

  • AlexYe007
    AlexYe007 2 months ago

    poor call of duty

  • Halo Freek Reed
    Halo Freek Reed 2 months ago +1

    it seems as small as infinite warfare and its small

  • Cold Chicken
    Cold Chicken 2 months ago

    I think its really hard for call of duty to make games now because even i cant think of what they could bring next year. Maybe they are really dying
    I think thats another reason why futuristic cod games were developed. So much easier to develop guns,characters and maps.

  • Marko Liimatainen
    Marko Liimatainen 2 months ago

    First time i saw the video i read the map name as Arendelle, instead of Ardennes.

  • Knight Solaire
    Knight Solaire 2 months ago

    Hey, some single player gameplay would be nice

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan 2 months ago

    I wanna get this game but I know that the mals are gonna be small and be that 3 lane bullshit that COD always does.

  • SenpaiDentai
    SenpaiDentai 2 months ago +1

    Not to hate but. Aren't world war settings doesn't fit fast phase games and I kinda don't feel comfortable with the small map setting...
    P.S I'm looking forward to map expansion and gameplay expirence.

  • Thomas Wang
    Thomas Wang 2 months ago

    The periodic fog is so awkward!!

  • Shane Hicks
    Shane Hicks 2 months ago

    A quick breeze through...

  • MaslAlek
    MaslAlek 2 months ago

    a jebać

  • Knights Templar - Music Entertainment

    A map thats the size of my backyard

  • Filthy Bee
    Filthy Bee 2 months ago

    Would like to see the battle of kursk

  • DemonHuntress 4Him
    DemonHuntress 4Him 2 months ago

    Wow. There is a lot of hate on here about this game. My son is a die hard COD fan. I'm just getting into FPS's and looking forward to making COD WII to be my first official game in my arsenal. Currently I'm training and researching all things FPS. These comments got me second guessing wether or not I want to invest my hard earned money into this game. I'm excited about it yet torn. If anyone reads this, tell me......
    1. What would you chose as your first high profile FPS?
    2. What FPS would you recommend for a noob 😕 to start out on?

    xIAMDAVEx 2 months ago

    Still no destructible environments??

  • 79ninzombie
    79ninzombie 2 months ago

    An enemy at every corner

  • minuteman360
    minuteman360 2 months ago

    Hey look, CoD is back!.....aaaand I'm over it...

  • Uncle Benny
    Uncle Benny 2 months ago

    is it me or this map graphics remind you of bo3?

  • OfficialDaBeast
    OfficialDaBeast 2 months ago

    Love the Game of Thrones feel lol

  • Mr Talker
    Mr Talker 2 months ago

    ether way cod is dead

  • Trey Proper
    Trey Proper 2 months ago

    I mean... this game looks good for the COD franchise, but after I lost interest from Ghosts I haven't played since then, and I really just don't give AF about a new COD game

  • Nobudgetking
    Nobudgetking 2 months ago

    So ahead of its time

  • caindossantos santos
    caindossantos santos 2 months ago

    is there going to be BOTS?!

  • WillWillaGames
    WillWillaGames 2 months ago

    Love having a 4k possible PC

  • P. Dilla
    P. Dilla 2 months ago

    I can't wait to play old school call of duty again!

  • Jacques Winter
    Jacques Winter 2 months ago

    it looks like a zombies map😂

  • Rman3196
    Rman3196 2 months ago

    Ardennes Forest. Wasn't this a segment in the Battle of the Bulge, Belgium? Man I'd hate to think what them men went through..... Huge respect.

  • Graphic Default
    Graphic Default 2 months ago

    Is battlefield, Cod, and Destiny the only shooters people play on console ? (legitimate question)

    • Sean McCravy
      Sean McCravy 2 months ago


    • Sean McCravy
      Sean McCravy 2 months ago

      Graphic Default happy early birthday

    • Graphic Default
      Graphic Default 2 months ago

      +Sean McCravy true. If I can I'll get a Gtx 1070 strix for my Birthday. Which is in a couple days. And Ill just buy a i7 7700k cpu. So my build will be cheaper since the card will be given to me for free. Also this build is godlike. Way better than all the consoles out right now, including the Xbox One X.

    • Sean McCravy
      Sean McCravy 2 months ago

      Graphic Default you should get a bigger budget then not to be mean.

  • corrion1
    corrion1 2 months ago +1

    Trash map

  • BloodCove
    BloodCove 2 months ago +11

    The franchise can't be saved, this looks terrible anyway

  • Colton Pelletier
    Colton Pelletier 2 months ago

    I'll come back to CoD when they take aim assist off consoles.

  • N I B B A
    N I B B A 2 months ago

    Why no swastikas

  • the SNES
    the SNES 2 months ago +17

    Why in COD the maps seems soo fake,like if all is made with plastic...

    • Vito Scaletta
      Vito Scaletta 2 months ago

      because Battlefield has redefined what real war maps should feel like

    • 4TheWinQuinn
      4TheWinQuinn 2 months ago

      Exaclty what I think aswell. It's pretty immersion breaking

  • soadskins
    soadskins 2 months ago

    This is gonna be the "nuke town" of COD WWII

  • Eric Lima
    Eric Lima 2 months ago +21

    After BF1, this looks just like a mere arcade game

  • Jacob Collver
    Jacob Collver 2 months ago

    Nice graphics

  • Suren Kalantarian
    Suren Kalantarian 2 months ago

    bf4 is still beter

  • Vírus_HD
    Vírus_HD 2 months ago

    "666" Likes '-'

  • Flippytop
    Flippytop 2 months ago

    why they try to add some epic music as if this map is a game changer

  • R Apple Tech
    R Apple Tech 2 months ago

    it looked like a Game of Thrones intro , wtf hahaha

  • Trevor Hoffman
    Trevor Hoffman 2 months ago +11

    The thought of someone being ok with playing a ww2 game where they kill other people, but not ok with seeing a swastika is hilarious

    • Maniacal Laugh!
      Maniacal Laugh! 2 months ago

      Kieran Maddocks Its in the campaign; there no disrespect to the soldiers who fought ww2.

    • Kieran Maddocks
      Kieran Maddocks 2 months ago

      Trevor Hoffman because its sugercoating history and disrespecting all MEN who fought and died for their countrys regardless of sides

  • Warrka4
    Warrka4 2 months ago +1

    This game looks like such trash! Textures are so bland.

  • Lord Scott
    Lord Scott 2 months ago

    this is gonna be my favorite map

  • Midnite
    Midnite 2 months ago

    lmao @ everyone whining about this game. 😂😂😂😂 enjoy your call of duty game

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