Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores why they aren’t at all like pizzerias.

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  • Runtime: 18:13
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  • Julie Richard
    Julie Richard 9 hours ago

    Who knew educating children could be so complicated? Kind of like health care.....

  • Sith'ari Azithoth
    Sith'ari Azithoth 9 hours ago

    I hear people say "pizza shop" the majority of the time...

  • Konatada
    Konatada 18 hours ago

    My charter school is a piece of garbage. It has not only low funding but many of the teachers last year were certainly not qualified to have their job. Don't go to any Edkey schools, people. It's not worth it.

    Also, if the schools are paid per student, where the hell is all the money going because it's certainly not going into anything important other than painting our PORTABLE classroom doors. Fun fact: My school runs out of lunches for a lot of students, which is in fact illegal.

  • ineedausernamenow999
    ineedausernamenow999 20 hours ago

    lmao this is hilarious. i moved to town above 13 years go, theres a charter school about a block from my house, about 15 years ago it used to be a bar hahhahahah

  • Sarah Misu Lee
    Sarah Misu Lee 23 hours ago

    I have so much respect for John Oliver and his research team. I did not even know about Charter Schools until I watched it. Brilliant! Or as they say... 'brillant' ;)

  • Nathan Barnard
    Nathan Barnard Day ago

    The criticism of Kasich was ridiculous, he was making a basic market case for charter schools and using pizza as an analogy, that's perfectly legitimate. The way that should have been addressed was giving reasons why the market wouldn't for education, you could argue that the only incentive would be for good test scores for example. Oliver made a lazy, superficial argument and I expect better from what is usually high quality journalism.

  • Cythera Pierce
    Cythera Pierce Day ago

    Further proof that capitalism doesn't fucking work. When something is run with the sole purpose of making profit, that something exploits and destroys the lives of regular people.

  • Hadley Souther
    Hadley Souther 2 days ago

    Ever since I was a kid I didn't like Bill Cosby, he always weirded me out, came of creepy and wasn't funny at all haha.. Just rambling like a creepy old guy. Everyone would always defend him, his humor and wholesomeness, but I never bought it hahah..
    I really wasn't surprised at all by the news.

  • Darth Vador
    Darth Vador 3 days ago

    My experience with charter schools are terrible because of one school.
    I went to a public school and, for the first time in my academic life, I actually did really well. I Got straight A's. Although a charter group showed up and lied to the teachers. They said either the school would close down or the teachers vote for turning the school charter. Essentially threatening teachers to turn the school charter otherwise it closes down. Obviously all the teachers voted yes for charter but it was later revealed the charter group had lied and there was no chance in the school closing down. We tried to go to court over it but only people who went to some meeting could go to the court over this, a meeting no school official was invited to. So we had literally no power in this. On top of that the local newspaper, Tribune Hearld, were biased for the charter group thus we didn't get coverage. No public outcry so the school slowly faded away and an entire community ripped apart due to a broken system. The charter group illegal stole our school and are currently failing in many aspects.

  • Qingqing Zhao
    Qingqing Zhao 3 days ago

    Why don't these people just go to public schools after their charter school shuts down?

  • Bethani Blu
    Bethani Blu 4 days ago

    lol I go to a charter public school

  • Owen eldridge
    Owen eldridge 5 days ago

    It's wrong to not give taxpayer money to abortion clinics but your an ass fir wanting free pepperoni

  • Autumn Dreams
    Autumn Dreams 5 days ago

    i'm in ohio looking for a charter school that will say i'm there even if i'm not hmu

  • randomlineofletters
    randomlineofletters 6 days ago

    "John Oliver" or "Which governmental responsibilities did the US privatise and why are the Europeans better of not doing so" case you wonder: Because corporations like profit.

  • Arianna
    Arianna 8 days ago

    Y'all in the comments complaining about how he's only presenting half the argument because he's not talking about the ways that public schools fail clearly aren't listening. He's not talking about how public schools fail because public schools are not the focus of this segment. Charter schools are. The other side is not relevant in this case. Next time pay attention before you complain.

  • Ian Muir
    Ian Muir 10 days ago

    If I met Resident Rump,...... .....I would point out that he is a sexually frustrated mushroom,.... ......and the proof is the " you're thinking Spore".

  • johnwayne87
    johnwayne87 11 days ago

    Philly cheesesteaks are SOOOO much better with provolone, or mozzarella, or Monterey Jack, or pepper jack, or cheddar, or even fucking American cheese instead of goddamn cheese whiz. The quality, seasoning, specific cut, and doneness of the steak are all obvious and important factors in how the sandwich tastes, but it can all be ruined by that disgusting "cheese" sauce (which is basically that cheap ass cheese you get on nachos from the concession stand at a little league baseball game!).

  • MrProvincial
    MrProvincial 12 days ago

    13:15 Oh, piss off, John, these are great albums.

  • Jacob Hornicak
    Jacob Hornicak 12 days ago

    You know John, there's another city in PA, but apparently nobody cares about us unless we win a championship or our Mayor stands up to Trump.

    • MrProvincial
      MrProvincial 12 days ago

      As a Flyers fan, I'd swap with you - we win the Cup, and John talks about Pittsburgh on his show all the time.

  • Meagan Ahmad
    Meagan Ahmad 14 days ago

    Charter schools can be very beneficial. They have taken over a local county school with a corrupt school board that has misused funds and had a failing grade for 12 years. Think about it. Kids started and finished school with an inadequate education and the local economy has suffered in part. Charter schools can work but they must also be highly criticized ( just like regular schools )

  • Leevi Koivula
    Leevi Koivula 14 days ago

    6:10 but there's only 1 Olsen twin...

  • Randy Lawson
    Randy Lawson 14 days ago

    Dayton is a shit hole..

  • Zoe Jackson
    Zoe Jackson 14 days ago

    Hahahaha, the threesome joke.

  • Jeffrey Evans
    Jeffrey Evans 14 days ago

    i went to school in cleveland ohio in the 70's ...dennis the menace was the mayor then . the teachers had to work literally for months with NO pay ultimately forcing them to go on strike . i even loaned my english teach a few bucks so he could eat when i was in the 7th grade .

  • KT
    KT 16 days ago

    You know what would fix the American Education system? Remove most of the standardized testing (the only thing it does is make teachers teach for a test-- not teach to actually educate), actually pay f*cking teachers so people want to become them, and please stop allowing people to teach English and foreign languages just because it's their native language. Also, make sure every school has the same quality (white suburbia v minority cities).

  • Glitzy Rocker
    Glitzy Rocker 16 days ago

    And I thought Ohio's public schools were bad, I swear to god.

  • Calen Hoover
    Calen Hoover 16 days ago

    I went to a charter school and absolutely loved my education.

  • Shaun Kelly
    Shaun Kelly 17 days ago

    All of these people running these bad schools are stealing. Did any of them get treated like a criminal and go to jail? You steal something small and you get arrested. But, you steal a million $$ by using a charter school and they probably just make you pay a fine. So much unfairness in the world.

  • TravistheHuman
    TravistheHuman 19 days ago

    Preach it!

  • Matt Durrant
    Matt Durrant 20 days ago

    HEY! There is only ONE Olsen twin sir! Good day!

  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson 20 days ago +1

    What's _Hey Ya_ about?

  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson 20 days ago

    What's _Hey Ya_ about?

  • Hexbugman213
    Hexbugman213 22 days ago


  • Michael Gaffney
    Michael Gaffney 22 days ago

    I thought it was a good show

  • dan quazar
    dan quazar 24 days ago

    Notice he says "profitable" .. he does NOT care about educating people..

  • meshuggahsphere78
    meshuggahsphere78 26 days ago +1

    Save us John Oliver. America is a complete sham!

  • Yuval Dolev
    Yuval Dolev 26 days ago

    6:07 cmon, John, there is no second Olsen twin. It's one person moving in super human speed to trick the human eye to thinking there are two

  • Andrew Pappas
    Andrew Pappas 27 days ago

    John. I love you. You are pointing out the valid problems with charter school oversight, but with proper oversight, charter schools can be a great option for inner-city kids whose neighborhood traditional school is failing them miserably.

  • Ashleigh Crawley
    Ashleigh Crawley 27 days ago

    RIP Harambe.

  • Nik Murphy
    Nik Murphy 27 days ago

    You're a shitty pizza. I never should have had you!

  • Do It History
    Do It History 28 days ago

    wait,if they exploded then how are there so many?

  • cocowood2316
    cocowood2316 Month ago

    Fuck niggers and john oliver

  • tombazar
    tombazar Month ago

    Don't diss philly cheese sandwich! It's the bomb.

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas Month ago

    I'm so tired of hearing everyone complain about teachers. They have a hard job where they receive little appreciation, are expected to take their work home with them at night, are constantly dealing with charlatons (that mascaraed as educational experts) and their "silver bullet" educational solutions, and they have to deal with a generation of people (students and parents included) who act as though the universe exists solely for them to be the protagonist of their own story. If we continue to insult this noble profession, the most talented people will choose to do something else.

    CORROMPIDO Month ago

    the original spanish version of mysteris of laura was way better

  • David Gentile
    David Gentile Month ago

    kasich doesn't understand charter schools. or pizza shops

  • David Gentile
    David Gentile Month ago

    wait what is the song about

  • Banana Sandberg
    Banana Sandberg Month ago

    I have attended charter schools for a lot of my life. Some of them can be great, but some of them are just trash. I mostly went to the schools I went to, because the regular schools were total shit and had lots of bullying problems.

  • Loic Keith
    Loic Keith Month ago

    yeah i was in an online charter school and my internet was out for one day so i could not contact any of my teachers to tell them so i missed an important test that i could not do again

  • Raine
    Raine Month ago

    I went to a charter school for 6th and 7th and it was fucking awful.

  • ClareBearPhD
    ClareBearPhD Month ago

    You guys... don't already eat koalas?

  • Toni Macaroni
    Toni Macaroni Month ago

    lol in private school our parents always threatened to send us to charters if we misbehaved

  • David Z
    David Z Month ago

    I heard koalas tastes like chicken.

  • Ana
    Ana Month ago

    It really is about time you do a show about the horrors of factory farming. I know how you prefer to focus on people but it's not like factory farming staff isn't suffering immensely by having no other option but to essentially torture animals for money.

  • Aldur Sunstriker
    Aldur Sunstriker Month ago

    I thought it was Bruce Campbell talking, when I hadn't seen Mitt's name at the bottom.

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • SuperStachey eightnineeightnine

    Huh, I went to a Charter Academy myself. Bay Haven for middle school, and North Bay Haven for high school. I never realized how bad it could be for other places...

  • Lyssa Tompkins
    Lyssa Tompkins Month ago +1

    I just finished my charter school and moved up to high school but in fifth grade they took us on a field trip to sprouts

  • Darth Borehd
    Darth Borehd Month ago

    Charter schools and vouchers are not about "school choice." It's about a concerted effort to kill public education.

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    Good information. Thanks for the insight.

  • challenger8443
    challenger8443 2 months ago

    How to skip over 10 years of school: be Max Verstappen

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor 2 months ago

    More proof that certain parts of our society have no "business" being run in a for profit format (Pun not intended, but that shoe fits and I certainly stand by it, however it's received.). Not everything works best using a single model/philosophy/ideology as the be all, end all way of doing things. Until we understand and accept that, our society will continue to be plagued and harmed by charlatans, con artists and thieves looking to exploit systems ill equipped to function as intended, for personal gain at the expense of everyone else.

  • Glenn Tang
    Glenn Tang 2 months ago

    They really should have never allowed the one at 5:49. There's something to be said for explaining things simply, concisely, and accuracy in any job. When your job is teaching, explaining things well is your _entire_ job, so an application full of marketing buzzwords that are largely content-free ought to throw up some red flags.

  • xican 88
    xican 88 2 months ago

    my kids go to Andre Agassi and are doing excellent.

  • ToeBeanz
    ToeBeanz 2 months ago

    So I actually went to a charter school grades 1-12 and:
    1) Yes, we almost closed down because of an executive embezzling funds
    2) Yes, the phrase "treat a kid like a shitty pizza" is applicable to parts of my experience there

  • Scared Antelope
    Scared Antelope 2 months ago

    "We don't even have time for Nevada!" damn

  • rs 4h5
    rs 4h5 2 months ago

    I went to a charter school in 7th grade and it was horrible. It closed down a year later.

  • I'll be gone within a year

    Best public schools on the planet aren't charter. State funded private businesses have no place in public education.

  • Lisa Feisthome
    Lisa Feisthome 2 months ago +1

    John, always great wit👏✌🏻🤣❤️🤣. Thank you John ❤️

  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer 2 months ago


  • Amberheart
    Amberheart 2 months ago

    Hey look here at least we have BASIS....other than killing everyone with homework, it's pretty good.

  • dawnnie7678
    dawnnie7678 2 months ago

    When a "school" is started by someome named Trayvon....just saying!

  • •Chickens8 •
    •Chickens8 • 2 months ago

    So, you can say the f word but you have to bleep out the s word, an arguably less bad word? Makes sense!

  • Suzanne Bennett
    Suzanne Bennett 2 months ago

    Such a good piece. I wish it was still possible for John Oliver (and other commentators)  to do this kind of in depth, detailed treatment of interesting and varied subjects - as opposed to being hijacked by the Mango Mental Case every week. :/

  • Cédric BAZILE
    Cédric BAZILE 2 months ago

    Thank you John Oliver and the staff of Last Seek tonight for your work. Thank you to inform us about important issues that a lot of us would ignore whiteout your tv show. It's impossible to find solution at a problem that we ignore the existence.

  • KingofSting19
    KingofSting19 2 months ago

    Point of order: Pennsylvania doesn't have the worst football fans, that would be Oakland (for the time being)

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 2 months ago +3

    He show a few charter schools that failed, why doesn't he tell you how many public schools have failed? Charter and private schools can fail, that's why they have to improve. Public schools cannot fail and therefore have no incentive to improve. I would pick a charter school over public school for my kids any day.

  • Qtpi4
    Qtpi4 2 months ago

    went to a charter in TX, and here's a few things I didn't realize werent "normal" about school until I graduated:
    -large groups of staff quitting at once
    -cafeteria regularly running out of food
    -principal quitting and taking the banner software with him, accidentally erasing credits
    -new principal never being on campus except for board meetings.
    I did get a good ed. for the most part, but my god it was a huge shitshow the rest of the time

  • evilsoda00
    evilsoda00 2 months ago

    Being from Ohio, I'm shocked to hear that "pizza shop" sounds funny to people, not shocked about the charter schools, though.

  • TheGameMerchant
    TheGameMerchant 2 months ago

    10:27 What sucks about where I live is that I like anchovies on my pizza and Papa John's is the only pizza place anywhere that I can order from that puts anchovies on there pizza.

  • jesinchen
    jesinchen 2 months ago

    Ifsomeone is saying that USAmerican schools are exploding I really don't know in the first moment if this is literally or metaphorical. It could be both.

  • Mariana Araújo
    Mariana Araújo 2 months ago

    someone brazilian?

  • Val Torres
    Val Torres 2 months ago

    These people want to make me puke. Thanks for always exposing the scum of the world to the masses. Charter schools are crap and with the new secretary of education I assume it is only going to get worse.

    • Andrew Jensen
      Andrew Jensen 2 months ago

      We can't even get a straight answer on whether segregation would be allowed in a charter school. We'll just filter out students with special needs. ADD? He can go to public school, which just lost its budget to fund our classes in clowning.

  • Pippin Strano
    Pippin Strano 2 months ago

    Baltimore International Academy, Charter School, Baltimore City, Maryland. Five language (Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and French) immersion school and an International Baccalaureate school to boot. Almost all the instruction is given in target language (including using Russian & Arabic alphabets and Chinese characters) by teachers from countries where the language is spoken native.

    Parents take on a much greater amount of responsibility for working with their children at home and participating in school activities. Going to this school is hard for the kids and for their parents. The benefits are immeasurable however.

    Are there bad charter schools? Absolutely. Are there charter schools that deliver a product regular public school can not possibly deliver? Absolutely.

    And yes, my two kids attend, learning Mandarin Chinese since kindergarten.

  • Nekomesha
    Nekomesha 2 months ago

    For all the generations with internet access, I don't feel bad if your school isn't getting any money. Teach them how to teach themselves and give it a rest with all the math for Christ sake. Besides, the success rate has way more to do with a child's interest and willingness to learn. Some kids are gonna be bored regardless of how much money for visual aid or field trips or whatever their teacher has. Some kids just don't want to know stuff. And that's fine. Never let school interfere with your education.

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 2 months ago


  • Crystalline Blue
    Crystalline Blue 3 months ago

    Is USA capable of organizing ANY Private sector-Government partnership project that doesn't spiral into financial corruption?
    It appears that theft of tax revenues is viewed as a macho 'achievement' by the 'business community'. :-( These guys wouldn't rob a bank yet they believe it is okay to rob taxpayers...So illogical!

  • Alana Walker
    Alana Walker 3 months ago

    I'm rewatching this just because I've been living in New Mexico for a few years now, and I've mostly just seen charter schools here. New Mexico is the least educated state last time I checked. There's a lot of factors for that but after hearing about all the charter schools I think I see why...

  • Lisa Burke
    Lisa Burke 3 months ago +1

    There are a lot of people dumping on charter schools after watching a video that showcased a couple dozen out of literally hundreds that suck. All universities, public and private are saddling over 60% of their respective student bodies in life altering debt and yet you or someone you know has a kid cramming for SATs to get in line for an overpriced degree.
    Not every charter school is doing a great job, clearly, but you can find just as many examples as showcased here showing the benefits of charters. I worked for one and for the past 5 years the school has outranked all neighboring public schools in testing, reading comprehension, and math. There's a waiting list.
    Not everyone is out to make bank, just like you can find universities (albeit far fewer proportionately) that put students and faculty above admins. John Oliver picks a few schools in Florida and Ohio to piss on, but there are many in NY and elsewhere that are doing amazing jobs and turning out bright kids more capable than their PS counterparts.
    The greatest benefit of a charter is giving the public the opportunity (because we are the land of opportunity, remember) the chance to provide a better education for their children when the default public option isn't an option. Yes, some will fail, in which case go to the the lesser of two evils--public school--but some will thrive as shining examples of what the future of American education can be. 
    If every school modelled themselves after the best of charter schools, America's international education ranking would improve dramatically.

  • Human Being
    Human Being 3 months ago

    I was taken from my real mother, she had something done to her nose, and my foster parents I believe molested us on camera. But they never lost their nose. Considering what snakes and wasps do to our minds, I think they can even make their slaves molest each other.

  • Human Being
    Human Being 3 months ago

    I have a few comments on this piece. First of all, kids should not be watching computer screens all day, considering what they do to our minds. Second of all, victims of child abuse are having marks put on their face and those doing that are reversing the blame on victims. I think initially they started attacking rapists and pedophiles and started marking them, and then they retaliated on anyone who was a victim and witness by doing the same to us. I have had attacks made on me by things that are obviously missing their nose and I think they're accused of pedophilia, but like I said, I think victims are having the same thing done to them, victimizing us twice. We are rape victims who they are now trying to call rapists.

  • Chrisjay96
    Chrisjay96 3 months ago

    Dicks out for Harambee

  • Ana Corrales
    Ana Corrales 3 months ago

    N n n n n n n n n

  • DylanKing1999
    DylanKing1999 3 months ago

    3:38 What does they other one say? You can't fuck me up like this

  • Mary Ellen W
    Mary Ellen W 3 months ago

    I went to a charter schools

  • relix7373
    relix7373 3 months ago +1

    As a former student from chicago public schools with a lot of friends in charters I can say that by and large the anti-charter propaganda here is fomented by the teacher's union and idiotic far left groups. The teacher's because they want to get paid even more than their already exorbitant contracts afford, and the far left groups because they're too stupid and dogmatic to see otherwise.

    Charters are affordable (something Chicago and Illinois desperately need). They provide a decent if not equal or sometimes superior level of education to kids who by and large aren't going to use it anyways. Most public schools in areas which require charters are unattended, underachieving shitholes sucking cash, everyone is better off without them. And finally they actually recognize two of the most important truths about the grand education and economic lies that have been told the last twenty years: 1. not everyone needs an education to have a successful life and 2. education is not an end all, be all panacea to poverty, inequality and every other issue you decide to arbitrarily link it to. Charters choose to offer kids job training and try to motivate them into finding work, what little there is to go around frequently.

    The reason poor people stay poor on the South side isn't because of lack of education, it's because of a lack of jobs. The south side is twice as large as the north with half as many people, because there are miles of empty lots and burnt out buildings with nothing happening economically outside gangbanging. Giving a kid a high school diploma by teaching her algebra and biology does nothing to change the fact that there are no jobs for her where she lives, certainly not good paying ones.

    Even worse, this goes beyond high school, affirmative action has twisted everyone into believing college is an even better solution and now we send the chosen few amongst disadvantaged groups to colleges, minorities who frequently were already fairly well off or just plain smarter than their peers. This leaves the bulk of those disadvantaged still in the hole though. Sure you can argue this will flatten out over decades but why wait that long. No progress is made and everyone feels good: dumb.

  • Angie Gutierrez
    Angie Gutierrez 3 months ago


  • Jared Thibodaux
    Jared Thibodaux 3 months ago +1

    Need I point out the countless failures of public schools? I went to them and I can tell you that they are tragic, I learned more at home then I ever did in class and when a fellow student attacked me with a knife the school did NOTHING about it despite many witnesses and a police report. I dropped out and got my GED the day I turned 17 scoring well above those who stayed in. So I would argue that there are just as many horror stories about our public education system if not more.

  • Rawkitsnipah
    Rawkitsnipah 3 months ago

    In Ohio, we call them pizza shops. I've never heard of them referred to as anything else seriously here.

  • Jack Sofalot
    Jack Sofalot 3 months ago +1


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