Learn How to Backflip in 5 Minutes | ASAP

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  • This is a tutorial on some secret exercises and techniques in order to learn the backflip in 5 minutes!
    [Get Bodyweight Strong] - onlykindsfitness.com

    Disclaimer: Attempt at your own risk. Make sure you are warmed up and are in general shape before attempting.

    [Roundoff Backflip in 5] - tvclip.org/video/jeB-zGSyXHU/

    [Instagram] - instagram.com/bboyballz
    [Full Backflip Tutorial] - tvclip.org/video/Q_p4dybt94c/

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  • ThatEliteGamingChannel
    ThatEliteGamingChannel 58 minutes ago

    I tried it and I broke my arm

  • Jonathan Aguilar
    Jonathan Aguilar 1 hour ago

    Instructions not clear got my dick stuck in a toaster

  • Amanda Colligan
    Amanda Colligan 3 hours ago

    this dudes hilarious lmao thanks dude helped me out a lot

  • Stephen Dowdye
    Stephen Dowdye 6 hours ago

    Dear Pigmie,

    Fuck You.

    Sincerely, ME.

  • Sav 21
    Sav 21 8 hours ago

    lol I suck at gymnastics and I got my backflip and I'm so damn happy😂😃😃😃

  • Vlogs 4 days with some 4 games 4 Games

    Well umm dude this is 6 minutes so yeah

  • Excel
    Excel 11 hours ago

    How to break your neck in 5 Minutes, achieved :D

  • Sami Aiyad
    Sami Aiyad 13 hours ago

    I just cant get over the fear and I know how to do macaco

  • Oliver Adams
    Oliver Adams 14 hours ago

    Me and my little brother had just watched this video and wanted to learn backflip. We went out and our mom told us to be carefull. After a few tries i actully made it and my brother was so jealus he then walked to the madrass jumped landed on hes neck. Broke it.. the died

  • Arthur Hjort
    Arthur Hjort 17 hours ago

    I learned thank you very much

  • Samar Fanjari
    Samar Fanjari 20 hours ago +1


  • ZAHERmm
    ZAHERmm 1 day ago +1

    I have just fart in 3:11

  • YouTube Youngling
    YouTube Youngling 1 day ago

    I subscribed!

  • CosxtlyCarrot
    CosxtlyCarrot 1 day ago

    Omg this help thank you now I can show my friends 😀😀😀

  • Respare
    Respare 1 day ago

    Instructions unclear, ended up with my dick in a fan.

  • AnToonY Animates
    AnToonY Animates 1 day ago

    Wait this video is 6 minutes

  • Ashley Swensen
    Ashley Swensen 1 day ago

    "Power roll... Sounds like some kind of microwaveable dinner.... Don't eat that though "😂😂😂😂

  • Gaming Chanell
    Gaming Chanell 1 day ago

    how you sould clean your mind when you thinkig im gonna fuck up my neck

  • Deadly Crit
    Deadly Crit 1 day ago

    the hole video lm looking at the background and wondering 'where is that place l wanna go to there'

  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 1 day ago +2

    unclear instructions peanus inside a microwave and head inside a wall

  • Theo Koukoumas
    Theo Koukoumas 1 day ago +1

    Tyler does it better

  • Balraj Singh
    Balraj Singh 1 day ago +1

    Noo no don't do it I almost killed my self

    EXTREME PLAYS 1 day ago

    power roll

  • jb gwapo
    jb gwapo 1 day ago

    shit my head aaaaaaaaw T_T T_T :( :( but thx i love the video

  • Shawn Good
    Shawn Good 1 day ago +1

    Thanks a lot no school,no tution and no studies now i have a broken neck and when i am gonna be alright i am straight gonna come to your home and kick your ass.

  • Shawn Good
    Shawn Good 1 day ago +1

    Thanks a lot no school,no tution and no studies now i have a broken neck and when i am gonna be alright i am straight gonna come to your home and kick your ass.

  • Nisha Shelar
    Nisha Shelar 1 day ago

    that's true friend s

  • yoyo surya
    yoyo surya 1 day ago

    its work

  • 187 Gamer
    187 Gamer 2 days ago

    I didn't learn how to backflip now I'm going to fuck you up nigga

  • 187 Gamer
    187 Gamer 2 days ago

    If I don't learn how to backflip I'm going to fuck you up bitch

  • Zetafied
    Zetafied 2 days ago

    That grass looks really good

  • lil cam
    lil cam 2 days ago

    I only know how to do backflips on a trampoline 😔

  • Briana. Duh
    Briana. Duh 2 days ago +2

    Ok I'm gonna learn this 😬 if I break my neck, I'm calling my lawyer 😂

  • The Magic Magician
    The Magic Magician 2 days ago

    Good video👌

  • ItsCharlie 1020
    ItsCharlie 1020 2 days ago

    25% IT WORKED
    50% I broke my neck
    25% It's 6 minutes!

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 2 days ago


  • Gianna Elder
    Gianna Elder 2 days ago

    So You basically have to have a backhand spring for this? Well I don't that yet but I'm still working on it😒😒😒

  • julien gehring
    julien gehring 2 days ago

    You fuckin so of a bitch i've doing this for three fuckin days right now and i don't learned it

  • Fikuss
    Fikuss 2 days ago +4

    You all came here to learn this shit so you can impress girls, you cheeky breeky bastards! 3:)

  • Merajsiddiqui Siddqui

    i like the vidieo but but i cant do it

  • Killersomerset 2016
    Killersomerset 2016 2 days ago

    i can do that ;] ;] ;] ;]

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 2 days ago

    i followed all of your instructions then i tried a backflip and now im dead. wtf

  • Amar Khot
    Amar Khot 3 days ago

    i like i love

  • Dqnielle
    Dqnielle 3 days ago

    Well i can do one now, took me 15mins and like broken everything xD

  • Kira Cattand
    Kira Cattand 3 days ago

    Can we just take a moment to realize how perfect and beautiful this field is?

  • Lord Frieza
    Lord Frieza 3 days ago


  • Brody Higgins
    Brody Higgins 3 days ago

    its a scam. You may LEARN how to do it in 5 but can you actually have the confidence?

  • Noah Moore
    Noah Moore 3 days ago

    Shouldn't he be saying to have a spotter, so you don't you know... die

  • Pops Suba
    Pops Suba 3 days ago +1

    He shoot that video alone

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 3 days ago

    I can do a backflip now and I'm 11

  • Veronica Hill-Winston

    you do to fast

  • Yaoi
    Yaoi 3 days ago +3

    "Power roll sounds like some kind of microwavable dinner. HUGH!" *rolls*
    "Don't eat that though."

  • M Freeman
    M Freeman 3 days ago +3

    This grass is cut sooooo fine

  • Femke XD
    Femke XD 3 days ago

    I divorced.

  • Malte OB
    Malte OB 3 days ago

    just sweating from watching

  • HoldenTheDoor
    HoldenTheDoor 3 days ago

    How to learn a backflip in 5 minutes, but it is a 6 minute video- I'm triggered

  • Stephen Grant
    Stephen Grant 3 days ago

    I can't do the mukaku at all, find that I can't push myself over my arm with my legs

  • Cool Cupqake
    Cool Cupqake 3 days ago

    In shape. But i am scared.... I am not outside. .i am on a rug...hope this doesn't break my neck

  • Neo
    Neo 4 days ago

    5'6" Beta took hours

  • sage pier
    sage pier 4 days ago

    Dude, great video. I have been trying to learn some basic parkour stunts for over a year now. I have watched several of your five minute tutorials and have learned more in the last few days than the last year with other sources. Thanks.

  • Omni Stellar
    Omni Stellar 4 days ago

    Hey man. Only known about you for about a week, but following your videos I learned to front flip on flatground and backflip on a trampoline. Huge thanks my dude. Next I'm taking the backflip to the ground, wish me luck and keep on being awesome!

  • Twin-Tailed Kitsune
    Twin-Tailed Kitsune 4 days ago

    There was a time i tried to learn to do a roll I rolled right off the bed.

  • Yudha Ken
    Yudha Ken 4 days ago

    7.000.000 views that mean more than 7.000.000 people can backflip

  • HeyItsOwen25
    HeyItsOwen25 4 days ago +1

    Is it better to do a step before you backflip?

  • miriam RODRIGUEZ
    miriam RODRIGUEZ 4 days ago

    I am just mentally preparing for my death rip miriam

  • This Dude
    This Dude 4 days ago

    Guys for the ones that wanna backflip Use your arms Cause I tried first hurt myself then realized I was to focused on my legs

  • ThePPnDproductions
    ThePPnDproductions 4 days ago


  • Fazlul Chowdhury
    Fazlul Chowdhury 4 days ago

    learn how to Break your back in 5 minutes

  • factor104 aroyo vee
    factor104 aroyo vee 4 days ago

    and there goes my neck

  • fancy_ frosting
    fancy_ frosting 4 days ago

    who else is able do do a back flip but still watched this?

  • Bella Norman
    Bella Norman 4 days ago

    lol it's called a "tuck"

  • Jaden Steinhoff
    Jaden Steinhoff 4 days ago

    looks like David dobrik

  • Elexis Stacy
    Elexis Stacy 4 days ago +6

    Remember me before I sink to the bottom of the commentsssss 👋👋

  • Elexis Stacy
    Elexis Stacy 4 days ago +4

    I'm in the urgent care now thanks

  • ABHISHEK Kumar
    ABHISHEK Kumar 4 days ago

    Osm osm

  • killer x gaming
    killer x gaming 4 days ago


  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 5 days ago

    Learn how to back break in 5 minutes

  • Mc Fabulous
    Mc Fabulous 5 days ago

    HEY! IM IN SHAPE. Round is a shape.

  • Rubiks Gaming
    Rubiks Gaming 5 days ago

    Could you make a video on how to control the distance while back flipping? I was on the trampoline practicing back flipping, and I got it down (This video helped me learn it, so thanks for that! XD), but I noticed pretty quickly that I was going way too far and kept almost back flipping off (I actually accidentally flipped off it once, but I wasn't hurt)

  • Toxic Gaming
    Toxic Gaming 5 days ago

    im not gettin married to a god damn backflip dawg, tf is wrong wit u?

  • Raindropz Wolf
    Raindropz Wolf 5 days ago

    all He needs is 605 more subs. He has 666, 061 rn

  • Nina Jukova
    Nina Jukova 5 days ago

    Amazing. But I'm pretty sure that there's a 50% chance I'll break my neck or loose my shoulder 🤔

    OLSON ANDREW 5 days ago

    Thank you so much I learned one from you

  • Ivano Bodrusic
    Ivano Bodrusic 5 days ago

    Who first reading comments before you broke your neck!?

  • matheus almeida
    matheus almeida 5 days ago +1

    You are the best bro thanks

  • Colin Mattus
    Colin Mattus 5 days ago

    That grass looks good

  • The Gamers!
    The Gamers! 5 days ago

    THX BRO!

  • Connor Hobbs
    Connor Hobbs 5 days ago

    gay boy

  • Tommy nguon
    Tommy nguon 5 days ago

    Change the title to how to break your neck in 5 mins

  • AidanT Fletcher
    AidanT Fletcher 5 days ago

    This guy can only do a backflip if he jumps first. U suck

  • AidanT Fletcher
    AidanT Fletcher 5 days ago

    This video is pointless. I've been doing backflips on the ground like this since I was 9 years old. All you do is what feels natural. You just do a backflip. You don't need to watch a stupid video

  • Noelle Riggins
    Noelle Riggins 5 days ago +1

    no no no y it say i laern in 5 min but it take me to weeks

  • ACEwolfie GamePlay
    ACEwolfie GamePlay 5 days ago

    i can do backflip since i 8 years old and i love parkour so much. now i can do alot of thing: backflip, kickflip, wallflip, spin backflip, and alot other things

  • TheBeast 1917
    TheBeast 1917 5 days ago


  • Levi Horváth
    Levi Horváth 5 days ago

    I broke my neck :/ shit video

  • Seb The Gamer Hd
    Seb The Gamer Hd 5 days ago

    if you hurt your self when you do a back flip never give up

  • Tamberla Bryant
    Tamberla Bryant 6 days ago

    I hope they twins bc it looks like him lol no jock

  • june deamon
    june deamon 6 days ago

    Funny how instead of learning backflip, I got the backhand spring covered up instead *^* cuz of the mukako(don't know how it's called) so yah, *^*/ cool!!

  • Maharaja Singh
    Maharaja Singh 6 days ago

    I'd rather not break my neck k thanks

  • Assasinator 123
    Assasinator 123 6 days ago

    You cant just "learn" a backflip

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