Are Modern Humans Really Older Than We Thought?

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  • Until recently, fossil evidence for modern humans has only gone back 200,000 years. A new discovery in Morocco and thermoluminescence dating may help extend that beyond 300,000 years.

    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Ethan Smithson
    Ethan Smithson 3 days ago

    how did they never read in time like that bc it said 'homo'

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 29 days ago

    As a South African, I can tell you that evolution halted there about 200kya.

  • Gerry C
    Gerry C Month ago

    This is not "new" news they have been digging there for 10 years. And these fossils were found a long time ago. The big problem has been that orthodox scientist wouldn't accept the fact that they were 100,000 older than the previous ones. Because there were too many PhDs, and political agenda fighting it. No rational person should have accepted the previous date. This was found in Morocco and there was a whole political agenda that wants to claim the Horn of Africa as the source of humans (OOA) out of Africa/Africa Replacement theory. This find blows a big huge hole in that theory. Too many people wedded to it, and too many careers built on it, and the foundations of whole branches of science dependant on it.

    For the last century - scientist have dismissed/denounced as forgeries or hoaxes/ and destroy fossils that didn't fit their paradigm.

    for example : The first significant African discovery related to human origins occurred in 1913 when Professor Hans Reck, of Berlin University, found a human skeleton in the upper part of Bed II at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Modern dating methods give a late Early Pleistocene date of around 1.15 million years for this site. Reck said, "The bed in which the human remains were found....showed no sign of disturbance."

    A anatomically modern human skull was found in 1880 at Castenedolo, Italy. The stratum from which it was taken is assigned to the Astian stage of the Pliocene. According to modern authorities (Harland et al, 1982, p. 110), the Astian belongs to the Middle Pliocene, which would give the skull an age of 3-4 million years.

    Any evidence that didn't fit the 200,000 years ago dogma of the scientists in the field was suppressed. They suppressed this find for ten years. it may be older than you thought but it is still not the oldest that exists.

  • Lemming Herder
    Lemming Herder Month ago

    we probably are older than we have evidence for, because we are evolved for beach living. that's why we only have hair on the tops of our heads and walk upright and have larger brains that can understand waves and tides etc.. and there is nowhere on earth that destroys literally everything in its path, like waves. so any tools or bones we left behind were turned to beach sands within years.

  • Lucent Gamers
    Lucent Gamers Month ago

    300000 men in Dunkirk dammit

  • Rob Mendoza
    Rob Mendoza Month ago +1


  • Beth Bartlett
    Beth Bartlett Month ago

    "Let's all agree to - know that THEY DON'T REALLY KNOW" - and "THEY" have all sorts of "predetermined varibles" - "THEY ALREADY SUPPORTED" and "THAT" throws all kinds of facts - outside their "AGREED THEORIES" - .......... .... ...
    .. Sooooo, "THEY" must be pretty STRESSED OUT - cause "THEY" are Docs/PhD' s and "THEY" hate lookin' like they didn't follow the rules of research (no pre-determined goals) -

    LET THE FACTS - TELL THE STORY - and it's OK - to have a Soul and Believe in your Source/God -
    "It's called: FACTS and FREEDOMS"

    You CAN be a Scientist AND have a spiritual belief system - Ask a Physicist! ⚛ ♱ ☮

  • CouragePope
    CouragePope Month ago

    sounds like carbon dating bs

  • Rein Ryuumata
    Rein Ryuumata Month ago +1

    Ilberd: *_Sloppy~_* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • jnzkngs
    jnzkngs Month ago

    We are still emotionally closer to flinging poo than founding the federation of planets.

  • Caligula138
    Caligula138 Month ago

    I thought the out of Africa theory was recently disproven by fossils found in Bulgaria and Greece.

  • Simone
    Simone Month ago

    Of course its not going to be clear cut. Evolution is very gradual.
    We will probably never find a definitive answer to this.

  • Khondker Rifat Hossain

    Modern humans have been on this earth for more than 200000 years yets we cannot trace our history to more than 10,000 years, it is stranger than fiction

  • lunacouer
    lunacouer Month ago

    I love it when Hank can barely contain his enthusiasm. He looked like he was about to start jumping when he was talking about how they dated the remains. That enthusiasm is contagious.

    Either that, or someone behind the camera was trying to make him lose it during filming.

  • Entropic
    Entropic Month ago

    This channel is so bad lol.

  • Nuclear Nadal
    Nuclear Nadal Month ago +1

    Morocco, selling weed since 300 000 B.C.
    i know this because i'm a morocain History Student who also sell weed xd

  • jadegecko
    jadegecko Month ago +1

    This electron spin resonance stuff is really interesting

  • azlib77
    azlib77 Month ago

    Wow, this science is mind bending.

  • Heartless
    Heartless Month ago +1

    Seems a bit obvious this would happen. Evolution is gradual. Its not like like modern humans just popped up exactly 200,000 years ago.

  • Bobby Harper
    Bobby Harper Month ago

    The rocks could also have been baked by wildfires and a hundred thousand years later somebody made tools out of them.

  • Nieprawdziwy
    Nieprawdziwy Month ago

    Fascinating how fast people discovered even older person, shortly after finding that the oldest human that was in Europe. Suspiciously so.

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D Month ago

    And another reason to why scientific advancement is most important

  • ysf victor
    ysf victor Month ago +1


  • Daniel Milliams
    Daniel Milliams Month ago

    Did they make a video about that recent discovery in Greece/Bulgaria? Or why is it not in here?

  • Daniel Milliams
    Daniel Milliams Month ago

    Víš co já to tady napíšu v češtině, proč ne

  • Eli Malinsky
    Eli Malinsky Month ago +1

    East Africa is still thought to be where the H.Sapiens line diverged from H.Neanderthalis some 450,000 BP by latest estimate.

  • TheHadesShade
    TheHadesShade Month ago

    video question idea, how does carbon dating work?

  • Peter Haus
    Peter Haus Month ago

    haha im from Leipzig:D

  • Three Lui
    Three Lui Month ago

    The last time I was this early, humans were called Homo heidelbergensis

  • TheFourthWinchester
    TheFourthWinchester Month ago +1

    Neanderthals are Humans too!

  • Qaedtg H
    Qaedtg H Month ago

    Have you ever started watching a 5 minute ad that starts at the beginning of the video, and then forgot about the actual video, and then when the actual video plays been like "oh yeah . . . this"

  • aacole
    aacole Month ago


  • Mr3344555
    Mr3344555 Month ago

    Life must be interesting outside youtube.

  • Undeadassassin 04
    Undeadassassin 04 Month ago

    Is evolution real and is there proof? Please answer anyone

  • Jay H
    Jay H Month ago

    I've wondered, If we dig up all the old bones on earth and put them in a few storage locations around the world and something devastating happens to humanity, then future humans may have nothing useful to accurately figure out where and when things existed.

  • Abu Lahab
    Abu Lahab Month ago

    Jebel Irhoud just means Mount Irhoud

  • lordelliott42
    lordelliott42 Month ago

    What I take away from this is that our techniques for dating ancient remains are very poor and inaccurate.

  • István Sipos
    István Sipos Month ago +1

    78 creationists disliked this

  • Christopher Ellis
    Christopher Ellis Month ago

    jebel/rebel. ..Rabaul?

  • Captain Raz
    Captain Raz Month ago

    we built paleoanthropology on east África, mostly due to political issues. west africa surely can bring better images

  • raven draven
    raven draven Month ago +5

    very good video!
    My anthropology and paleoanthropology professor contributed to this discovery by the analisys of the teeth of Jebel Irhoud and he presented the results last week during our "laboratory's friday meeting"!

  • ProfessorBorax
    ProfessorBorax Month ago

    Hank green taught me it was pronounced NeanderTals... Keeps saying neanderTHals himself -.-

  • jack LD
    jack LD Month ago

    Human not evolve, human degrade, then extinc

  • hopawaylittlebunny
    hopawaylittlebunny Month ago

    Faces and brain cases
    Champagne and cocaine
    Help to get me through

  • shaj ali
    shaj ali Month ago

    humanity is millions of years old, greater civilisations have lived and and been extinguished in the past with technologies greater then ours. just cos we have no knowledge of them does no mean they did not exist. we will be destroyed in the future and others will take our place and create greater civilisations and look back on us as primative.

  • CarthagoMike
    CarthagoMike 2 months ago

    the really interesting thing with the older dating is that the Homo Sapiens most likely did not just live together with Neanderthalers, as previously thought, but also with other human 'species'.

  • seasong
    seasong 2 months ago

    Listened to a talk once, where a guy researched stone tools that are 20 million years old, although the earliest humans used tools was 2 million years ago. Since his findings conflicted with the accepted evolution theory and he didn't have a degree in the field he is mostly ignored by academia ...

  • Kuunib
    Kuunib 2 months ago +1

    So someone owes us a lot of cake🤔🙌🏻👀

  • R. M.
    R. M. 2 months ago +1

    Hey, "Jebel" or "Jabal" or "Jebal" or however you wanna spell it, means "Mountain" in Arabic, so it's Irhoud Mountain :)

    Yours truly,
    An Arab fan

  • Ace Ice
    Ace Ice 2 months ago

    I won't call you "earthlings" anymore, now I'm gonna call you "Moroccans"

  • Feroce
    Feroce 2 months ago

    Are you going to do a video on Graecopithicus? It's actual age was discovered shortly before these and it also paints an interesting picture regarding human origins. 7.2 million year pre-human found in Europe. 200,000 years older than the oldest hominid found in Africa

  • Sourcedrop
    Sourcedrop 2 months ago +1

    where does a guy get access to all of the data from the excavations? i don't like taking other people's words for stuff. "trust us, we know what we're doing," is usually said by a person hiding stuff.

  • Prometheus720
    Prometheus720 2 months ago

    If hominins were living all over Africa in varied environments and climates, why are we so hooked on the idea that they all stayed in Africa? At the least this says to me that 20,000 years is plenty of time to spread over the whole continent of Africa. But why not farther? what physical barriers would keep hominins from the levant, anatolia, and the middle east? It seems easy.

  • Marky Mark & Mary May
    Marky Mark & Mary May 2 months ago +1


  • GrandMasterNas !!
    GrandMasterNas !! 2 months ago

    Haha it was said by science it self everyone originally came from Africa and migrated so wtf is there racism???? Like wtf

  • sushant rai
    sushant rai 2 months ago

    hey scishow. one of my friends doesnt believe in evolution. all i could say to argue against him was, darwin, origin of species. i havent read it. could you please you do a video on it?

  • YeszCore
    YeszCore 2 months ago

    Can you talk about the human remains found in Greece that were older than the African ones? That would be interesting

  • moongirl786
    moongirl786 2 months ago

    I would like to see more of the bones than just the skull before coming to any conclusions, because to me, that skull does not look at all homo sapien; the protruding jaw, the angle of the mandible, the sloping forehead, the thick protruding brow ridge, let alone the brain case as you mentioned... looks a lot more like homo neanderthalensis or homo erectus to me

  • Chuck Fina
    Chuck Fina 2 months ago +7

    "Hey, what year is it?"
    "It's 300,000 Before Christ, man."
    "What the heck is Christ?"
    "I don't know. lol"

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle 2 months ago +2

    Let's face it. At the borders of science, we tend to go for the simpler explainations of things. However when the science is finally in, it shows to be much more complex than first though. When will we stop doing this. We do it over and over and over again in every field of science. In Planetology, regarding Jupiter, there were two schools of thought, that it was smooth inside and the other that it was lumpy inside. After the JUNO mission, it was provided to be both but way more complex than anyone thought. Again and again we do this. Human habits, has a habit of not fixing it's habits.

  • Caol J. Nicely
    Caol J. Nicely 2 months ago

    man kind rocks!!

  • Lancer Uchiha
    Lancer Uchiha 2 months ago

    No, the earth and life in general are a lot younger than we think. I mean not too long ago they pulled up the femur bone of a dinosaur with a flint arrow head lodged in it as well as many different leg bones of dinosaurs found with idents from a sword found in the bone. There was no evolution nor big bang. The earth came to be just as is stated in the book of genesis.

  • ozrocker
    ozrocker 2 months ago

    Who the crap are the 59 people who would dislike this at the time I am posting this? How could anyone dislike this?

  • Hactar Davros Blinkenlights

    According to The Guide, we crash-landed here 2 million years ago :)

  • AvengingNarwhal
    AvengingNarwhal 2 months ago +1

    5:09 biological mess = everybody was *banging*

  • Libertarianist
    Libertarianist 2 months ago

    The title makes no sense. The human line goes all the way back.

  • Snaily001
    Snaily001 2 months ago +17

    I like to think that creationists are having seizures while watching this.

  • James Cashman
    James Cashman 2 months ago

    They may be Homo Sapiens, but are they Homo Sapiens SAPIENS? That's the question!

  • Atanar89
    Atanar89 2 months ago

    well that's the first time I've seen kilo-years.

  • Myke hog
    Myke hog 2 months ago

    you've got to love science, thanks, keep up the great work

  • goodygoodyguy
    goodygoodyguy 2 months ago

    58 Neanderthals dislikes the video :D

  • Edd James
    Edd James 2 months ago

    how can this be true if the earth is only 3000 years old and flat, wake up sheeple

  • el khomri el mehdi
    el khomri el mehdi 2 months ago +1

    you are all from morocco my county !!!

  • confiscator
    confiscator 2 months ago

    What evidence do we use to come to the consensus that these are our direct ancestors? Are we just comparing morphology? Couldn't it be a case of convergent evolution? I'm assuming we haven't recovered DNA. I've always wondered in cases like this how we determine direct lineage. Can anyone illuminate me?

    • foobargorch
      foobargorch Month ago

      Yes, I think only Neanderthal DNA has been recovered, and the rest is done by morphology (cf. "anatomically modern human"), and as far as I know direct lineage is just speculation for these kinds of remains

  • confiscator
    confiscator 2 months ago +1

    JeBELL, not JeBALL.

  • L Galicki Band
    L Galicki Band 2 months ago +1

    I don't know why all the hype... My mother is law is way older than these newly founded fossils! 😮

  • Toridan
    Toridan 2 months ago

    Seems to me the problem is at some point the differences between various human types becomes so subtle it's going to be hard to define "modern".

  • Ian P
    Ian P 2 months ago

    But the elected leaders of the wealthiest country on the planet believe that the world is only six thousand years old. That makes sense.

  • thechugdude
    thechugdude 2 months ago

    What about the dinosaur mummy? The super well preserved dinosaur they've found recently.

  • Boreopithecus
    Boreopithecus 2 months ago +1

    Key word being *anatomically* modern which is really fairly trivial. We already know that *behavioral* modernity happened relatively recently but that was the real game changer and that's still at ~50 kya. Until we find evidence of behavioral modernity significantly older than that we shouldn't consider these *anatomically* modern-like humans much different than other related hominins such as H. neanderthalensis.

  • TheBobBrom
    TheBobBrom 2 months ago +1

    This is why I get annoyed at time travellers!
    Some guy decides to go 300,000 years in the past dies and it screws up our entire fossil records!
    It's like the Baghdad Battery all over again 😡

  • Fitti
    Fitti 2 months ago

    160 +- 16 KYR
    so is it inaccurate by 16 KYR or 16 YR?

  • Anthony Ciccariello
    Anthony Ciccariello 2 months ago

    Far out man

  • Rosalinda Wijks
    Rosalinda Wijks 2 months ago

    Africa is Eden, baby! :-)

  • Be The Legend
    Be The Legend 2 months ago +1

    WoW, I am from Morocco, so I am your grandpa 😁😁😁😁😁😈

  • Kaalyn - OPG
    Kaalyn - OPG 2 months ago

    So much fascinating information, yet the biggest question is whatttt was happening to the audio??

  • swollendigit
    swollendigit 2 months ago

    all the evidence fits together if you guestimate enough of the pieces.

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore 2 months ago

    First, a couple of jokes...

    Goddamn dead time-travelers...

    Pretty sure I saw someone with that same skull shape at an In-N-Out today.

    But seriously, neat.

  • Djprojectus
    Djprojectus 2 months ago

    So....we are not 100% sure that we come from Africa but hey lets all say we come from Africa although other fossils in another parts of the planet contradicts out of Africa hypothesis.

  • MoreAmerican
    MoreAmerican 2 months ago

    So how does this explain Trump?
    Great video

  • Vercusgames
    Vercusgames 2 months ago +3

    So for now we came from Morocco. That's not far from Spain. It makes more sense considering our European offshoots.

    West Coast is the best coast.

    • chistine lane
      chistine lane Month ago

      +Vercusgames keep denying logic Buddy

    • Vercusgames
      Vercusgames 2 months ago

      You took a single sentence I made and countered with... 1, 2, 3 sentences. Added in context about tools. Don't recall mentioning that part? Finally added excessive length on the last part. Gotta give people time to breathe, when reading out loud. {:

      West Coast still the best coast.

    • chistine lane
      chistine lane 2 months ago

      +Vercusgames you said this means we came from morroco. Literally nothing in this find gives evidence of that. In fact, because they has somewhat "advanced" tools it's probably evidence that this was just one of the many offset tribes of humans.

    • Vercusgames
      Vercusgames 2 months ago

      I said, read the first line, thanks.

    • chistine lane
      chistine lane 2 months ago

      Vercusgames no. Early humans were FOUND in Morocco. That's all this find says

  • Tom Sapp
    Tom Sapp 2 months ago +2

    at what point do modern humans diverge into separate species.......some of us lived on islands away from other humans for a long time........

    this is an actual question please don't think im trying to be racist im talking general features not skin color

    • Search
      Search 2 months ago

      Tom Sapp Check the concept of Species Complex. Maybe humans were one of these.

    • Tom Sapp
      Tom Sapp 2 months ago

      +m33p0 what about lions tigers brown bears polar bears even dogs and (wolves other dogs prarie dogs etc.)cats and wild cats all have widely diffrent species but can still produce offspring (some offspring such as in the lions and tigers cannot reproduce to a 3rd generation however)

    • m33p0
      m33p0 2 months ago

      if said group becomes unable to produce a viable offspring with the rest of the specie.

  • Gina Woolsey
    Gina Woolsey 2 months ago +11

    A large part of the reason we say anatomically modern humans evolved in East Africa is because that's largely where we find the fossils. The Great African Rift Valley has given us a lot of fossils, so we say that's where the humans must have been, even though we have no evidence to say that that's the only place they were. So yeah, a pan-African view does make a lot of sense.

  • TravistheHuman
    TravistheHuman 2 months ago

    Pan-African. Makes sense. We are hybrid.

  • Frank Einstein
    Frank Einstein 2 months ago +5

    The real question is: what were we doing during the last 200 000 years? Its crazy all we've done during the last 250 years. So then, how come have we achieved almost nothing before?

    • Evan Ulven
      Evan Ulven 25 days ago

      Also, humanity and our ancestors have been smashed with several species-wide reset buttons over the ages. Comet impacts, global ices ages, diseases wiping out whole social groups, super predators, ect. Some of those happened at the same time. Who can say how much was learned, lost, relearned, and lost again over the course of even known history?

    • Shahe Ansar
      Shahe Ansar Month ago

      Yes, but we didn't have applied math. Before newton, nobody did physics with math.

    • Christian Gingras
      Christian Gingras Month ago

      It is because you attribute a lot of importance to transistors and a few other recent inventions. But the features that distinguish human from the closest living ancestor, the chimpanzee, took a lot of work.
      Language, social life, caring for inanimate objects as much as any mammal care for their babies (protecting that hunting tool, carrying it everywhere, making copy of it for other members of the tribe).
      Expressing emotions using a few dozens muscle in the face was very important before language became reliably transmitted. A lot of tribes got exterminated because they didn't make the correct eye contact. This discrimination against individuals who fail to share these features because of slight difference in their DNA is still happening today. Autistic people have lower chance to find a job and have a family. This is darwinian selection and it keep favorising the individuals who are considered as best by the society.

  • Casey Anderson
    Casey Anderson 2 months ago

    yeah kinna always thought it was strange how ignorant humans try to tell you the story of you when no one has a clue wtf is going on in this world

  • Segkee
    Segkee 2 months ago +1

    I just want to say one thing: duh. I'm glad they found evidence to support what I've known since I read Origins of the Species 100 years ago. It's called logic people. LOGIC!

    • Segkee
      Segkee 2 months ago

      Is it literal? By what measure do you deem something obvious? Did you read the Origins of the Species 100 years ago (like I did)? Or were you cool with me being over 100 years old? That fit comfortably within your understanding of how the world works. If science were limited by what lives within our reach (and not beyond it) then we would not exist in the form that we currently do. That's why I have lived so long, you understand. I feed off people like you and I attempt, when the opportunity arises, to push past the limits of what is literal, what is common, and what is sense. That much is... obvious.

    • Patrick McCurry
      Patrick McCurry 2 months ago

      That is literally the common sense fallacy. What is "obvious" is not automatically true.

  • Solo Phats
    Solo Phats 2 months ago


  • jezzbull
    jezzbull 2 months ago

    Are modern humans really older than we thought? Ancient aliens theorists say "yes".

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