Jennifer Lopez' Shadiest/Diva Moments

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  • Mayniac Mary
    Mayniac Mary 15 hours ago

    "There's only one Coca-Cola baby" I AM SCREAMING

  • Ann Taylor
    Ann Taylor 2 days ago

    Speaking of "asses" what a question! Jennifer Lopez has an Ass, right? It's sexy looking because she has beauty to match her whole body and face. She is a good actress, a great entertainer (truth to me is she sings great but her voice isn't as powerful as Mariah's) but still love a lot of her music, love her sexiness it's appealing and striking. Kardashians don't do a thing for me, I mean really don't care for any of them. I mean, really what do the _ _ _ _ they entertain to???
    Mariah, is beautiful and more beautiful and sings grandly! Mariah, not only is known for high notes but she's another great entertainer, with a great body and full of beauty
    Maybe, we should talk about their beauty, talents, contributions to the world of entertainment and leave their asses behind because ASS they already have

    YA HIBACHI 3 days ago

    I'm Real is such a better song honey

  • lune78
    lune78 3 days ago

    I don't know where she got the ego. It's not like she's amazingly talented.

  • Mariam Khan
    Mariam Khan 3 days ago

    Mariah Carey sings she dances and can't sing, they should not even be compared

  • Christina Izmaylova
    Christina Izmaylova 6 days ago

    Great woman!

  • Aryzswagger Moonwalker

    in other hand Beyonce flattery Jlo shady ass smh

  • Clitney Houston
    Clitney Houston 7 days ago

    didn't know she plagiarized so much :/

  • marshall Selvarajan
    marshall Selvarajan 9 days ago

    she would've been nothing without selena,Only jlo the dancer

  • Ashley Halland
    Ashley Halland 10 days ago +1

    I love JLO. She's real. Mariah, psshh, bye!

  • Sugar Babes
    Sugar Babes 10 days ago

    It's actually soleil *

  • Charlotte Robinson
    Charlotte Robinson 11 days ago

    Tbh i like jlo a lot better than Beyoncé and think Beyoncé is very overrated , not hating just saying

  • WiiGurlGaming
    WiiGurlGaming 11 days ago

    They same with Jlo, she can act but can't sing. About her quote about Madonna.

  • lilyellowdragon
    lilyellowdragon 11 days ago

    She's hilarious!

  • Myra Mami
    Myra Mami 12 days ago

    JLo is a Super star because Selena. Eventhough she was already acting, SHE became a Super star after The movie.

  • C Logan
    C Logan 13 days ago

    Never understood what folks see in her, her claim to fame was her big ass. She can't really sing, her acting is horrible I'd rather have a tooth pulled then sit through ax movie she is in, and her dancing is hot hum

  • Sheay Babbie
    Sheay Babbie 13 days ago

    JLo can't even sing. Her only talent is dancing and she's okay at acting. And she's NOT the original ass. She's way to cocky and she hasn't paved anything but sidewalks for the famously untalented.

  • Elena Boult
    Elena Boult 14 days ago

    So what if she requests private jets and this and that. She's a boss. She works hard and known what she deserves. BOSSES don't settle for less. 💃🏻💕💃🏻#teamJLo

  • Elena Boult
    Elena Boult 14 days ago

    LOVE JLo. She says the truth and is not a fake. Also... ok other people were singing some of the songs before...for a day... She innovated the songs and continues to innovate everything she does. #teamJLo 😘💋😜

  • Anime Jeans
    Anime Jeans 14 days ago

    Mariah and Jlo are both 47Both had fraternal twins (a boy & a girl)and both divorced the father of their twins afterwardCoincidence? I think not

  • Lexcii.
    Lexcii. 15 days ago

    If y'all don't know JLo, why come to the video ??

  • mariyaa111
    mariyaa111 16 days ago

    You can NOT put Jennifer in the same category as Mariah! Mariah is a living legend, with a beautiful voice !

  • hutch
    hutch 16 days ago

    Selena Quintanilla and Gloria Estefan paved the way for this woman. And both were FAR more talented performers. They sang live (with live bands) and didn't hire a team of 20 producers to write all their songs. Give some credit.

  • massa
    massa 17 days ago

    she's such a Diva Queen that make haters burn !! love her

    NIKOLINA KOLMAN 17 days ago +1


  • 1livingdeadgrl
    1livingdeadgrl 18 days ago

    mariah may be a diva but she actually has vocal talent. I' still trying to figure how a talentless thin skinned hack who is SO full of herself even made it (semi) big.

  • colsome miah
    colsome miah 18 days ago

    So what??? One of he few who earned her way up and is gorgeous, personable, adorable laugh and highly identifiable voice: motherly and warm (American Idol). love JLo Dr. C. Miah

    • colsome miah
      colsome miah 18 days ago

      But I loved her with Marc Antony: the guy is New York Uber cool: She is in love with love but she will find Jesus hopefully and know true love.

  • Jamelle Garrett
    Jamelle Garrett 19 days ago +1

    whats wrong with her booking hotel rooms in the same hotel for everyone in her crew???? that shows she gives a fucl about them. unless they didn't want to fit the bill. shit least she aint one of those that would walk away feom her people over some shit like that.

  • amor4geo
    amor4geo 19 days ago

    the first great ass was SELENA.

  • Chong Chong
    Chong Chong 20 days ago

    I love jlo as a performer she's a great dancer and she can act I guess since i I do actually enjoy her on screen but one thing she CAN'T do is SING

  • Steven Perez
    Steven Perez 20 days ago +1

    What's the point of having fuck you money if you don't occasionally say fuck you to people? She does sound a bit delusional about her acting ability. But she still so hot at nearly 50.

  • Tamudazo
    Tamudazo 20 days ago

    Jennifer is THE QUEEN like it or not 👑👑👑👑👑🍑

  • Ashlyn Wolff
    Ashlyn Wolff 20 days ago

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    Summary - 27
    The last one made me die "I'd let both those motherfuckers drown!" XD

  • THX11003
    THX11003 20 days ago

    1:30 i LOVE the passive-aggressive "I am not tryna start anything..." Shes a mess!

  • zélig wilsonゼリグ君

    I still don't know her !
    I'm sorry but I think she is too IRRELEVANT TO AFFORD Thro<wing this much shade lmao
    Chile Please
    I aint a fan of Kim but I could even ut her before you

  • Matthew Hagner
    Matthew Hagner 21 day ago

    Everyone has diva moments! Still love her and would kick it with her

  • The Antagonizer
    The Antagonizer 22 days ago


  • Clara Mcbride
    Clara Mcbride 23 days ago

    and that perez Hilton pic was of Demi lovato #fakemedia

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Evelyn Velasquez 23 days ago

    ppl stop ur stupidity jlo is the best of all period prittier more talented better body performer now shut up and stop envying u ugly chicks and dudes

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Evelyn Velasquez 23 days ago

    ivan salcedo sorry to inform u jlo dont owe celena or nobody anything shes got her own talent celena movie opened more doors for her thats about it so buddy get it right

  • Jorge Negron
    Jorge Negron 23 days ago +1

    That ending was too funny, that had me shedding a tear at the end, lol! Love JLO, no matter what anybody says, she's amazing!

  • Rachel P
    Rachel P 26 days ago +1

    omg i love her

  • nina Maldonado
    nina Maldonado 26 days ago

    No way Hayek with her half Lebanese/Mexican self could have done Selena, SELINA'S parent said. JLo was their first choice and they loved her. Hayek is a lair. I know

  • Silvia Ferrari
    Silvia Ferrari 26 days ago

    the plagiarism aint your own juice Jlo

  • ilir hoxha
    ilir hoxha 27 days ago +1

    Oh you bitch, don't mess with Shakira. She's 10x times better than you and the whole world knows that.

  • Marcela Sanchez
    Marcela Sanchez 28 days ago

    LMAO loved the last one, laughed so hard haha, I agree she can be very diva, but she also has great moments and wether you like her or not, she is a good performer and actress on most of the things she does.

  • WillJ Y
    WillJ Y 28 days ago

    r we seriously in a time where fat ass is smthing to be bragging about? fat fcking saggy all natural ass?

  • Ville-Aleksi Tamminen
    Ville-Aleksi Tamminen 28 days ago

    Every media clown Should be kicked back to Mars, how fucking hard is to make rumors that is not touching Ur life ... Make interviews not rumors about .. hihi Hi .. this will be hit on radio, youtube, see, They work hard to even talk to you nicely and Still respectful way.. wheres yours 😳😤

  • MissyMcQueen
    MissyMcQueen 29 days ago +1

    I didn't know the 'I'm Real' track was a rip off of Mariah's song all the way down to featuring Ja Rule!

  • Michael K.
    Michael K. 29 days ago

    Too bad I used to like her ... that is until she started shootin' off her mouth about my President. Another one bites the dust.

  • Kurdis Green
    Kurdis Green 29 days ago +1

    Jlo wanna be Selena fake bitch don't go for Beyoncé cage can sing other than u and she got 22 Grammys oh yeah u don't even got one or a nomination I wonder y don't come for my queen bey u will get shut down I wish Selena was still here u wouldn't be relevant just saying

  • Randy Vasquez
    Randy Vasquez 1 month ago

    I'm glad she still honors Selena.

  • smurfysmurf94
    smurfysmurf94 1 month ago

    She is a horrible actress and an even worse singer, not to mention her tendency to copy other artists. The only thing she has is that she's cute, but other than that zero.

  • mimi Ocampo
    mimi Ocampo 1 month ago +2

    selena will always be the #1 not like this copys!!!

  • Lisa Gomez
    Lisa Gomez 1 month ago

    Everyone know Jlo is a talentless legal prostitute. Corrupt mainstream promotes her.
    small brains, small voice, who practices witch craft.
    not a singer; singers sing is autotune.
    not a designer kohls puts her name on things.
    not a real business jlo full blown morals, standards, ethics;
    not a real artist doesnt create anything. embarrassment to wm & real artist.
    not a real wm is jealous of all wm. keep your porn life to yourself like all the other porn entertainers..... get out of mainstream...
    not big ass has a small chest; chicken legs; wide stomach& body.
    Small ass that had a butt lift for the move Selena...Jlo is an impostor...fake promoted by mainstream. mainstream made her. compare all of her pictures to real big but wm you'll see shes small with a sm round butt; and a sm body; she wide body because she got butt work done; wm who have butt work done have wide bodies; plus her wideness dont match rest of her body. #jlo is #imposter #lo is #wanna-be #singer #wanna-be #artist

  • Joey Alvarado
    Joey Alvarado 1 month ago

    Salma will always play a maid or someone that doesn't speak English. She is so jealous of Jennifer. She had to marry a millionaire to have money. Sad. so sad

  • Dana Karnau
    Dana Karnau 1 month ago +1

    obviously beyoncés booty

  • Dee J.
    Dee J. 1 month ago

    Are those the ONLY choices referring to Kim Kardashian's and Beyonce's ass lol She would NOT give them credit that's why she would would not pick either one.

  • 1OfdaKoldest
    1OfdaKoldest 1 month ago

    and she always says that she has a clean heart lol she is the original green eyed monster. JEALOUS of anyone that sings, acts and looks better than her.

  • Bryle Aguirre
    Bryle Aguirre 1 month ago

    Having so much success with little talent. How did she do it?

  • droosilitita ramaswamycaissoophythiotia

    megalomania at it's finest, i never thought she would be that shady, she is so fucking stupid and she makes herself a fool, i mean like stop ridiculising yourself.
    i think she thinks she is in these mushy telenovelas.

  • Pravne Konzultacije
    Pravne Konzultacije 1 month ago

    my favourite singer from now on...😂

  • Aliah Tactuk
    Aliah Tactuk 1 month ago

    Lmfao y'all so sad talking shit about Jlo I use to be a big fan of hers not so much anymore, but I can say she's a good actress and dancer.

  • Reina Noir
    Reina Noir 1 month ago

    No matter what you think she is a great business Women and all these Divas have thrown a lot a shade that show biz! She has been around for a while and built her fortune period. Selma Hayek as Selena que??? Not!!!

  • C Rendon
    C Rendon 1 month ago

    a woman who knows what she wants, how she wants it and when she wants it. Says how she feels and owns her opinions.

    yall gotta quit hating. for real. it's ugly!! hahaha. JLO is the shit and will always be. #MOSTBEAUTIFULWOMAN she's confident and has an asshole attitude that's funny. and I love it.

  • Nina King
    Nina King 1 month ago

    Miss Janet had the donk however in that time having a bigger booty was considered a flaw. There were plenty of black and Latina Artists who had big beautiful asses before J lo

  • Paulo Seewald
    Paulo Seewald 1 month ago

    She is a very beautiful woman and that's all !

  • Jim Richmond
    Jim Richmond 1 month ago +1

    Please Jennifer Lopez is a MILLION times more attractive then Mariah Carey any day. She is also much more talented then Mariah. People need a HUGE REALITY CHECK. If anything Mariah Carey is VERY JEALOUS of JLO'S looks and talent not the other way around. REALITY CHECK people.

    • scamila17
      scamila17 1 month ago

      Your opinion has no base. If It's Over at The Grammys>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>jlo's entire singing career.

    • scamila17
      scamila17 1 month ago

      That's the opinion of the majority. You will see Mariah in every list of the greatest singers of all time. But you will never see jlo. Cll me when a jlo performance can match Mariah's vocals during her prime years.

    • Jim Richmond
      Jim Richmond 1 month ago

      That is your OPINION. I think JLO is a far better singer and has far more talent. Mariah has the face of a MONKEY and WISHES she looked and performed like JLO. Call me when Mariah can even be in the same league as JLO. Which will NEVER happen.

    • scamila17
      scamila17 1 month ago

      Mariah is a FAR better singer and songwriter. Call me when jlo can even come close to Mariah's performance of If It's Over at the Grammys.

  • santwan warbucks
    santwan warbucks 1 month ago

    Queen 👑👑

  • Freak-of-Nature
    Freak-of-Nature 1 month ago

    Well, she does have a great ass! Way better than any Kardashian, way better!!

  • miguel rodriguez
    miguel rodriguez 1 month ago

    We all have our shadiest moments stop talking shit about jlo

  • Sarah Michelle Gilligan

    J.LO has said constantly that in order for her to be comfortable and do her best work she needs to have things the way she wants them and people she loves and trusts around her. This is her total right - if a company or TV show or Concert Promoter doesnt want to give her this then fine - GET SOMEONE ELSE. Alot of people have a steady income thanks to "J LO the Company" - do not bitch at her for that.

  • Rain Geller
    Rain Geller 1 month ago

    Was she really saying that about Cameron Diaz?? She was also AROD's ex... hmmm.

  • girls fun
    girls fun 1 month ago

    jennifer lopez's shady moments will never beat the legendary : "'I don't know her'" tbh

  • Jesus Guzman
    Jesus Guzman 1 month ago

    Beyonce is better than her wtf lmao

  • Skull9irl
    Skull9irl 1 month ago

    She is the best!

  • 4everyoungsusie
    4everyoungsusie 1 month ago

    out of all these women J,lo body is the most beautiful and her style looks she is the winner.

  • Johanne Edouard
    Johanne Edouard 1 month ago for the original ass...even Jlo's ass wasn't noticed until she lost weight, lightened and straightened her hair. this is the trend, no one thought cornrows, a style black women everywhere wore, were beautiful until they saw the style on Bo Derek. when JLO was heavier and her hair was short, dark and curly, no part of her anatomy was "seen" by white people. she was "seen" when she went blonde and lost weight and all of a sudden, a big ass, which was VERY unpopular previously, as it was likened to being fat, became feminine and attractive.

  • Iamher Monica
    Iamher Monica 1 month ago

    Yes she's a huge hated!

  • Eduardo Garlo
    Eduardo Garlo 1 month ago

    She is not a singer.

  • K J
    K J 1 month ago

    Jennifer Lopez is a starlet of the moment. She won't be remembered for anything.

  • lin lovejenaniston
    lin lovejenaniston 1 month ago

    so many mariah fans on a jlo video lol

  • Nicky McGowan
    Nicky McGowan 1 month ago

    AND shes right about Gwyneth Paltrow lol. the only thing I remember her for is being in melissa etheridges music video 800 years ago.

  • Nicky McGowan
    Nicky McGowan 1 month ago

    Uh Im sorry but Jlo is definitely worth a shitload more than pitbull. They want expensive champagne at water prices!! Granted yes the demands can get ridiculous but you want quality, you gotta pay for it.

  • samuel lewis
    samuel lewis 1 month ago

    because of Mariah i will always claim to not know her. That shade was the original shade meme.

  • Head In The Clouds
    Head In The Clouds 1 month ago

    She thinks she is an actress. Cute.

  • Southern Beauty
    Southern Beauty 1 month ago

    that was funny what she said about Diddy and Ben. those are her ex boyfriends I'm pretty sure most women would've said the same about their's

  • Kim A
    Kim A 1 month ago

    She's actually sweeter when it comes to shading and most of those I don't think were intentional. I think the only reason she doesn't like Mariah is because Mariah didn't like her first.

  • gia prep
    gia prep 1 month ago

    the haters are always hating love jlo so much she is good at what she does and I bet everyone can be b*tches or mean sometimes so don't act like she is the only one

  • Liam Brathwaite
    Liam Brathwaite 1 month ago

    J.Lo is a mess lol


    never heard of her who's that?

  • Niella Han
    Niella Han 1 month ago

    JLO forever!!

  • JenMisha VP GypsyJen
    JenMisha VP GypsyJen 1 month ago


  • Christina Maviki
    Christina Maviki 1 month ago

    I didn;t see any diva moments they were all real reactions. No one is ever going to like everyone. As far as her music goes she is not the only person that puts her records together they are collaborations with many people who are making those decisions. Marc Antony is a pig! I love you J-LO keep it real!!

  • Erika Amwaama
    Erika Amwaama 1 month ago

    she ddnt pave no ass way for bey or kim ...nobody even spoke about her ass before these ladies came along

  • Nat R
    Nat R 1 month ago +2

    JLo is amazing. Lady doesn't take any shit and speaks her mind.

  • Efrén Cantú
    Efrén Cantú 1 month ago

    "Don't spit on my craft?" HAHaHA. Then don't spit on the whole music thing. Stop it already.

  • Envylj
    Envylj 1 month ago

    I agree with jen, kim and beyonce have an okay ass.. people make it seem like its out of this world.

  • Ayanna K.
    Ayanna K. 1 month ago +2

    "Id let both those mother fuckers drown" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shade Zone
    Shade Zone 1 month ago +2

    jlo is the best , fuck haters ( mariah's fans )

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