Johnny Knoxville's Eye Popped Out

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Johnny talks about shooting a new movie in South Africa, lists the many injuries he sustained on set and reveals that his eye popped out.

    Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg – Iguana vs. Snakes

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    Johnny Knoxville's Eye Popped Out
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Comments: 617

  • Ezekiel Ogilvie
    Ezekiel Ogilvie Day ago

    This guy probably COULD take a shotgun blast to the face and still live. Just sayin'.

  • Brizz Latency
    Brizz Latency 4 days ago

    Johnny= Idubbz

  • Sir Woolly Jumper
    Sir Woolly Jumper 6 days ago

    I loved that brief pause before Jimmy goes "...What is wrong with you?" - @1:55

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan 9 days ago

    Age is catching up.

  • Just Being Max
    Just Being Max 9 days ago

    Why play in that movie he should play Popeye

  • Mr. Blank
    Mr. Blank 12 days ago

    He could pass as Trevor philips brother

  • The Comedy Cat
    The Comedy Cat 14 days ago

    He kind of looks like Steven Ogg / Trevor Phillips

  • GueroVision
    GueroVision 15 days ago

    "The mergency room"

  • T.I Blaze
    T.I Blaze 15 days ago

    He reminds me of Trevor Phillips

  • StoneBrain
    StoneBrain 16 days ago

    Johnny knoxville is slowly morphing into jack nicholson :D

  • R H
    R H 16 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel, a host who dont fake laughs every five minutes unlike someone...

  • Jack Crack
    Jack Crack 20 days ago

    Bad description.. eye never popped out :/

  • twaght hammer
    twaght hammer 21 day ago

    he should play joker

  • AmmosickAnimations
    AmmosickAnimations 21 day ago

    I think Johnny's laugh is the most infectious thing I've heard

  • MrZer000
    MrZer000 25 days ago

    Haha so he basically is Popeye

  • IMPDubC03 Gaming
    IMPDubC03 Gaming 25 days ago

    He said, "What is wrong with you?"

  • Papi Champán
    Papi Champán 25 days ago

    Lmao John Travolta wasn't in the movie Bubble Boy 💀😂😂

  • Thunderhead
    Thunderhead 25 days ago

    Let's get Knoxville as the Joker

  • Crusty_Chris12
    Crusty_Chris12 25 days ago

    I won't be blowing my nose anytime soon

    IAN MERCADO 26 days ago

    i love jackass.

  • StikZ
    StikZ 26 days ago

    Anyone else think Johnny could do a fantastic Joker in a movie?

  • The Flash Hat Dc News and More

    What movie?

  • antoNIO
    antoNIO 26 days ago

    Anyone else scared of blowing their nose now

  • jeremie cortez
    jeremie cortez 27 days ago

    Pls do jackass 45

  • Sk8 n Destroy
    Sk8 n Destroy 27 days ago

    Is he drunk he's so loud

  • Eric Posada
    Eric Posada 27 days ago

    I would love to hear him play as joker but anywho i would love to get a tat of his autograph

  • caitlyn •
    caitlyn • 28 days ago

    bruh knoxville out here doing stunts for a movie, and recently steve o got burned really bad for a stunt for a movie.... should we be expecting a jackass 4?💀

  • Tonygamer416
    Tonygamer416 28 days ago +1

    I thought Johnny Knoxville was Jim Carrey in a hipster sort of outfit

  • James Vasquez
    James Vasquez 28 days ago

    If GTA 5 was a movie Johnny Knoxville should be Trevor like deadass I can see it lmao

  • Nayops From Chicago
    Nayops From Chicago 28 days ago

    I diedin 1:20 cause he said "And I wasn't expecting that" like who wouldn't⁉️😅

  • Weston20 Clips
    Weston20 Clips 28 days ago

    I love johnny Knoxville he's awesome

  • Trump the Cunt
    Trump the Cunt Month ago

    you're getting old boi! falling apart!!

  • Kyle Stevenson
    Kyle Stevenson Month ago

    I'm from South Africa ! 😁

  • Sara Bella
    Sara Bella Month ago

    is he going deaf? he's yelling a lot.

  • Chuck D
    Chuck D Month ago

    "Whaddayu mean it happened twice?!?!?!" Pretty sure he was in the process of telling you.

    • antoNIO
      antoNIO 26 days ago

      He's a bad interviewer

  • Mike Zeke
    Mike Zeke Month ago

    I am laughing so hard!!!!!

  • Ty's Kicks And More

    Eye story begins at 1:00

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez Month ago

    Dude stop for real.

  • Jo Momma HAHAHA
    Jo Momma HAHAHA Month ago

    how is he alive?

  • Zellex HCS
    Zellex HCS Month ago

    He reminds me of Trevor from GTA V

  • Kota Church
    Kota Church Month ago

    i legit passed out listening to his story

  • Taylor YT
    Taylor YT Month ago

    He's shouting lol

  • Shelby Britton
    Shelby Britton Month ago

    He looks like Jack Nicholson kind of...

  • Dank Meme'r 25
    Dank Meme'r 25 Month ago

    How is this man still alive. Johnny Knoxville you glorious bastard

  • Alex-John Curnick
    Alex-John Curnick Month ago

    What is this film he is working on sounds good and is bam better yet I heard he is ill or something would be cool to do jackass 4 for Ryan Dunn I know there is discussion on it and what it's called were not Dunn yet but would be good to do one last epic film really miss that film

  • Roac
    Roac Month ago

    jackass 4 featuring ryan dunn's spirit. too soon?

  • Justus Furlong
    Justus Furlong Month ago

    He is amazingly caviler about almost loosing his eye from a stunt 🤔😃

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Month ago

    Why are there fkn captions

  • Jocke HoodBrowsah
    Jocke HoodBrowsah Month ago


  • The Badd35t
    The Badd35t Month ago

    This guy got a damn good Joker laugh

  • Sascha Kröss
    Sascha Kröss Month ago

    'What is worng with you?'

  • James Smith
    James Smith Month ago

    I'm Ryan Dunn and this is the drunken Porsche flip

  • Baphomet
    Baphomet Month ago

    What movie is it?

  • ShowKiller 22
    ShowKiller 22 Month ago

    love this guy! Always enjoyed jackass

  • Anthony Hart
    Anthony Hart Month ago

    AW he said that he kept thinking that bam would pop up behind him and throw pepper in his face😞

  • Cody J Miller
    Cody J Miller Month ago

    Now I'm afraid to blow my nose. lol

  • pieter olivier
    pieter olivier Month ago

    was on the set..Philip Clapp aka Johnny Knoxville is A awesome guy.

  • Lance gallardo
    Lance gallardo Month ago

    he reminds me of trevor off of gta

  • jb2395
    jb2395 Month ago

    I'm pretty positive they've been filming a new Jackass movie.

  • Tyler Munden
    Tyler Munden Month ago

    My eye popped out while watching this. Thanks J&J!

  • MrStickman13579
    MrStickman13579 Month ago

    A good jackass sequel/reunion would be "We're not Dunn yet"

  • Luis Preciado
    Luis Preciado Month ago

    Johnny Knoxville should be the joker

  • Christian Collins
    Christian Collins Month ago

    Johnny reminds me of a less psychotic Trevor Phillips

  • Salvador Vázquez
    Salvador Vázquez Month ago

    where Steve o at?

  • Marcus Christensen
    Marcus Christensen Month ago

    hope he can get his eye fixed man.

  • Jenny Tulls
    Jenny Tulls Month ago

    I will always love Johnny. It's so weird to say he was one of my first crushs?? I was watching him & jackass when I was in elementary school.....lmaoooo love him

  • Joe Bullock
    Joe Bullock Month ago

    Such a dope dude

  • Johnny Hopkins
    Johnny Hopkins Month ago

    Knoxville is either on meth, crack or coke

  • Mel Mancheno
    Mel Mancheno Month ago

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  • Daenerys
    Daenerys Month ago

    People keep thinking that there's going to be another Jackass, but I doubt it. All the guys are in their forties pushing to their fifties and their bodies just aren't as strong as they were ten years ago. If any of these guys took another hit to the head, they could suffer permanent damage, especially Pontius because his eyes look glazed over.

  • codewarrior
    codewarrior Month ago

    is it just me, or does he begin to look like a younger jack nicholson????

  • NightIIJester
    NightIIJester Month ago

    Your eye pops out more than Poppins the dog :)

  • Bill Cunningham
    Bill Cunningham Month ago

    How much punishment can his body take????

  • Juicebox
    Juicebox Month ago

    what a legend

  • Riley Pothier
    Riley Pothier Month ago +1

    Can he record it next time?

  • Joseph Ortiz
    Joseph Ortiz Month ago

    He's starting to look like shit💩

  • David Lee Roth
    David Lee Roth Month ago

    he need some milk!

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez Month ago


  • MikeyTheGent
    MikeyTheGent Month ago

    Im afraid to blow my nose now

  • Jaime Gallardo
    Jaime Gallardo Month ago

    I met johnny Knoxville at Santa Monica pier he was with his kids walking around & he was so nice and kind to take a picture such a great guy :D

  • Rogue Opy
    Rogue Opy Month ago


  • Ashley Taccone
    Ashley Taccone Month ago

    what a life

  • Slippery Jack
    Slippery Jack Month ago

    Kimmel, invite Chris Pontius and Wee Man to your show.

  • Kalin Molina
    Kalin Molina Month ago

    More like popeye

  • PYRO
    PYRO Month ago

    yay chris ponies

  • Adam Zappacosta
    Adam Zappacosta Month ago


  • Fun Facts
    Fun Facts Month ago

    He's always reminded me of Jack Nicholson

  • The Chaulk Man
    The Chaulk Man Month ago


  • xXMikey2808Xx
    xXMikey2808Xx Month ago

    So much better than Fallon, way worse than Conan

  • Brown eyes Guy
    Brown eyes Guy Month ago +2

    How is he not dead yet

  • dixoscot
    dixoscot Month ago

    the legend

  • Synatious :D
    Synatious :D Month ago

    Johnny Knoxville should be the next Joker

  • Logan Reviews
    Logan Reviews Month ago

    Tom Cruise can never top Johnny Knoxville

  • Miagy 5
    Miagy 5 Month ago

    Man the age is starting to show, love the jackass guys for entertaining a generation in their younger years

  • Leo Lee
    Leo Lee Month ago

    How this guy and Jackie Chan are still alive is beyond me!

  • John Marston
    John Marston Month ago

    Knoxville gets the worst injuries GODD!!!!!

  • veronica jacobs
    veronica jacobs Month ago

    i had no idea he was making a new movie! I'm so excited

  • Vincent Valenzuela
    Vincent Valenzuela Month ago

    Yo! Be carful, when you sneeze again!!

  • Gabe-fartpoop peepants


  • MythsQueue
    MythsQueue Month ago

    Lol johnny fuckville lo guys!!

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