10 Hot Weather Life Hacks To Keep YOU Cool

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    ICEE LOVER Day ago

    No, ice blocks are significantly worse than ice. Ice has a larger surface area, allowing it to cool faster and with more effect. I would recommend smashing the ice block instead of putting the whole block in the cooler, believe me.

  • DerekAnims 24
    DerekAnims 24 2 days ago

    My dog died. But likes won't bring him back. Ya don't need to like the comment, just wanted to say

  • F1rsttime_online
    F1rsttime_online 3 days ago

    That ice in front of a fan only lasts about an hour.

  • Raka Style
    Raka Style 3 days ago

    The kool aid slush is sooo yummy! I tried it!

  • tsenguunkh Khosoo
    tsenguunkh Khosoo 4 days ago


  • Rivette Pyrzsa
    Rivette Pyrzsa 4 days ago

    cooler idea is more awesome than awesome! and I did think every hack was awesome too!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Gardzalla
    Ben Gardzalla 4 days ago

    Hearthstone reference? Subscribed.

  • Jong Bang
    Jong Bang 5 days ago

    In 0:40 are you friends with The King of Random????

  • Sienna Bryan
    Sienna Bryan 8 days ago

    OMG it really works and it cools me down too

  • Magnolia Bokenko
    Magnolia Bokenko 9 days ago +1

    Almost every hack was with ice ๐Ÿ˜†

  • ya boi yosif
    ya boi yosif 9 days ago

    how hot can you have it

  • George Schlaline
    George Schlaline 12 days ago

    Christ will return and were wasting time on trivia

  • Gavin Pennock
    Gavin Pennock 13 days ago

    And GRIND!!! It up

  • Goof Trooper
    Goof Trooper 17 days ago

    I wish I watched this video when I was living in Hawaii

    I moved cuz my dad's in the Army so we move a lot

    Now we're in Massachusetts

    It's so cold here

    I'm not used to it

  • Hello ImRebecca
    Hello ImRebecca 19 days ago

    The green spoon in the thumbnail looks like a mens pip....

  • Pugs FTW
    Pugs FTW 19 days ago


  • Dodo Bird
    Dodo Bird 20 days ago

    Not as hot me, tho!

    LIKE A BOSS M8 23 days ago


  • sgolber18
    sgolber18 24 days ago

    But that spoon

  • chef peepee
    chef peepee 24 days ago

    Is that a dildo on the thumbnail

  • Thezoomber 996
    Thezoomber 996 25 days ago

    Awkward shape for the spoons at 3:54

  • enwuajw tshsbwbw
    enwuajw tshsbwbw 25 days ago

    0:31 , Michael, Franklin, Trevor

  • Matthew Estrada
    Matthew Estrada 26 days ago

    i tried the slushy

  • Anna Z
    Anna Z 27 days ago

    You need freezer space though ...

  • Yung Wether Apparel
    Yung Wether Apparel 27 days ago

    householdhacker looks like a less fat scarce

  • Jessica Tonkin
    Jessica Tonkin 28 days ago

    I'd use the ice block in front of a fan instead of ice cubs

  • Tony Logue
    Tony Logue 28 days ago

    hey grant!

  • Bullz Eye
    Bullz Eye 28 days ago

    Oh my Jesus, he used blue bc its a COOL colour

  • Funtime Foxy Records
    Funtime Foxy Records 29 days ago

    3:27 well........................... those spoons look um............. nevermind...

  • FlodsGaming
    FlodsGaming 29 days ago

    nice lifehacks

  • Lia wang
    Lia wang Month ago

    I just pop bubble wrap in second like cra cra

  • Lina Twin
    Lina Twin Month ago

    its 12 am and like almost 60 here in mn

  • MegaWatermelonWolf
    MegaWatermelonWolf Month ago

    I'm sooo excited I'm making that shaved ice and I'm gonna sell a decent sized cup of it for two dollars

  • Marthinus Van Jaarsveldt III

    nothing helps if you work in the middle east

  • HackLordZ
    HackLordZ Month ago

    I tried the slushy hack,and it work!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  • Amina Khizar
    Amina Khizar Month ago

    no cokacola the level of soewer is to soewer level 3

  • Shawn Myrelle
    Shawn Myrelle Month ago

    Yea... so come here and sit outside with a "cold one" in Arizona. The Sun is not having it. It's suicide to go sit in a lawn chair out there

  • Ibtisham Rahman
    Ibtisham Rahman Month ago +1

    1:57 PLEASE make a fan like this one PLEASE

  • Madison._. Idk55
    Madison._. Idk55 Month ago

    3:57 .. instead of your hand you can turn your hat around

  • Thediamond Minecart

    like grant thompsan

  • Agnes Trinidad
    Agnes Trinidad Month ago

    his spoons looks like a dick๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Potato
    Potato Month ago

    instructions not clear, jumped into fire

  • Yudi GEE
    Yudi GEE Month ago +1

    I am a kaffer

  • It's Me TheFox
    It's Me TheFox Month ago

    0:39 if a RANDOM friend stops by and you want to enjoy a nice cold beverage in the heat

    Haha I get it, nice one

  • Chicken Nuget
    Chicken Nuget Month ago

    To keep ME cool??!!!?

  • Black Thief
    Black Thief Month ago


  • Super Sandwalker
    Super Sandwalker Month ago

    0:40 grant Tompson the king of random!

  • Alex Quinonez
    Alex Quinonez Month ago

    Watching this cause Cali weather is ruthless๐Ÿ˜ก

  • Lia wang
    Lia wang Month ago

    I love your food hacks the make me go crazy

  • Nutrition Facts
    Nutrition Facts Month ago

    I want to throw the ice cups on the ground.

  • Hannah123
    Hannah123 Month ago

    I have I slushy maker

  • Morgan Duterrow
    Morgan Duterrow Month ago

    2:43 I guess you could call them spareacotta pots get it.....

  • Daniel Gehring
    Daniel Gehring Month ago

    Point of the video: use ice.

  • Silvershotprop
    Silvershotprop Month ago

    I laughed at 0:38! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • justin bouy
    justin bouy Month ago

    Chris fix here

  • Doge StyleNebu
    Doge StyleNebu Month ago

    when i see a sexy girl is sooooo hot ;) this will help me

  • Willow76ny
    Willow76ny Month ago

    I'm using your ice cube in front of a fan hack right now! Thank you.

  • Ethan Sical
    Ethan Sical Month ago

    that snowcone one is awesome

  • TheSwitchGamer
    TheSwitchGamer Month ago


  • The Skull On Fire
    The Skull On Fire Month ago

    "A random friend"

  • Hazim Gamer
    Hazim Gamer Month ago

    Is thy thomson

  • MinecraftMeyhem // MCMeyhem

    How could you use those cups, my hands are as warm as a heater

  • Estadr Adaber
    Estadr Adaber Month ago

    When the thumbnail has a spoon dick

  • Rochelle Thundercloud

    you can use clean sponges soaked in water and placed in ziplock baggies as makeshift ice packs without the dripping.

  • YSAF ROBLOX and more

    10 ways to get rid of Scars cuz I have a scar

  • internetbean
    internetbean Month ago


    Yeah, it breaks, but what's the purpose?

  • Rusty Tiberius
    Rusty Tiberius Month ago

    Wouldnt putting the ice behind the fan work better

  • Shaan Rakhra
    Shaan Rakhra Month ago +1

    Why am I watching this it's winter

  • Canada ball
    Canada ball Month ago

    I love how he says tiny pieces

  • Mr. Who The Hell Cares

    "If a random friend gets by"
    I see what you did there

  • vivile ilia
    vivile ilia Month ago

    3:03 sure that's water?

  • Victoria
    Victoria Month ago

    0:42 - cracking a cold one with the boys

  • aqua daily
    aqua daily Month ago

    just got a new sub

  • Finesse God
    Finesse God Month ago

    why is there a green dick in the thumbnail

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo Month ago

    on the thumbnail theres a penis

  • Fun with us! - Animations!

    The crushed ice is very popular in Asia, it's called Ice Kachang in Singapore :3

  • lucutes /// SuperCell /// Other *

    now how to cool down your pet for under 0$

  • Aislyn Spink
    Aislyn Spink Month ago

    Love the ideas!

  • Subbu Forty-Five
    Subbu Forty-Five Month ago

    The channel Be Amazed stole this video

  • Nu Thang
    Nu Thang Month ago

    Oh god look at the thumbnail

  • toddysfc media
    toddysfc media Month ago

    I just know most people here now are English and struggling with this heat

  • Freya Brimson
    Freya Brimson Month ago

    Everyone in Britain is watching this after the heatwave lol

  • patricia beatriz
    patricia beatriz Month ago +6

    now you can literally crack a cold one with the boys

    • Alexis Quan
      Alexis Quan Month ago

      patricia beatriz I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS COMMENT

  • Zaastros Dog
    Zaastros Dog Month ago


  • Catstuffies Tran
    Catstuffies Tran Month ago

    3:56 he has a cat in his lap

  • chris morgan0
    chris morgan0 Month ago

    Food coloring leads to cancer

  • RaelVidot _RBLX
    RaelVidot _RBLX Month ago


  • GD Drumming
    GD Drumming Month ago

    yea grants here!

  • Jess Ellis
    Jess Ellis Month ago

    You can do this, or, you can just stay inside with the aircon on.

  • Trisha Osburn
    Trisha Osburn Month ago

    lol I cracked up when I saw ice the fan

  • Terrell Carter
    Terrell Carter Month ago

    for shaved ice can you use brown sugar

  • Daryoush Jamkhu
    Daryoush Jamkhu 2 months ago +13

    *Cracking a cold one with the boys*

    • Spikey 369
      Spikey 369 13 hours ago

      Daryoush Jamkhu
      *C R A C K I N G A C O L D O N E
      W I T H T H E B O I S*

  • Shrektin_ Bieber
    Shrektin_ Bieber 2 months ago

    who watching in the end of vacation?๐Ÿ˜ข

  • Seth Freakin Rollins
    Seth Freakin Rollins 2 months ago

    who else noticed the green penis in the thumbnail

  • AllThingsisHere Here
    AllThingsisHere Here 2 months ago

    on 3:02 you did pee ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • The Random Gamer567
    The Random Gamer567 2 months ago +1

    Who else saw the thumbnail, looked at the utensil and thought:

    Looks like balls. Lol.

    MRHOVOXO 2 months ago

    in the middle of the thumbnail ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • While you read this , i stole your food

    is it only me or i saw a dick in the thumbnail? the green thing

  • Itzzz Brightt
    Itzzz Brightt 2 months ago


  • Killerbash 9000
    Killerbash 9000 2 months ago

    "Huh,should've added more food coloring" me:yea to make it look even more like meth

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