Matt Lauer's Shocking Home Video

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  • Z06err Grant
    Z06err Grant 5 days ago

    I think that's the best one....LOLOLOLOLLO

  • Julia Dolgopolova
    Julia Dolgopolova 12 days ago

    OMG 🤣🤣🤣 i love her

  • anthony Callejas
    anthony Callejas 12 days ago

    1:19 WTF

  • Gracie Wynberg
    Gracie Wynberg Month ago

    I love ❤️ you so much Ellen

  • Anil Raja
    Anil Raja 2 months ago

    ellen i wish u would be my friend so that i can have everything in my life .. love and care too 😍😄

  • richard ron
    richard ron 2 months ago

    I got a f friend name is Ellen

  • srihandayani yustiyan
    srihandayani yustiyan 2 months ago

    I Love U Ellen

  • VigorousVicious
    VigorousVicious 3 months ago


  • Tito Tim
    Tito Tim 4 months ago

    I love Ellen, but with the ping pong balls... Matt won this prank war. Her CGI tricks are cute, but not in the same league. :)

  • Batman Kардинал Р.

    Its not funny, tv in Hoolywood is so stupid

  • Maria Aletrari
    Maria Aletrari 4 months ago


  • BjornEXP
    BjornEXP 5 months ago

    C'mon. Its obvious! His face is photoshopped

  • leila katayama
    leila katayama 5 months ago


  • Maureen Wacera
    Maureen Wacera 5 months ago

    you are such a prank star ellen.i like your shows

  • Julia Lotmore
    Julia Lotmore 5 months ago

    what the heck

  • Jessica Germana
    Jessica Germana 8 months ago +1

    Matt likes ellen

  • Yasser DeMiner173
    Yasser DeMiner173 9 months ago

    I hate Matt lauer

  • Marie Voutos
    Marie Voutos 11 months ago +1

    They edited that Though

  • Marie Voutos
    Marie Voutos 11 months ago +1


  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming Year ago

    Ellen what's your job

  • Ashley Grey
    Ashley Grey Year ago

    you're such a smart pants Ellen 😂

  • xⓍ x
    xⓍ x Year ago +4

    Ellen's plate says LOTTA BALLS 😂😂

  • Amy Reddy
    Amy Reddy Year ago

    Look at the number plate or licence plate

  • TheFNAFtimeVlogs Foxy

    Omg that's not the real one

    CAMMS Year ago

    It's fake if u see the real vid

  • Noa Landa
    Noa Landa Year ago


  • Crystal Fuhs
    Crystal Fuhs Year ago

    That's actually someone else you just put his face one it

  • Alana Le
    Alana Le Year ago

    Not trying to hate

  • Alana Le
    Alana Le Year ago

    That was not Matt you got another video and put his face in it

  • fairy tail #1
    fairy tail #1 Year ago


  • Ikatheryn Cupcake

    Was he seriously naked? z

    • Greys
      Greys 10 months ago

      cant believe someone actually asked that question. how slow can someone be?

    • Ginger Mithra
      Ginger Mithra Year ago

      She's just pasting his face over all these things you realize that right? xD if not look up the original video when he skped her after pranking her, he's just sitting in normal clothes

    • Lord Yuna
      Lord Yuna Year ago

      No 😂

  • khloe willis
    khloe willis Year ago


  • Alya Abaza
    Alya Abaza Year ago

    I want to barf now Ellen you have seen to much

  • Marvellia Yap
    Marvellia Yap Year ago +1

    He was wearing like a suit in the Matt lauer pranks ellen

  • Nashi Dragneel
    Nashi Dragneel Year ago

    U are a sicko Matt!!!!!!!!

  • Zalman Gozenpud
    Zalman Gozenpud Year ago

    its fake.

  • Miriam Alanis
    Miriam Alanis Year ago


  • Hanane Moufid
    Hanane Moufid Year ago

    I saw the real vidio and it was really fun to watch

    • Morgan
      Morgan Year ago

      Where is it? :)

  • Jazmmyn Sanchez
    Jazmmyn Sanchez Year ago

    they put his face on that person

  • Breeanna Ginger
    Breeanna Ginger Year ago

    u should realy bring Matt Wilhelm to the Ellen show he is the best he went America's got talent and he sure got talent I hope u consider ellen

  • Sydnee S
    Sydnee S Year ago

    Ummmm... We'll.... I'm out

  • BSG baldursebastiansGames

    this is the greatest video on youtube

  • Shirley Scott
    Shirley Scott Year ago

    Now she is just being stupid because she can't think of anything like Matt Lauer did to her. all she does is the stupid stuff with the photo shopped video's.

  • Jeanna Newsome. Newsome

    he is inappropriate and nasty

  • Susan Mcintosh
    Susan Mcintosh Year ago

    I 💖 u ellen

  • Rhesie Nyuthe
    Rhesie Nyuthe Year ago

    I just like the way Ellen create all those stuff.

  • Liam Wagner
    Liam Wagner Year ago +26

    i need help, ive been in an Ellen video time warp for 2 days!! Send supply drops with water, non perishable foods, toiletries, and tissues to wipe my tears of laughter

  • Msp Girl
    Msp Girl Year ago


  • Sharon Greenway
    Sharon Greenway Year ago

    that was so funny

  • Zerox
    Zerox Year ago

    serously... its edited look at matt laurer's face✌

    • tazz
      tazz Year ago

      +Zerox thats the joke

  • mann e la roinee
    mann e la roinee Year ago poor matt...cnt beat ellen 😃😃😃😃

  • D'lois Young
    D'lois Young Year ago

    I can't stand that man he's so mean why can't he stop act nasty he ugly can he go to the doctor and get a new face

  • Lil' MAMA
    Lil' MAMA Year ago


  • Digging4Answers
    Digging4Answers Year ago +18

    I would like 20,000 ping pong balls in my car

  • Cherry_juranes Navarrete

    i admire ellen so much even she's way off

  • winstonwolf88
    winstonwolf88 Year ago


  • Jade Pender
    Jade Pender Year ago

    Do a prank on him. Get a bucket of freezen watterand balance it on top of his frig and wen he opens his frig it will sill on him . Or smash his work and put it in the bin😄😅

  • Bobby Garcia Jr
    Bobby Garcia Jr Year ago

    he want to make out naked

  • Dinh Pham
    Dinh Pham Year ago

    Some could behind her and see him naked awkward

  • Game Freak02
    Game Freak02 Year ago

    216 people are on mats team

  • Gonzalo Ayona
    Gonzalo Ayona Year ago

    That a crazy man

  • Gerald Tanti
    Gerald Tanti Year ago

    hahaha I like it

  • Quan Nguyen
    Quan Nguyen Year ago


  • truthseeker
    truthseeker Year ago

    If morphing someone body is great prank then matt should prank ellen by morphing her body with some women with hermaphrodites lol.Try that matt it would be good comeback.

  • Minecraft master Builder

    That was fake

  • Vanessa Alatorre
    Vanessa Alatorre Year ago

    The mat body is photo shoped

  • Halleisabel03
    Halleisabel03 Year ago

    Look at her license plate!! 😂😂

  • BullsChannel
    BullsChannel Year ago


  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse Year ago

    So funny !

  • Dominic Remulla
    Dominic Remulla Year ago

    could someone tell me why is Matt Lauer naked???

  • Chloe Bella
    Chloe Bella Year ago

    Let's be honest we all came here because of the thumbnail 😝😝🍆

  • Boris CF
    Boris CF Year ago

    LMAO awesome! this cracked me up!

  • Sonic M
    Sonic M Year ago

    the licence plate says 'lotta balls'

  • brenda kuykendall

    umum umum😕

  • Antoine F
    Antoine F Year ago

    A Message to Ellen, might not be that unsual or helping but I happen to be the total sosie from Matt Lauer... do what you want with info...

  • Maria Reynaga
    Maria Reynaga Year ago

    Really matter near me

  • derek fullmore
    derek fullmore Year ago

    I Love you ellen

  • LorenzoCoolWolf -WolfFamily-

    The table tennis bat must be so sad to be near matt lauer's butt

  • Dave Jung
    Dave Jung Year ago

    Matt Lauer's face was just added onto another video

  • Bea Santos
    Bea Santos Year ago

    777,777 VIEWER!

  • Da Bomb
    Da Bomb Year ago +41

    lol. if u see closely, her license plate says "Lotta Balls"

  • Moonlxght
    Moonlxght Year ago

    Thanks kill zone 😛

  • Moonlxght
    Moonlxght Year ago

    Matt I have a question for you.what if a kid watched this video!!!!!!!!!!😟

  • Moonlxght
    Moonlxght Year ago

    Matt I have a question for you what if a little kid watched this video!!!!!!!!!😟

  • Moonlxght
    Moonlxght Year ago

    Matt you are so not cool and I mean it 😡

  • Moonlxght
    Moonlxght Year ago

    I remember that

  • Moonlxght
    Moonlxght Year ago

    That is not cool

  • brandi karnes
    brandi karnes Year ago

    I love you Elle bon I don't love Hi :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

  • emily ca
    emily ca Year ago

    Love the episode of heaven its TOO CUTE!😀

    BABY CREEPER Year ago

    what is ellens username on skeyp

  • angi mlp lps korngay
    angi mlp lps korngay 2 years ago

    wutt the fuk

  • Chris Figenshaw
    Chris Figenshaw 2 years ago

    license plate "lotta balls"

  • shanille brooks
    shanille brooks 2 years ago


  • Joy Lim
    Joy Lim 2 years ago +1

    I don't mean to be an asshole to point it out, but Ellen parks like an asshole.

  • Joy Lim
    Joy Lim 2 years ago

    I don't mean to be an asshole to point it out, but Ellen parks like an asshole.

  • may wong
    may wong 2 years ago

    I realised that the head doesn't match the body

  • Kimmy Ransome
    Kimmy Ransome 2 years ago

    It's not Matt 😧

  • jerolvilladolid
    jerolvilladolid 2 years ago

    They used a really hot guy for Matt's body double. I'm so glad they are having this fight.

  • bindiya gurung
    bindiya gurung 2 years ago

    omg my stomach is going to burst

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